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Biafra hails the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, for the successful September 7 2005 non-violent rallies staged all over Biafraland and in some cities in Nigeria.


Biafra hails the members of MASSOB for their courage, for their bravery, and for their example.


Biafra hails the leadership of MASSOB for demonstrating true leadership of an oppressed and aggrieved people of Biafra.


Biafra hails all Biafrans everywhere who participated in the protest rallies.


Biafra supports all those Biafrans who are now being held unjustly for participating in the protest, and being tortured in Nigerian jails by the evil Nigerian Police and other wicked Nigerian agents


Biafra commends the souls of our fellow Biafrans whose lives were maliciously and violently taken by the bloodthirsty Nigeria Police lusting for Biafran blood; to our God where at last, they are free from the evil called Nigeria, and are in Biafra in Heaven.


Biafrans: be ever ready from now on to answer to the summons to go out and engage in peaceful protest against the continuing persecution and oppression by Nigeria; and to demand Biafra actualization now. If you don’t do anything, Nigeria is all too happy to choke and strangle you. And, the world won’t care. However, when you stand up and fight back by insisting on your God-given and natural rights, risking everything, then, you can and will certainly defeat Nigeria: only then will the world pay any attention. The world does not pay attention to any group: but, you—only you—can bring world attention to yourself by your action. So, let’s get acting: protest, protest, protest against Nigeria in any and all non-violent manner. Demand, demand, demand Biafra every moment, in any and all non-violent ways. Biafra is our God–given right.






For September 10th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow, Biafrans: you already know that we Biafrans will, with 100 percent certainty, boycott any census planned by Nigeria, and you agree with us on why. That does not stop us from continuing with the examination of the arrogance and brazenness of Nigerian and Nigerian officials as they plan to cheat and defraud Ndigbo. Back on February 10, 2005, as reported by the Daily Triumph’s Farouk Adamu Yakasai from Gusau, the chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC), Alhaji Sama’ila Danko Makama threatened that if you fail to be counted, you will be sent to jail. That was not all that he said in that report. He also said that: “The migration of people to their home towns distorts census figures and this affects planning for development…”  Do you now understand what he, representing Nigeria (and along with Nigeria), is trying to do to us Biafrans? Well, he and Nigeria will fail. Because, we shall not be counted in the Nigerian census, no matter what. And, Biafrans residing in other parts of Nigeria will come home if and when it so pleases them, whether or not Nigeria is holding a census at that time. But, before we explore this census boycott further, allow us to bring up to you a couple of more issues—the usual: Obasanjo’s agents and Nigeria in their favorite pastime of persecuting Biafrans for (their) sport. You already know about the intensification of the SSS shameful persecution of MASSOB today.


Following a MASSOB / Biafra solidarity rally of our people and our Marketeers at the Onitsha Main Market, Ochanja and the Head Bridge Market, on the 17th of August 2005, a member was arrested on his way back home by the Ogidi Nigeria police. The following day, the 18th of August, officers of the Market went to visit him in jail, whereupon, 15 of them were arrested by the DPO of Ogidi police station and locked up in cells. Below are the names of the 15 Biafrans and executive members of the Onitsha Market who were so wrongfully arrested and detained by the Ogidi Nigeria police DPO.

(1) Mr Onyeabor Ogbonnaya
(2) Cyprain Onyejiekwe
(3) Okechukwu O.C. Orji
(4) Stanly Nwakeso
(5) Ignetus Udoraka
(6) Mars Ajawuine
(7) Patrick Chinaemelu
(8) Augustus Chigere
(9) John Peter Mabo
(10) Barthlome Okafor

(11) Anthony Wifred
(12) Thiophilus Ezenweta
(13) Kenneth Ofordile
(14) Sunday Ogbo
(15) Okechukwu Emeghebo

On Friday, the 19th of August, all these Biafrans were sent to the State C.I.D in Awka, where they were tortured by the police.


Another issue is the fact that there is ongoing harassment and extortion of innocent Igbo / Biafrans in our own land. The Nigeria police have the habit of parking their L300 bus at Nkpor junction and filling it up with randomly picked Igbo-Biafrans who were otherwise going about their normal business. Then, the police drive them to jail and hold them in cells where conditions are unspeakably rotten, demanding N5000 bail for each of them. This is harassment, hostage-taking, ransom and extortion all rolled into one.


These things are happening to our people all over Biafraland—today. Everywhere else in Nigeria, our people are being singled out and mistreated, are subjected to extortion, dispossessed of their property; and are being killed by the Nigeria police—especially the DPO’s, after being thrown in jail without reason other than that the Nigeria police is acting out, with relish, the specific anti-Igbo / anti-Biafra policy of Obasanjo and Nigeria.


So, we ask you: in the light of this, why would anyone of us want to be counted in Nigeria, as Nigerians and for Nigeria? And, what more can the Alhaji’s and the Obasanjo’s and the DPO’s and the police threaten us with which would compel us to allow ourselves to be counted, when we have already refused to? They have already killed us; they have already jailed us. We are numb from the injuries they have already inflicted on us (and are still inflicting on us). What more, and what else, can they do to us to force us to be counted in their evil Nigeria and evil census scheme? We refuse to be intimidated. We do not feel the sting of their cruelty and persecution any more.


There may still be fools of Igbo or Biafran origin out there who want to be counted in Nigeria. They may be using the stupid reason that the census is to be used to allocate resources. Let us explain to you why this is truly stupid. Now, think about it. According to Alhaji Makama, the NPC Chairman, if you, and Igbo, or Biafran, live in, say, Kano, you must be counted in Kano so that resources can be allocated to Kano because of you. If you say, “well, no, but I want my relatives living in Igboland / Biafraland to get credit for me; I am going home to Igboland / Biafraland to be counted there so that the resources can be allocated to Igboland for me…,”  then the Alhaji laughs at you, because here is what the Nigerian policy is on that, according to Alhaji Makama: “The migration of people to their home towns distorts census figures and this affects planning for development…”—that’s an accurate quote.


It is a known fact that in every other part of Nigeria, the Igbo constitute the second largest ethnic nationality, only next to the indigenes. On the other hand, the fraction of non-Igbo living in Igboland is so little as to be considered insignificant: the Igbo gesture is not reciprocated, in other words. So, the Igbo and other Biafrans living outside of Igboland use their numbers to swell the populations of those non-Igbo areas, by Nigeria’s deliberately chosen census scheme. Resources are then allocated to those non-Igbo areas in Nigeria based on the populations enhanced by Igbo presence therein. Meanwhile, back home in Igboland / Biafraland, the Igbo population is reduced by the same number of Igbo living outside of Igboland; however, the population gap now widens by double that number, because that deficit for Igboland is now added to non-Igbo areas in Nigeria where the Igbo reside. Since this is what Nigeria claims determines resource allocation, you can see how thoroughly and doubly the Igbo are cheated. You do the Math!


Allow us to explain it again. Let’s say there are 2 compounds and each has 20 indigenous members. Compound A, your compound, has only 10 people living in it at the moment, because your members love to leave home and go elsewhere (but return frequently and on special occasions, and otherwise always maintain constant family, business and financial ties); so 10 persons left your compound and are now staying in compound B. No one has left Compound B—well, except for one person, and he came over to your Compound, A; otherwise, all members of Compound B are still there. Now, it’s time for a census. And, the rules are that: 1) everyone will be counted wherever he is, as a member of that Compound; 2) No one will be allowed, prior to the count, to return to his Compound of origin if he had left earlier; and 3) a total of $40 will be divided between the compounds according to how many persons are there. Recall, each compound originally started with 20 members. Your Compound, A, now has 20 + 1 - 10 = 11 persons. Compound B now has 20 – 1 + 10 =29 persons. So, your Compound, A, gets $11 while Compound B gets $29. Imagine the discrepancy: not only is your Compound not getting half of the allocation, but you are not even getting just $10 less (representing the 10 that left your compound); and the difference between what you are getting and what the other compound gets has now ballooned to almost $20—in the other compound’s favor. Imagine what you can do with $20 extra in this scenario!


You see now why we said that your participation in the Nigerian Census is, “…truly stupid…”? If this were all of it, perhaps, one might forgive the stupidity. But consider this. Igbo and other Biafrans living outside of Igboland are never even considered indigenes in those lands. So, they can’t even domicile anywhere they want in those other places; they must live in specially zoned and specifically designated areas as determined by their hosts. They cannot hold political offices in those other lands: in fact, they have no say in what goes on there. The Igbo pay taxes and develop businesses and services to benefit those areas, and are never government-welfare dependents. In reality, none of those touted “allocated resources” are offered to the Igbo in those lands, the Igbo being for the most part self-sufficient and self-dependent, paying handily for whatever amenities they use; while being considered and treated by their hosts as foreigners who have no rights of indigene-host.


Does it stop there? Not really. After the census is conducted, Obasanjo and his government will alter the figures, first, to satisfy the Northern Nigerian Caliphates by padding the Northern Nigerian numbers hugely; second, Obasanjo will pad the Western Nigerian numbers, too. Not quite satisfied—and then—they will turn around and shave off a substantial number from whatever the relatively meager Igbo numbers by now are. Once again, the Igbo are doubly and triple cheated. This is not a fable: this is a documented, consistent pattern with Nigerian censuses conducted since 1962.


Are we done? Not quite. There is more. Obasanjo and his government will then publish the deliberately adulterated census numbers, and Nigeria will accept it (anything that cheats the Igbo is readily acceptable and very agreeable to Nigerians); and the EU and the rest of the world will adopt it, and no one will say anything further. And, the real stated goal of Nigeria, “resource ‘mis’-allocation to punish the Igbo,” will have been carried out and accomplished. This census is designed by Nigeria to cheat the Igbo. 


Hold on: we are not through yet. What really makes you want to cry is this. Remember, the Alhaji said the census was all about resources and resource allocation? Ask yourself: what resources? 95% to 99% of resources on which Nigeria thrives, comes from Igbo and other Biafran areas. It’s Oil! Imagine that! The Alhaji and Nigeria have thus devised a clever way to steal and divert about 95% of our own Biafran resources to Northern Nigeria and Western Nigeria—and they want to officially rationalize, legitimize and validate it with this type of census? Oh God of Justice: are You still there? Oh God: are You watching this—really? We mere mortals are only left wondering…


Fellow Biafrans: there are many things that we, either individually or collectively, may appear powerless to affect or to effect. But, here is one thing that is fully under each one’s individual control, and hence, under our collective control. We each individually and collectively have the power to say, “No: I will not be counted by Nigeria, in Nigeria, or for Nigeria, in this cheating, evil Nigerian census scheme specifically designed to hurt the Igbo and other Biafrans—come what may!” And, stick with it. This is precisely what we—each individual, and collectively—are going to do.


We are Biafrans—that, in fact, is a complete and sufficient reason to refuse to participate in a Nigerian census exercise specifically designed to insult the intelligence of the Igbo / Biafran and to thoroughly and brazenly humiliate and cheat them.


Biafra alive! For, God makes it so.

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.




Biafra na ekele MASSOB:—otu MASSOB, ndi no na otu MASSOB, na ndi isi otu MASSOB; na ndi Biafra ndi ozo ndi gara ngaari-iwe na aha MASSOB na ubochi September 7 2005—“iwe,” maka aru ndi Nigeria na e me ndi MASSOB na ndi Biafra; “ngaari,” maka anyi i nweta Biafra. Ekele ukwu ka Biafra na e kele unu dum.


Biafra kwu ndi MASSOB na azu, nde MASSOB ndi Police tinyere na nga maka ngaari-iwe ya. Ndi MASSOB nde Police gbagburu na egbe, anyi ma na Chineke anyi a nabatala ha na Ala-Eze Chukwu ebe ha ga a mata Biafra nke di na Ala-Eze.


Nde Biafra: site zie ugbua, unu jikwara kwa, na jikere, i ga ngaari-iwe oge o wula anyi kporo unu. Ndi Uwa a naghi a ga zoo onye o wula; mana o wu ndi mmadu na a zo onwe ha; naani mgbe ahu—mgbe ndi mmadu zota chara onwe ha—ka ndi Uwa ga a bia zie bia kwuta ha. Machie unu akwa unu ike, maka o wu naani anyi ga azota onwe anyi na aka ndi aru na ochichiri ahu a na a kpo Nigeria. Chineke e nye la anyi ike, nye kwa anyi nkwado ka anyi  puta na ime Nigeria gawara na Biafra. Nke a ka anyi ga e me. Mmeri wu nke anyi maka Chineke nonyerela anyi. Biafra, ndu gi!




Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.



Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Unu na ile a mara la na anyi wu ndi Biafra a gaghi e so Nigeria mee ogugu-onu-isi nke a na a kpo census. Anyi na unu kwekotara na anyi a gaghi e kwe ka Nigeria gu o anyi onu na ogugu-onu a. Maka Nigeria ji wayo na aghugho nke ga a megbu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra na otu ha wu Nigeria si cho o i gu onu a.


Onye isi Census Nigeria, onye Awusa, si na ha a choghi di ka ndi mmadu laghachi na ebe ha si ka a gu o ha onu na ebe ha si; ma na nde mmadu ga a noriri ebe o wula ha bi ka a guinye ha na ebe ahu. Onye Igbo bi na ala Awusa e nweghi ike i lota na ala Igbo ka a guinye ya na a la Igbo, o wu so-o-so na a la Awusa ka a ga a guinye  nwa Igbo ahu. I hu na unu otu ha wu ndi Awusa na ndi Nigeria si na a cho i megbu ndi Igbo, ebe ha a marala na o wu Ndigbo wu ndi na e bi karia na ala ndi ozo na Nigeria taa?


Nigeria si na naani ihe di ya mkpa wu otu ya ga e si e ke okike ihe, nye ndi mba di ichie iche, jiri ihe a gutara na onu-ogugu ya. Nke wu na ebe ha ga agufucha onu ndi Igbo, were nye ya ndi Awusa na  ndi Yoruba ebe ndi Igbo bi na igwe, nketa nke ndi Igbo na okike Nigeria ya a gaghi e si nne, ma na nketa nke nde Awusa na ndi Yoruba ga e si nne. Otua ka e ji a ghogbu ndi Igbo. Unu e chefughi kwa la na ihe a a na e ke e ke, were na e nye cha Ndi Awusa na ndi Yoruba, ma were na e megbu ndi Igbo, na o wu kwanu ihe ndi Igbo ndi Biafra ka o wu: o si na ego Nigeria na a kpata site na MManu nke a na a mi na ala Igbo na ala Biafra. Unu a hula otu Nigeria si were ego ahu na ihe e jiri ego ahu zuta were na e kenye ya Ndi Awusa na ndi Yoruba, na o nweghi ezigbo ihe na e ru anyi aka, anyi wu nde nwe Mmanu ya. Nigeria jiri census ha gho anyi aghugho mmegbu nke di otua.


Maka nkea, o nweghi ihe ga e me ka anyi kwe e ka Nigeria guo anyi onu. Anyi wu ndi Biafra. Anyi a wughi nde Nigeria.


Mmegbu na ogbugbu ndi Nigeria na e megbu ndi Biafra na na egbu ndi Biafra, a kariala. Na etiti onwa August ka ndi police Nigeria jidere ndi isi Onitsha Market mgbe ha gara i le onye otu ha ndi police tinyere na nga, na o nweghi ihe o mere onye o wula, so-o-so na o gara nzuko ndi ahia Ontisha ndi MASSOB ndi Biafra. DPO ndi police bu gara mmadu iri-na-ise a, ndi isi Onitsha Market, na Nkporo State CID na Awka, ebe ha wu ndi police mesiri umunne anyi ndi ya ike, ku o ha ihe, meru o ha ahu, kpari sia ha mkpari.

Aha umu Biafra umunne anyi ndi ya wu:


(Otu) Mr Onyeabor Ogbonnaya
(Abuo) Cyprain Onyejiekwe
(Ato) Okechukwu O.C. Orji
(Ano) Stanly Nwakeso
(Ise) Ignetus Udoraka
(Isii) Mars Ajawuine
(Asaa) Patrick Chinaemelu
(Asato) Augustus Chigere
(Itoli) John Peter Mabo
(Iri) Barthlome Okafor

(Iri-na-otu) Anthony Wifred
(Iri-na-abuo) Thiophilus Ezenweta
(Iri-na-ato) Kenneth Ofordile
(Iri-na-ano) Sunday Ogbo
(Iri-na-ise) Okechukwu Emeghebo


O wu kwa otu ndi police ya na a ga a e jide ndi Igbo ndi Biafra na Nkpor junction, ga tinye ha na nga, na e chezi ka a kwuo ha wu ndi Police N5000 bribe ha na a kpo Bail. O nweghi kwa nu iwu umunne anyi nde a dara.


Oge e ruela mgbe anyi na a si ndi police na ndi Nigeria: kwusi unu ihe ojoo na ihe aru unu na e me Ndigbo na ala Igbo, na na ala Biafra, na na ime Nigeria. Kwusi unu ogbugbu na mmegbu na mmeru-ahu unu na egbu, na na emegbu, na na e meru ndi MASSOB. Anyi na a gwa ha wu ndi police na ndi Nigeria na o nweghi ihe ha ga e me anyi nke ga e me ka obi anyi gbanwe e, ma o wu ka anyi chegharia, na ihe gbasara nweta Biafra ma o wu ihe gbasara anyi i kwu eziokwu, nke wu na anyi wu ndi Biafra. Ihe so kwara ha, ha me e. Anyi wu ndi Biafra; anyi ga e nwetariri Biafra. Ihe Chinekwe na Onwe Ya mere, onye puru i mebi ya? Ihe ahu Chineke mere, onye puru i meghari ya? O nweghi!


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!



Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues


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