This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For June 4th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Last weekend, on May 27 2005, Biafran groups all over the world engaged in coordinated and synchronized demonstrations in support of Biafra self determination and in support of the MASSOB agenda for Biafra actualization. From Graz, Austria, to Gabon; from Pretoria, South Africa, to Canada; from Dublin, Ireland, to Kharkov, Ukraine, the story was the same: Biafrans turned out in numbers and marched in the streets with the Biafran Flag flying and other Biafra artifacts on display, drawing the attention of the citizens of those countries to the case for Biafra. This was a non-violent exercise, in keeping with our principles; and the marches were facilitated by the police in each city, these being civilized places (as opposed to Nigeria) where civil rights and related activities are protected by law and respected by the government and the citizenry.

In each country, Biafrans handed a document to the government and through the government to the UN and to the US, stating that Biafrans are fully and irrevocably committed to self determination resulting in the Sovereign and Independent Nation of Biafra; the document also pointed out not only the general plight of Biafrans under Nigeria, but especially, the unjust, unconscionable, brutal and murderous persecution of MASSOB by Nigeria; and consequently asks the entire world to support Self Determination as a natural and basic human right, a right which is also recognized by the UN Charter. The document called the attention of the world to the violations of the human and civil rights of MASSOB members and other Biafrans by Nigeria.

In all, we had a hugely successful pro-Biafran rally all over the world. We appreciate the efforts of all those who scored this victory for Biafra, including not only the Biafrans, but their friends who joined them during the march, and also, the governments who respected the civil rights of peaceful demonstrators, along with their sensitive and sympathetic citizens. We sense the praise of our God for us for our courageous act and we feel Him cheering us on to reclaim what He, Himself, gave us, while He stands firmly by us and with us, even when lethal harm is directed our way. For this, we are grateful, because even should our faith flag, He will be right there to pick us up.

The significance of our successful demonstrations should not escape us—especially those of us who either still support one-Nigeria, or are afraid to state and act out their true feelings about one-Nigeria. For one thing, while the world may not have been saying anything, the same world in fact does empathize with us and are in support of our efforts for self determination. The world is looking up to us to demonstrate our own seriousness in our own liberation from Nigeria. Of course, it is our life, freedom and liberty which is at stake; we must be the ones to convince, the ones to convince others, and the ones to prove to the entire world that we will take a stand, no matter what, in order to defeat evil and return ourselves to the fold of sane and decent humanity. Yes, we must do our own selves proud, at the same time that we do the rest of the world proud.

The world is tired of systems, structures and so-called countries like Nigeria. Such drag the entire human race down, preventing it from steering true to the course of decency, dignity, equity, fairness, intelligence, development and progress. There are many examples of such countries in Africa: individually and collectively, such countries have snuffed out the candle of the entire continent and plunged the great giant, Africa, into thickest darkness. The world longs for a way to stop and correct this; but, it is the Africans such as we who must lead the way, and who must trek the entire route from darkness back to light, taking the continent along with us. Then, the rest of the world and we can heave a sigh of relief as we reset our collective compass, rejoin civil humanity, and work on catching up with human evolution.

It is for this reason that we must now focus our attention on our own people—the people of Biafra, especially the Igbo. There is in fact no reason today why any Igbo or Biafran should be working to promote Nigeria or one-Nigeria. Nigeria is destined to fail—to fall, any time. The US National Intelligence Council predicts Nigeria will certainly collapse within the next 15 years. The US Intelligence merely states what the entire world already knows. We have always known that it will happen, and at that, much sooner than within 15 years. We thus could not understand why there should be any Igbo or Biafran out there who is refusing to face the facts, and who refuses to support Biafra actualization today. It is predictable that Obasanjo and his cronies will deny the reasons for the US intelligence predictions; these people—Obasanjo and his cronies and sycophants—are fraudsters, liars, cheats, hypocrites, manipulators, and exploiters whose illicit trade is dependent on Nigeria hanging on and continuing to malfunction. These people live on the blood and sweat and tears of Biafrans, and off the natural resources of Biafra. It is difficult to understand how this conclusion could have escaped the Igbo and other Biafrans still harping on one-Nigeria. There is always the temptation to support one-Nigeria so that one could get a turn: “at what?” we should ask. A turn at fraud, a turn at corruption, blackmail, intimidation, and stealing, a turn at cheating, killing, exploitation—of which the same Igbo and the same Biafrans bear most of the brunt?

Today, we are calling on you, great people of Biafra, to vehemently refuse to cooperate with anyone or any organization, institution or agent or agency which defends one-Nigeria. We are calling on you to compel persons and organizations identified with Igbo or Biafra to turn away from one-Nigerianism and return to Biafranism—to the struggle to liberate Biafra from Nigeria. And, you must do this without resorting to any form of violence, because that is not our way. All our people must be made to understand that we cannot, and should not, be like, as our people say, “the poor fly without counsel [who] lingers too long and gets buried with the corpse.” There is no reason why we should allow Nigeria to take us with her in her fall to her death; there is no wisdom in continuing to cling on to the falling evil tree of our torment called Nigeria, thereby allowing ourselves to be crushed to death by falling Nigeria.

Therefore, you, our people of Biafra, must demand of Ohaneze and its so-called leaders to stop promoting one-Nigeria; if they cannot openly support Biafra self determination, they should bow their heads in shame and be disbanded. You, our people, must ask World Igbo Congress (WIC), to support Biafra self determination openly and unequivocally, else, stop calling itself an “Igbo” Congress. You, our people, must go up and challenge the so-called state governments and all their functionaries, including governors, along with the so-called Local Government Authority (LGA’s), and the Nigerian federal government representatives foisted over you by Obasanjo—challenge them: point out to them how they have turned the other way as Obasanjo and his agents turned Biafraland into an armed occupied territory; as Obasanjo, his government and his agents rape our people in our people’s own homes; arrest our people in their own homes and in their churches where they are holding private, non-violent meetings; or throw them in jail without trial for attending a soccer match.  Ask them why they keep quiet when our roads and bridges are not being repaired; why the police and soldiers extort money from us on the same un-maintained roads—in our own land, for that matter. Challenge PDP and all Igbo and Biafrans belonging to PDP. What has PDP done for the Igbo / Biafrans, except cheat, dispossess, exploit, impoverish, destroy and humiliate us day in, day out? And, why have none of these so-called Igbo leaders said, “This is wrong!”? We ask you to stop cooperating with these people. We ask you to tell them to their face that we are for Biafra: this land is Biafraland, we are Biafrans; and being that they have wasted our time, failed to protect us from the vagaries of Nigeria,  and did not stop or care about our misery under one-Nigeria, it is time for them, too, to abandon one-Nigeria;  and to embrace Biafra and Biafra self determination.

It is time, fellow Biafrans. This is the time. This is our time. It is Biafra actualization time. God stands with us, to comfort us when in harm’s way, and to give us courage in action.

Biafra alive!

That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala Amerika, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Obi di anyi uto nnukwu na ndi Biafra a gaa la ngahari-iwe na izu gara a ga, na ubochi May 27, na ala ndi mba ndi ozo, na ala ndi Oyibo, ebe ndi Biafra ya jiri flag Biafra na a gwa nde ala ahu ihe gbasara nsogbu ndi Nigeria na e nye ndi Biafra, na a gwa ha na ndi Biafra ga ebiriri onwe ha, na chi a kwa onwe ha. Umu Biafra gara njem a na ala Austria, Gabon, South Africa, Canada, Ireland na Ukraine. O wu kwa na uzo nke udo ka ha jiri mee ngahari-iwe a. Anyi na e kele umu Biafra nde gaa ra anyi ozi di otua; kele e kwa ndi Obodo ndia, maka otu ha siri kwe, na hapu umu Biafra, na nyere anyi aka i me ihe a. Anyi ma na Chineke anyi, na obi di kwa Ya uto maka ihe anyi mere: o wu Ya kere anyi, keputara kwa anyi Biafra. O ga a di Chineke anyi ezigbo uto mgbe anyi nwetara ihe Ya Onwe Ya nyere anyi—Biafra.


Ihe anyi mutara na ngahari-iwe ya wu na ndi uwa dum kwu anyi na azu na i nweta Biafra, o wurugodu na ha a naghi e mepe onu ha i kwu ihe o wula gbasara otu ndi Nigeria si na eme ndi Biafra oge dum. Ihe nke a na a gwa anyi wu na o wu anyi onwe anyi wu umu Biafra ga a zoputa onwe anyi na aka aru Nigeria. Anyi i puta na Nigeria ga bie ra onwe anyi na Biafra wu ihe ndi uwa na a cho; ma, o wu anyi ka o di na aka—o wughi ndi uwa ka o di na aka—i me ihe kwesiri i me ka anyi nweta Biafra. E chefughi kwa la na nde America a mara la na Nigeria ga a gbasasi; ndi British a mara kwala nke a. Mara zie unu na ndi uwa dum a marala ihe ga e me Nigeria—na Nigeria ga a gbakasi agbakasi.


Nke a mere o ji na e wee anyi iwe na o ka nwere ndi Igbo ma o wu ndi Biafra ufodu ndi ka na a cho i dozi one-Nigeria. Anyi na a gwa unu dum nde Biafra ka unu gaa gwa nde di otu ahu okwu. Unu si ha na o wu so o so Biafra ka anyi ga a cho, ka anyi ga a ba gaa biri. Ebe onye o wula a marala a mara na Nigeria ga e kewa, kedu kwanu uru o barala nde di otua na ha ka na a kwado one-Nigeria? Ha gadi zi ka “Ijiji na e nweghi onye na a duh ya oduh na e soro ozu ga na ala ili.”


Nde Biafra: unu gaa gwa ndi governor, na ndi LGA, na ndi otu WIC (World Igbo Congress), na otu Ohaneze, na ndi PDP—nde na ile di na ochichi aru ndi Nigeria taa na a la Igbo na na ala Biafra, na ebe o nweghi ihe ha na e mere ndi Igbo – ndi Biafra, naani i noro nga ahu gbachi nkiti ndi Nigeria na egbu anyi, na e megbu anyi, na e mebi ihe anyi—na ime ala Biafra anyi kwanu—unu gwa a ha na anyi a gaghi e kwe ka ha kpuru anyi tinye na ime Nigeria nke na a nwu anwu, nke na a gbasa agbasa, nke ga e kewa ekewa. Kama, ha dum kwesiri i le wazi anya na nweta Biafra. Ha na ile kwesiri i soro anyi na nweta Biafra, soro anyi na  uzo ndi MASSOB ji na e me ihe, nke wu uzo nke udo.


Nde Biafra, unu a noghi kwa la nge ahu na o nweghi ihe unu mere mbge ndi aru ndi ya na ile na a cho i pkuru anyi kee anyi obuh na ime one-Nigeria. Oge a gaa la mgbe anyi gbachiri ha nkiti. Ma na oge nke ugbua, unu e kweghi kwa la ka ha na e me anyi otua. Ha e lefurula anya mgbe ndi Police na a ga na ime ulo anyi ga jide anyi tinye anyi na nkporo na o nweghi ihe anyi mere karia kwa na anyi na e nwe nzuko—na udo; ma o wu mgbe ndi Police gara nwude anyi na ulo ekpere ebe anyi na e nwe nzuko. Kedu nnoo ihe oma ha merela anyi: o wu nu na uzo-ala oma di na ala Biafra taa, ka o wu na nsopuru nke ndi Nigeria na e nye ndi Igbo-ndi Biafra taa? Ihe anyi ga na e mezi site ugbu a rue mgbe anyi ga e nweta Biafra wu i na a gwa umu aru ndi ya na anyi a choghi kwa ha ma o wu Nigeria ozo; na o nweghi ihe anyi na one-Nigeria nwekoro-onu. Anyi ga a gwa ha ka ha chegharia, site na Nigeria gawa na Biafra; ka ha bia na Biafra.


Nde Biafra: oge  e ruo la oo. Oge anyi e ruo la. Oge nweta Biafra e ruo la. Nke a wu oge nke Chineke maka anyi  i nweta Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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