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For December 3rd, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


In a couple of days, it will be December 5, then, 6. On those two days, there is only one thing for all Igbo and all Biafrans to do: stay at home 6.AM to 4.00pm on each day, to join in the process of our mass non-violent sit-in protest for the release of Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra), and the six other men; and in fact, for the release of all MASSOB members held in various prisons in Nigeria. We know that you will do your part and participate in this sit-at-home protest.


If there was any doubt at all in our mind about our participation, that doubt was erased when the Iwuanyanwu-owned Nigerian newspaper reported that Achuzie said that Ohaneze does not support MASSOB and does not support Uwazurike. How can we allow the same saboteurs to mess up our progress this time around? We won’t. We will show them on December 5th and 6th that Ohaneze does not represent Ndigbo nor does it represent Biafrans; we will show them that when an elderly Igbo commits “aru” as Joseph Achuzie—by this report—has done, Oha reprimands him by ignoring him, shunning him, and doing the correct thing, anyway.  We will show them that it is the people of Igbo, the people of Biafra, who have the power in our land. We, the people, will do the protest to show our support for the only organization which has spoken the truth about the evident condition of the Igbo and other Biafrans in Nigeria—that organization being MASSOB. We will protest in order to seek the release of leaders of MASSOB and other MASSOB members, the only leaders and their members who are willing to stand up for the people of Igbo and Biafra, to condemn the injustices done to us by Nigeria, and to actually say, in so many words and by their action: “We will no longer stand for that.” It is this organization, its leadership and membership who have refused to be bought and to be bribed; who have refused to be intimidated by Obasanjo and Nigeria.


Back on August 26 2004, you all participated in the now famous and most powerful sit-in that shut down Nigeria, a protest called by MASSOB and supported by all of us. Remember: all the efulefu Igbo governors tried to compel you not to participate—you ignored them and did the right thing. Remember, the efulefu Ohaneze and its efulefu secretary, Achuzie, declared that its office remained open—the only office in Igboland to do so on that day (shame!); however, that did not change the outcome: we had done the correct thing, and we won—really big, too! On that day, we did the right thing, in spite of Ohaneze, in spite of Achuzie, in spite of Igbo Nigerian governors and other detractors. Well, on December 5 and 6, we are going to repeat our success protest, this time, even more successfully, because, not only are we protesting to have our beloved MASSOBians released, we are also going to use this protest to teach Achuzie and Ohaneze the lesson that we are the people of Igbo, the people of Biafra, and that we are tired of their sabotage and their selling out our people; that we declare for Biafra, and, we stand for Biafra—side by side with MASSOB. On December 5 and 6, we will deliver that message to Achuzie, to Ohaneze, and to other efulefu organization, including WIC.


Fellow Biafrans: we want to warn you: a new evil wind is blowing through our land afresh. You have to keep your eyes open, and be prepared. Since when did Obasanjo and Buhari and Babangida team up, except when they want to attack and try to defeat the Igbo and Biafrans? Now, they have teamed up again, and they are visiting our own Ikemba.  Remember: they have already bought over Ohaneze, including Iwuanyanwu, Irukwu, and now, Achuzie. Ekwueme is already in their pocket. All the governors lick the ground on which Obasanjo steps, most of all, the childish, amateurish and immature Orji Uzor Kalu; so these persons are already accounted for. Also, Obasanjo has invited WIC (World Igbo Congress) for a visit, and even though a majority of the Igbo in Diaspora has advised WIC not to honor the invitation, the WIC leaders are eagerly preparing to make the trip. Meanwhile, our only trusted leader, Ralph Uwazurike, and his colleagues, are kept in prison by Obasanjo, Nigeria, and the caliphates. Let us review the picture again for you so that you can see the score yourself:


1) Uwazurike and six MASSOB leaders are abducted and thrown in jail.

2) Nigeria police sets Zik’s monument on fire and tries to blame it on MASSOB

3) Ohaneze, Achuzie, denounce MASSOB and Uwazurike using the stupidest reasons

4) WIC (which is anti-Biafra, anti-MASSOB, anti true Igbo interests) is invited by Obasanjo for a meeting and has accepted

5) Obasanjo, Buhari, Babangida—an unlikely mix, except when it comes to anti-Igbo anti-Biafran interests—are paying a “thanksgiving” visit for Ojukwu.

Think about that!


In the past, but also in the present, out of sheer selfish personal interest and gain, and out of unimaginable greed, Igbo leaders have made decisions that not only expose the Igbo people to ongoing obvious harm, but also, decisions that result in deliberate ignoring of such harm, and most hurtfully, decisions which clearly and directly hurt Igbo people, while acting as agents of wicked Nigeria—a Nigeria bent on selectively eliminating the Igbo from Nigeria and from the face of the earth. Well, Igbo people and fellow Biafrans: YOU ARE NOW WITNESSING HOW IT IS DONE!  Just review the five events above!


But, fear not! We have the antidote: we are in control, because, this time around, we can definitely see their game. Our first response is to fully engage in December 5th and 6th non-violent protests. The next step is to always shun Ohaneze, WIC, their leadership and if supported by them, their membership, too. The next step is vigilance—always asking the questions:

“Is this person for Biafra or not for Biafra?”
“Is this person leading us back into Nigeria or trying to prevent us from leaving Nigeria?”
The answers to those two questions, will determine whom we can trust or work with or not. Whoever does not want Biafra is not with us, and we should not support him or her at all. Whoever prescribes one-Nigeria for us is definitely killing us and continuing the torture which Nigeria is subjecting us to: obviously, he or she cannot be our friend and should not be accommodated in any way.


We will not conclude this broadcast without wondering aloud: “what is wrong with the Igbo efulefu?” Can’t they see that Nigeria is failing—and actually flailing—at this time? Obasanjo wants a third term: what will he do if he gets it? Continue to pepper the Igbo, of course. Yet, he, Obasanjo, is using willing Igbo efulefu to try to accomplish just that. Buhari and the rest of the North do not want an Obasanjo third term—not so much in defense of the stipulations of the so-called Nigeria constitution but (as will be obvious in another sentence) because the North JUST WANTS TO MAKE SURE IT TAKES OVER POWER IN NIGERIA AGAIN. To make the point, Babangida and a few Northerners support Obasanjo’s third term, once again, not so much because of Obasanjo’s performance (actually, lack thereof), but as articulated by one Northern leader, as because of the North’s conviction that whenever power is relinquished by Obasanjo and subsequently grabbed by the North, then, the North can keep power for as long as Obasanjo did, and—most important yet—be justified in extending their hold on this power, just as Obasanjo was allowed to do. If the Igbo efulefu are willing to be used for these shenanigans, scenarios which can never benefit the Igbo, why should we, the Igbo people, allow our collective self to be sold out any more?


Now, you will hear whining from a few Igbo including Ohaneze that they want an Igbo President of Nigeria in 2007.  Let’s see now…: if Obasanjo wants to stay in power past 2007, all he has to do is bribe Ohaneze and buy its leaders such as Iwuanyanwu, like he did in 2003, (and before then, bribe Ekwueme not to challenge the irregular PDP party process that rigged out Ekwueme himself and in his stead, wangled in Obasanjo in the party primaries of 2002). If Obasanjo wants to stay in power past 2007 but faces stiff opposition that finally forcibly wrests control from him, such a strong opposition will not come from Ohaneze or the Igbo leaders—they will all be bribed out, assuming they even act as other than cowards about it. That only means that, in this scenario, the North will take over from Obasanjo and take power by force. If Obasanjo gives up power reluctantly but voluntarily, he would never hand it over to an Igbo—that much is clear, isn’t it? The North gets it in this scenario also. But, if the so-called Nigeria constitution is allowed to stand and Obasanjo obeys the constitution and everyone else but Obasanjo contests for 2007 elections, the Igbo still have no chance of getting the Presidency of Nigeria—the only power in Nigeria. Of course, the North will buy off all Igbo contenders, including Ohaneze; other Igbo efulefu will be the first to line up for handouts from the North after having pre-qualified themselves by selling out the interest of the Igbo people. Any Igbo contenders still left standing will be intimidated and hounded out of the ring. Recall, People, that Ojukwu was not even allowed to campaign in the North for his 2003 Presidential bid, as Nigeria security agents tear-gassed his rally (which led to the death of Okadigbo), without reason and without justification: did Ohaneze or Achuzie or WIC raise a voice of protest then? No! Did anyone else do anything about it? No. When are we going to learn—just when, Ndigbo, are we going to learn?


Finally, let’s assume that unlikely scenario where an Igbo becomes the President of Nigeria in 2007: what can he do for the Igbo? Not one Igbo Senate President ever brought up, never mind challenge, the selective injustice meted out to the Igbo since 1999. Imagine that! Not one Igbo minister ever did anything related to his / her ministry to help the Igbo in at least leveling the playing field so carefully and deliberately tilted against the Igbo. Can you imagine that an Igbo was Minister of Aviation at one recent time, and yet, Enugu Airport was never upgraded to an International Airport? Since all the potential Igbo leaders have thus far lacked the courage to point out that Igbo people are being selectively persecuted in Nigeria today, what then makes you think that if anyone of them ascended to the throne of the Presidency of Nigeria, that he or she will do anything for the Igbo? By the way, what type of Nigeria is the Igbo leader going to rule, anyway—this broken, shameful, moribund, decrepit, dishonest and corrupt State?


Of course, we are not going to participate in any more elections in Nigeria. That unlikely scenario mentioned earlier remains even more unlikely because no Igbo and no Biafran will be casting any votes at all, not so much that these efulefu do not deserve our votes—they clearly don’t—as that we are Biafrans: our days of participating in Nigeria elections were over in and by the year 2003.


So, now you know. There is only one solution for us in a State called Nigeria where we are hated, and where other Nations in Nigeria are afraid that we might dominate them and be domineering, given our “Igbo-ness” which we can’t change and shouldn’t even think of changing, nor should we be going around apologizing for. We must leave Nigeria and develop our own sovereign nation of Biafra in Biafraland. This is the larger significance and implication of December 5th and 6th: on those days, we send Nigeria and Igbo efulefu and the rest of the world that message: we are Biafrans, we want Biafra now.


Biafra alive! For, God makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Na abali abuo, o ga a wu December 5; na December 6. Na ubochi a buo ya ka anyi ga a no na ime ulo anyi site na 6 ututu rue na 4 ehihie, i ji were zi na iwe di anyi nke ukwuu otu Nigeria jiri tinye Uwazurike na mmadu isii ndi ozo ndi MASSOB na nga; ji kwa nke ahu na a gwa Nigeria ka ha hafu kwa ndi  umunna anyi ndiya aka. A si di na obi e sighi nde ufodu ike maka ihe iwe a anyi ga e me, ihe Joe Achuzie, onye Ohaneze, kwuru ga e me ka anyi wesie iwe ike, ka obi anyi sie ezigbo ike maka December 5 na December 6. Onye aru ahu a na a kpo Achuzie, onye ogba-akwukwo Ohaneze, si na ya na Ohaneze a kwughi MASSOB na azu, na ha a kwughi Uwazurike na azu. Unu ma nu otu Oha ji e me onye okenye na e me aru ma o wu kwuru aru, na omenala anyi. Joe Achuzie e mela aru, kwue kwa aru. Ma ya, ma Ohaneze, o nweghi otu anyi ga e si e nye ha nsopuru: o wu naani asu ka anyi ga na a vu ha.


Anyi a marala amara na Ohaneze wu otu Obasanjo na ndi Awusa jiri ego zucha a zucha; so-o-so ihe ha wu wu ihe Obasanjo na ndi Awusa na e ji a ghichaa otula-nsi ha.  O nweghi bee kwanu mgbe anyi tukwasara obi anyi na Ohaneze ma o wu na Achuzie, na ha ga e nyere ndi Igbo aka i nweta Biafra. Naani onu ka anyi ga na a vu zi ha site ugbua rue mgbe anyi ga e nweta Biafra—anyi ga e nwetariri Biafra.


Mara kwa unu na Obasanjo a zu o la Ohaneze, zu o kwa WIC, otu Ndigbo bi na obodo Oyibo. Ugbua, Obasanjo na Babangida na Buhari si na ha ga a bia i hu Ikemba. Kedu ihe ha na a bia ime? Ebe ha ka ji Uwazurike na nkporo, jiri ego zuo ndi isi ndi Igbo, bia zie ugbua si na ha na Ojukwu na e nwe nzuko, anyi na a ju: kedu ihe ha ga a kpa? Unu e chefughi kwala na o nweghi kwa nu ndi na e gbu ndi Igbo ma o wu na e nye ha nsogbu karia otu madu ato ya si e me ya—Obasanjo, Babangida, na Buharimgbe ha bara na otu otu.


Ihe o wula ha na e kwu, o wu naani otu osisa ka anyi ga a sa ha: anyi ga a no na ime ulo anyi na ubochi December 5 na 6, jiri otua nye ha osisa, nke wu na o wu naani Uwazurike na MASSOB ka anyi ga a tukwasi obi maka o wu Biafra ka ha na e duga anyi; o wu Biafra ka ha na a cho na isi anyi. Taa, o nweghi ihe na e me ndi Igbo na ime Nigeria nke mmezi ya a wughi kwa Biafra. Naani Biafra wu osisa juru afo maka ihe o joo na ile ndi Nigeria na ndi efulefu na e me anyi. Na ihi nkea, naani Biafra ka anyi ga na a cho tutu mgbe anyi ga e nweta ya. Na ubochi December 5 na 6, zi e Nigeria, Ohaneze, Achuzie WIC, Obasanjo, na ndu uwa na ile, otu ozi ya gbasara anyi na Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu



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