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1. WWD (Worldwide Demonstrations), May 27:


The pro-Biafran Worldwide demonstrations will hold on May 27 all over the world, outside of Nigeria. We have earlier distributed the relevant memorandum stating the proper conduct of demonstrations. Biafra wishes you all Godspeed and great success.


2. Special Church Service for Biafra actualization, Sunday, May 22 2005


Every Biafran is called upon to attend church on Sunday, May 22, to say a prayer for Biafra / Biafra actualization, in commemoration of the 6th anniversary of the re-hoisting of the Biafran Flag by MASSOB; and the original declaration of Biafra 38 years ago.


Thank you.




Gee unu nti, gee unu nti:


Otu) Ngaaghari-iwe na uwa na ile May 27


Nde Biafra ga e me ngaaghari-iwe nke anyi na a kpo Worldwide Demonstration (WWD) na uwa na ile (na a wughi na ime Nigeria) na ubochi ogu-na-asa onwa ya wu May (27). Anyi a dee la akwukwo (Memorandum) maka otu o kwesiri ka nde Biafra na a ga njem a ga e ji a kpa a agwa. Chineke Biafra dube unu, nye Biafra mmeri.


Abuo) Ekpere na ulo Uka maka nweta Biafra, Sunday May 22 2005 


Anyi na a gwa onye Biafra o wula ka ya ga kpee ekpere na ulo uka na ubochi ogu-na-abuo na onwa ya, May, (22) maka nweta Biafra, ji kwa nkaa na e cheta emume i weli flag Biafra elu, afo isii gara aga; na nkwuputa Biafra, ogu-afo-na-iri-na-asato gara aga.


Ndewo unu.





For May 21st, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Events in Nigeria continue to validate why we must leave Nigeria—why we have left Nigeria for Biafra, the land and nation of our natural origin. One of the ways that being forced into Nigeria has punished the people of Biafra, is the complete destruction of Educational system by so-called Nigerian leaders, and also, by those ethnic groups who do not place priority value on Education. Consider that Obasanjo has received billions of Naira through what he calls “private donations” to build his own personal, private library, in competition with, and covetous of, American Presidents. But, ask yourself: how many University libraries are functioning in Nigeria? How many institutions of higher learning anywhere in Nigeria can boast of modern journals, never mind books? Of those so-called “private donors,” tripping over themselves to show pretentious largesse and “donate their next salaries,” how many have made any donations to support the libraries in higher institutions? The same Obasanjo, personifying everything that is so wrong with Nigeria, owns his own personal private University in Nigeria; just like many of his cronies—persons who stole brazenly from the national till, without second thoughts. Yes, these persons own and run their own personal, private institutions built with stolen public funds, yet, they sit there and deliberately allow the public education system in Nigeria to decay, making it an embarrassment to the international world.

When these so-called “leaders of Nigeria” are not building personal and private universities, they embrace and implement a caricature of an educational system by promulgating policies which are deliberately made to “slow down” the nations living in the South of Nigeria, so that the nations in the North can “catch up”—imagine that! In one recent instance, for example, only 300 candidates could be found eligible in the whole of Northern Nigeria for an educational opportunity, compared with 15,000 candidates from just one State in the Southeast. By this type policy, a quota system favors poorly qualified and unqualified Northerners over (and at the same time, penalizes) more deserving and meritorious candidates from the South and Southeast.

Fellow Biafrans, no one needs to remind you of how badly this has hurt our people. There is no single Biafran family that has not been adversely affected. Our children, our pride and joy; our youth, the future stars; and much of the post-war generation, have been cheated by Nigeria out of decent and even basic Education; and languish today on the streets, unfulfilled and left without hope. Because, for us Biafrans, Education is next to freedom, air and water on the list of things we could not do without.

Recent events continue to prove that these things will not get any better for us. We must now renew our determination to press home to victory in this struggle for Biafra actualization. Only the sovereign and independent Nation of Biafra can secure, provide and protect opportunities for us, for such basic ingredients of life.

As you know by now, it is not just the Igbo-Biafrans wanting to rescue its people and nation from the evil and fraud called Nigeria. The entire Biafra and other people residing therein have arrived at the same conclusion, and are acting on it. The Yoruba are also working on it; as soon as the Middle-belt become honest and have clarity about it, they too will be looking and doing the same thing. The Hausa-Fulani already have their Muslim Nation in the North, but prefer to enslave other nations by keeping Nigeria as is, so that they can have it both ways—exercise their sovereignty over their own land, and, at the same time, extend their domain and control over the lands of other nations, an arrangement which allows them and their leaders to rape the other nations, without qualms, without accountability; but as a right. The Hausa-Fulani are like the wasp which keeps its prey alive but paralyzed, so to preserve the prey as a live food-source for the wasp’s offspring.

Fellow Biafrans: you should rightly feel sorry for any Biafrans who are still out there rooting for Nigeria—one Nigeria. Some foolishly believe that their turn will come to loot Nigeria, so they want the system to continue. It is idiotic and immoral to wait for, and take, a turn at a game of crime and evil. Besides, while others can make a virtue of such an abomination and get away with it, the Igbo-Biafran will always be singled out and punished for what everyone else is doing and getting away with in Nigeria. Yet others think that it is too complicated to actualize Biafra—pity!:  what could be more complicated than a Biafran living under these awful conditions for being forced into one-Nigeria, but is never treated as, or accorded the full rights due, a Nigerian citizen?

To those who sneer at the sacrifices made by members of MASSOB, be certain that these outstanding men and women, boys and girls of MASSOB, do not need you to patronize them or lecture them. These are brave people who have placed a value on life, and will not compromise. While you sit in relative ease or comfort living and protecting a life in the latrine where flies and maggots of all sizes are your constant companion, and wherein you are forcibly kept by Nigeria guard, those other principled people who abhor the devaluation and mockery of life like this, refuse to accept your type of life and your definition of “comfort.” It was Jesus Christ himself who told us that those who strive so much to protect their own life will lose it. A life lived in Nigeria unchallenged, and defended as a Nigerian, is indeed a lost life—it is not life at all. To those one-Nigerianists afraid to lose their lives instead of standing up for their freedom, we can say that they have already lost those lives.

We have a moral obligation to oppose, resist and defeat enslavement in any form. We have a divine right and duty to not just refuse to cooperate with evil, but also, to defeat that evil and cast it out of our abode outright. In so doing, our lives will be in constant and extreme danger, as will everything associated with us—friends, family, property. But, that is the cost of freedom; we accept it. Nigeria represents enslavement of Biafrans; Nigeria is the embodiment of evil. There is no way that we can accommodate, or allow ourselves to be assimilated into evil and nothingness by, Nigeria. This is precisely why we must have Biafra, why we have Biafra, and why we embrace Biafra totally.

Now, let’s all get ready as we enter the season of pronounced activity, our final push, which, when sustained, will bag us our prize of Biafra—the sovereign, independent nation of people whose God created them with pleasure and blessed them with every manner of abundance. Biafra!

Biafra alive!

That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


O wu anyi oke ihe n wuta na umu aka anyi na nde toro-eto a naghi e je zi na ulo akwukwo ka ha ga muo oke akwukwo. Nkea wu otu na ime ihe ndi ojoo ozo nke Nigeria jiri were na e meru anyi wu ndi Biafra ahu. Maka ndi Biafra nwere ezigbo ogugu-isi, mara otu e ji a muta ihe puru ichie na ulo akwukwo, were ihe ha mutara, we e me ihe oma, ihe na ebute oga-na-ihu nke mmadu na nke obodo; ihe na e me ka ndu onye owula baara ya uru. Ndi isi ndi Nigeria di ka Obasanjo na e zuru ego Nigeria nke si na mmanu ndi Biafra, were ya ga na a ruo ulo akwukwo ukwu a na a kpo University nke onwe ha nwe, jiri otua were ego a gara e ji ruzie University nde mmadu na bulie ya elu, we e ga tinye na University nke onwe ha. Nkea mere ka mmuta Akwukwo e nweghi isi na ime Nigeria ebe ogbasara Ndi Biafra. Ndi Ugwu-Awusa e kwue kwa la ya na onu ha, na ha ga na e me ihe na ile ha nwere ike i me ka ha hu na ndi Mgbada (nke wu anyi na ndi Yoruba) a kwusi la agurum-akwukwo ruo mgbe ha wu ndi Awusa ga a gakwuru ndi Mgbada, ma o wu gafee ha na mmuta akwukwo. Unu a marala na i gu akwukwo na mmuta akwukwo di ndi Biafra mkpa ka mmiri na iku-ume siri diri mmadu mkpa. Mara kwa unu na o wu so-o-so Biafra ga e me ka anyi laachi ga wa ulo akwukwo i ga i muta ihe anyi na ezi-na-ulo ga e ji e bi ezigbo ndu, were ya mezie Obodo anyi wu Biafra.


Ma, ihe akwukwo ya wu kwa nu naani otu ihe ojoo na ime ihe ojoo na ihe aru na ile ndi ozo buru ibu nke Nigeria na e me ndi Biafra. Nkea mere ka anyi ji a si na ebere na e mere anyi onye Biafra owula na a si na ya ka choro one-Nigeria. Onye ahu wu kwanu onye iberibe. Ufodu na ime ha di otua na a cho one-Nigeria maka ha chere na wuru-wuru na e me na ime Nigeria ga e ru ha aka, nyere ha aka mgbe oge nke ha ruru, na mgbe na a bia abia. Tufiakwa!  Ndi na a si na o ga a ra ahu ka anyi wu Biafra site na Nigeria puo, anyi na a ju ha ajuju: kedu nke rakariri ahu—i bi ka onye ohu na ime Nigeria, ka o wu i zo, ka dimkpa, otu i ga e si e bi ndu otu o siri soo gi na ime Biafra, ala nna na nne gi, nke Chineke jiri aka Ya nye gi? Kedu nke rakariri ahu?


Ihe anyi ga e me taa na echi wu i na a gbali ka ndi MASSOB ka anyi nweta Biafra, ma owuladi na Obasanjo na ndi Nigeria na e gbu anyi egbu ma o wu na e nye anyi mmekpa-ahu, na a tu anyi mkporo, ka ha si eme ndi MASSOB. Otu mmuo ahu di na ime nde MASSOB ka anyi nwere—anyi na ile; mmuo nke di ndu na ime anyi, mmuo nke na a gwa anyi na onye bi ka ohu na ujo, onye na e ze ndu ya, na onye ahu e nweghi zi kwa nu ndu ozo—o nwuo di la anwuo. Ma na onye ahu na a cho udi ndi nke Chineke kere nye ya, ma o nwugodu a nwuo na uzo i cho ndu Chineke ya, Jesu Kristi na a gwa anyi na o wu ezigbo ndu ka onye ahu ka di, ka onye ahu biri. I bi na ime Nigeria wu i tufu ndu gi—o wu kwa nu onwu. Ma i bi ndu nzota Biafra na nweta Biafra; na i bi na ime Biafra, nkea wu ndu oma nke Chineke na onwe Ya kere nye anyi. Nkea wu “i di ndu, na kwa e bi ndu.”


Jikere unu: o ruela mgbe anyi ga e tinye anya, tinye isi na tinye aka na ime nweta Biafra. O wughi naani Ndigbo-Biafra na a cho i biri onwe ha, chia a kwa onwe ha: ndi Biafra ndi ozo na a cho kwa otu ihea; ma ndi Yoruba kwa; ndi Middle-Belt kwa—ma ha sacha anya ha mmiri. Ndi Awusa-Fulani a noro la onwe ha anoro—ha na Sharia ha; ma ihe ha choro i me—ihe ha na e me ogea na ile—wu i hu na Nigeria wu otu, ka ha si otua, ebe ha e nwerela onwe ha enwere, nwere zie ndi Obodo ndi ozo di ka anyi. Anyi a gaghi e kwe; Chi anyi e nweghi ike ikwe ihe di otua ka o mee. Jikere zie unu ka anyi ruo oru nweta Biafra site ugbua ruo mgbe o ga e me, mgbe na a dighi anya.


Chineke kere anyi jiri obi uto nye anyi ndu, umu Biafra na ala Biafra. Anyi ga e me ihe na ile e kwesiri ime nweta Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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