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For July 9th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Last week, we brought up the issue of our goal and destiny of Self Determination for Biafra, leading to a Sovereign Independent Nation of Biafra. We will continue with this thread because we know that it is of the utmost importance. In fact, it is the only issue of our lives because our individual and collective existence depends on it.

We want to reiterate that Self Determination is a moral right. It is as divine as our unique creation by God. As such, you need never doubt yourself, or doubt your right, to manifest this holy endowment on us by God Himself. Thus, command whoever would stand in your way of collective Self Determination to “Get thee behind me!”

Self Determination is also enshrined in the United Nations Charter and other important instruments and programs of laws binding Nations of the world. Some intelligentsia may argue cynically that this principle is only applicable to countries suffering under the burden of colonialism which, according to them, is a past era. We can remind such cynics that overt colonialism may have disappeared, but the evil spirit of colonialism lives on, taking flesh in the present times as “neocolonialism.” But, the worst and most lethal mutation of colonialism is what has become endemic in Africa. Colonialism never really left Africa: it merely changed hands and colors from Europeans to indigenous African elite when so-called “Independence” happened. The so-called African leaders since Independence have for the most part retained the Balkanizing boundaries of the “departing” colonial masters; their social and political traditions, cultures and structures, their languages, even down to the perquisites enjoyed by the “civil service.” The classic “second-classing” of indigenes in their own country by colonial officers which so characterizes the colonial era is now practiced openly and freely by the African elite and leaders. The point is that cynical arguments against Self Determination based on whether or not colonialism still reigns does not hold water: colonialism is alive and well in African countries where it is now euphemistically known as “Internal Colonialism” sometimes.

There are enlightened world-individuals who challenge the Western and European powers by asking them why it is that they all supported the Self Determination efforts of European groups and saw them to consummation, but would balk, or remain nonchalant, or worst of all, engage in hypocritical patronage or constitute outright obstruction for African groups seeking the same rights that the former secured and defended for their fellow-Europeans. That, also, is our question to these principalities. What is good for the goose ought to be good for the gander, too?

We do not expect the UN or any other powers to obtain our (Biafra’s) freedom from Nigeria on our behalf. It is our life and our freedom and we must value it enough to do what we must to exercise our right and wrest control of our destiny from Nigeria by ourselves. All we ask of the world is fairness, justice and equitable treatment.  We want the nations of the world to fulfill their moral and legal obligations by taking the stand on Self Determination which they signed off on per the UN Charter.

In this, we quote CNN in its July 4 2005 report of the recently held Africa Union (AU) Summit to which Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General, was invited, thus:

"...U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan told the summit [AU] that nations had a responsibility to protect people from genocide, war crimes and ethnic cleansing if their own governments failed to do so..."

We thank Mr. Annan for fulfilling his role as the UN Secretary-General by doing his job without fear or favor, speaking out as the conscience of the UN, calling member-nations to their duty, as a conscientious and diligent Secretary would do. We trust that the world is listening, and re-checking its moral compass. We want to challenge any nation in the world today:

Can you deny that genocide, war crimes, and ethnic cleansing have been visited on Igbo / Biafrans in Nigeria and by the government of Nigeria, not just in one period in history, but in an ongoing manner? What is your response?

Directing the same challenge closer home, we ask the African countries: what say you? AU: what is your response?

The only effective and permanent protection from Nigeria for Igbo – Biafrans is an independent and sovereign Biafra.

Let us remind everyone that Biafra, if only 10 million-strong, would still be larger than 150 countries around the world; at 20 million, larger than 180 countries, at 30 Million, larger than 200 countries, and at 40 million, would rank around number 30 on the list of most populous nations in the world; out of 236 countries. It is unconscionable to deny anyone what is due them; it is tragic when such meanness is extended to such a massive number of humanity.

To the Biafran youth: now is your time. The only persons that want to preserve one-Nigeria are those who are gaining from it at your expense; or are expecting their turn to continue the rip-off. Such are the corrupt and filthy rich, the powerful and the connected, the parasites and the lazy. It’s a pity that they are so shortsighted that they think the only way they can survive is by sucking the blood of hapless innocents and downtrodden such as you. What they are too afraid to understand is that when we get the system working decently, they have a much better chance and decent opportunity to pursue legitimate undertakings—and succeed. That’s what Biafra is for; that’s the goal we shall achieve in Biafra. Where Nigeria corrupts and kills all, Biafra is our salvation, providing a second chance, new directions and new opportunities. Nigeria is well-past redemption: it started off on the wrong foot, with a forced union that never gelled and could never gel, and will never gel; no amount of effort will save it. It is time for Biafra. It’s high time for Biafra!

There are those who want to protect one-Nigeria because they already have one foot in the grave and want to die with the proverbial devil that they know. They don’t want to rock the boat, as it were. What boat? you might ask: they have been in the water for over 40 years, thrashing around as they sink slowly, and drown. Well, their life is already over, practically: how about yours? Are you willing to let the rest of your life rot away like it is now, and you rot with it? Are you willing to drown as Nigeria, in Nigeria, with Nigeria? God forbids it!

Look around you: everything is going from bad to worse. The politicians deceive you, talking about democracy / dividends thereof, and such arrant nonsense; but they are perfecting plans to stay in office for life. Obasanjo is their chief. He plots to succeed himself in 2007; he will blackmail the governors into supporting him, because, then, the governors can succeed themselves, too, in the same scheme. If any governor balks, all Obasanjo has to do is remind him that his immunity to prosecution for all those crimes they committed, including murder—in some instances—will expire once he leaves office, thereby leaving them open for litigations. These are the same governors who did nothing in Biafraland for Igbo and other Biafrans—nothing! Can you imagine another 6 years starting in 2007? We can stop them NOW by leaving Nigeria for them, by manifesting self determination for Biafra.

These unscrupulous persons still talk about one-Nigeria. Consider that the planned Nigerian census won’t even include natural demographic information such as, specifically, ethnicity and religion. What brazen hypocrisy! Even heads-of-cattle are counted with more respect! When they want to steal us dry, practice dishonesty, religious bigotry and ethnic cleansing, they invoke religion and ethnicity. When it is time to actually find out the truth about the facts of who and how many, they decline. Just as well, because it would be worse, were they to pretend to add ethnicity and religion data, only to end up changing the count in broad daylight, like we know they will do. Thus, we make the point: what makes you think that a so-called country that is afraid to count and find out natural demographics, such as religion and ethnic origin, is going to survive? That’s why we are counting on Biafra.

In the same way, did not Obasanjo, in his conference, the so-called NPRC (National Political Reform Conference), try to pretend that Nigeria “dey kampe”; hence, by his own all-powerful personal edict, no one should discuss the only real issues that Nigeria is bedeviled with? Obasanjo made you believe that something good was going to come out of that conference, didn’t he? He will still claim that.  At best, he will wangle his way to use the excuse of the conference as legitimization of his not-so-hidden personal agenda and selfish ambitions to continue as the dictator of Nigeria—to your own detriment. But, the conference has only served to reveal the ever-present fracture lines dividing the different nations forced to live together as one-Nigeria. Nothing can hide those fractures: Obasanjo and co can pretend and try to run them: but they can’t hide these fractures. If they are not willing to stop pretending and lying to themselves and to you, are you just going to go with their lies? Heck, no! You are now a witness to ongoing trouble and ostrich-type behavior by the leaders of Nigeria and other Nigerians in response. We tell them that we are Biafrans: we won’t play their game, because in Biafra, honesty is our motto. We face facts and reality, rather than pretend they are not there, or lie about them.

“Are we going to stand by and watch helplessly?” So asked a famous Yoruba editor in a little-noticed, but right-on-the-mark, editorial opinion titled, “They have come again,” appearing last month in one of the Nigerian newspapers. Hear him:

“…OUR politicians have started again. As we move closer to 2007 and political aspirants are declaring their intentions, and…have turned the process into yet another war. The patterns of conflict are familiar, and the implications for our politics and polity are well-known…the failure of the politicians to learn from history, and their inability to move forward…The violence that characterises our politics speaks to the underdeveloped nature of our society and the immaturity of the political class...The purpose of history is to awaken memory and raise consciousness. In 2003, election monitors and observers reported that Nigerians had invented close to fifty novel methods of rigging. Since then, more sophisticated methods have been invented. More daring methods of political killing have also been introduced. Our politicians have started again. Before our very eyes, they are turning politics into a form of cannibalism. Are we going to stand by and watch helplessly?”

Since when could you count on Nigerians to act against evident and resident evil? The Military class with their usual ulterior motive, will not come to “rescue” Nigerians this time around from the frying pan only to roast them in the fire. So, Nigerians have already responded to that question.

But, we are Biafrans. We will not stand by and do nothing. We shall actualize Biafra before 2007. We shall never participate in any elections in Nigeria. Time to take back what God Himself gives us!

Biafra alive!

That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.

Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Anyi kwu-chim na isi-okwu anyi, na izu gara aga, nke wu na o wu onyinye Chineke na Onwe Ya nyere nde o kere, ka ha biri onwe ha na a chi kwa onwe ha. Otua ka Chi anyi jiri kee anyi nde Biafra, nye anyi Biafra; anyi ga a chiriri onwe anyi, noo kwara onwe anyi.


O wughi kwa naani na o wu na aka na na ike Chukwu ka anyi ga a chi onwe anyi, ma Nzuko uwa ukwu a na a kpo United Nations na kwa e kwu otu ihe ahu, na ndi mmadu kwesiri ibiri onwe ha na chia kwa onwe ha o wuru ma o wu otua ka o siri soo ha. Edere ihe di otua na akwuko United Nations a na a kpo UN Charter, nke mba dum di na uwa kwere na ya, gbaa aha ha na akwukwo ahu, na ha e kwerela otua.


Na nzuko ndi otu African Union (AU) nke wu nzuko mba na ile di na Afrika ka Kofi Annan, Ogba-Akwukwo Ukwu a na a kpo Secretary-General United Nations na a gwa ha ka ha cheta kwa na o wu oru ndi mba ndi United Nations i zoputa  ndi mmadu mgbe govumenti ha na e gbu ha, na a chupu ha, na e mekwa ha “ihe di uwa aru” maka nde ha wu. Ma na o wu kwa otu ihe ahu ka Nigeria mere (na e me) ndi Igbo-ndi Biafra. Nkea mere ka anyi jiri kele Kofi Annan, na kwanu a ju ndi uwa na ndi Africa ka ha lee kwa obi ha onwe ha anya, mara kwa na so-o-so nzota diri ndi Igbo ndi Biafra wu i biri onwe anyi na mba nke anyi—Biafra.


Ma anyi a naghi e nwe nchekwube na o wu ndi mba ndi ozo ga e wetara anyi Biafra—Mba! Biafra wu onwu na ndu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra; o wu naani anyi ga e me ihe kwesiri omume ka anyi zota ihe Chineke di mbu nye anyi.


Umu okoro-obia na umu agbo-obia: kedu ihe unu na e che? Unu ekweghi kwala ka ndi otu ukwu ha no na ala-ili nochiere unu uzo anyi i nweta Biafra, maka ma o wughi otua, ndu unu a gaghi a ba uru owula. Unu e kweghi kwala ka nkwa ugha Obasanjo na ndi otu ya na e kwe unu megharia unu anya: o nweghi otu ihe ga e si a diri Nigeria mma. Naani ihe ha na a cho wu ka odi ka Nigeria wu otu, ka ha were zie otu ahu ri gbue nde mba na ile ka ha si e me ugbua. O wu so-o-so uru nani ha onwe ha na e nweta, na Nigeria na a nwu a nwu, na e me ha ka ha choo i dobe Nigeria otu odi ugbua. Unu si ha: Mba! na o wu naani Biafra, na na ime Biafra, ka ihe ga a diri nde mmadu mma.


Ode-akwuko Newspaper otu onye Yoruba dere akwukwo na a ju ndi bi na Nigeria, si ha ga e guzo nga aha gbachi nkiti mgbe ndi si na ha no na ochichi na Nigeria bidoro oke ihe ojoo otu ha siri mee na election 2003, nke ka di taa ihe mere na 2003 njo? Anyi ma na ndi mmadu nde Nigeria a naghi a kpa-ike. Ha a saa la ajuju ya.


Ma anyi wu ndi Biafra a saa kwa la: anyi ga a zota Biafra ugbua; anyi a gaghi e che 2007, maka anyi e nweghi ike i me election nde Nigeria ozo, tutu uwa nke a e mebie. Biafra wu ebe anyi na a ga; Nigeria gawara onwe ya na ala-ili ebe o na a ga na onwu ya. Biafra wu ndu—Biafra wu ndu anyi: otua ka Chineke anyi siri me ya.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi. Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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