This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


 For December 24th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


On this Christmas Eve, we wish you all, all that God wishes you all. It is no longer a matter of what we wish you, but what God Himself wishes you, His creation and His “createdness.” So, have Peace—as only God can give; have Joy—the type that only God can give; and enjoy Goodwill, only as the Goodness of God Himself.


We say this because as human beings, we are still in the midst of suffering and sorrow, either directly for ourselves, or in empathy with our brothers and sisters of MASSOB still in jail all over Nigerian territory and in our own land; with other MASSOBians and Biafrans injured, tortured and maimed, and with others recently dead at the hands of our Nigeria tormentors. Biafrans all over are still under persecution and oppression by General Obasanjo and his forces, and under torment and ridicule by the rest of Nigeria, with no security of life or property, and no respect nor even common basic rights—rights  taken for granted by even Nigerians. Many Biafrans in Diaspora are still, unfortunately, under the spell of denial, ignorance, cowardice, greed, or just plain poor judgment and misguidedness. But, Thou Art God: nothing stands in Your way. Your Presence in us is sufficient for us. Comfort us. Nurture us. Cheer us up. Protect us.


Biafrans: look around: things are changing in our favor. We have recently engaged in the most powerful, most memorable and most significant protests against the evil of the evil State called Nigeria, and made our case for the actualization of sovereign and independent Biafra. Even the British government has now warned Nigeria that Nigeria police and armed agents brutality against MASSOB and Biafrans during our recent non-violent protests are not acceptable. We urge the British government to look back further and start its reckoning from 1999 when MASSOB was formed. In the same vein, the same British government called for the Nigeria justice system to find, indict and convict all Nigerian personnel involved in the recent shooting, injuring and killing of MASSOBians and other Biafrans during these protests. We also urge the British to see this not just as a crime against our people by Nigeria to be dealt with only in Nigeria and by only Nigeria, but as a crime against International Statutes and against International Human rights and protection.


That’s not all. Look at the state of affairs of Nigeria. General Obasanjo has stoked a fire which is consuming Nigeria faster that it was failing before; now, he has started putting pressure on the military not to intervene because he knows that the end can come for Nigeria rather quickly. While PDP degenerates under the arrogance and poison it created for itself, new opposition to it and Obasanjo’s dictatorship is springing up really fast. In fact, people and the press in Nigeria are becoming more vocal everyday in solid and unanimous opposition to, and condemnation of, Obasanjo’s regime as well as both the Senate and the National Assembly. There are daily calls now for the peoples suffering in Nigeria to get into the streets in rebellion—calls by Nigerians, by politicians, by leaders of Nigeria.


On their part, the “Southern Politicians” have finally found some mettle, challenging the arrogant bluff of the North, enough so that the new language describing the situation is borrowed from 1914 colonial amalgamation, in terms of the “Northern Protectorate” Versus the “Southern Protectorate.” Southern politicians now challenge the North’s claim to the Presidency come 2007, having finally developed some balls to question the fairness of the North grabbing the Presidency again without its being rotated fully among other regions. The Southern politicians also insist on Resource control using the same formula presented by the so-called South-south delegation to Obasanjo’s conference, a formula vehemently and arrogantly rejected by the Northerners resulting in the impasse at that conference, while pointing out that the South provides 85% of all the resources attributable to Nigeria. Amidst all the din, we now hear clamors by the Southern Politicians about the threat of the South boycotting the 2007 elections, and also, boycotting any Census which does not include Religion and Ethnicity data; as well as clamors about true federalism. In fact, these Southern Politicians are now talking about a “zonal structure” for Nigeria rather than current State- or original region- or North Versus South- structures. The British government was to boost this new zonal structural basing by announcing that it is interested in it as a way forward for Nigeria; while zonal structuring is vehemently opposed by the North. So, the fracture lines have now re-surfaced; the breaks are obvious, and it will be difficult to deny them any more.


Fellow Biafrans: we cannot trust the political class. It is good that they (the Southern politicians) are now finally admitting the problems of Nigeria and actually taking a stand on equal justice and fairness, rather than just succumbing to intimidation and exploitation, and keeping quiet. Such a stand, when strong, is really all it takes to get Nigeria to see itself in the mirror as a sick and dying entity. But, politicians cannot be trusted to stand for what is right—at least, not long enough for it to count and make a positive difference. Their interest is in self-preservation and therefore, [political] class preservation: they will do everything they can to maintain a sick system such as Nigeria because it is such a dysfunctional system that feeds them. So, while Nigeria totters on a ledge deep down in the abyss, let us not rest on our laurels, awaiting Nigeria’s inevitable demise. We must continue to push for Biafra actualization. For, neither zonal restructuring nor the current status of Nigeria, resource control nor true federalism, nor Southeast or South-south 2007 Presidency, will solve the problem that is Nigeria.


At this rate, just like we predicted, Nigeria will not see 2007. But, we must not let our guards down. It is not enough that Nigeria fails and falls. We must have Biafra—an entirely new dispensation, a completely fresh paradigm, in order that we can finally set a new course for our gifted nation, and a new course for Africa as a whole. 


Our people say: “The fly that does not heed good counsel follows the corpse into the grave.” Let the skeptics and sycophants and saboteurs and efulefu follow Nigeria into its grave. Not Biafrans: we saw the handwriting on the wall all this time, deciphered it correctly, digested the message and are acting accordingly. That’s why Biafra is the only viable course left open for us. That’s why Biafra is THE answer.  Stay the course!


By the way, we just learned that Ekwueme and Dim Ojukwu settled their differences and with other Igbo leaders, declared that they are going to work for Igbo interest within a “united Nigeria…” This is just a report, and we trust that it is a misreport. While we expect such nonsense from other politicians, we trust that Dim Ojukwu will not be party to such a step backwards, a solution already attempted, but which never worked before, never works, and will never work. Dim is identified with Biafra. Not Nigeria. Nigeria does not want the Igbo: who fights to get in where he is not wanted, when the person has his own stuff? In any case, the Biafran people have made up their mind—it is firm: Biafra—nothing else, nothing less, nothing more. Biafra! it is.


Biafra alive! Biafra is the answer. For, God makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Merry Christmas—God’s Way.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Echi wu Christmas; anyi na a kpoku Chineke anyi, Onye nwa Ya wu Jesu Kristi, onye anyi na e ri na na a ňuri na omumu ya, ka Ya wu Chineke nye anyi Udo nke Chineke, nye anyi Obi-uto nke si na aka Chineke na Onwe Ya bia; na Obi-oma na Ihe oma nke naani Chineke puru i nye nde mmadu, na oge ya.


Ma ka obi e rughi anyi ala na ihi na ndi nke anyi ndi MASSOB na ndi Biafra ndi nde Nigeria ka ji na nkporo, ma o wu ndi e meruru ahu, ma o wu ndi ha wu ndi Nigeria gburu e gbu—ha ka no anyi na obi. O wu nu nani Chineke wu Onye nwere ike i gbachi anyi ume, ghio pu anyi anya-mmiri-akwa na anya. Nkea ka anyi na a rio Ya na izu Christmas ya.


Ma, anyi a gaghi e chefu na anyi na ha kwanu a gala na ihu-na ihu na nweta Biafra. Ngaari iwe anyi gara, ma o wu i no na ulo na iwe nke anyi mere, mere oke mkpotu na uwa na ile, na na ime Nigeria kwa. O wu kwanu ihe siri ike wu ihe ahu anyi mere, maka ndi Nigeria na ndi uwa a gaghi zi e ji Biafra ma o wu okwu Biafra e gwu egwu ozo.


Unu le e kwa anya taa, unu a hu na Nigeria e jirila aka ya na a gbasasi onwe ya. Omume ojoo Obasanjo na ndi PDP na e nye aka i gbasasi Nigeria. Ndi isi ndi South a kwusila i na a kpa agwa ka ha wu ndi ohu ndi Awusa ndi North. Ha wu ndi isi ndi South na a chozi ihe na ile nke gaarala ha, na e kweghi kwa ka ndi North ghogbue ha, ma o wu na e megbu ha ozo ka ha si e megbu ha kemgbe ndi British jiri kee Nigeria. Nke a mere ka obi gbafue ndi North; mee kwa ka onye e chefughi la na Nigeria a wughi otu, na Nigeria e nweghi ike i wu otu.


Ma na mgbasasi Nigeria a gaghi a kwusi anyi i me ihe anyi na e me na i nweta Biafra. Anyi ma a ma na Nigeria ga a da, ikekwe, tutu afo 2007.  Nkea kwesiri i me anyi ka anyi na a chosi Biafra ike, maka Nigeria da haala, Biafra kwesiri i kwuru oto, guzo sie ike, ka o wuru mba e ji a ma atu oga-na-ihu, a ma atu eziokwu, a ma atu ezi ihe na Africa na uwa na ile. Chineke ga a gba anyi ume na nye anyi ako na uche i ji mee ka Biafra diri Ya na anyi otua ahu. Biafra wu osisa anyi jiri saa Nigeria.


Oo—anyi ka na a nu ugbua na Ekwueme na Dim Ojukwu e kpezie la na nsogbu ha nwere mbu; nu kwa na ha kwuru na ha ga a tukota aka na isi i hu na Ndigbo no na ime one-Nigeria. Anyi na e che na Dim Ojukwu e nweghi ike i kwu na ya ga a ga, ma o wu dube ndi Igbo, na uzo nke one-Nigeria, maka Dim Ojukwu wu onye isi Biafra. Anyi a marala na, mee elu-mee ala, o wu so-o-so Biafra ka anyi choro, ka anyi na a ga. Ihe oso ziri nde a, ha mee; naani uzo Biafra—nweta Biafra—ka anyi kwu chim na ya.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ka Udo na Obioma na Iheoma nke Christmas-nke si na aka Chineke na Onwe Ya, diri anyi na ile. Amin.


Ndewo unu.



Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues


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