This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For August 13th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Fellow Biafrans:

We examine the work and activities of our people, the people of Biafra, under the current dispensation. On the one hand, we have organizations working very hard with a Biafra actualization agenda, in association with, or under the umbrella of, MASSOB. On the other hand, we have a few individuals and government functionaries and saboteurs who betray fellow-Biafrans, for money or for favor, or for just plain wickedness, bringing death and imprisonment and destruction to our people, their own people—the worst type of “aru” one can commit, and against one’s own people, no less.

In addition to the shining example of MASSOB and other associated pro-Biafran groups at home on the side of Good, we mention also the subgroup of our Marketeers also known as “Traders” who are doing the only thing that a reasonable, sensible and serious Biafran should do: support Biafra and Biafra actualization, and accept and work out the Biafra actualization agenda. We mention with pride, admiration and gratitude the case of the Biafra Market in Onitsha where Biafra wares are traded and Biafra artifacts are on display. We thank all the people who have made this possible; the organizers and participants: we appreciate the sacrifice they have made, in the face of intimidation and threats, arrests, killings and persecution, betrayal and faithlessness. Biafra thanks you immensely, and God protects you completely.

On the side of Evil are the usual Nigerian agents and agencies such as the SSS, the Nigeria police and Mobile police, the Nigeria Military, etc. This collective has been persecuting us since 1966; we know them, and do not expect any better from them. But we also have in this camp of our tormentors fellow-Biafrans—fellow-Igbos—who are doing the bidding and dirty work of our persecutors. Most times, these errant Igbos belong to the so-called local government administrations (LGAs). They, without shame, without self-respect, in total cowardice, harass their own people, point out MASSOBians and other Biafrans to the persecutors so that they can be killed or imprisoned by our tormentors. We have the names of these perpetrators and turncoats, but we shall not mention them on the radio—not this time around: the wisdom of our people and our tradition and culture of dignity and doing the right thing, prevent us from reading out their names here. These evil men who would turn against their own kin are not only to be found in Onitsha or associated with the Onitsha market: we have names from Akwa-Ibom and Calabar, and other areas in Biafran territory; and even as far as Lagos, Kaduna and Kano. We are giving these evil persons an opportunity to redeem themselves and to seek forgiveness from Biafra and Biafrans whom they have wronged egregiously. These persons know that we have not done anything wrong: all we are doing is being what we are—Biafrans; refusing to allow our enemies to annihilate us while we appease them incessantly and fruitlessly; all we are doing is reclaiming our dignity and collective self-respect. Nor have we done anything wrong in the sight of God for taking the stand that what God has made us and has given us, we will now develop the courage to defend, retain and to manage, and to utilize for our fulfillment and for His glory. Anyone betraying us is betraying God; anyone opposing us needs to justify himself or herself in the presence of God, there to explain to God why it is better to throw away God-given potential and blessings, only to live as despicable and deprived slaves, objects of brazen exploitation, scorn and despise by less endowed other people; there to rationalize to God why he or she wants to stop God’s children from, and to kill God’s creation working to escape from, a place of utter darkness and hopelessness and hatred—a functionally Godless place called Nigeria. You, betrayer, are warned. If you want to remain in the land of Pharaoh and Egypt, it’s your choice, but, henceforth, you will not molest or oppose the people of God on their way to the Promised Land, Biafra.

We now ask all our marketeers to follow the example of Onitsha marketeers in forming a de facto Biafra Market in all marketplaces in Biafraland. We applaud the recent protest by Nnewi marketeers against police occupation, extortion and brutality; but we also want to advice in strong terms that the agenda should be different. Rather than go to beg the Hausa and Yoruba-led Police occupying Biafraland today, you WANT to align with MASSOB and as such, add to a formidable Biafra force to be reckoned with. Remember, nothing Nigerian can protect you, or has ever protected you. Look around: don’t you have an Igbo Nigerian governor and an Igbo Nigerian deputy governor? Don’t you have representatives in the federal government of Nigeria, and in the Nigerian state government? Did they come to your aid? Knowing how they are (weak and useless), were they not bypassed by you, as you then went straight to their Hausa-Yoruba masters to plead for relief? What about the LGA members whose only duty these days apparently is to harass and finger MASSOB members for arrest and torture? What did the Nigerian LGA in Igboland do to protect you, its own “citizens”? Nothing: Not a thing! No! to all these questions. Finally, can you imagine an Igbo-dominated and led police force doing the same thing to a Yoruba community, or a Northern community, in the West or in the North respectively, as has been done to you? How long are you going to take the humiliation—just how long? All of you, join up with MASSOB so that we can reclaim what is naturally ours—our dignity and self-respect, our freedom and liberty.

For those of you who still cannot see it, Biafra is still under occupation by a failing Nigeria; the intent of Nigeria is to take Biafrans along with Nigeria to Nigeria’s grave. Even when you have retreated to Biafraland, you do not know peace, and you cannot relax in your own land, in your own obi, because the Nigerian police and security agents are at your throat, taking away your property, taking away your wives, tearing your family apart, threatening and taking away your very lives. Only an independent Biafra will cure this; and only when you take a stand like men and say, “Enough is enough; Biafra NOW!”

For the efulefu and saboteurs and betrayers who cannot see it, let us draw a picture for you: Nigeria is finished as one country (which it never was, anyway). What are you going to do then when it finally disintegrates, you having presently alienated your own Biafra family by your ongoing foolish and shortsighted bloody acts?

Did you hear the hypocrite, Obasanjo, just this week doing his hypocritical “preachy thing” in his reported speeches? That is how you know that Nigeria is on its last leg. Obasanjo boasted that he will stamp out corruption among the uniformed services of Nigeria. The next day, the police went on their open, broad daylight extortion drive at the Nnewi market, forcibly stealing from our people millions of dollars. And, there was no EFCC to question the police; nor did Obasanjo remember his boast. Obasanjo would then accuse the Churches (Christians and Muslims alike) of corruption, taking blood-money from persons of dubious means (which is true); but, Obasanjo himself and his cronies pay the churches hush money so they do not criticize him and his government; and so the churches would support Obasanjo’s anti-people policies. They even go as far as paying so-called “prayer-warriors” to chain-pray-to-death their opponents. Not quite finished, Obasanjo next pointed fingers at the judiciary for corruption, which is not a new revelation. What he failed to mention is that no one has corrupted the judiciary more than he, Obasanjo, and his government, have—by intimidation and bribery, by threats and murder, by the use of blackmail. All these are signs of a dying entity: Obasanjo, personifying the leaders and leadership of the dying system, is telling open lies and making bogus promises which he knows that he can’t keep, overwhelmed by the sheer burden of the carcass of the monster which he is a solid part of.

The most telling pronouncement by Obasanjo in this latest tirade is his warning to the governors whom he considers the bastion of corruption—we agree, re, corruption. But who appointed and made these governors in the first place—was it not Obasanjo-PDP? And, from whom did they learn the corruption of abuse of power, if not from arrogant Obasanjo himself? Anyway, warns Obasanjo with something like this: “…you governors can hide under constitutionally guaranteed immunity now, but when you leave office, you will be tried for your offences…” The governors are laughing, because they know that Obasanjo would be the first to be tried, in this scenario. So, they have all decided that they will never be out of power; along with Obasanjo, they plan a perpetual self-succession in order to escape the wrath and judgment of the peoples for their crimes which include even murder, in many cases. But again, let us warn those governors of Biafran extraction among them: Nigeria will come to an end—soon. It is not the crimes you committed against Nigeria that will indict you; it is the acts of commission and omission, of criminal negligence and arrogant conduct, AGAINST Biafra and against Biafrans, which you will be held accountable for. Think about it. There is still time for you to turn around, adopt a pro-Biafra agenda, and work with Biafrans for the actualization of Biafra, where your erstwhile eleventh hour acts of contrition will determine your standing in the eyes of Biafrans in the nation of Biafra. Nigeria, your shield now, is about to crumble. Obasanjo has signaled the end by his recent public statements. The reality of Biafra should be dawning on you right about now. Think about it…

Fellow Biafrans, we give the same advise to the betrayers and saboteurs among us: ”think about it…” As for the rest of us, we encourage and challenge you all to NEVER relent until we get to Biafra! We owe it to our Maker, that Maker of Biafra and Biafrans.

Biafra alive!

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.

Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.



Ta ta, na ala Biafra, anyi nwere udi otu abuo: nke mbu wu otu nke Mma na ihe ziri ezi, nke ozo a wuru otu nke Njo na itiri, otu ochichiri. Na ime otu Mma wu otu MASSOB na otu ndi ozo na a zo Biafra. Anyi ga a gunye na otu oma ndiya otu ndi na a zu ahia na Ahia Ukwu Onitsha, nke ha mere Ahia Biafra. Anyi na e kele ndi mmadu na ile ndi mere ka ahia Onitsha ya na a zu zi ka ahia Biafra: Biafra e kele la ha; Chi anyi nye ha obi-sie-ike na oru Biafra nke ha na a ru. Maka ndi otu Njo na otu ochichiri, otu ekwensu, na ha e butere ha ndi otu Mma oke mmekpa-ahu, na a kpo ndi police na SSS Nigeria ka ha nwude ha, tinye ha na nkporo, ma o wu gbue ha wu ndi otu oma. Anyi ji aha ndia—ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra—ndi “o-ree-nwanne-ha”; ndi otu itiri—anyi e nweta la aha ha. Ma, anyi a gaghi a kpo aha ha na radio taa, maka ako na uche na obi ndi Biafra-gboo na a gwa mmuo anyi ka anyi hapu i kpo aha ndi “sabo” a. Anyi ma cha aha ha: ma ndi na ime ha di na Akwa-Ibom, ma o wu Calabar, ma o wu na Lagos, na Kano ma o wu na Kaduna, anyi ji cha aha ha; anyi ma nde ha wu. Chi anyi nyere ha ohere a ka ha ji cheharia.


Anyi na a kara ndi ahia na ile na ala Biafra ka ha mee ahia ha AHIA BIAFRA otu e jiri mee na Onitsha. Nke kacha si nke, anyi na a gwa nde ahia Nnewi ka ha a kwusighi kwala na so-so ngaari iwe maka ndi police Nigeria biara nara ha ego na ike na o nweghi ihe ha mere. Ihe kwesiri omume ugbua wu ka ndi ahia Nnewi ka ha mee ahia Nnewi ahia Biafra; ka ha leba anya otu ha na MASSOB ga e si wuru otu obi na otu otu. “Igwe bu ike.”  Anyi na unu a hula na ndi governor, ndi ochichi na state, ndi LGA—o nweghi ihe ha na e mere unu; ha a hu cha a la ihe mere unu na ihe e mere unu, ma o nweghi ihe ha kwuru, o nweghi nyem-aka ha nyere la unu. Ma, mgbe unu na ile wu nde MASSOB ndi Biafra, na otu obi, o ga a ra ahu ka ndi Nigeria mee anyi ihe di otu ha mere na ahia Nnewi. Nkpagbu na mkpari ndi Nigeria na e nye anyi taa na ala Igbo-ala Biafra ga a kwusi mgbe anyi zukoro na otu obi kwe e na Biafra, anyi na MASSOB wuru otu otu, na a ru otu oru, nke wu Biafra.


Mara kwa unu na o wu ndu ohu ka anyi bi na ime Nigeria; anyi ga a putariri Nigeria we e ga wa ra onwe anyi, gawa, na Biafra. Otu o di ugbu a, onwu Nigeria a di la nso. Obasanjo na ha e kwu la tufuru-tufuru na na a ba mba maka otu ya ga e si  e me ka ndi bi na Nigeria kwusi ihe a na a kpo “Corruption” na okwu Oyibo. Ebe Obasanjo a mara la na anyi a mara la na ya e nweghi ike i kwusi corruption, maka ya onwe ya wu onye isi ndi na e me corruption, nke a ziri na Obasanjo ma na ike a gwu la Nigeria gwu kwa ya onwe ya wu Obasanjo: o nweghi nzoputa diri Nigeria, maka ihe na a ria Nigeria, e nweghi ogwu ga a gwota ihe ahu.


Nke a mere ka anyi ji a ju ndi efulefu ndi Igbo–Biafra ndi na e nye anyi—Biafra—nsogbu  ajuju: gini ka unu ga e me mgbe Nigeria ga a nwuruoala? Kedi ebe unu ga a ga? Unu chebara ajuju a echiche; maka, sote-sotee, anyi ga e nweta Biafra. Unu ndi na e megbu anyi taa na ime Nigeria, echi Nigeria a gaghi a di zi kwa. Ma, Biafra ga a kwuru.


Nde Biafra ndi kwere na Biafra na a ru oru Biafra: unu ji sie ike, ru sie ike; unu a kwusighi kwa la rue mgbe anyi ga e nweta ihe Chineke di mbu nye anyi, me e kwa anyi—Biafra, ndi Biafra. Unu a daghi kwa la mba. Biafra na e che anyi!


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!



Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues


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