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For November 26th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


On December 5th and 6th, 2005, all Biafrans at home will protest the ongoing injustices done to us by Nigeria, including but especially the injustice of the abduction and imprisonment of Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB, and six of his colleagues, by the Nigerian SSS and the State of Nigeria. We will protest by staying indoors: using the sit-at-home strategy, on those two days.


This is a non-violent protest. If you see anyone engaged in acts of violence—hopefully, you won’t, but if you do—it will not be a MASSOB member, and it will not be a true Biafran. Instead, it will be a person paid by Nigeria police and the SSS to cause trouble in order that the Nigeria police and the SSS can use that as an excuse to ruin the name and work of MASSOB, thereby, to try to derail our achievements thus far, and our goal of non-violent actualization of Biafra. Remember that this was the same tactics used by the Nigeria police during the last MASSOB-Biafra street protests: the Nigeria police burnt down Zik’s monument and then, turned around and tried to pin the blame on MASSOB. Gullible people and those who do not want to see MASSOB and Biafra succeed (that is, the rest of Nigeria and a few Igbo-Biafran efulefu) took the word of the police for it, immediately and conveniently forgetting that it is the same police who killed 6 Igbo youth and their lady-friend in Abuja in the infamous “Apo-6” murders recently, for no other reason than that the victims are Igbo; and then, told Nigeria and the world that our hapless brothers and sister were “armed robbers.” Why should anyone believe the word of liars like the Nigerian police? Now, the same Nigeria Police say they have arrested 20 Igbo-Biafrans-MASSOBians in connection with that Zik’s monument arson which the Police themselves committed! Think about it for a moment—what a convenient number: not 7, not 11, not 17 or 3 or 19, but exactly 20. You choose to believe liars, then, you become one of them.


How can you trust the word of any group in Nigeria who disguises themselves as Youth Corpers in order to sneak in and abduct an innocent person at gun point? If you believe them over MASSOB, then, you are only expressing a hatred for MASSOB and Biafra and Biafrans.


The Delta State Police Commissioner himself also made it very clear about a fortnight ago to the Press and Public that the Police lies and trumps up false charges, and he told us exactly how the Police does it. He told everyone that henceforth, the Police will “treat” all MASSOB members as “armed robbers.” So, tomorrow, when the Nigeria Police shoot on sight and kill any Igbo man / Biafran, the Police will announce to the Press, to Nigeria, and to the whole world, that the victim was an “armed robber.” And, the Press will believingly report that as fact? And, you would believe that, too? Pity! Shame.


We also take strong exception to those who are more concerned about Zik’s monument than about the daily murder and injuring and harassment and humiliation and extortion and dispossession of living Igbo; and the banning of their businesses, by Nigeria and Nigeria police, for no other reason than that they are Igbo. It is not just hypocritical, but it is patently sinfully immoral to pretend this pretence. Can you not see the mockery of it all—that Nigeria should refuse to complete Zik’s monument, refuse to fix the only major access to it from the rest of Nigeria (Niger River Bridge), allow the roads leading to it to degenerate into muddy sinkholes, only now to begin to feign some great respect for Zik and for Zik’s monument, so that it can influence public opinion against MASSOB?


See what is happening to Nigeria today—how confusion reigns as it, Nigeria, falls apart? Of course, we are not surprised. Remember all the nonsense about “Democracy” in Nigeria? Finally, they have woken up to find out that Obasanjo is running a dictatorship using a one-party system called PDP, and they—Obasanjo and PDP—are all planning on self-succession for who knows how long, and they are going to manipulate the constitution to allow them to do that, making them no different from the awful military rulers and administrations? Even back in our own homeland, in Anambra, PDP has enthroned Uba—yes, that same Uba—and Anambra politicians are running to kneel before him again, for anointment for 2007? Is this all not ARU? That is precisely why we are justified to reject Nigeria. We are justified in our decision to not participate in 2007 elections, should Nigeria survive that long. And we are justified in our determination that no Nigerian government of any sort can be foisted over us come 2007 or beyond.


Consider what PDP is doing. PDP, among other nefarious and unthinkable actions, is “zoning power” to the North. The South proper (former Eastern region) or Biafra, provides 95% of Nigeria’s revenues. The North provides nothing. Even the power plants which are sited in the North were built with money from Biafran Oil. And, in any case, we Biafrans pay dearly for that power supply, in at least three ways: a) whatever Nigeria charges us for that utility; b) the inconvenience and adverse effects of erratic power supply—sometimes deliberate against our people and—enough to paralyze and stifle commerce and serious industries in our land; c) our heavy reliance on environmentally unfriendly power generators. So, the North who bring NOTHING to the table are claiming ALL—that they want power to shift back to them—conveniently forgetting that the Northerners have monopolized power since the formation of Nigeria, but especially since 1967. Some Igbo efulefu are already cowering; others are crawling to the North to beg for posts. What a farce! Well, we have an answer for them: Biafra! We will not participate in that farce called Nigeria any more. The North can have Nigeria, but there will be no Biafra and no Biafran Oil available to them. They can buy Oil just like everyone else, on the open international market. If we need electrical power from their Plants, we will buy it at fair market price—on the open world Energy market.


Can you imagine how many “Movements to defend” “democracy” in Nigeria that are being formed in a hurry today by the same characters who brought you PDP, now that the true character of PDP has emerged? It’s really, really too bad that these guys never learn: Democracy will never work in Nigeria. Nothing will ever work in Nigeria. It does not matter what the initial best intentions are. It does not matter who they put in there next. Nigeria will corrupt them and corrupt whatever good intentions they had to start with. Always. How many cycles will it take before these “wise” men can connect the dots and see the pattern? Do they realize how many lives are ruined because of their “political experiments”? Nigeria will not work because Nigeria is a State structure formed by the colonial British designed to weaken the indigenous Nations just enough to be enslaved and exploited, but left yet strong enough to be fighting with one another, not with the colonial government. Ignorant leaders of Nigeria have continued to defend the same structure, and while its anti peoples’ construct is easily recognized; the “Nation-against-Nation” hostilities caused by the structure are not understood by such leaders, and are wrongly attributed to “tribalism.”  And, the weakened condition of the Nations and their peoples is taken advantage of by the Nigerian State structure, allowing Nigeria’s rulers and leaders and their cronies to get away with unimaginably brazen acts of corruption and lawlessness. As long as the State of Nigeria exists, Nigeria will continue in its death-spiral; as long as Nigeria’s leaders pretend to not understand this, the Nations and their peoples suffer needlessly. That’s why Biafra is the answer for us. We must get out of the bruising State called Nigeria, and go with our own Biafra Nation.


The only people still wanting one-Nigeria are those exploiting the situation and getting rich off one-Nigeria and those who are protecting what they call their “turn to go in and chop.” Are you going to let these people—these selfish people—continue to prevent Nigeria from falling apart, and thereby, ensure your own death? No way! That’s why we have Biafra. That’s why we are going to actualize Biafra.


And, just before we conclude this broadcast, we should ask why Obasanjo, after just conferring with the Northern Nigerian Caliphates in Sokoto is now pretending to be “joining Ndigbo for Thanksgiving for Dim Ojukwu” flanked by Buhari and Babangida and others even while he, Obasanjo, and the Caliphates have locked up Ralph Uwazurike and six others in the SSS dungeons. There is nothing to give thanks for while Uwazurike and other MASSOB members are in jail; and nothing for Ndigbo and Biafrans to celebrate with Obasanjo and the Caliphates for. We are quite confident that Dim Ojukwu will tell Obasanjo and his entourage exactly that, because the Igbo, for all our faults, are not stupid.


December 5 and December 6—do not forget: stay home with your family and friends to register our protest against Nigeria, against the Nigeria SSS, against Nigeria Police, and against the illegal imprisonment of Uwazurike and six others and many other MASSOBians and Biafrans.


Biafra alive! For, God makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Na ubochi abuo--ubochi ise na ubochi isii na onwa iri-na-abuo—onwa December na ime afo ya, 2005, ndi Biafra na ile ga a no na ulo ha, na a pughi ezi i ga oru ma o wu i ga ahia, ma  owu i me ihe owula ozo. Otua ka anyi ga e si ezi iwe anyi maka nga ndi Nigeria turu Uwazurike na mmadu isii nde otu MASSOB ndi ozo.


Noro unu na ulo unu na ubochi abuo ya. Naani nkea ka anyi na a rio unu ka anyi mee, na aha Biafra. Onye na e me ihe ozo no oge ahu, o wughi kwa anyi ziri ya; o wughi kwa na aha Biafra ka onye ahu na e me ihe ozo a o na e me. Mara kwa unu na ndi Police Nigeria ga e ji aghugho na ugha si na ndi Igbo ndi Biafra ndi MASSOB me re ihe ojoo di otua ma o wu nke di otua. Unu e chefughi kwala na o wu ugha ka ndi Police na a gha. Cheta kwa unu na otua kwa ka ha wu ndi Police siri gha ugha, gaa na e bo ndi MASSOB e bubo na ihe gbasara ulo Zik nde Police na onwe suoro oku. Onye o wula kwere na asi  ndi Police na a si gbasara ulo Zik, onye ahu wu ewu, ma o wu onye kporo ndi Igbo ndi Biafra ndi MASSOB ugwu. Onye ga e chefu na o wu kwa otu ndi Police ahu si na nde okoro obia umu Igbo isii (na enyi ha nwanyi) a na a kpo Apo-6, nke ndi Police jiri egbe gbagbue na Abuja na o nweghi ihe ha mere, na ndi Police boro ha na ha wu ndi “armed robbers” na ugha. Ndi Police wu ndi oke ugha! Onye e kwere kwa la ihe ndi Police na e kwu—o wu naani ugha ka ha na e kwu, ka ha mara otu e si e kwu.


A ka na e kwu nke ahu, onye Commissioner ndi Police na Delta State a gwa ndi uwa na ile na ha wu ndi Police hu onye MASSOB, na ha ga e me ya ka o wu onye “armed robber.” Ihe o na e kwu nge ahu wu na ha na nde o wula a marala a mara ihe wu eziokwu, nke wu na ndi MASSOB a wughi ndi “armed robber”; ma ha wu ndi Police ga a gha ugha si na ndi MASSOB wu ndi “armed robber,” were zie otua ahu gbagbue nde MASSOB nde aka ha di ucha. O wu naani onye iberibe ga a si na ya a ghotaghi ihe ndi Police na a gwa anyi ngea. Ha wu ndi ugha, wu ndi Police; so-o-so asi ka ha mara otu e si asi.


Ihe ojoo ukwu na ha a dakwasi Nigeria na oge ugbua—nkea a tughi anyi anya. Nsogbu di na government Nigeria a kariala akaria. Ma na ihe ndia na ile wu ihe na e me, na ihe soro onu avuru Nigeria a vu, nke Nigeria butarala onwe ya, maka ihe ojoo dum Nigeria na e me ndi Igbo ndi Biafra. Anyi a gaghi a di ka ihe ndi Igbo Biafra suru na ilulu na a si na “Ijiji  nke na e nweghi onye na a du ya ndumodu na e soro ozu laa na ala ili.” Ndi Biafra a gaghi e so Nigeria nwuo, ma o wu kwe ka Nigeria pigbue anyi: nke a mere ka anyi ji na a cho si Biafra ike; nke mere anyi jiri kwere na obi anyi na na mmuo anyi na o wu so-o-so Biafra ka anyi na a ga, na anyi a gaghi e so Nigeria mee election ya na afo 2007—o wuru na Nigeria ka di ndu na afo 2007. O wuru anyi Biafra, naani Biafra! oge na ile.


Tupu anyi e mesia, anyi na a ju ihe Obasanjo na ndi Awusa ndi di ka Buharai na Babangida na e me na ala Igbo ala Biafra si na ha na e so “e nye ekele maka Dim Ojukwu” ebe ha ka ji Uwazurike na ndi MASSOB na mpkoro? Anyi nwere ntukwasi-obi na Dim O juskwu na o ga a ju Obasanjo na ndi otu ya otu ajuju ya kwa.


Chetakwa unu: December 5 na 6: onye o wula ga a no na ulo ha. Mee unu nkea na aha Biafra. Chukwu a gozie la anyi a gozie, gozie kwa Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu



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