This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For February 18th, 2006


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


We continue to present the cases of our MASSOB brethren held in various jails in Nigeria, including Ralph Uwazurike and several leaders of MASSOB, to the world and to any persons or institutions with a conscience and sense or morality, even there in Nigeria. At the same time, we have also received disturbing news of ongoing destruction of Biafran lives and also, destruction of MASSOB property in Biafraland by the Nigeria police, the paramilitary police, the SSS and other armed security agencies of Nigeria. Our Marketeers are carried away in bus-loads for no other reason than for the Nigeria police to extort bail money from our people, humiliate us, and kill us. Ask yourself: is there any way in the world that any of these murderers and criminals can escape justice—human justice and or God’s justice? No way! In the final analysis, Nigeria will not survive; and we shall have Biafra: it is only a matter of time; then, we shall systematically seek out these killers and bring them to the court of law and justice in due course. If they hope to escape justice by fleeing beyond the shores of West Africa, they are really mistaken: no country will take them after we present the case against them.  Continue your / our prayer-vigil for our brethren, because we appeal to Him who loves and cares for them ever more so than you and I possibly can.


A representative of the British government gave a speech recently about how Africa and Nigeria can improve. We can’t help but be appalled at the hypocrisy of that representative and the government he represents, and the hypocrisy of the Nigerian officials he was addressing. There is really only one problem with Africa which Nigeria, like all African countries, inherits. That problem is that today, un-informed and unknowing African rulers and leaders are only carrying on and carrying out the colonial programs established by colonial masters in colonial days, and left in place and intact after the colonialists “left,” at so-called Independence. Because such colonial programs and constructs were specifically designed and intended to keep Africa enslaved by the colonial masters, and at the same time, steal and exploit the wealth, natural and human resources of Africa for the benefit of the colonial masters, there is no way that the continued application of such programs and constructs today can have a positive effect or positive results in Africa.  Because the programs were never meant to help or improve Africa: otherwise, how could colonialism have succeeded? Yet, African rulers and the elite and political classes have failed to figure this out, as they defend and maintain and retain these harmful programs, killing their fellow Africans and keeping them in abject poverty, denying them hope and welfare, even when they see that these murderous and unconscionable acts have never helped Africa in previous and current regimes (and never will)—all in the name of maintaining institutions resulting from, and protecting, malicious anti-African colonial constructs. It is a shame that no Nigerian official was bright enough to point this out to the Briton or to his compatriots.


But that would be expecting too much of a Nigerian official, wouldn’t it, now? Everyday the Nigerian press is now boldly telling the truth and printing the facts about the true nature of Nigeria: a hypocritical place full of hypocrites, a place where someone can decide that “white is black,” then pay persons to promote that lie, and all of a sudden, everyone accepts that “white is black”—in broad daylight. There is so much lying in Nigeria that very soon, the typical person suffering and dying in Nigeria will not be able to accept the obvious truth presented side by side with an obvious lie, always preferring to pick the lie. This—Nigeria—is not a place you want to associate with, or belong to. That is why we must have Biafra.


Scourges will visit Nigeria, and now, Nigeria is in the midst of one. The Bird Influenza (“Bird Flu”)  is spreading among poultry and other birds in Nigeria. Close contact with infected birds or even eating them may sometimes cause influenza in people, and the death-rate among the few infected humans is quite high. The affected person has serious cough, and high fever, and may be coughing up blood, and will have serious problems with breathing, with pneumonia or even without pneumonia.  So, we advise you NOT to eat birds—dying or dead, or sick birds which could be sold at discount to you. We urge you to contact Public Health officials if your poultry starts suffering from sudden deaths of masses of chicken, and to stay away from direct contact with such dead birds. We must also alert you to the fact that the feared aspect of this Bird Influenza is not what is happening to birds and the obvious economic mayhem it is causing among chicken-farmers today, nor is it the few infected humans many of whom could die from it. The real concern is that the Influenza Virus is going to get into livestock like pigs, or get into humans, and while in the body of the pig or human being, change its form and its nature, so that it now becomes a transformed Human Influenza Virus, a virus which can now be transmitted directly and easily from one person to another. If after such transformation the virus is strong (virulent), then it will cause serious illness among people, spread very fast, kill many people (because there may not be an effective medicine to stop it) and “jump across” the continent and oceans into the rest of the world, causing unimaginable damage. If this happens, movement of people will be restricted (quarantine) for months and strictly enforced using the military and other armed units. The Monitors from the rest of the world and other Health organizations flocking into Nigeria today are looking for signs of this happening—they are not in Nigeria to burn and bury dead birds. They are there so that once the first few cases of human influenza have been identified and confirmed, they can then quickly determine the strain of the virus (the H and N numbers either or both will then be different from the current Bird Flu virus, “H5N1”) so that a vaccine can be produced against it, and further spread in Nigeria and beyond Nigeria can be halted. It takes many weeks to design and produce the vaccine, and it will take even more time to produce enough for all-Nigeria mass-vaccination program, let alone a world mass-immunization program. Also, medications currently known to help with human influenza illness can be tested to determine their usefulness with the first few cases.


As you know, the worst of every bad thing happens to, and in, the cursed country called Nigeria, so we urge you to take this seriously. What can you do? Do what we have instructed you above. Follow the instructions of knowledgeable World Health Officials; most of the Nigerian government officials do not understand what they are talking about, so do not rely on them for information or instructions. If the World organizations offer a vaccine or medication, accept and take it—give them your fullest cooperation. If they recommend quarantine, then, stay put, wherever you are. If at all possible, complete your long trips and conclude your travel plans and activities really soon to avoid being trapped by a quarantine. Remember, we are NOT saying that this (scenario) is going to happen for sure, nor can we predict when it will happen if it does happen: this is just so that you are aware of what is going on, and take necessary and adequate precautions. We say, “Do not panic” not like Nigerians do with their glib “Remain calm!” false panacea while nothing is being done by the speakers to give real factual information or actual aid to the affected people. We say, “Do not panic” because, and only after, we have given you the real information and explained it as above.  Factual information is power! Be prepared!


Before we conclude this broadcast, we will briefly mention that what we need in Abia and Aba—in fact, in all of Biafraland—are Biafrans such as the members of MASSOB doing police and security duty for Biafraland, watching out for, and caring for our Biafran people, and engaged in other activities in the interest of, and for the benefit and the welfare of our Biafran people. Nothing connected to Nigeria or Nigerian policy can be good for, or will protect Biafrans: not the Nigerian government, not the Nigeria elections not the Nigeria census, obviously not the Nigeria police, and certainly not any security outfit tied to a Nigeria-elected governor in Biafraland whose loyalty—we all know too well—is completely to Nigeria.


Which brings us to the final points: we are on track to boycott the Nigerian census if it holds, and also, boycott the Nigeria elections if they are held. For the census, start thinking of, and preparing ways to make yourselves physically unavailable and un-countable at the time of the census exercise—if it holds.


Biafra alive! Biafra is the answer. 2006 brings us Biafra actualized—Amen. For, God makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Anyi na e chetara unu na ndi uwa na ile na a gwa kwa ha maka ndi Biafra ndi MASSOB a ka ji na nga ndi Nigeria, ndi di ka Ralph Uwazurike na ndi isi na ndi otu MASSOB. Nigeria ga a hapuriri ndi anyi ndia aka. Chineke anyi lezie ha anya. Anyi a nukwala na ndi Police na SSS na ndi uwe-ojii ndi ozo ndi Nigeria ka na a gaari na a nwude umu Biafra, gbuo ha ma o wu tinye ha na nga, ka ha wu ndi police were zie nata ndi Biafra ego Bail. Anyi si, Chi anyi lewa kwa ha oo! Ha mara kwa na sote-sote, anyi ga a choputa ndi mere anyi ihe njo na aru di otua, mgbe anyi nwetara Biafra, wega ha ulo-ikpe maka aru na njo ha mere ndi anyi.


Anyi a nula ihe otu onye ndi ochichi Britain kwuru na obodo Nigeria e be o na a gwa ha ihe a ga e ji e me Africa na Nigeria ka ha dizie mma. Ochi ka anyi na a chi ya wu nwoke na ndi ochichi Nigeria nde na e ge ya nti na olu, maka o gwaghi ha ezi-okwu. Ezi-okwu wu na oga-na-ihu na udo e nweghi ike i rute Nigeria ma o wu Africa aka o wuru na so-o-so ihe ndi isi na ndi ndu Africa na e me wu i na a kwado ihe ndi British mere na Africa—na a kpagbu Africa, jide Africa na ohu (colonialism); otu ha wu ndi British siri mee Africa tupu obodo Africa e nwe e Indepencence bia chi wa onwe ha. Maka o wu otua ka ndi British jiri ruo, na kee Nigeria, nke mere nsogbu ukwu jiri diri na Nigeria taa. Anyi na a gwa ndi ya na ile na ndi Africa na naani ihe ga a gwoo Africa oria di ya wu ka ndi oha mmadu hapu ihe ndi British whuru, ga jiri aka ha kwekorita otu ha ga e si a di ka Obodo aka ha. O wu ihe ndi Biafra na e me ugbua: anyi wu ndi Biafra, o wu anyi ga e kwu otu anyi ga e bi; anyi e kwere la na o wu Biafra wu Obodo na obibi anyi. A si ndi mba ndi ozo no na Africa mee otua, oria a hu na a ria Africa, mma e ji la otua gwoo ya.


Unu anula maka Oria Okuko na nnunu a na a kpo Bird Flu. Unu a zu kwala ma o wu rie okuko oria ya di, ma o wu okuko nwuru a nwu. Nke ozo wu na o nwere ike oria okuko ya a ghoo oria mmadu, ebe ndi mmadu ga zi na a nwu na igwe ka okuko—na ime uwa na ile. O wuru na o mee otua, unu mara kwa na a gaghi e kwe ndi mmadu ka ha site no otu obodo gaa na obodo ozo. Ndi isi ndi uwa na e leba anya maka udi oria di otua e jikerela i nyere ndi mmadu aka na i chota otu a ga e si a gwo oria ya. Unu gee ha nti na olu, mee ihe ha kwuru, ňuo ogwu, na gbaa ogwu ha ga e nye unu—o wuru ma oria ya daa. Ma, gee zie  kwa nti ofuma na ihe anyi na e kwu: anyi a naghi e kwu na oria okuko ya a ghoola oria mmadu—mba; ma o wu na o ga a gho oria mmadu—mba. Ihe anyi na e kwu wu na o nwere ike mee; na o wuru na ya mee otua, unu chebara echiche na ihe anyi kwuru ngaa.


Ka anyi jiri nkea chetara unu na ndi Biafra a gaghi e me Census ndi Nigeria, ma o wu Election ndi Nigeria na afo 2007. Onye o wula kwado wa kwa otu ha ga e si e me ka a hughi la ha anya na a gughi la ha na census—o wuru ma o ga e nwogodu isi.


Tupu anyi e kwuchaa, anyi si na anyi ma ihe na e me na Abia na na Aba taa—ala Biafra; na o wu kwa nu maka na anyi e nwetaghi bee Biafra. Anyi na a si no o wu naani ndi MASSOB ndi na e lechita anya nde Biafra wu ndi kwesiri i ru oru police na ala Biafra—na a ruru ya ndi Biafra. O nweghi ndi ozo ma o wu otu ozo anyi ga a kwado i ru oru police na a la Biafra.


Jisie unu ike. Chineke gbaa anyi na ile ume.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu.



Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues


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