This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For June 18th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Like we predicted last week, Obasanjo and his government and his murderous agents have fanned out to harass and persecute any persons found with Biafran currency anywhere in West Africa, going as far as involving the Interpol (for what? one might ask), by their own admission.  It is the same Obasanjo and his government who have made no official comment nor shown any concern, public or private, when16 Igbos were massacred in cold blood by the Nigerian Police recently, in an unprovoked, unjustified and unconscionable series of wanton, brutal and uncivilized acts by the Police, in the very capital of Nigeria.

In more unprovoked attacks, hordes of armed military, police and SSS personnel have made several forays into the heart of Biafraland to harass MASSOB members, and specifically, to shoot at them, to destroy property at the MASSOB leader’s compound, confiscate equipment, and take cash belonging to MASSOB. Not to forget, there is a specific court injunction in place prohibiting such acts on the part of the Nigerian State Security Services (SSS) and agents against the person of the MASSOB leader, Ralph Uwazurike. Yes, they are lawless and act lawlessly, yet, pretend to “defend the law.”

So, what we see is Obasanjo and his henchmen pursuing and persecuting Igbo / Biafrans in Nigeria, in Biafraland, and outside Nigerian borders in surrounding West African countries; now, also, even up to the International arena by their involvement of the Interpol. Obasanjo’s men are armed to the teeth, and use their weapons to wreak death and havoc among unarmed Igbo / Biafrans. The Nigerian Police, Military, Security agents and other Obasanjo-sponsored operatives are all being used to carry out this policy-driven, State-sponsored persecution and murder of a specific race of human beings—the Igbo / Biafran. This, in fact, is the definition of genocide: it is happening—again—to Igbo Biafrans, and it is being committed once again, by Nigeria and leaders of Nigeria—Obasanjo, in particular, and this time around, for a repeat performance.

Why bother to ask, “where are Obasanjo’s priorities?” What we can do, instead, is to condemn, in the strongest possible terms, and mount a ferocious challenge against, him and his government, his police and military who take orders directly from him, for having as his / their priority the elimination of the Igbo / Biafrans—anyway and anyhow possible. Yes, indeed, we know what Obasanjo’s priorities are, and he is implementing his policies as such. One, therefore, does not have to ask: it is rather obvious—there, in plain sight, for all to behold, aghast and incredulous. In the year, 2005, no less!

Today, we must ask the world and the world leaders to re-examine their relationship with Obasanjo, his government, and with Nigeria in general. History is replete with the dire consequences of the world acquiescing or looking the other way in the face of such gross, deliberate, and brazenly arrogant persecution of a race by despots and the countries such despots control. Today, we must ask the world to look inward, to look at her own collective soul, and to search her collective conscience and, reflect. We must ask the world to stand up, erect, and look at her collective self in the mirror and ponder: “who do I see?” It is the year 2005: must the world travel the same path of “empowerment by silence and or by careless condoning,” of all that is wrong and evil and anti-human? Do we need Edmund Burke to remind the world once again that:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”?

Nor can the world say, today: “I didn’t know…” You, the world, do know! You read, see and hear the news. You drive or fly, or heat your house, or cook your food, or power your industries and factories, or invest your savings or your benefits. The Oil and Gas you use for your energy needs—whatever such needs are—is tapped from the backyard of the same Igbo / Biafrans: it is their blood that you burn for your energy needs. The trading you do in stocks and bonds are rich with Energy offerings: each transaction literally sucks life-energy from Igbo / Biafrans. As long as you, the world, buy from and pay Obasanjo and his criminal government, you tap on these excruciatingly painful nerves as if with a hammer blow. It does not have to be that way, either. You could and can have your Oil and Gas—directly from Biafra! to whom it naturally and rightfully belongs; instead of from the usurper, the thief and robber called Nigeria, if this is really all about Oil and Gas, for you, that is… But, this is about something that supersedes consumables, even necessary, life-sustaining consumables. It is about humanity—humanness. It is about human propriety, what we term, “morally right” or “morally wrong.” What Obasanjo and Nigeria are doing to Igbo / Biafrans is morally wrong. It is anti-humanity; it is alien to our shared humanness. You, the World, must condemn it now, challenge it, and let this show in your actions and behavior henceforth.

This “world-view” state of mind makes it only a relatively minor annoyance what is going on at the Obasanjo’s conference, a conference which we advised against in the first place, and which is, once again, proving how right on our predictions have been. You remember the efulefu, Joe Irukwu, who is the purported leader of the Igbo handpicked / selected delegation to that conference. (Note that we have not permitted or accepted any Igbo to go to that conference to represent us). Irukwu’s main agenda and primary charge to the Igbo delegation is to support one-Nigeria, at all costs. Even the token Igbo interests halfheartedly mustered up by the Igbo delegation were to be immediately sacrificed and bargained away at the altar of “what is best to maintain one-Nigeria.”  So, while the delegates from every other ethnic nation and their “zone” is getting exactly what they want for their own peoples, and refusing to budge and give up things perceived to be in their own interest, only the Igbo, under Irukwu’s directive, have made foolish and stupid compromises in order to not rock the already sinking boat called one Nigeria. In the end, they, the Igbo, have come out with nothing of benefit to the Igbo. What the Igbo gave away to keep one Nigeria happy is giving in to arrogant and parasitic Northern ethnic nations who, on the other hand, made no compromises even though they bring nothing of benefit, comparatively, to Nigeria, all they do being to take and take and take some more. That is precisely what we predicted would happen at this conference.

The annoying thing, though, is the insult the same Northerners are dishing out to the Igbo at that dastardly conference. Were it not for the saying to “Attribute not to malice what is essentially due to ignorance…” we would have been really angry. One Northern delegate said that the Igbo delegation’s demand for the creation of another Igbo state must be denied because, according to him, the official population of the Igbo does not support the creation of another Igbo State. Official population? Of the Igbo?  From which “office”? From which Census? Compared to whose population? Such ignorance! But, Irukwu was nowhere to be found to point out to this ignoramus that Nigeria, and especially the North, are so afraid of finding out that the true population of the Igbo is in fact greater than theirs, and that is precisely why Nigeria is afraid to include ethnicity in their planned 2005 census, and has in fact stated that such data will not be collected in the impending census. Imagine the annoyance resulting from the fact that Irukwu sacrificed the Igbo in the interest of one-Nigeria—and, for this insolence and cheekiness to the Igbo?

Actually, Irukwu was too busy writing his book on the Conference. Imagine that! Personal gratification and aggrandizement; pure ego trip! Having decided to sell out Ndigbo in the name of preserving one-Nigeria, Irukwu’s selfish interest was to be the one or the first to write a book on the conference, hurrying to publish it even before the conference was over. Little wonder the North keeps expressing loathe for the Igbo at that conference. It used to be that the rest of Nigeria claimed they couldn’t / wouldn’t vote for an Igbo for the president of Nigeria in 2003 elections because, according to them, the Igbo produced too many candidates. We laughed at their excuses and lies, reminding them that it didn’t matter if it was just one Igbo candidate, Nigeria would still not vote for him or her, as long as he or she is Igbo. The goings-on at this nuisance-conference proved the point with another insult from the North.  A Northern delegate stated that since the Senate Presidency changed hands 4 times in 6 years, and since that position was zoned to the Igbo, it proved that an Igbo being the President of Nigeria could lead to similar instability—therefore, according to him, the presidency of Nigeria should not be rotated to the Igbo! (And, by the way, he claimed, everyone in the conference knew and was thinking the same about this.) What ignorance! What nonsense! This Northern delegate was really so dense or blind or so intellectually challenged that he did not see what was obvious even to street urchin—that Obasanjo controlled and manipulated the Senate Presidency, directly and indirectly, using his clout as both the Nigerian dictator-president and the de facto PDP “be-all-and-end-all” leader, in his ongoing personal war against the Igbo (which the North fully support). The stupid Northern delegate, obviously devoid of essential reasoning faculty, did not understand the instability which Nigeria has been in, since the Northern Military junta Nigerian “leaders” toppled one another several times over between 1966 and 1999, following the Northern Military Revenge coup of July 1966. An even more stupid delegate, the Igbo delegation leader himself, Joe Irukwu, was too self-absorbed in his book-writing to challenge this, except for a token, meaningless brief walk-out, after the insult. In the final analysis, it is the stupidity and foolishness of Joe Irukwu, and his feigned ignorance, in abandoning all Igbo interests in favor of his personal selfish interests and his one-Nigeria penchant, which, in fact, is the real annoyance, because as the “leader” of the Igbo delegation, he infected the rest of the Igbo delegates with this—his—idiocy.

While Irukwu is busy writing his book and insisting on maintaining the interest of one-Nigeria at Obasanjo’s conference,

·         Igbo-Biafrans are still being slaughtered in cold blood daily on the streets of Nigeria by Nigeria—by Nigeria’s president, Obasanjo, his military, police and secret agents, and even Nigerian civilians;

·         unarmed and peaceful Igbo / Biafrans are being harassed and killed in their own homes, arrested in their churches, and their property destroyed even in Biafraland; and

·         Biafrans even outside Nigeria are now being harangued and persecuted by the crooked, leprous and long-reaching arm of Obasanjo and the government of Nigeria.

As such, Joe Irukwu makes the late Ukpabi Asika look like a saint by comparison. Just as important, the World could well be asking us:

“if the Igbo themselves cling to their tormentors, why should the World be held to a different standard?”

Be that as it may, the last laugh, nevertheless, belongs to Biafra, because there is in fact a God, the same God that created Biafrans and Biafra. And, you can count on that!

Biafra alive!

That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Ihe anyi gwara unu na izu gara a ga na Obasanjo na ndi otu ya ga e nwe isi-okuku na mgbakasi-isi maka ego Biafra a ka na e ji a zu ahia, e mee la. Otu anyi si kwara kwuo na Obasanjo na ndi otu ya ga e me ihe na ile ha ga e me ka ha nye ndi mmadu ndi na e ji ego Biafra a zu ahia mmekpa-ahu, otu ahu ka o mere. Onye ojoo ahu e di nye go ndi uwe ojii ya ka ha ga nwude na tinye ha na nkporo onye o wula ha huru ego Biafra na aka. Ma Obasanjo e nweghi mmuta-ihe: o maghi na o nweghi ihe o ga e me nke ga e nwe ike i kwusi Biafra.


Ndi uwe ojii Obasanjo na ndi Army na ndi SSS Nigeria a nakwala e nye la MASSOB na onye isi MASSOB, Ralph Uwazurike, oke nsogbu. Ha a gbaa la ndi MASSOB egbe na ulo ndi MASSOB, chukasi sia ha; mebie ngwongwo ulo na ihe oru ndi MASSOB, were kwa ego nde MASSOB, na o nweghi ihe ndi MASSOB mere ha.  Ha chere na ha nwere ike i kwusi MASSOB ma o wu Biafra: ma na anyi e kweghi otu ahu, Chi anyi e kweghi otua ahu. Biafra ga a diriri; MASSOB na ndi Biafra ga e bi rue mgbe anyi ga e nweta Biafra.


Ndi uwe ojii ndi Police Obasanjo na Nigeria e gbuela ndi mmadu Ndigbo iri-na-isii na Abuja na izu gara a ga, na o nweghi kwa nu ihe ndi Igbo a mere ha. Kama udi aru di otua ga e metu Obasanjo na obi, ya wu Obasanjo a maa obi ya akpu, na a cho naani ka ya gbue kwa Ndigbo ndi ozo, na megbuo kwa ha wu Ndigbo nde Biafra. Nke a ziri na ihe ojoo, ihe aru, na onwu Obasanjo na ndi Nigeria kwadorola Ndigbo, ha a naghi zi e zo ya ezo.


Anyi na a si ndi Uwa dum: unu tulee kwa nu otu Obasanjo na Nigeria si were na e me Ndigbo ndi Biafra. Ndi Uwa ya: unu le e kwanu onwe unu anya na ime obi unu, gwa zie onwe unu ma o wu ihe di mma otu unu na Obasanjo si na a gakoro na na a kpakorita, ebe unu di mbu hu, na mara, aka oru ya wu Obasanjo na ihe ndia na ile.


Anyi a gaghi e chefu ihe na e me na nzuko ojoo Obasanjo, NPRC, ebe ndi Awusa na a kpari ndi Igbo na oge dum. Iwe ntakiri di anyi na Joseph Irukwu mere ka ndi Awusa ji na a kpari Ndigbo otua. Maka o wu Irukwu wu onye si ndi Igbo gara nzulo ojoo ya ka ha na e kwu ma na a cho so-o-so ihe ga a bara one-Nigeria uru, o wughi ihe ga a diri Ndigbo / ndi Biafra mma, ebe ndi Awusa na nde mba nde ozo na a cho naani ihe ga a diri nde Awusa na ndi mba ndi ozo a mma. Maka nke a, Ndigbo / nde Biafra ga a gbara aka lota nzuko ojoo ya, ma na ndi Awusa ga e nweta ihe na ile ndi Awusa choro; ndi mba ndi ozo, kwa: naani Ndigbo wu nde ga a gba aka a lo. O wu Irukwu, na obi one-Nigeria ya, na e dufu Ndigbo edufu. Ihe ozo wu na obi Joe Irukwu di na so-o-so akwukwo o na ede banyere nzuko a, ka o jiri otua nweta ugwu na nsopuru na otito na ya wu onye mbu dere akwukwo maka nzuko aru a.  Irukwu jiri otua mee ihe ga a bara naani ya uru; me e ihe ga a bara so-o-so one Nigeria uru, nye nde Awusa na ndi mba ndi ozo ihe na ile ha choro, ma o nweghila ihe Ndigbo ketarala onwe ha na nzuko a. Ha e welitaghi di ihe o wula gbasara ogbugbu Obasanjo na Nigeria na e gbu anyi wu ndi Biafra taa. Tufiakwa, efulefu Irukwu!


O nweghi ka Chineke anyi kwe e ka Obasanjo na ndi otu ya, ma o wu kwe e ka onye owula, meri e ndi Biafra. Biafra ga a diri; Biafra a diwo! Maka otua ka Chineke siri me e ya.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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