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For September 24th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


As the suffering and sleepy masses in Nigeria are being woken up, finally, by recent events and by courageous leadership—aroused to challenge Nigeria’s pernicious governance—things are looking up for the planned Sovereign National Conference of Ethnic Nationalities (SNCEN). Yet, failure is always only a shadow away, and almost a certainty! Beware, then, ye conveners of the SNCEN.


Every effort to shore up Nigeria has failed so far, starting from the founding efforts of the British whose idea Nigeria is. There is one common thread and running reason for the failure: insistence on one-Nigeria—insistence on making one-Nigeria work. One-Nigeria will not work. It never worked. It has not worked. It is not working. Yet, successive attempts are being launched with the same unworkable goal in mind.


The above is history and is fact which SNCEN conveners must take seriously. If there is insistence that the outcome of SNCEN is one-Nigeria in any form, then, the conference is a waste of time: such an outcome predictably leads to failure.  If the purpose of SNCEN is to make Nigeria work better as one-Nigeria in any form, this conference is doomed from the start.


A century or so ago, Britain came to the region and unilaterally and forcibly stripped indigenous nations inhabiting the region of their natural, God-given independent and sovereign nationhoods, in the name of colonialism. This is the crux of the problem of Nigeria, because, when the British left at the end of the colonial era, the indigenous post-Independence leaders and governments failed to comprehend that the restoration of the original sovereignties of these nationhoods cannot and should not be ignored and forgotten.  Where these uninformed leaders and governments have failed—with the disastrous consequences which we know by Nigeria today—SNCEN should not also fail, because, it is now in a position to know and to act to restore these nationhoods and their sovereignties.


Forcibly taking away the protection of the cloak of sovereignty and independence of these ethnic nations was disastrous enough, but the forced division and forced amalgamation of these indigenous peoples by the colonial British (for a true meaning of the term, “Balkanization,” a term bandied around, poorly understood, misused, and ignorantly applied by Nigerians to mean the separation of Nigeria into original constituent nations) proved colossally catastrophic. When the post-Independence leaders and governments inherited this structure and failed to appreciate the flaws or chose to continue with and defend the unsound structure at all costs in spite of obvious on-going problems, the fate of Nigeria was sealed as a doomed entity.  This year, 2005, the British finally officially acknowledged their error in forcing the union which they called Nigeria, and expressed their regret, advising a serious restructuring of today’s Nigeria if further suffering (and bloodshed) is to be avoided.  (Never mind that at the time of the grievous offense, the colonial administrator(s) of Nigeria stated that forging such a union was unworkable and would result in failure). This mistake and the obvious consequences are now plain for all to see: if SNCEN now adopts the same error, that will indeed be profoundly sad.


Is the analysis of the root problem of Nigeria, as above, really that esoteric? No. But, even if it is, the experience of successive generations of peoples suffering and dying in one-Nigeria since Independence is rather obvious and lends itself to easy analysis. Should it not be rather obvious that as long as there is [defense of] one-Nigeria, politics is arrogant, murderous, rotten and corrupt; leadership is arrogant, murderous, rotten and corrupt; progress is not an option; fulfillment is not even on the radar screen; the peoples lose succor, lose hope, kill one another, and are perish-bound? Why has it not occurred to anyone that separation into original ethnic nationalities is the solution? SNCEN: what say you now?


Folks: it does not take Rocket Science to put two and two together and come to the conclusion that just as a corpse attracts flies, and carrion attracts vultures, one-Nigeria attracts all that is evil and facilitates and manifests all that is bad. When you insist on, and protect, support, or maintain one-Nigeria, all you are doing is providing a platform for all the troubles Nigeria has known thus far to foment, hatch and manifest.  Defending and retaining one-Nigeria is like providing a broken and open dish, and filling it with stale, stagnant water, for mosquitoes to breed in. You can rest assured of one thing: the mosquitoes will come, and they will take over and grow and multiply; then they will bite you without mercy. SNCEN: there is a lesson for you here.


Where successive governments and so-called leaders and eminent persons have in the past pretended that Nigeria could be one, or have preached continuing the bruising and losing battle of keeping Nigeria one, having only succeeded in deceiving the peoples (and themselves) and strangulating same peoples all this time, and only providing proof that one-Nigeria corrupts everything and everyone, SNCEN should not be so deceived, and ought not to deceive. SNCEN should focus, not on boosting a failing and fallen structure called one-Nigeria in a futile exercise, but on learning from history and reason to do the only correct thing now, WHICH IS:

a) Restore and ratify the sovereignty, independence and nationhood of each ethnic nationality

b) Recognize the supremacy of ethnic nationhoods over any other type of sociopolitical arrangement or structure

c) Create an enabling and empowering environment for different ethnic nationalities to negotiate “negotiables” in an atmosphere of equity, equality, and mutual respect.


While Nigerian leaders pretended to fly into a rage—which for the most part was either sham or plain idiotic theatricals—when the recently released US National Intelligence Agency Report predicted the total collapse of Nigeria within 15 years, no serious person, no honest person, nor intelligent person, certainly, not SNCEN, would fail to appreciate the truthfulness of the basis of the prediction: "Nigeria's leaders are locked in a bad marriage that all dislike but dare not leave." Not just the leaders, we might add: the entirety of the peoples, too—all of them, except for Biafrans who dare, and are making a sustained, committed, determined and irrevocable move to leave.


If there is any lingering doubt as to where Nigeria is headed, just check the news headlines in Nigeria in these times. While specifics will change, the content is the same: business as usual, meaning, the business of corruption in the grabbing, misuse and abuse of power, corruption as in financial thefts, loss of ethics and loss of morality; the business of crimes by highly placed government officials, lawlessness at the individual, official and party levels; and just as much lawlessness—or more—at the government level, all the way up to (but especially at) the Presidency level; the business of dictatorship and arrogant, egomaniacal autocracy, one-party system by an arrogant and lawless party; the business of incessant preachment by hypocrites in high places, especially the President. While all this is going on, the masses, on their part, are the victims of the same business as usual: the business of suffering, of unimaginable hardships while the President says that they have not suffered enough, and command them to be willing to suffer more, otherwise, they are not patriotic enough; the business of dying with practically no health care; the business of abject poverty, of hunger, of unemployment or uncompensated employment; the business of lack of education or poor education, of lack of basic human amenities like clean water, lack of affordable food, affordable energy, and the business of unaffordable clothing. This, in the third quarter of 2005.


Take a look at the politics of a Nigerian election still almost 2 years away. Everything has already been put in place today—right now—to rig that election when and if Nigeria gets there or if 2007 ever comes to Nigeria. An incumbent lame-duck President Obasanjo is fighting his Vice, Atiku in the open. PDP is twisting and contorting in order to turn itself into the personal and private property and weapon of President Obasanjo, in contravention of its own constitution. Obasanjo is trying to sit tight and stay in power past 2007 even though the constitution forbids that; but he has plans to change the constitution; else—if he can’t succeed himself—he will personally pick out the next President of Nigeria: he, not the people (as called for in a democracy, no; he) will select the next President of Nigeria, yet, he is the most vocal and shrill about “preserving” the so-called “nascent democracy” in Nigeria. Early pre-2007 politically-motivated murders have already been committed; more are on the way, and the President will explain them away as he has done in the past, as crimes “committed by armed robbers” (even before homicide investigations are conducted), or as a “[PDP] family affair.” Meanwhile, the Independent [?] National Electoral Commission (INEC), now headed by the very corrupt appointee of the very corrupt administration, has already revealed its lack of independence by publicly dancing to the beat of Obasanjo’s personal drum in gratuitously challenging the court ruling in favor of whom everyone already knows won the elections in Anambra in 2003 elections, Obi/APGA.  Thus, we find that every organ and every agency and every agent is now in place to rig the 2007 elections in favor of Obasanjo-PDP, and make it stick, like they did in 2003.


Thus, we see how there is really, truly no hope for Nigeria—one-Nigeria. As long as that platform exists, these characters and players and jokers will appear, and the troubles and problems multiply from year to year. And worse still, at all times, Nigeria has made the Igbo and other Biafrans the scapegoat, to bear the brunt of Nigeria’s problems, and suffer the most in the land of the already afflicted and suffering. Once the ethnic nationalities regain their sovereignty and independence, there will be no Nigeria—no “national cake” for them to grab and gluttonize and steal and fight us for, and kill us for.  We must have Biafra.


Biafra alive! For, God makes it so.

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


O nwere nzuko a na a kpo Sovereign National Conference of Ethnic Nations (SNCEN) nke wu nzuko ndi mba di ichie ichie na ime Nigeria nke ndi isi otu no na Nigeria na a cho ime, ebe a ga a ga i kwu otu ndi mba ya na ile ga e si e bi ka ndi agbata-obi mba, jiri zie otu a kwusi nsogbu dum nke wu Nigeria na onwe ya. Unu ga e cheta na o wu nzuko ya ka a ka na a kwado i me mgbe Obasanjo jiri aghugho were tinye nzuko ojoo nke ya, nke a na a kpo National Polical Reform Conference (NPRC), nke e nweghi isi, nke e mechagi e mecha maka ogba-ahara mere na ogwugwu nzuko ojoo ya.


Ebe nzuko SNCEN si na ha choro i kwusi nsogbu a dum wu Nigeria, anyi na a gwa ndi isi na ndi ndu weta ra la anyi nzuko SNCEN ya na ogwula ma ha chefuru one-Nigeria ka nsogbu wu Nigeria ga a kwusi. Anyi na e me ka ha ghota na ihe na e bute nsogbu Nigeria wu naani na o nwere ufodu ndi mmadu choro ka Nigeria wuru otu.  O wu ndi British bidoro ihe a—Nigeria i ji wure otu; taa, ndi British na onwe ha e kwuela na ha meghiere mmeghie na i me ka Nigeria wuru otu, maka ha a ghota la na Nigeria e nweghi ike i wu otu; na o wu naani mmekpaahu ka i cho ka Nigeria wuru otu na e bute. Na ihi nke a, ka ndi isi-ndi ndu SNCEN muta kwa ako, mara na ihe ga e me ka nzuko ha nwe isi wu ma ha kwekorita na ndi mba ndi bi na ime Nigeria, na o wu ha wu ndi mba wu nde ga e biri onwe ha, na a chi kwa onwe ha—ihe a na a kpo Independence na Sovereignty. Otua, ha wu ndi mba ga e kwu otu ha na ndi mba ndi ozo ga e si e biri ka ndi agbata-obi mba.


Mara kwa unu na o wu kwa nu na ihe gbasara “Sovereignty” ya ka ihe siri mebie na isi mbu. Maka ihe mbu ndi British mere ogu-afo-ise gara a ga mgbe ha bia ra na ala anyi wu i napu ndi mba nde a na ile ihe wu ihe okike-aka ha, nke Chineke na Onwe Ya nyere ha wu ndi mba, nke wu i noro onwe ha, i nwere onwe ha, i biri onwe ha, na i chi onwe ha. Mgbe Ndi British nafuru nde mba na ile okike-aka ha di otua, ha wu ndi British e kpoko zie anyi ka ewu na aturu, tinye anyi na obodo ha jiri onu ha nye aha, nke ha kporo “Nigeria.” Kemgbe ahu, udo a dighi bee na ime Nigeria; ndi mba ndi ya dum a ju i wu otu obodo, maka anyi di si ichie ichie; okike-aka Chineke nyere anyi, mmadu e nweghi ike i napuru ya anyi. Mgbe ndi British la ra, nke wu mgbe Nigeria nwetara Independence, ndi ndu na ndi isi Nigeria na government ha e nweghi ogugu-isi i ji ghota nsogbu si na i me ihe ojoo ndi British mere na i napu okike-aka Chineke nyere anyi, na na nsogbu nke si na ihe ojoo nke ozo nke wu ka ndi mba ndi ya di si ichie ichie wuru otu obodo, Nigeria, daputa. Nde nzuzu ya a na e were ike i cho i dobe Nigeria ka o wuru otu obodo, na  e me anyi ka ndi a napuru okike-aka ha (ka ndi British siri mee anyi na mbu). Ma naani ihe nke a wetara wu oke i ta ahuhu ndi mba na ile na ime Nigeria. Anyi na a si na ndi isi, ndi ndu SNCEN kwesiri i muta ako na ihe di otua; ka ha were mara kwa a mara na i wu otu obodo a na akpo Nigeria e nweghi ike i nwe isi: o gaghi e me; o meghi bee na mbu; o naghi e me ugbua.


O wu maka nke a ka anyi ga e nwetariri Biafra, ka anyi were kwa okike-aka anyi nke Chineke di mbu nye anyi, nke wu: i noro onwe anyi, i nwere onwe anyi, i biri onwe anyi, na i chi onwe anyi, na ala anyi, na obodo anyi wu Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!



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