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For October 15th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


Igbo “politicians-in-Nigeria” madness has started rising again. If not for the fact that today, we have MASSOB at home, Biafra Foundation (BF), Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF) and other staunch pro-Biafran organizations in Diaspora, to neutralize such folly with a vibrant Biafra actualization agenda, we would be in mourning by now. Thank God that the Spirit of Biafra, that veritable divine spirit of freedom, liberty and achievement, has been re-awakened in us now. That Biafra Spirit reawakening is the precise antidote and cure for the uncharacteristic derangement being exhibited by the Igbo elite which leads them to continue as slaves under Nigeria when the option of freedom is open. We shall return to this issue later.


For now, we want all Biafrans to challenge and task Ehindero to live up to his new found reputation as an IG who is willing to NOT deny the basic civil, civic and human rights of the peoples suffering and dying in Nigeria today, even as guaranteed by the constitution of Nigeria. More pointedly, we want to task and challenge Ehindero to demonstrate that he will NOT continue to pursue the policy of selective injustice to Ndigbo and other Biafrans in the form of brutality, battery, murder, extortion, oppression, persecution, and repression of Igbo and other Biafrans in our own home and land. Specifically:


1)      Police checkpoints every few hundred feet on useless roads in Igboland-Biafraland.
It was reported a little while ago in a newspaper that while Obasanjo was on one of his numerous junkets to Europe, he was told by some businessmen that foreign investors feel uneasy and nervous about the numerous police checkpoints in Nigeria. Whereupon, Obasanjo, on the spot, declared that the checkpoints would become history. Ehindero, as the acting IG, was present and Obasanjo made sure Ehindero heard the declaration. At the time, we were certain that whatever remedy Obasanjo and his police IG had in mind, it would not extend to Igboland-Biafraland. We have been proven right.

Police checkpoints in Igboland-Biafraland are not for police work. They are extortion points—one reason there can be as many as one per one hundred yards on some roads. Ehindero is on record that police extortion is a form of corruption and is against the law.  

These police checkpoints in Igboland-Biafraland are also killing zones, where Igbo and other Biafrans are murdered by the police who shoot them for no particular reason at all, but especially, if the hapless Igbo or Biafran cannot come up with the demanded extortion money. God help that Igbo or Biafran who dares challenge such corrupt police practice, because God will be receiving the Igbo or Biafran’s soul right there and then.

Police checkpoints in Igboland-Biafraland constitute death-traps by aggravating traffic conditions and hazard on un-maintained and already un-motorable roads in Igboland-Biafraland, leading to more unnecessary accidents and premature deaths of Igbo and other Biafrans.

Police checkpoints in Igboland and Biafraland are like military gunnery nests, over-armed with heavy caliber guns and missiles, except that they are sited and pointed in civilian areas—unarmed and peaceful civilians at that. The police will use the abatement of armed robbery as an excuse for the heavy munitions, but the facts show that it is the police who actually provide arms for the robbers in the first place (even Obasanjo himself has declared so; and Ehindero concurs); or it is the police themselves who constitute the armed robbers (public news and police statements). Finally, the armed robbers do not operate around the fixed checkpoints; in the rare instance when the police actually encounter armed robbers, the police flee from them.

The Igbo and other Biafrans have a constitutional right protecting them from this selective oppressive structure and this sort of selective armed occupation by the police. This is injustice—selective, gross injustice. We call on Ehindero to withdraw and abolish these so-called police checkpoints with immediate effect.  In the final analysis, Obasanjo can (and will “plausibly”) deny any responsibility for this injustice; but, the Inspector-General of the Nigeria Police cannot.


2)      Right of the Igbo-Biafrans to conduct public peaceful protests.
Igbo and other Biafrans have a right to conduct peaceful, non-violent protests under whatever banner they so choose, just as this constitutionally guaranteed right was finally acknowledged and respected by the Nigeria police in the case of the many protest marches held, and led by the NLC recently. There is no reason to selectively deny MASSOB and its members the right to engage in non-violent and peaceful marches, nor is there reason for the Nigeria police to continue to shoot, kill, and injure MASSOB marchers, or to arrest them and torture them while in police detention or in jail, or even to falsely accuse them of attacking the police when everyone knows that MASSOB observes non-violence with strong discipline. Once again, we remind IG Ehindero that even though it is Obasanjo’s (and Nigeria’s) open policy of hostility towards, and persecution of, the Igbo and other Biafrans that the Nigeria police is carrying out thus, on that day of reckoning, Obasanjo will deny any responsibility. He, Ehindero, will be left carrying the burden of this selective act of injustice against the Igbo and other Biafrans, as the chief of the Nigeria police, never mind that Obasanjo is the real chief of Nigeria police—the one who formulates the policies and gives the orders.


Fresh from our exhortation to IG Ehindero and yet within the same context, we return to the Igbo “political stakeholders” who are now running around seeking another “Igbo (political) Summit,” with an eye towards 2007. How many Igbo summits will you have? What has been the useful outcome of any previous summits? Never mind “useful” even: what outcome—any at all—from the previous summits?


Today, we want to extend exhortations to all those Igbo and other Biafrans running around in unbridled frenzy regarding politics in Nigeria, especially as it applies to the planned 2007 elections in Nigeria. Before we get too far, we want to assure you that we, the masses, will certainly not participate in Nigerian elections in 2007—assuming Nigeria survives until then or that 2007 even comes to Nigeria. We cannot speak for these politicians, but, this time around, we, the masses, remember the lessons of 1999 and 2003 and unlike the politicians and like-aspirants, we refuse to make the same mistake three times over.


We are not impressed that the same politicians who sold and have been selling out Ndigbo for their own selfish interests (even as they got in bed with one-Nigeria and got comfortable with one-Nigeria while Nigeria peppered Ndigbo with all sorts of injustice as touched upon earlier), are now pretending to be concerned with Igbo interests to be discussed at the planned summit. Iwuanyanwu—remember him?—had his own Igbo summit last year: the same Iwuanyanwu who, as the Chair of the Ohaneze Committee to elect an Igbo president of Nigeria in 2003, “turned coat,” took money from Obasanjo, and became Obasanjo’s campaign manager, in our own land. When Obasanjo and he couldn’t win in Biafraland, he helped Obasanjo rig the election and foist unpopular governance over Igboland-Biafraland. Yet, Ohaneze saw fit to give Iwuanyanwu another committee chairmanship later. Without shame, this hypocrite put on a summit to discuss Igbo interests? 


Presently, some of the same errant so called Igbo leaders and politicians have scheduled another Igbo “stakeholders’” summit in November. It is the same players who left the PDP a while ago because of the bad things PDP was doing; yet, it is the same players who recently crawled back to PDP and were readmitted with great fanfare, just a few short weeks ago. They seem to have all forgotten already all the bad things PDP did to Ndigbo (can anyone give us an example of even just one good thing PDP did for Ndigbo?) since 1999.  How could these politicians rejoin PDP seeing what PDP did to our people in Anambra—to cite one example—and yet, come now to organize a summit to discuss Igbo interests? How is it that Igboland-Biafraland is breeding shameless hypocrites at this high rate? We know, and have always declared, that Nigeria corrupts and messes up everything and everyone that stays in Nigeria, but it now seems that the Igbo and other Biafrans are most susceptible to such corruption, and get the very worst of it.


In their inanity, these Igbo politicians seem to forget that the only clear, honest and unequaled political victory Ndigbo-Biafrans ever scored against the machinations of Nigeria was the near-unanimous block-voting for APGA in the 2003 elections; that this was accomplished not by these politicians nor the summiteers but by the Igbo-Biafran masses; and that the masses voted because we mobilized them to do so in the name, and for the sake, of Biafra, in order to demonstrate the power which unity and solidarity of Biafra can wield. Our masses did, and thus we successfully proved that Biafra is our true and unfailing rallying point and unifying cause; that the potency of Biafra is unbeatable.  Thus, these politicians either are clueless or forgetful or both.


We challenge all these Igbo who are continuing to strive towards one-Nigeria politics to consider that the crux of politics is the representation of the people whose electoral mandate the politician has. Just how do they expect the Igbo people to vote for them when they have not even noticed or acknowledged the persecution and oppression of their own Igbo people and the gross injustice done to them in Nigeria by Nigeria, never mind show any concern for the wrong?


Well, the people—the masses—will not participate in lending legitimacy to this fraud. Come 2007—if it comes to Nigeria—these politicians are on their own—wherever that is; but, they will not rule Igboland-Biafraland: the Igbo people of Biafra will provide neither platform nor political structure nor the opportunity nor the dispensation for the one-Nigerianist politicians to govern. We are Biafrans. We are for Biafra. We will have Biafrans in Biafra minding the business of Biafra, manning the Biafran government.


God give us strength to do what we must do: Biafra actualization.


Biafra alive! For, God makes it so


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Tutu anyi e kwuo ihe mbu anyi ga e kwu na a bali a, anyi ga e ji ohere a gwa Ehindero, IG police Nigeria, na checkpoint ndi police ya wu chasiri na ala Igbo-Biafra, na o kwesiri i wepu ha na ile. Maka o wughi oru police ka ha na a ru na ebe ahu: o wu naani i ji ike nara Ndigbo-ndi Biafra ego, wu ihe na aga na ya wu checkpoint. Na mgbe ndi ozo, ndi police ya na a gbagbu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra na ebe checkpoint nde ahu, otu o jiri masi ha wu ndi Police. Nke ozo wu na checkpoint ha na a kpata motor accident nke na e gbu umu Igbo-Biafra, na a e meru kwa ha oke ahu. O nweghi ebe ozo na ime Nigeria ka e nwere checkpoint di otua a, ka o siri di na ala Igbo-Biafra. Anyi ma na o wughi ndi “armed robbers” ka ha wu ndi Police na e che na checkpoint ha, maka oge ufodu, owu kwa nu ndi police na onwe ha wu nde “armed robbers”; na oge ozo, o wu ha, ndi Police, na e nye ndi “armed robbers” egbe na mgbo; ma mbge ha huru kwanu nde “ezigbo” “armed robbers,” ha wu ndi police e tichapu oso. IG Ehindero mara kwa na ihe owula dakwasiri ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra site na ihi checkpoint ha ga a nozi ya wu Ehindero na isi, maka Obasanjo ga a go agugo si na aka ya wu Obasanjo a dighi kwa na ime ihe a.


Anyi ji kwa otu aka ya kwa na a gwa IG Ehindero na ebe ndi police ya e nyeghi ndi mere ngaari-iwe nsogbu mgbe ndi NLC (Nigeria Labor Congress) mere ya, ebe ndi NLC mere ya na uzo nke udo, na ya wu Ehindero were kwa otua e nyeghi kwala ndi MASSOB na ndi Igbo ndi Biafra mmekpa-ahu mgbe anyi ga e me ngaari-iwe nke anyi, ebe anyi ga kwa e me ya na uzo nke udo. Iwu ukwu a na a kpo “Constitution” nyere ndi mmadu ike i me ngaari-iwe na uzo nke udo; Iwu ahu si na onye mere otua, na o nweghi iwu onye ahu dara; e kwesighila i ma onye ahu ikpe. IG Ehindero mata kwa ako.


Ihe ozo di mpka anyi choro i kwu taa wu na ndi Igbo-ndi Biafra ndi isi “politics” e bidola ozo me wa ihe nzuzu. Ha a baa la na ime politics ndi Nigeria ozo kwa, na e chefu na “politics” nke ndi Igbo-ndi Biafra mere eme na ime Nigeria, na o wu naani onwu na i ta ahuhu ka o buterela anyi wu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra. Ndi Igbo-ndi Biafra nde na  e so Nigeria na a e me politics ya, na e me ka ha a maghi maka mmegbu ndi Nigeria na e megbu ndi Igbo-ndi Biafra na oge na ile. O nweghibe e la oge ndi efulefu ya weli ta ra olu ha gwa Obasanjo na ndi Nigeria na ihe ojoo ha na e me ndi Igbo-ndi Biafra na ime Nigeria a kariala akaria.


Ihe anyi na a gwa ndi ya—nde efulefu—wu: ihe soro ha, ha mee, ma ha ghota kwa na anyi a gaghi e so Nigeria mee election ha na afo 2007—o wuru ma Nigeria o ka no ndu mgbe ahu. Anyi a wughi ewu na aturu nke ga e chefu ihe ojoo na ihe aru na aghugho na oshi “politics” Nigeria mere anyi na afo 1999 na 2003 na oge election.


Naani Biafra wu ihe anyi choro. Nweta Biafra wu ihe anyi ga e me. I bi na ime Biafra wu ndu anyi. O nweghi ihe anyi na Nigeria nwekoriziri.


Epkere anyi taa wu ka Chineke nye anyi ike na gbaa anyi ume i ji na e me ihe anyi kwesiri i me i nweta Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu



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