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For August 27th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Fellow Biafrans:

If there was any lingering doubt about the madness and blindness of so-called Igbo leaders, the recent nausea-inducing performance hosted by Udenwa wherein so-called prominent Igbo politicians returned to the PDP-fold, has erased such a doubt.

So, if there was any hesitancy on anyone’s part about our boycotting the 2007 Nigerian elections—if 2007 should ever come to Nigeria—this insane and inane performance of Igbo no-good Nigerian politicians has removed it: we shall not participate in the 2007 Nigerian elections, assuming that  Nigeria is still around by 2007, period.

We want to make this declaration up front so that our immediate response to this sick news, though proper, does not overshadow the principled and substantive reaction of boycotting 2007. What is this our immediate response to return-to-PDP Udenwa’s ceremony?

Laughter! Belly-laughter. As one would laugh at idiocy. As one would laugh at foolishness. As one would laugh at childishness. Like laughing at a farce—at something so ridiculous as to be amusing. As one would laugh at stupidity…

Who would have imagined that any true-blooded Igbo or Biafran would stay in PDP, never mind rejoin PDP? Who would have imagined that any thinking Igbo or Biafran would remain with PDP, never mind coming back to it? That is why we laugh: we could have pitied these persons, but laughter has a better chance of jolting them out of their trance, and affords our people a different way of seeing the folly of our own kinsmen-leaders (so-called).

It would be easy enough to summarize for the efulefu what has just happened. They need it, so we will.

“Dear efulefu:

You have worked hard to earn this title, “Efulefu.” Because, you worked so hard to forget what Nigeria does with the Igbo and or Biafran.

Here, let us remind you…

The Igbo-Biafran builds; Nigeria takes it over (or most times, the same Igbo-Biafran builder hands it over, on a platter of gold, to Nigeria); then, Nigeria uses it to oppress and kill the builder, and finally, spits out and or kicks out the Igbo-Biafran builder. Then Nigeria wrecks it, not having the know-how to run it.

Next—incredibly—the Igbo-Biafran builder starts the process all over again…”

Wouldn’t you laugh at this, after so many painful and obvious cycles? Thank you for the opportunity to repaint the scene for you.

Thank you for the opportunity to reinforce with fellow Biafrans that we are going to break that cycle now—we are breaking that cycle. From now on, we Igbo-Biafrans build, as usual; but, we keep it to ourselves, and enjoy it and improve on it as we like; anyone else interested in what we have built would have to apply for our permission to partake of it, and will have to earn that privilege.

Because we know that the efulefus will try to use the argument that they built PDP, we used the analogy above. They cannot pretend not to understand it. Yes: so, they built the original PDP? And then, handed it to Nigeria as their “patriotic” gift to Nigeria? Fine; but can they deny knowledge of how Nigeria has misused PDP in total victimization of the Igbo and other Biafrans? Let us recount to them some of the ways in which Nigeria used PDP against the Igbo and other Biafrans.

!) Since the PDP was formed, more Igbo have been murdered by state-sponsored (= PDP administration) and Nigerian government (= PDP)-sanctioned killing programs, whether in Muslim North and their post-prayer ritual of killing the Igbo, or in Biafraland proper especially—by the Nigerian SSS and Police in their favorite pastime; than since after the hostilities of the Biafran War. Their PDP, which has an opinion on everything happening in Nigeria, never said a word about these killings.

2) Since PDP was formed, Igbo states have not known peace, as exemplified by Anambra; and this is due to arrogant and brazen direct PDP action meddling with Igbo states affairs, often, in the name of “PDP family affairs.”

3) It was PDP that arranged and executed the humiliation of Igbo functionaries—from presidential contenders such as Ekwueme, to Senate presidents, down to state-level and LGA-level officials.

4) In 2003, PDP “zoned” the presidency—not to the South, but—deliberately and personally to the incumbent, Obasanjo, thereby blocking any possibility of better  qualified and overdue candidates from Igboland. PDP will zone the presidency to the North in 2007, in spite of the fact that Igbo-PDP governors are pretending that they will put up a fight to produce an Igbo next president of Nigeria.

5) PDP-Obasanjo denied federal infrastructure siting in Igboland and are responsible for lack of roads and road maintenance; blocking of the bid for an International Airport in Enugu, delaying the repair of the River Niger Bridge at Onitsha and the starving of businesses in Igboland of power supply.

6) PDP-Obasanjo are responsible for singling out Igbo businesses for extortion; and selective high-handed illegal customs practices,  charges and deliberate dispossession of merchandize belonging to the Igbo; and for banning of lucrative articles of trade for the Igbo.

7) PDP-Obasanjo destroyed the educational system and destroyed job opportunities, thereby laying waste several generations of Igbo who thrive on education.

8) PDP-Obasanjo arranged for Igboland-Biafraland to be an occupied territory where police, military and SSS molest, harass and kill Igbo and other Biafrans at will and on a whim, extort money from them, and destroy their property with brazenness, with arrogance; and defile Igbo-Biafran families.

9) PDP is now personally “owned” by Obasanjo who has appointed his “plantation-style” foreman, General Ali, to whip and work the slaves of PDP to their master’s satisfaction. Obasanjo’s PDP does not obey court rulings when it does not suit them. Obasanjo’s PDP will not even follow PDP’s own byelaws, rules and regulation—only when it suits him.

It is, then, this same PDP that Igbo so-called leaders are now “dying” to rejoin—in droves? Can you see the madness? Can you understand why we laugh?

Well, let the slave-leaders and leader-slaves rejoin their master.  This time around, the people have reclaimed the plantation and turned it into the people’s own and owned farmland. Master and leader-slaves will have no land to operate on, and no slaves to command and exploit. By refusing to participate in 2007 elections, we have pulled the rug from under these buffoons: they have no one to rule and no place to rule in.

Fellow Biafrans, we know how to defeat PDP-Obasanjo. We have done it before. Remember 2003 elections, when our support for APGA turned APGA into a dark-horse winner in Biafraland? It was not just APGA that won; and we took pains to explain that to you before hand. It was actually our decision to come together as Biafrans, to act as a united people of Biafra, to act in solidarity as one nation of Biafra, in order to demonstrate the power of unity, by casting all our votes for APGA. That’s how we did it: acting as one, in the name of Biafra. Sure, PDP-Obasanjo afterwards rigged the results and usurped power in all of our land. That was in 2003. In 2007, if Nigeria survives until then, we shall do the same thing, that is, show the power of unity and solidarity for Biafra by first refusing to vote, and next, refusing to have any rulers foisted over us by PDP-Obasanjo. This will differentiate 2003 (when we even participated in the elections, and subsequently just lived under, but largely ignored, the foisted PDP-Obasanjo regime over us), from 2007 when and where we shall not even participate, shall not recognize and shall not allow any Nigeria-foisted government over our nation and people of Biafra.

With one mind and with a singular resolve, we, Biafrans, will defeat PDP-Obasanjo-Nigeria again. We shall refuse to participate in 2007 elections. We shall not allow any PDP-Obasanjo-Nigerian regime to be forced on us come 2007. That way, all these efulefus who have committed this unspeakable “aru” by unwisely returning to PDP—returning to the system which persecutes and torments their own people—will not have a constituency and will not find one. We shall refuse to be ruled by Nigerians or anyone who belongs to a Nigerian party. We shall rule ourselves as Biafrans, and vigorously oppose anything else.

In a way, we should be thanking these efulefus for giving us a kick in the pants, as it were, and forcing us to kick-start our program of boycott of the Nigerian 2007 elections beginning today, in favor of installing our own Biafran administration then; else, making ourselves ungovernable by an obviously odious and colonial PDP-Nigerian government.

Lastly, if Obasanjo-PDP are rejoicing over this action by efulefu Igbo leaders, they should think again: which region of the PDP-universe in Nigeria is always and consistently causing a major headache for PDP, exposing them and Obasanjo for fraud, hypocrisy, lawlessness, murder, mayhem, ineptness, and selective repression and persecution of a nation and its people (Biafra)? Think again!

God made us and gave us Biafra. We will have Biafra. We are Biafrans. We have Biafra.

Biafra alive! For, God makes it so.

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.

Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Oge anyi nuru na ndi si na ha wu ndi isi na ndi na a chi Ndigbo, nde di mbu puo na PDP maka ihe ojo na ihe aru PDP mere, a loachi kwala na PDP—mgbe anyi nuru ihe di otua, anyi a maghi ma ochi o na a tu anyi ma o wu onu ka anyi ga a ko nde efulefu di otua. O nweghi uru obara i kpo aha ha na e bea: unu a mara la otutu na ime ha a mara.


Anyi na a ju ndia ajuju: kedu ihe unu ji a loachi na PDP na oge ugbua? O wu nu na oke  mma nke PDP di zi ugbua, mgbe onye o wula mara na PDP wu otu jo kasiri otu nde ozo na njo na ime uwa ya? O wurugodu na ndia e chefuela ihe PDP mere ha, nke mere ha jiri gbaa oso hapu PDP na mbu, kedi zi otu ha ga e si e chefu na o nweghi otu ozo meruru ndi Igbo ndi Biafra ahu karia PDP? O wu ihe mere o ji a tu ochi—kedu kwa nu ihe ozo mmadu ga e me mgbe a huru udi iberibe di otu?


O wu udi ihe a na a kuziri anyi ihe asusu Igbo ji nwee ihe a na a kpo “efulefu.” Lee kwanu ndi efulefu ya: ndi kwesiri i nwe ako, ma ha e nweghi ma o wu ako ma o wu ogugu-isi. Ele nnoo ka onye toro eto, to fee nwatakiri, ga a ga otu na egbusi ndi umunne na umunna ya, umu ya na ndi enyi ya, na egbu kwa ya onwe ya?


Owu kwa PDP na ochichi ha na e gbu ndi MASSOB? O wu kwa PDP na e gbu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra na Anambra, suo ulo ha oku, mebisie ihe ha na ile? O wu kwa PDP nke a naghi e soro iwu, kama na e me ihe soro ya, na e gbu ndi mmadu na oge na ile? O wu kwa PDP nke na a gha ugha oge dum, nke na e me aru, nke eziokwu a noghi na onu, nke iheoma ma o wu ezi-omume a dighi na Bible ha?


Unu a mara la na e nwe PDP enwe, na o wu Obasanjo nwe PDP, ya na ndi Caliphate ndi Awusa. Ele kwa nu oge Obasanjo ma o wu ndi Caliphate jiri wuru enyi ndi Igbo – ndi Biafra? O wu kwa ha na a cho ogbugbu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra mgbe na ile? O wu kwa so-o-so mmegbu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra wu ihe na a to ha uto? Onye ga e chefu kwanu na kemgbe Obasanjo na PDP siri zuru ochichi na Nigeria, ndi Igbo ndi Biafra e gburu na ala Awusa na ala Yoruba na na ala Biafra, na o weghi ihe ha mere, a kariala? Onye ga e chefu na o wu Obasanjo-PDP nochiri la ndi Igbo – Ndi Biafra uzo na i nweta oku electric, i nweta miri pump, i nweta uzo moto di mma, i  nweta International Airport?


Nde Biafra: ebe ndi ya si na ha wu ndi isi ndi Igbo, nde no na ochichi na ala Igbo, ndi na e du ndi Igbo, ma ha a gaa na otu ndi a ma a ma na egbu ndi Igbo, otu na e megbu ndi Igbo, keezi ihe anyi wu oha Igbo - oha Biafra ga eme? Anyi ga a chi ha ochi; anyi ga a vu ha onu; anyi ga a vu ha asu. Ighiere me e ha (ma ha e nweghi ighiere). Anyi si ha gawa PDP gawa na a kporo Obasanjo isi ala; ha gawa ha na ndi Awusa biri.  Anyi e tuela ha “ndi efulefu.”


O wu kwa election 2007 Nigeria wu ihe ha na a gbaari maka ya? Ochi ka anyi na a chi ha, maka ha a ghotaghi-bee na o nweghi nu ihe ga e me ka anyi me e election ndi Nigeria na 2007. Nke a wu nkwa anyi na e kwe ha, anyi na e kwe Biafra, anyi na e kwe onwe anyi, nke anyi kwere na ihu Chineke na na ihu mmadu, na na ihu mmuo.


Ka anyi tukwasi obi na Chineke anyi na ndi Chineke anyi ghoputara i ji zoputa anyi na aka ekwensu na mmuo ojoo a na a kpo Nigeria na PDP na Obasanjo na ndi efulefu. Maka Chineke anyi aghoputala MASSOB na nde na e so uzo MASSOB, na ndi isi ha, na otu ndi ozo di ka BF (Biafra Foundation), BAF (Biafra Actualization Forum), na ndi ozo na a cho nweta Biafra na a cho si ya ike. Chineke na Onwe Ya ga e du anyi wu umu Ya ga a na Ala Ya wu Chineke kwerela anyi na nkwa—Ala Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!



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