This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For July 2nd, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

The message we must all get today and henceforth is that Self Determination for Biafra is our marching order; this leads to the actualization of Biafra. The agenda of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB)—non-violence, non-cooperation and non-exodus (conduct the struggle at whatever location and wherever you are at), as a means to Biafra Self Determination is proper, and quite in order; we must adopt it. It is preferable for all of us to join MASSOB; at the very least, every single Igbo and Biafran must support MASSOB fully, whether or not we are card-carrying members.

We all know that our people trust no organization based in Igboland-Biafraland other than MASSOB; we know that only MASSOB cares about our people, and represents our deepest desires and primal aspirations, as well as understands our suffering and feelings.  We have seen MASSOB take a stand, in bravery and in defiance against Nigeria; and take all kinds of punishment. Nothing has deterred MASSOB from the agenda—not persecution, intimidation, bribery, threats, injury, death, destruction, nor time itself.  That is why the people of Biafra are willing and ready, able and proud to embrace MASSOB and have MASSOB speak for us. We have included with MASSOB all other well-known pro-Biafra activist groups operating in Biafraland / Nigeria. In the Diaspora, Biafra Foundation (BF) and Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF) are the principal organizations implementing the agenda of Self Determination for Biafra; and we include other staunch and active pro-Biafran organizations all over the world. The point is that if you are Biafran, or a group and you have a Biafra Self Determination agenda, all the above covers you; you are included.

Our people want only organizations and groups and institutions and leaders who will represent our interest, and that interest is solely Self Determination resulting in Biafra actualization. “We are Biafra; we are Biafrans,” that’s what our people are saying; “we do not want anything more to do with Nigeria.” (Of course, while we of Biafra have been the most active and most committed to Self Determination, nearly all other ethnic nations in Nigeria today are seeking the same thing.) Our people do not want to be forced-left in Nigeria any more, nor do we want to be the last to leave Nigeria. It is for this reason that all expectations, all hope is on MASSOB, BF, BF and like-groups to deliver on the agenda. It is for this reason that our people support us. Any other group purporting to represent Igbo interests for example, Ohaneze, Ohaneze Youth Wing, WIC, or the latest so-called “Stake Holders” group, are dreaming: such a groups are merely an “exclusive club” looking after the selfish interests of its membership.  As a matter of fact, any attempt by such “clubs” to claim to represent the Igbo, in the light of the club’s known current activities and the counterpoint of the sorry plight of the Igbo in Nigeria today, will only bring on the recent “lamentations of Joe Nnamani,” as described next, along with the implications thereof.

Ken Nnamani, the Senate President of Nigeria, in a newspaper article titled “Why Nigerians disrespect Ndigbo,” during a so-called Igbo Stake Holders Summit held recently in Abakaliki, lamented that Igbos

·         had lost respect in Nigeria due to lack of presence in “real sectors of [Nigeria’s] economy.”

·         had earlier “lost their grip in the political foothold of Nigeria…”


And Nnamani’s recommended solution? Igbo need to focus on owning banks, and banking in Nigeria; Igbos should work harder to reintegrate themselves into Nigeria. 


Why would anyone NOT show disrespect to Joe Nnamani and whomever he represents, after reading this? Shouldn’t Nnamani have known 1) that the same reason that the Igbo have been pried loose of their hold on everything meaningful in Nigeria is responsible for the two points of his lamentation above?; 2) that it is not for lack of trying on the part of the Igbo that we have been pushed off the table and pushed out of the room called Nigeria, so to speak? If Ken Nnamani pretends not to understand, here comes Buhari in Buhari’s very own lamentations, to remind him and to educate him:


“Buhari…made the observation in Awka…over the weekend [and] lamented that:


The former military head of state contended that …


If one knows what is ailing one, but is eager to pretend that such causality is not there, and wants to confuse the solutions in order to avoid putting up a fight and mounting a challenge, why would the one expect other than loathe and disrespect? Being forced into one-Nigeria has brought all this calamity on the Igbo; Joe Nnamani and his club still pretend not to understand that, and instead, defend one-Nigeria and still want the Igbo to stay there.  How is he going to get anyone’s respect?


Besides what Buhari had to say, a welcome but needless validation of our indelible experience in Nigeria, consider what the times have to say. While Joe Nnamani was on his pulpit in Awka, at Abuja, the Nigerian police had just murdered 16 Igbo in cold blood and were using the trumped up charge of “armed robbery” to justify the slaughter. Everyone suspected foul play. Joe Nnamani and the Senate he presides over said nothing. In Biafraland proper, a combined and armed group of Nigeria’s SSS men, the Police, and Military went to Okwe where they destroyed the private property of MASSOB and their leader, Ralph Uwazurike; arrested some people, and terrorized the entire town; local villagers fled into the bushes and have stayed there since then, for fear of being shot dead by the bloodthirsty Nigerian operatives. What did these people do wrong? Are they bush-animals or human beings? Recall that there was a specific court injunction issued earlier against this type of persecution of Uwazurike by the Nigerian SSS and related agencies; in effect, the court injunction is being disobeyed. What did Nnamani do or say? Exactly nothing! In Enugu, the PDP and their dictators, headed by Ali, supported fully by Obasanjo, have acted contrary to a court injunction in their handling of the Anambra crisis—and they bragged about it. What did Nnamani do? Nothing!


How is it that a man like Joe Nnamani, who holds the third highest political office in Nigeria, is unable to be moved by the selectively imposed burden of bloody hardship on his own people, and can only talk about “banks and banking”? Our people talk about one chasing rats while one’s house is on fire: that’s exactly what “bigman” Nnamani is doing. Nothing brings more disrespect than this.


To be sure, the Igbos are hated in Nigeria. They are the object of envy and jealousy; racism and persecution, pogrom and genocide: all they did to deserve this is to be born Igbo. Nevertheless, even if there is a complete absence of respect for the Igbo, considering that respect is even sometimes given the adversary, “outright disrespect” for the Igbo is another thing. Just as utter disrespect for the oppressed happens when the tormentor sees the oppressed groveling, begging, being a sycophant, accommodating and acquiescing, running back and clinging to the oppressor, instead of at least fighting back and trying to escape, no one should be surprised that disrespect is being shown to the Igbos who subscribe to Joe Nnamani’s ideas and philosophy in so far as the Igbo-Biafra issue in Nigeria is concerned.


Yes, Nnamani: Nigeria disrespects the Igbo, but only such Igbo as you and members of your club—the Igbo so-called Stake Holders, Ohaneze and WIC. Not only that, but, the entire Igbo race and the Biafran people express their utter disrespect and loathe for you and your ilk. You do not represent us, and will never. You only bring disrespect and disrepute to yourselves, and then, pour it on the rest of us Igbo by association; we won’t let that happen any more.


And that same disrespect will follow all those who attended the so-called Stake Holders Summit, and that’s because they claimed, at the end of their summit, that “the Igbo unanimously endorse Obasanjo’s Conference”—the so-called NPRC; and that NPRC was a success. Even before the conference started, we dissociated our people from it, advised against it, advised Dim Ojukwu not to attend, and specifically stated upfront that the Igbo delegates to that conference do not, and could not represent the Igbo, any more than they were nominated by us—and we did not nominate them. All that aside, however, how can any sane person (never mind someone with any common sense), declare today that this (NPRC) conference is successful, given all that has happened, and all that is still happening? How successful could it be when the North displayed so much arrogance, ignorance and intransigence in their parasitism, and have gotten away with it? How successful could it be when the conference (read, North; buoyed by the Igbo delegates’ lukewarm support of the Delta delegates) showed gross and heartless insensitivity to the plight of the Delta people, and wanton disregard for fairness, equity, and natural endowment and rightful ownership, by denying the Delta people their right to control and manage the natural resources welling up from their own land? This is what the so-called “Stakeholders Summit” concluded was a successful conference? Why would they deserve anything but disrespect?


Yet, the most unfathomable thing, which no amount of well-deserved disrespect could correct, is this:
what did the Igbo delegates and the conference achieve for the Igbo?

Since these delegates want us to stay in one-Nigeria,


The answer, of course, is a resounding and shameful “No!” to both questions. Yet, the so-called Stakeholders Summit had to declare full support for the conference, and declare it a success at that—in the name of the Igbo race?  Imagine that! Shame!


Place all that within the contest of Buhari’s lamentation or rather, confession: “no section of the country has suffered so much denigration in the hands of Obasanjo than the South East.” Then, you all understand what we must do. Hand disrespect to the efulefu—yes, tons of disrespect. But, more importantly, we have to engage ourselves with one mind and in one voice, and with one vision and goal, in the Self Determination exercise for our people, in order actualize the Sovereign Nation of Biafra.


Join MASSOB and or support MASSOB; BF and BAF; and other proven pro-Biafra organizations. Our agenda is clear: Self Determination for Biafra. It’s a God-given right; it is unconscionable to let Obasanjo and his henchmen, Nigeria and a few Igbo-Biafran efulefu’s keep from us—40 million of us—what God has already given to us. That will not stand!

Biafra alive!

That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.

Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Ozi anyi na e zi unu taa wu na so-o-so otu ihie ka anyi na a cho. Ihe ahu wu anyi i noro onwe anyi, nwere onwe anyi, chia kwa onwe anyi, na ala nke anyi, ala Biafra. Chineke di mbu kee anyi otu anyi di, tinye anyi na ebe anyi bi. Anyi wu ndi Biafra bi na Biafra. O nweghi ihe ozo ma o wu aha ozo anyi ga a za. Biafra wu nke anyi.


Maka ndi MASSOB na ndi BF na BAF na ndi otu Biafra ndi ozo na a nwa na i zotara anyi ihe ahu Chineke anyi nyere anyi, anyi ga a kwu ha na azu, na nkwado. O wu ha wu ndi otu na a nochitara anyi wu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra anya na oge dum.  Anyi nwere ntukwasi-obi na otu ndiya. Anyi dum kwesiri i wu otu na ndi otu MASSOB. Ma, o nweghi otu anyi ga e si e nye otu ndi Ohaneze na Youth Wing ha, ma o wu WIC, ntukwasi-obi, ma o wu kwee ka ha nochitara anyi anya, maka o wu one-Nigeria ka ha na a cho, nke wukwanu na o wu onwe ha ka ha na a chotara one-Nigeria ahu; o wughi ndi Igbo ndi Biafra ka ha ga a chotara ya, maka o wughi ihe anyi na a cho: naani Biafra ka anyi choro.


O wu kwanu otu di ka Ohaneze na WIC na otu ndi ozo di otu ahu wu ndi na e wetara onwe ha mkpaari, nke nwere ike gbasa ndi Igbo-Biafra. Anyi a marala a mara na ndi Nigeria choro ndi Igbo ogbugbu; kpoo kwa ndi Igbo ugwu; na e ro ndi Igbo so-o-so uro. Ma i kpaari ndi Igbo mkpaari—nke ahu wu ihe ozo. Ndi Nigeria na a kpaari onye Igbo ma o wu otu ndi Igbo nke hu chara ihe ojoo na a dakwasi ndi Igbo ibe ya na aka Nigeria, ma kana a cho kwa i tinye ndi Igbo na ime one-Nigeria. O wu ihe ndi di ka Ken Nnamani, onye isi President nde Senate Nigerai, na ndi Igbo ndi ozo gara nzuko ha kporo “Igbo StakeHolders Summit,” mere; ebe Joe Nnamani na e kwu na ndi Nigeria na a kpaari ndi Igbo mkpaari. Nnamani kpuru ishi, ma o wu na o wu onye ujo, maka, kama o ga e kwu eziokwu nke wu na nsogbu ndi Igbo wu one-Nigeria, ya na a si na ndi Igbo kwesiri i no na one-Nigeria, ma gaa ghuo ulo ego (bank)—na  o wu ihe ga e nyere ndi Igbo aka na ime Nigeria.


Na otu aka ahu kwa, mgbe ndi efulefu ya mesiri nzuko ha, ha a ghaa ugha si na ha na e kwutara ndi Igbo mgbe ha kwuru si na ha kwadoro nzuko ojoo Obasanjo, na na nzuko ojoo ya gara ofuma. Ma onye owula a marala na nzuko ahu a naghi a ga nkeoma. Onye owula a mara la na o nweghi ihe isi-okwu ndi Igbo gara nzuko ahu welitere gbasara ihe ojoo a na e me ndi Igbo taa na ime Nigeria. O nweghi ihe e kwekoritara na nzuko ya nke ga e me ka ihe diri ndi Igbo mma na ime Nigeria na mgbe na abia na ihu. Kedu zie ihe ha ji na a si na nzuko ojoo ya wu ihe oma, ma o wu na o gara ofuma, ma o wu na a kwado ya? Onye mere ihe di otua, o wu naani mkpaari ga e so ya. Mkpaari esorola ha, o wughi Oha ndi Igbo ka a na a kpaari.


Unu e chefukwala ihe Buhari, onye Awusa, jiri onu ya kwue na izu ya gara aga, na:


“o nweghi mba ndi ozo na ime Nigeria nke ochichi Obasanjo butara oke ita-ahuhu ka o siri butara ya ndi SouthEast” (nke wu ndi Igbo).


Ka anyi muta kwanu ako, jiri otu obi na otu mmuo na otu olu chowa Biafra, chota Biafra. Ka anyi baa na otu MASSOB, BF, BAF na na otu ndi ozo nke naani ihe ha na a cho wu Biafra. Ka o nweghi zi la ihe anyi na ndi Ohaneze na WIC na “Igbo StakeHolders’ jikoro onu ebe o wu Nigeria ka ha choro.


Chineke kere anyi ndi Biafra, kee re anyi Biafra, nye kwa anyi Biafra: o nweghi otu anyi ga e si a hapu Obasanjo na ndi otu ya na ndi Nigeria ma o wu ndi Igbo efulefu—hapu zie ha—ka ha nara anyi Biafra, ma o wu ka ha nochiere anyi uzo anyi si a ga Biafra. O gaghi eme! Biafra wu ihe anyi; Biafra wu nke anyi.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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