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 For December 17th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


A segment of the Women of Biafra—the MASSOB Women’s Wing—staged a very successful non-violent street protest in Lagos on Monday, December 12th, also protesting in front of the UN offices in Lagos. Thus, the non-violent protests are continuing, as we stated in our last broadcast. We want to praise the bravery of these our Biafran women. We acknowledge their courage, and draw inspiration from their selfless act, in the face of intimidating and lethal Nigerian armed forces of the combined police, military and Special Forces, and at that, quite deep in “enemy territory,” far from Biafraland. We can very well see that they are truly daughters of our other all-time heroines: the women of “’Aba Women’s Riot’ of1929”-fame. Bravo, our sisters, daughters, mothers, grandma’s, aunts and nieces. Biafra thanks you: we thank you.


We thank these women of Biafra for reminding the world that no mother should stand by idle while her children undergo the type of suffering that we, the people of the Igbo Nation and Biafra, are being subjected to by Nigeria. Your act motivates your men, your sons and daughters of this generation and other generations to come, to do everything in their power to liberate themselves and liberate you from bondage by an unscrupulous Nigeria. Biafra appreciates you: we appreciate you.


Following closely on the heels of the earlier super-successful December 5 and 6 sit-in exercise, this our Biafran women’s spectacular protest cements our gains and declares loudly: “Biafra is alive. Biafra is here to stay. Biafra is the answer.”!


As you are all aware, the State of Nigeria has declared total war on the people of Biafra by its recent policy of intensified acts of arresting all MASSOB leaders and activists, and imprisoning them in SSS dungeon-cells without trial and without public knowledge. Thus, the following MASSOB leaders and members (that we know of) are in SSS cells in Abuja:


From Okigwe - Rev.Linus Iwuanya and 9 others

From Enugu - Vincent Ekwazu and 20 others

From Akwa - Stephen Uka and16 others

Also: Uchenna Madu;

and the six standing trial with Ralph Uwazurike himself:

1. Benedict Alakwem, 2. Ambrose Anyaso; 3. Augustine Ihuoma; 4. Chibuike Nwosu;    5. Chimankpa Okorocha; and 6. Kelechi Ubabuike.

We do not know the names and identities of MASSOB leaders and members similarly arrested in Northern Nigerian cities such as Jos, Kano, Kaduna, etc., and detained and imprisoned by the SSS and the Nigeria police without trial and without public knowledge.


With these actions, the State of Nigeria has now placed itself on the list of pariah States of the world, listed for brutality, for unjust killing and imprisonment of unarmed civilians, for arrest and secret imprisonment and killing of prisoners of conscience and leaders who oppose the government; for selective and brazen and methodical persecution of a group, which, by the way, qualifies as genocide. The State of Nigeria has lost all moral standing. It is true that other States of the world still interact diplomatically with Nigeria today, but history shows that many pariah States and States indictable for crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide may continue to enjoy the patronage of other countries of the world—for a while: until the hammer drops.


That hammer did drop on the Apartheid State of South Africa, which Nigeria now resembles in many ways: it’s a shame that the people who run the criminal affairs of the State of Nigeria do not read history and do not understand history. If they did, they should remember that the Apartheid government arrested, imprisoned and killed many ANC (African National Congress) leaders and members, and other indigenous South Africans, just like Nigeria is doing with MASSOB leaders and members, and with ordinary Biafrans. That did not stop ultimate ANC victory over the Apartheid State and the consequent liberation of South Africa. Neither will the State of Nigeria’s actions today stop the eventual liberation of Biafra by MASSOB with the help and support of a willing and eager people of Biafra. The Apartheid State also enjoyed the patronage of many countries in the world because of Diamonds—diamonds naturally belonging to indigenous South Africans but taken over by force by the Apartheid government. In the same way, many countries deal with Nigeria today because of Oil—that Oil is in the territory of, and belongs to, Biafra, but is now usurped by Nigeria. Ultimately, humanity and nature rejected the Apartheid State because of its revulsive nature. Of course, the indigenous South Africans never accepted their erstwhile oppressed status as permanent. The same thing is happening / will happen to Nigeria: Biafra has never and will never accept the evil that is the State of Nigeria; the world will come around to rejecting Nigeria in due course. The hope and dignity which Nelson Mandela restored to Africa by his role, acting from a Maximum Security Prison, in the defeat of Apartheid and the liberation of South Africa, is our hope, our story and our destiny, because Biafra shall defeat Nigeria and stand tall and mighty, as MASSOB leaders and the rest of our people work from prison, we on the outside carry on the struggle unstopped and unstoppable.


Where in the world do Government agents disguise themselves as Newspaper reporters in order to gain access and kidnap a Director of Information? Where do Government agents disguise as members of the Youth Corp—the equivalent of say, Red Cross or Boy Scouts in other countries—in order to kidnap their victim? Where do things like this happen, and the Press does not make a case out of it? And the Senate and National Assembly keep quiet? These things happened in the Soviet Union. In Yugoslavia. In Communist countries. In Augusto Pinochet’s evil regime.  In Idi Amin’s regime. As we all know now, all those States and all those the regimes failed: they are no more. The same fate awaits Nigeria.


Fellow Biafrans: we are at least forty million strong. We will not be silenced. We will never be stopped again. Nigeria is bedeviled with so many serious ailments. It is just like our people say: “he who makes a profession of working with poisons to kill his adversaries will one day succumb to his own poison.” Nigeria has fallen victim to the same evil which it has been subjecting us Biafrans to. Nevertheless Obasanjo and his cronies do not (or pretend not to) see that, being so obsessed with annihilating Biafra that he has teamed up with usual Igbo / Biafra tormentors to try to get prominent Igbo leaders to specifically renounce Biafra.  We can’t tell what Obasanjo has been promising them or what he threatened them with, but two things are sure: MASSOB leaders and members will never renounce Biafra; and, no matter who renounces Biafra even, 40 million Igbo and other Biafran masses have declared for Biafra and are willing to live and die for Biafra, as Biafrans. Sooner or later, Obasanjo will be gone, as will his cronies and his Igbo slaves and sycophants: Biafra has already outlived them; Biafra lives on.


Great Biafrans: Stay ever ready and remain ever active as we live through the hour of our liberation from Nigeria, no matter how long that hour lasts and no matter what territory that arrow of time flies through. Be strong: pray for our true leaders, and climb out to take their places should they be gone missing. It is our collective struggle and you and I shall individually fill in all the required roles as the need arises, when it arises. Biafra, after all, is for all of us.


Biafra alive! Biafra is the answer. For, God makes it so



That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Umu nwanyi anyi—“Women of Biafra,” MASSOB Women’s Wing—a gaa la ngaari-iwe na Lagos na Monday gara aga, December 12: ha gara nke oma; mee kwa nke oma; nke mere anyi ji na a ja ha ike, na e kele ha nke ukwu maka ihe ha mere la umu ha na ihe ha mere la Biafra. Ha e mee la ka dimkpa, ka dike, were otu ahu na a gwa ndi Nigeria na ndi uwa na ile na o gwula Biafra wu ihe anyi na a cho zi, na o wughi Nigeria. Biafra e kele la ha wu ndi inyom anyi. Gi bia gba nye nkea na nke anyi mere e me na izu gara aga na ubochi December 5 na 6, onye o wula a hu na na Biafra anyi e nweghi kwa nu nkwusi.


Ujo ukwu a biala Obasanjo na ndi otu ya maka ihe ndia na ile; ya a gwa zie ndi aru ndi SSS na ndi police ya ka ha gaa jide sia ndi isi MASSOB na ile, tinye ha na nkporo. Anyi ma ufodu ndi MASSOB ndia:


Si na Okigwe - Rev.Linus Iwuanya na madu itoli ndi ozo

Si na Enugu - Vincent Ekwazu na ogu mmadu ndi ozo

Si na Akwa - Stephen Uka na mmadu iri-na-isii ndi ozo

Guinye Mazi Uchenna Madu, na madu isii ndi ozo e jidere ha na Ralph Uwazurike na otu oge: Benedict Alakwem, Ambrose Anyaso; Augustine Ihuoma; Chibuike Nwosu; Chimankpa Okorocha; na Kelechi Ubabuike. Onwe kwara ndi MASSOB ndi Biafra ndi ozo ndi SSS na police jidere na obodo ndi Ugwu-Awusa nke anyi a matabeghi aha ha.


Unu e chefughi kwa la na obodo o wula di na ime uwa ya, ebe a na e me ndi mmadu udi ihe Nigeria na e me ndi MASSOB na ndi Biafra taa, na obodo ahu agbasasia la—o mebie la, nwuo kwa. Lee kwa unu ihe mere na South Africa: o wu kwa Nelson Mandela ka ndi uwa na ile na e to taa? O wu na nkporo ndi Apartheid ka ya na ndi isi ANC no mgbe ya na ha meriri ndi Apartheid—otu ndi isi anyi nde Nigeria ji na nkporo ga e si—anyi na ha—e meri Nigeria.


Anyi ma na ihe ozo Obasanjo na Nigeria na e me wu i ga na e nye ndi isi ndi Igbo nghari, ma o wu i mesi ha ike, ka ha kwuo ka anyi chefue Biafra. Ma na o wu oge ka ha na e gbu. Anyi ma na anyi hiri nne; o nweghi otu madu ole-na-ole ga e si e me ka anyi hapu Biafra anyi, site na okwu nkwughie madu ole-na-ole ya, ma o wu na ajoo omume ha. Anyi kwuru chim na Biafra; nkea a gaghi a gbanwe, mee ele mee ala.


Maka nkea, anyi na a si unu jikere ime ihe na ile a ga e me no oge nkea mgbe nweta Biafra a dighizi oke anya. Ka anyi na ekpe kpere maka ndi isi anyi na ndi ozo no na nga; ma, ka anyi e kweghi kwa la ka nke ahu mee anyi ka anyi daa mba. Na ihu na ihu ka anyi ga na a ga na njem na oru anyi i nweta Biafra. Biafra ga e bi ihe na ile.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu



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