This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For August 20th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Fellow Biafrans:

We shall use the case of Peter Obi / APGA versus Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige to illustrate certain points which may never be covered elsewhere, but which you should find interesting.  Along with that, we will be tasking your conscience, making demands that you stand by sound principle rather than live by compromise, especially when that compromise is a blatant lie.

We have always stated that the only solution to Anambra crisis is the restoration of the people’s mandate given to APGA / Obi during the 2003 rigged elections. We stand by that, regardless of the ultimate court ruling / outcome. This should be a lesson to us: Compromising with fraud leads to more fraud. Compromising with evil only results in evil—not in good. So, do not fool yourself: when a good man or good woman compromises with evil and accepts evil, in the hopes that his or her goodness will overcome the evil, such only deceive himself or herself. There is no way that the good woman or good man will come out good, nor will the situation ever turn out anything but evil. Good can only overcome evil, and Good will—does—in fact overcome evil BUT only if and when the good refuses to compromise with the evil.

The lesson for you here is this: Nigeria represents all that is evil and deadly to Biafra and for Biafrans (and even for other peoples suffering in Nigeria, for that matter): there is no greater evil today to Biafrans than Nigeria. You cannot compromise with Nigeria in the hopes that you can turn Nigeria from evil to good. You—we—can and will overcome Nigeria only by refusing to accept the evil that is Nigeria, by refusing to accommodate the evil that is Nigeria, and by refusing to accept the compromise to stay within the evil called Nigeria. Rather, we stick with Good—Biafra. We stand on Biafra to counter the evil, Nigeria.

We pleaded with our people in Anambra when problems erupted there, to stand on principles and demand that APGA / Obi—the rightful winners of the 2003 elections—be installed in Anambra, as the solution to the Anambra crisis, being that Obi / APGA had the courage to fight for what is theirs, regardless of the overwhelming forces of evil and the overwhelming odds marshaled against Obi / APGA. Our Anambra people vacillated, deceived by those who articulated compromise with, and accommodation of, wrong, fraud and evil, in the name of “moving on” and “practical reality on the ground.”  For that, our Anambra people paid dearly, and continue to pay. Even at that, if the people of Anambra had to suffer the same loss and agony while fighting to stand on principles, all that would have counted as gain. They still have a chance to right the evil now.

The lesson here is that we Biafrans are still being deceived today by the same type of Biafrans who misadvised our people of Anambra, those who are telling us to continue to stay in Nigeria, in spite of all, and ongoing, evil visited on us deliberately by Nigeria. These persons quote any number of reasons and excuses for this wrong-headed counsel which, nonetheless, amounts to the same thing: accommodation of evil, acceptance of evil, and compromising with evil. And, we are speaking of Evil with a capital “E”—evil that is obviously crushing the life out of us, minute by agonizing minute, day by suffering day. Thank God that many of us have now seen this, and have declared for Good—for Biafra.  We want to assure you now that even if we suffer as much and die in hundreds standing on the principle of Biafra, we have won: our suffering while standing up for what is right, is virtuous. There is no virtue in Evil; there is no virtue in suffering while accommodating Evil. Take a stand for Biafra; and when you have, defend and maintain such a stand with a passion.

How were we so sure back in 2003 that Obi / APGA won in Anambra? Recall, this was well before Chris Uba spoke truth—perhaps for once—when he confessed how he and PDP actually effected the rigging of those 2003 elections. This was well before Buhari, just this past month, revealed to the public that no region suffered more than the East (so-called Southeast and South-south) from the 2003 election-rigging masterminded by PDP-Obasanjo fraud-locomotive. There were places where voting was not even conducted at all because Obasanjo-PDP rigging machine actively prevented it; yet, the “tally” was “won” by PDP in those ghost-precincts. And, the rigging exercise would not be complete until intimidation and threats resulted in actual bloodshed and shootings and killings of potential voters by the PDP-Obasanjo armed election-rigging enforcers. Poor victims: no one remembers them; no one noticed that anything wrong had happened to them; no one mourns them: they don’t even have marked graves.  Their “crime” was to attempt to cast their vote on Election Day.

Of course, everyone knew that, this being Nigeria, the elections would be rigged. And, it was predictable that PDP-Obasanjo being the most desperate, the most determined, the most armed, the most funded, and the most organized; the most insensitive, the most arrogant and the most brazen; the most criminal and fraud-minded of all the parties, and the most corrupt, would take it all—by fraud. In Biafraland, even the efulefu, Iwuanyanwu, who up till then was named the Chairman of the Ohaneze Political Committee to elect an Igbo President, would turn coat, take money from Obasanjo, and braggingly campaign for Obasanjo in Biafraland—imagine that! What a shame: the more so since Ohaneze saw fit to reward Iwuanyanwu with another committee chairmanship afterwards! While PDP—just as one might describe Satan—had everything going for it, APGA had nothing: no money, no organization, no followership; not enough time (was formed too late) and was not even taken seriously. Even the popularity of Dim Ojukwu adopted as the APGA flag-bearer as the presidential contender, could not help APGA much.

That was when we in Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF) and BF (Biafra Foundation) and a few other serious pro-Biafran organization swung into action. We convinced YOU, our people, to go out there on Election Day and if there was any opportunity to vote, to cast your votes en masse for APGA / Ojukwu. We told you to do this not for APGA’s sake, but to demonstrate our unity and solidarity for Biafra, as Biafrans. We told you that we knew the elections would be rigged—that that was not the point: the point being that we were demonstrating the power that unity and solidarity conferred on Biafra if we chose to exercise such. By the same token, we also admitted to you that we knew and could predict that APGA, operating in the context and style of Nigeria, would succumb to all things Nigeria, which means, all things bad—evil; yes, we admitted as much. We admitted to you with certainty that Nigeria would surely corrupt APGA like Nigeria corrupts everything that is immersed in, and stays in, Nigeria, or is touched by Nigeria—with certainty. But, we were not voting directly for APGA as such, nor were we participating in Nigeria’s election: we were actually testing our collective power as Biafrans, demonstrating the collective power of Biafra. And, yes, we knew that Dim Ojukwu would garner all Biafran votes, but the rest of Nigeria, including those he genuinely considers “my good friend[s],” would never vote for him because he is Igbo-Biafran; hence, he would never be voted president of Nigeria (but we could at least force a 3-way run-off to expose Nigeria’s hatred of Igbo-Biafrans): we knew all that without a doubt; we weren’t naïve—not stupid, really. But, we took our people to task: this was not about Nigeria or Nigerian elections; it was not about APGA, but it was all about a Referendum of sorts on Biafra, on the ability to achieve unity and solidarity of Biafra, and on the potential effect / effectiveness of such an act of solidarity among Biafrans.

Well, our people understood our plea and went out that day, and those who got the opportunity, those who were not killed and or wounded by Obasanjo-PDP-controlled Nigeria police and PDP thugs, those who were not chased away by the same operatives and those whose voting booths were still there to be used, voted, casting their votes overwhelmingly and near-unanimously for APGA / Ojukwu. That is how APGA was to win all Biafra territory. That’s how APGA captured Anambra. That is in fact how Biafra unity and solidarity was tested successfully, demonstrating the awesome appeal and power of Biafra.

Fellow Biafrans: there are several lessons here, and they are all important. The pre-eminent one is that whatever we decide to do, and as Biafrans, do it in unison, in solidarity and unity, we can stop the entire Nigeria in its tracks, AND WIN!  Our elders and wise men and wise women taught us that “unity and solidarity is strength and power”!  We learned another lesson—and that was to be borne out again in August 26, 2004—that YOU, our people, will always respond positively, readily, willingly and wholeheartedly, no matter the odds, to anything that supports Biafra and Biafra actualization; to which we say: “Glory be…!” Another lesson is that our conviction, which we have stated numerous times—that Nigeria corrupts everything—is in fact accurate. Since post-2003, just as we had predicted, APGA was to fall victim to Nigeria’s corruptive influence, sucking up good people who thought they could remain good while compromising with, and accepting a resident-context of, evil which Nigeria is. Pity that many of these people still have not learned that lesson yet!

We were not surprised that Obasanjo-PDP rigged the elections and got away with it. We didn’t want to contest it, because we are not interested in Nigeria or in making Nigeria better (Nigeria, better?—an oxymoron), nor interested in fighting with Nigeria for Nigeria, by living in evil and pretending to fight the evil therein and from within it. We have our Biafra: that is the Good that we must stand by to overcome the Evil that is Nigeria. But, when, much later, the nasty “pimple” came to a head in Anambra, and Anambra was going up in flames as an ongoing consequence of the brazen PDP-rigging of the elections, and ongoing arrogant political meddling, we had to remind our people of where and “when it was that the rain started beating us,” because, already, some compromisers were thinking that “they had dried out,” as was evidenced by their pushing solutions to the crises which conveniently and totally ignored the truth of what happened in April 2003; and how we got where we were then. So, we told them bluntly: the only real solution which will bring real peace to Anambra is to return Anambra to APGA who won the elections there (and everywhere in Biafraland, for that matter). Or It is a principled stand from which we have never budged and will never.

This brings us to the last lesson: like our people say, “Know when the rain started beating you; otherwise, you will never know when you got dry.” If you don’t know and can’t tell what your problem is and when it started, how can you begin to solve it, how will you know when it is solved? If you do not know that Nigeria is the problem, how can you know that the real solution is Biafra? Therefore, know ye, then, that:

the problem of Nigeria, the problem that is Nigeria, is one-Nigeria.

The solution is Biafra for Biafrans.

This will be accomplished by the actualization of the sovereign and independent nation of Biafra. We stand on this. That’s a moral principle and divine imperative.

Biafra alive! For, God makes it so.

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.

Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


O wu kwa unu a nu la ihe na a kpo na Anambra. Anyi ga e ji ihe ahu me e ka unu cheta na ihe anyi kwuru ngea gbasara Anambra wu na o nweghi otu udo ga e si a lota na Anambra o wuru ma e meghi ihe ziri ezi—ihe wu eziokwu—nke wu i tinye Obi / APGA na ochichi Anambra ebe o wu ha ka ndi Anambra Biafra tunyerela votu mgbe e mere election na afo 2003.  Anyi si, mee-elu, mee-ala, anyi ga e kwu eziokwu, kwuru kwa na eziokwu, nke bu na o wu Obi / APGA meriri na election ahu na Anambra.


Umu Biafra: anyi na a du onye o wula na ime anyi odu, na a si na mgbe o wula, anyi kwesiri i kwu eziokwu gbasara ihe anyi huru na ihe anyi ma mere eme. O wu kwa nu ihe di otua wu ihe ga aghoputa anyi ka anyi di iche, ka anyi a dighikwala ka Nigeria ebe i tu asi wu naani ndu ha. Anyi ga e wu Obodo Biafra ka o wuru ebe eziokwu na e wi e wi; ebe ugha na wayo a gaghi a di ncha ncha.


I kwu eziokwu wu naani otu uzo ihe a; ma i kwuru chim ka dimkpa, na e leghi anya na azu ma o wu na akuku—i kwuru na eziokwu: o wu nke a mezuru ihe a anyi na e kwu okwu ya. Nke a wu kwa nu otu anyi choro ka o diri na Biafra: anyi choro ka Biafra wuru ebe ndi mmadu ga a hu eziokwu, kwuo ya wu eziokwu, na nogide na eziokwu a, ma elu ma ala o na a da.


Ihe anyi na e kwu di oke mkpa; o wuru ma unu a maghi, ka anyi kowara unu na o wu maka Nigeria a naghi e kwu eziokwu, na na ya a naghi a kwuru na eziokwu, ka Nigeria na a da, na a nwu kwa, taa. Nigeria wu ebe a ga a hu ihe ojoo, ihe e zighi ezi, na ihe asi, ma nde mmadu e were ya otua ahu, na a si zi na o di mma otu ahu, na a si na o nweghi ihe di njo na ime ya. Biafra anyi e nweghi ike idi otu ahu.


O wu na “Nkume Eziokwu” ka anyi ga e wu Biafra. O wu eziokwu ka a ga eji a ma Biafra. O wu na i kwuru chim na eziokwu ka a ga e ji a ma ndi Biafra. I kwu eziokwu, i kwuru na eziokwu, wu i nye Chineke nsopuru; i nye mmadu nsopuru, na i nye kwa onwegi nsopuru. O wu ihe mere ndi Igbo ndi Biafra gboo ji ri kuziere anyi na “Eziokwu bu ndu.” Ka anyi wuru ndi na a kwuru na eziokwu na oge na ile.


Na ihe gbasara Anambra, anyi ga e kwu ya ozo: na ezi okwu ka anyi kwuru; eziokwu ahu wu na ndi Biafra bi na Anambra tunyere votu nye Obi / APGA na 2003. O wu Obi / APGA kwesiri i no na ochichi na Anambra.


Ma anyi na e kwu kwa si na o nweghi nweko ndi Biafra na ndi Nigeria na ochichi Nigeria nwekoro, maka anyi a marala na o nweghi ihe oma ma o wu ihe ziri ezi ga e si na ime Nigeria puta. Naani Biafra ka anyi na a kwado.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!



Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues


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