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For October 1st, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Earlier in the week, millions of Biafrans turned out in Owerri, a core Biafran city, to support the Nigeria Labor Congress’ (NLC) national protest against fuel hikes and bad governance in Nigeria. We, too, are in support of any protests against Obasanjo-PDP-Nigeria awful governance, fraud, arrogance, corruption, nepotism, dictatorship, sycophancy, lawlessness and anti-people policies.


Nevertheless, next time we and or MASSOB call for protests against Obasanjo-PDP-Nigeria’s persecution of Ndigbo and other Biafrans, we expect millions of you to show up. For, what Obasanjo-PDP-Nigeria and his cabal have done to Nigeria is nothing compared to what the same have done to Ndigbo and other Biafrans. In fact, Ndigbo and other Biafrans are suffering in at least two ways: on top of the poverty now imposed by bad governance on all the peoples suffering and dying in Nigeria today, the Igbo and other Biafrans have always been the victims of a selective, dedicated, determined, calculated and public policy on the part of Obasanjo, other Nigerian rulers and administrations—and Nigeria herself—of repressing, suppressing, persecuting, annihilating, marginalizing, dehumanizing and humiliating Igbo and other Biafrans. Do not forget so soon that Obasanjo and his administration just a few short months ago submitted a constitutional amendment draft to eliminate Igbo as one of the official languages of Nigeria.


Ndigbo, Biafrans: Yes, protest against Obasanjo’s poor governance; but, also protest in larger numbers against the Igbo-phobic and Biafra-phobic entrenched policies of Nigeria, now being prosecuted by Obasanjo. You can march in the streets with the NLC against poor governance in Nigeria; but the type of protest we need from you against Nigeria’s ongoing and unabashed mistreatment of Ndigbo and other Biafrans is a resolution to actualize Biafra, which places you in the camp of the Biafra actualization agenda, an agenda now being carried out by MASSOB, Biafra Foundation (BF), Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF) and many other staunch pro-Biafra organizations both at home and in Diaspora, such as in Austria, Canada, Gabon, Germany, South Africa, UK, Ukraine, USA, and many West African countries; and by the generality of our people in all professions and trades, including students and children, and even at least an 84 year-old woman who came out to march with you on September 7 2005 in support of MASSOB and Biafra.


Biafrans, Ndigbo: Do not forget that the main problem is Nigeria, which means that as long as Nigeria exists and we are found in Nigeria, we Biafrans are in constant danger—in fact we are an endangered nation and race so long as Nigeria exists with Biafra as part of it.  So, when we hear about shouts and songs for Oshiomhole to contest for the Presidency of Nigeria in 2007, we know that the singers have “missed road.” If Nigeria still exists by 2007, and Biafra is still in Nigeria in 2007 (God forbid!), it does not matter who is president—Obasanjo, Oshiomhole, Babangida, Buhari, Atiku, efulefu Kalu or even our own Dim: if we find ourselves still in Nigeria by then, our problems will only be continuing, and will get even worse. Recall that in, and prior to, the 2003 elections, we told you the same thing; today, have we not been proven right? Are we—Igbo and other Biafrans—not being made to suffer more now than before 2003?


Ndigbo, other Biafrans: Let us effect a course-correction for those who still do not understand what our struggle is all about. Nigeria is Evil in spirit and incarnate—we all know that. If you want to get yourself rid of evil, you get away from evil. Your struggle, then, is to do everything to get yourself away from the evil. Your struggle is not to change Evil into Good even as the evil has you in its jaws: it will never happen—you can’t change Evil to Good; and you end up being food for the insatiable appetite of Evil. Your struggle is to liberate yourself from evil. There is a difference. Those hoping to better Nigeria are trying to change Evil which holds them fast in its grip. Those wanting to be in Nigeria in 2007 and beyond are those who want to continue to live in the darkness of Evil; and of this Evil, no politics or politician, no functionary or principality, no party or slogan,  not even prayer nor promises can change that. Only Biafra—Biafra Actualization—will remove you from the talons and grip of the Evil that is Nigeria. Biafra means that you have now taken yourself out of Evil. Biafra means that you are free—free from the stranglehold of Evil Nigeria, so to take your own God-directed and stipulated destiny into your own hands.


If you are still not convinced, we ask you: What is it that is happening in Nigeria today which reassures you that come 2007, things will be okay or even improve Nigeria? Is it the Obasanjo-Atiku open fight, which reduces Nigeria to the personal property of Obasanjo which he can do what he pleases with—and worse still, no one can stop him or even as much as challenge him effectively; a fight which exposes Obasanjo for an egomaniac demanding 110% personal loyalty to himself from every Nigerian? Or, is it the inability of the Senate and the National Assembly to take a stand for the peoples suffering and dying in Nigeria by their refusing to say No! to the terrible policies of Obasanjo? Or is it for the fact that neither the Senate nor the National Assembly have the courage to impeach Obasanjo for unconstitutional and unlawful acts while even the Attorney General of Nigeria looks the other way? That must really reassure you about the post-2007 future of Nigeria? Are you reassured about 2007 Nigeria because of the current PDP nefarious activities, acts which make the 2003 PDP rigging of the Nigeria elections look like a mere dress-rehearsal?  We ask you: What have you seen today that would make you forget that Nigeria is a dying and decaying entity, without hope of recovery?


Look, the North is planning to grab power, come 2007. The West will not oppose them; and PDP will most certainly oblige them (the North). No one can stop them. It is the same North that refused to allow the Oil producing States—which are mostly in Biafra, by the way—an equitable and just share and control of those states’ own legitimate and God-given resources. That means 8 more years of this—are you ready for it? 8 more years like Gowon, Obasanjo, Babangida, Buhari, Abacha’s regimes? What did those yester-years fetch Ndigbo and other Biafrans? The good roads in Biafra? Abundant power supply to run our homes and industries, on the same level as in the North or in the West? A beautiful International Airport in Enugu? Sound education for our Youth? Great job opportunities for our graduates? Great respect for our people? Is it the control we have over our own natural resources? It must be the life of peace and liberty which our people living in Sharia North are enjoying?


With any bit of luck, at the end of 8 years, the North will find another excuse to hang on to power. If they relinquish power, the Yoruba will jump in again, and the North will help them make sure no Igbo or other Biafran will ever head a putative government of Nigeria in your generation and those of our children. Is this the Nigeria that you really still want to remain in? Is this the Nigeria you still think that you can make better? Each day we hear you say, “…if there is equity and justice, Nigeria will be better…” Well, when are you going to be honest to your own self and face the stark reality staring you in the face, which is that, there will never be equity in Nigeria, and there will never be justice in Nigeria; and the victim will always be Ndigbo/ Biafrans as long as they stay in Nigeria?


We challenge you to devise any other plan that will stop this unbroken cycle of inequity, injustice and victimization of our people—other than Biafra actualization. When we have Biafra, what power can the North or the West have over us? None! What power will we have over them? NONE! They can be on their own, as they should, and we will be on our own, as we must. If and when we interact and exchange services, we can do so with the mutual respect and international and diplomatic protection accorded sovereign nations.


It has never been the custom nor tradition nor the practice of Ndigbo / Biafrans as a people to interfere with the affairs of other races and nations: Igbo / Biafra is not an aggressor nation, doing everything in our powers to live peaceably with our neighbors because that is conducive to our business, service and trade occupations; as such, we never wish any other nation or country ill. Biafra poses no threat to any other country.  All we want to do is to fulfill our divine imperative as a unique people in liberty and in freedom, just like God created us.  When we have accomplished this, we will have stopped the evil treatment meted to Ndigbo / Biafrans by Nigeria and its agents and agencies; we will have stopped all oppression by Nigeria: we will have gotten out from under the Evil called Nigeria.


So, next time, fellow Biafrans and Ndigbo: we have to show up in larger numbers to show our support for Biafra actualization. We cannot just be used to topple Obasanjo’s bad governance—(and we are only too glad to topple Obasanjo’s fraudulent government which he has used to pepper our people [remember Anambra? Remember who wants Igbo language selectively eliminated as one of official Nigerian languages?])—only to enthrone another Obasanjo with a different face and name, in a different cloak, but still representing our tormentor, Nigeria. Our task is to leave Nigeria and actualize our own nation of Biafra. Biafra is the goal for us: the immediate goal, the interim goal and the ultimate goal—just one goal: Biafra. This is not about Nigeria: it is all about Biafra.


Keep in mind that the Nigeria police have not interfered with this NLC-led march in Biafraland. Since our pro-Biafra and MASSOB marches and protests are peaceful and non-violent, we have the right to expect the police to NOT interfere with our non-violent and peaceful marches. It is a moral right; it is a legal right; it is a constitutional right; it is a social right and a human right which we must exercise. If the Nigeria police, having allowed peaceful protest rallies all over Nigeria, now want to stop our marches and or interfere with them, this should constitute selective injustice. The police will have no moral or legal justification to stop us from such peaceful protests, as long as they are peaceful protests, which is what MASSOB and pro-Biafra rallies are, in the first place. While we have no way of predicting how the Nigeria police will react to our next peaceful protest, we must remain true and committed to our struggle and to our cause, which is Biafra actualization, using non-violent means. So, when called upon, we shall go out and have a pro-Biafran non-violent and peaceful rally. We expect millions to show up. For Biafra.


We have already been blessed by God. Our prayer now is for the good Lord to reveal to us how much we are truly blessed, to enable us release the Spirit of courage and justice which thus far lies suppressed within us, that we may claim and live our blessings, for the benefit of God and His world—our world.


Biafra alive! For, God makes it so.

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Na mbido izu a, igwe ndi mmadu gara ngaari-iwe na Owerri, nke ndi Nigerian Labor Council (NLC) wu ndi ndu ya, iwe, maka otu government Obasanjo na e ji e me ka mmanu petrol na kerosene na a da oke onu, nke mere ka ihe ndiya e rughi la nde mmadu aka maka na o di oke onu. Kedu kwa nu otu nde mmadu ga e si e si nri ma o wu i mu nye lamp oku, ma o wu i gba moto ga njem, ebe petrol na kerosene na a da oke onu otua? Ihe iwe ozo ndi mmadu wu na ochichi Obasanjo a joka! Obasanjo na ndi otu ya a chigbuola ndi mmadu: naani mmekpa-ahu na i ta ahuhu, na aguu nke na a gugbu nde mmadu ka ochichi Obasanjo wetara ndi bi na ime Nigeria. Nke a so na ihe ngaari-iwe a, ebe ndi mmadu na a cho zi i kwusi Obasanjo na ochichi ya, chupu ya na ndi otu ya maka aru ha na e me ndi mmadu.


Anyi si na o di mma ka anyi wu ndi Biafra soro ga ngaari-iwe ya, maka ihe ojoo Obasanjo na e me ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra a kariala a karia. O wughi naani na anyi na a ta ahuhu ka ndi ozo bi na ime Nigeria maka ochichi ojoo Obasanjo, ma tukwasi na elu ahuhu ahu, ahuhu nke so-o-so ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra na a ta maka ugwo Obasanjo na Nigeria kporo anyi wu ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra.  Maka nke a, anyi a gaghi a kwusi na nchupu Obasanjo na ndi otu ya site na ochichi ha na a chi na Nigeria; anyi ga e si otu uzo ahu choo kwa nweta Biafra.


Nke a mere ka anyi ji na a gwa ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra gara ngaari-iwe ya na ha echefu kwa la na o wughi i mezi Nigeria ka anyi na a cho, maka na:

Kedu zie ihe anyi ga e ji na a zo Nigeria mgbe o na a gba oku maka ihe ojoo na ihe aru na ile o na e me anyi?


Unu le e kwa anya, unu ga a hu na o nweghi ihe na e me na ime Nigeria tata nke ga e nye anyi nchekwube na ihe ga a di mma na Nigeria, ma o wu na ihe ga a diri ndi Igbo ndi Biafra mma, na oge na a bia na ihu na ime Nigeria. Anyi ga e kwu eziokwu, ka ighiere mee Ekwensu: naani ihe anyi huru na ime Nigeria ta wu ihe na e gosi anyi na aru Nigeria ga kwa na e me rue mgbe na a bia a bia karia nke na e me taa. O wu kwa nu ndi Igbo na Ndi Biafra ka Nigeria ga e me aru ya.


Na ihi nke a, anyi na a gwa igwe ndi mmadu gara ngaari-iwe ya ka ha jikwara kwa i me ihe di otua na aha Biafra, na ihe gbasara nweta Biafra, mgbe anyi ga a kpo umu Igbo na umu Biafra ka ha ga mee ngaari-iwe.  Anyi a hula na o nweghi onye ndi police nyere nsogbu mgbe ha na e me ngaari–iwe ya maka ndi mmadu mere ya na udo. Na otu aka ahu kwa, anyi na e che na mgbe ozo mgbe ndi MASSOB na ndi Biafra ga e me ngaari-iwe na udo, na ndi police e kwesighi i nye anyi mmekpa-ahu. Ka anyi na e le nu.


So-o-so nweta Biafra wu ihe ga e wepu anyi site na aka aru, na aka Ekwensu a na a kpo Nigeria. Anyi ga e nwetariri Biafra maka ndu na ime Chineke Nke kere anyi, kee kwa Biafra, ka anyi na a cho. Ekwensu wu Nigeria gawa kwara onwe ya; anyi a gawarala onwe anyi na ebe Chukwu kere, ala Biafra, ebe ya wu Chineke kee kwara anyi ndi Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!



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