This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For June 25th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

We note with satisfaction and encouragement the actions and statements of the coalition of youth organizations in Nigeria concerning the unconscionable, illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and inhuman treatment of MASSOB members and other Biafrans by the government of Nigeria. We had wondered when the youth would notice. The coalition that spoke was comprised of the Igbo Youth Congress (IYC), National Democratic Movement, Coalition of Odua Self-Determination Groups, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Journalists For Democratic Rights and PRONACO Secretariat. Curiously, though predictably, the Ohaneze Youth Wing was not among them; this in keeping with the shameful role Ohaneze has played in the light of such brutalization and dehumanization of the Igbo in particular, and other Biafrans, in Nigeria. History and posterity will deal with Ohaneze and all who have been co-opted by, and are cooperating with, Ohaneze.

It is good to know that the Youth understand the basic issue here: Self-determination. While adults in Nigeria can pretend all they want that everything is okay with life, and live in their wishful dream-world, the Youth do not have that luxury of hypocrisy. No one suffers more the consequences of the reality of societal dysfunction resulting from oppression and a forced “unity,” than the Youth. And, no one stands to suffer more in the future than the same Youth. Except for a few lucky ones, many of the Youth have grown up in dysfunctional families, and know the feeling of being trapped and doomed for life in a circumstance not of one’s making; condemned to wallow in despondency because the youth’s destiny is totally controlled by the deranged family. The Youth know the smothering feeling and the terror which result from being helpless, forced and trapped in a family where there is violence, physical abuse, exploitation, and sheer malice. Their mortification is deepened more when they see or hear the same family brag to the neighbors that the family is doing just fine; and the adults deny in public any serious problems with the family. And, which Youth, when he or she sees an opportunity, would not get away from that family—even at the risk of life and limb? Or, in time, having come of age, which Youth would not decide to leave the sick family, now that the Youth can control their own destiny? This is the metaphor for the sick “family” otherwise known as Nigeria.

It is even better that the Youth in Nigeria understand that every ethnic group and nation has a right to self-determination. It is a self-evident right, a natural right, and no one can lie to the Youth any more about that. Nor can anyone deceive the Youth any more by claiming that there is no precedence for self-determination, or that the UN does not support it. Knowledge, it is said, is power. The Youth have become thus self-empowered, knowing for themselves and by themselves that God gave us each one freedom and freewill, a collective extension of which is the same freedom and freewill for ethnic national self-determinism; and knowing that the UN Charter supports self determination for nations and groups.

It is great that the Youth in Nigeria now acknowledge that Obasanjo and his Nigerian government are doing inhumane things to the MASSOB members, Igbo people and other Biafrans. The Youth can see what is going on, and it is not good; it is not fair; the Igbo and other Biafrans are singled out, and there can be no justification for it. The Youth now know the hypocrisy of Obasanjo and his government, who perpetrate unspeakable acts against the Igbo, against MASSOB, and against other Biafrans, while preaching “patriotism.” Obasanjo and his government trample on both the human rights and the legal rights of Igbo – Biafrans and MASSOB while hypocritically demanding that the peoples living in Nigeria be law-abiding.

It is just as great that the Youth living in Nigeria have taken a stand, and have said—are saying—: “No!” to Obasanjo and his government’s unjustifiable persecution of MASSOB, the Igbo and other Biafrans. The Youth have recognized and accepted the God-given right of any group in Nigeria to seek self determination, especially given the fact of Obasanjo and his government’s dogged determination to continue to persecute MASSOB, the Igbo and other Biafrans. The Youth today say: “Yes!” to Self Determination in Nigeria.

In the coming days and weeks, Obasanjo himself will try to sway the Youth’s opinion and get the Youth to change their stand. He will muster all the power of his government, using every single resource available to buy, bribe, intimidate, indoctrinate, pontificate—and failing all that, will use threats and force against the Youth. He will even try to use the parents and families of the Youth to try to smother the Youth’s positive energy. But, in the end, Obasanjo and his government will fail.

We do not have to remind the Youth of how to treat Obasanjo and his cronies. You, the Youth, know them for what they are: hypocrites. Liars. Egotists.  Selfish people. Sycophants. Money-hungry, money-grabbing persons. Power-hungry, power-grabbing maniacs. Wicked people.  Many are murderers. Many are thieves. Racists.

Nor do we have to remind the Youth to ask Obasanjo and his government and other Nigerian governments and their adult-functionaries: “What have you done for the Youth since 1967?” …Provided good public education, did you? Provided employment opportunities for the Youth? Provided good sanitation to prevent disease? Provided good health care? Provided a safe environment for personal and property security? Ask them: don’t they all fly out and go abroad to go shopping, or to have their Blood Pressure checked, or to send their kids to the best schools, or to buy homes abroad and enjoy their homes there? Even here in Nigeria, don’t they travel in luxury and in convoys, recklessly killing innocent bystanders but taking no responsibility; don’t they take all the government contracts, build useless edifices to promote themselves (with public funds), build “presidential library,” and practice an unprecedented level of nepotism?

Yes, Obasanjo will cite his conference, the so-called National Political Reform Conference (NPRC), to the Youth, as an achievement and example of good governance. Doesn’t that just want to make you vomit?  But what did you actually see of the NPRC? Was it not Obasanjo and his cronies—all those that run and ruin Nigeria—applauding and congratulating themselves for a mission accomplished, that mission being the legitimization of Obasanjo’s personal desires for Nigeria? While Obasanjo personally forbade the discussion of the forced “unity” of Nigeria (‘unity of Nigeria” being an oxymoron), all you actually saw at that conference was an incredible but predictable disunity, as delegates showed their true colors, which is first and foremost, an unalloyed allegiance to their respective ethnicities and or regions and or so-called zones, to the extent that they could not even see reason or fairness, never mind equity. Who in their right mind—except blinded by selfishness and parasitism—would deny the Delta people the right to control their own natural resources, seeing how badly the Delta people and their lands and ecosystems have been thoroughly damaged by the Oil industry, while at the same time, being neglected by Obasanjo and Nigerian governments who are too busy stealing the money and using it to improve other zones? Yet, they, the NPRC delegates, were pretending to be looking after one-Nigeria interests as touted. And, who in their right mind—except blinded by total stupidity and the foolish propaganda of pretend-one-Nigeria—would commit the blunder that the so-called Southeastern delegates did, which is to fail to bring up the obvious injustice and human rights violations and targeted persecution = genocide against the Igbo, MASSOB and other Biafrans,  which you, the Youth, are now pointing out? All this deliberate murderous harassment of the Igbo-Biafrans was intensifying during the conference, but did the Igbo delegates say anything about it? “Naa”! At the same time, the draft constitution which was smuggled into the conference by Obasanjo’s agents, clearly and specifically eliminated Igbo as an official Nigerian language. Did you hear a peep from the Igbo delegates? No! Instead, they would ask for another Igbo State: it is tempting to ask them “Who controls the present Igbo States, anyway: Obasanjo personally, or the Igbo?” Remember Anambra State? What makes the efulefu Igbo delegates think that a new Igbo State would not also be controlled by Obasanjo or whoever rules Nigeria as has been the case thus far? But even then, Obasanjo would not even attempt to humor them: the first thing he would do is to strike out such a recommendation. In any case, Obasanjo’s government is willing to go public with a constitutional amendment to remove Igbo as an official Nigerian language: why would he entertain the creation of another Igbo State, an act which, in his own eyes, would “reward” the Igbo? It is thus the height of stupidity what the Igbo delegates did in the name of one-Nigeria. Is there anyone out there who actually believes that such a one-Nigeria, constructed thus, would stand for long? The sheer injustice of it all would burst the walls and the foundation of such one-Nigeria which never had any foundation or walls of unity, in the first place.

So, our Youth: when Niki Tobi brags about a successful (NPRC) conference, let the hypocrisy drive you madder. When Tobi brags that “no Nigerian conference has ever failed,” let the brazenness of that lie whip you up into a frenzy of indignation. Niki Tobi, Obasanjo and the likes of them, and their government, must go! The only way to do that effectively and efficiently and have a clean slate is for each ethnic nation to regain her original sovereignty and independence snatched away from her by the British 100 years ago, and now maintained that way by those who benefit from it—the so-called leaders of Nigeria today. Then, the Youth can get a chance, first to get out of corrupting lies, self-debilitating hypocrisy and moral turpitude that is one-Nigeria; then to lead, build and deliver their respective sovereign nations into a new era of self-reliance, self-sustenance, and mutually beneficial inter-national cooperation among these ethnic nations. That is the only remaining hope. That is the plan. That is our destiny—because God will not allow us to perish along with one-Nigeria which is failing under the evil agenda, blackmail and coercion of thieves, liars and hypocrites in the last lap of their own deception-filled lives.

We owe this to our unborn children.

Biafra alive!

That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.

Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Ndi umu Okoro-obia na umu Agboo-obia bi na Nigeria, nke a na a kpo “Youth” na asusu Oyibo, e kwuo la na ha a hu la ihe ojoo na ihe aru Obasanjo na ndi govumenti ya na e me ndi MASSOB, Ndigbo na ndi Biafra ndi ozo. Umu oma anyi ndi ya nocha na otu nde Igbo Youth Congress (IYC), National Democratic Movement, Coalition of Odua Self-Determination Groups, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Journalists For Democratic Rights and PRONACO Secretariat. Ma, gi lee kwa anya na otu nde a na ile, gi a hu kwa na ndi Youth nde otu Ohaneze e soghi ha. Nke a wu kwa ihe anyi na a gwa unu na oge dum na Ohaneze na ndi otu Youth ya, na ha a maghi nde Igbo ndi Biafra ma o wu nde MASSOB;  naani one-Nigeria ka ha na a cho. O nweghi ebe a na e kwu ihe gbasara Obasanjo na Nigeria i na e megbu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra ma o wu i megbu ndi MASSOB, nke wu cha eziokwu, ebe a ga a hu ndi Ohaneze ma o wu ndi otu Youth ha.  Mara kwa unu na Ohaneze na ndi Youth ha e resi la Obasanjo na Nigeria onwe ha; ihe gbasara odi-mma na nzota ndi Igbo ndi Biafra na ndi MASSOB site na aka Nigeria a wughi ihe ha wu Ohaneze na ndi Youth ha na e chebara echiche. Tufiakwa!


Odi mma nke ukwu na ndi Youth a hu la aka oru ojoo Obasanjo na govumenti ya na ebe ndi Igbo-Biafra na MASSOB di. Ha si na ihe ha huru a dighi mma. Ha a gwa kwala Obasanjo na ndi govumenti ya ka ha kwusi kwa ihe ojoo na ihe mmekpa-ahu nke ha na e me ndi MASSOB na ndi Igbo-Biafra na obodo Nigeria. Ha ji onu ha na e kwu na Newspaper na o dighi ihe di njo na ndi Biafra na a cho nweta Biafra i chi onwe ha. Ha si na onye o wula a mara la na mba i cho inweta obodo nke ha na ochichi nke onwe ha, na o wughi i da iwu; kama, na e nwere iwu Uwa nke na a si na mba o wula choro i me otu ahu, na e kwesiri i hapu ha ka ha nwere na chi wa onwe ha. A bia zie lee otu Obasanjo na Nigeria si e megbu ndi Igbo-Biafra na MASSOB, kedu kwa nu onye ga a ma ndi Biafra utah ma o wu ikpe, na ha na a cho i hapu Nigeria ga biri onwe ha na Biafra?


Ihe ndi Youth ya mere na a kuziri anyi na ha a mara la ihe wu eziokwu, mara kwa ihe ziri ezi, mara kwa nke wu ihe aru na ihe ojoo. O mere ka anyi ghota na Obasanjo na ndi otu ya e nwezighi ike i ji asi na aghugho megharia ndi Youth anya ozo. Ndi Youth si na ha a gaghi a gbachi nkiti ozo ma Obasanjo a kwusighi ihe ojoo ndia na ile.


Anyi na a gwa ndi Youth ka ha jisie ike; ka ha e kweghi kwa la ka onye o wula, ma owu Obasanjo ma o wu ndi otu ya, megharia ha anya ozo; ka ha kwuru kwa oto na eziokwu na ihe-dimma, ihe ziri ezi. Ha e kweghi kwa la ka ugha na ama Obasanjo na ndi otu ya ghogbuo ha ozo. Ndi Youth mara kwa na o nweghi ihe Obasanjo na govumenti ya mere la ha, ma o wu i ga na ulo akwukwo mmuta-ihe, ma o wu i chota oru, ma o wu ihe gbasara ahu-isi-ike nde Youth. So-o-so ihe Obasanjo na ndi otu ya na e me wu i ri ego, were ya mezie onwe ha na ndi nke ha. Ma odi ndi Youth na aka i kwusi Obasanjo na ndi di ka ya, na ndi govumenti ojoo ya. Anyi na a gwa Ndi Youth ka ha kwado ndi mba ndi o wula i nweta Obodo nke aka ha, i na a chi onwe ha; ka anyi na ile jiri zie otua puta hapu Nigeria na ndi ojoo na a chi ya, o wuru na o wu ndu na oga-na-ihu ka anyi choro. Ma anyi e meghi otua, anyi na ile a e soro la Nigeria nwuochaa a nwuo—ChiUkwu e kweghi la!


Ndi Youth: anyi ma na unu a hu la na nzuko ojoo Obasanjo e nweghi isi. Ndi nzuzu gara nzuko ahu, na Obasanjo na onwe ya, na ndi di ka ha, na ha e kwula na o wu ezigbo nzuko. Unu wu ndi Youth a mara la na nke ahu a wughi eziokwu. Ndi Igbo gara nzuko a e nweghi di ike i welite okwu gbasara ihe unu wu ndi Youth na e kwu ugbua, ebe o wu ndi Igbo ahu kwa ka a na e megbu mmegbu a. Tufiakwa! Lee kwa nu otu e siri mee nde Delta ebe Nigeria si a mi Mmanu, mebi sie ala ha na mmiri na ndu nde mmadu ndi Delta, na e nweghi echiche na ebe gbasara i ruzi ihe ndi ya na ile. O wu kwa nke a wu ihe na a so Obasanjo—ya na one-Nigeria ya?


Chineke a gaghi e kwe ka anyi soro one-Nigeria la na iyi. O ga a zoputa anyi, nye anyi Obodo nke aka anyi na otu aka ahu ka Nigeria ga e ji a nwu.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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