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1. WWD (Worldwide Demonstrations), May 27:


The pro-Biafran Worldwide demonstrations will hold on May 27 all over the world, outside of Nigeria. We have earlier distributed the relevant memorandum stating the proper conduct of demonstrations. Biafra wishes you all Godspeed and great success.


2. Special Church Service for Biafra actualization, Sunday, May 22 2005


Every Biafran is called upon to attend church on Sunday, May 22, to say a prayer for Biafra / Biafra actualization, in commemoration of the 6th anniversary of the re-hoisting of the Biafran Flag by MASSOB; and the original declaration of Biafra 38 years ago.


Thank you.




Gee unu nti, gee unu nti:


Otu) Ngaaghari-iwe na uwa na ile May 27


Nde Biafra ga e me ngaaghari-iwe nke anyi na a kpo Worldwide Demonstration (WWD) na uwa na ile (na a wughi na ime Nigeria) na ubochi ogu-na-asa onwa ya wu May (27). Anyi a dee la akwukwo (Memorandum) maka otu o kwesiri ka nde Biafra na a ga njem a ga e ji a kpa a agwa. Chineke Biafra dube unu, nye Biafra mmeri.


Abuo) Ekpere na ulo Uka maka nweta Biafra, Sunday May 22 2005 


Anyi na a gwa onye Biafra o wula ka ya ga kpee ekpere na ulo uka na ubochi ogu-na-abuo na onwa ya, May, (22) maka nweta Biafra, ji kwa nkaa na e cheta emume i weli flag Biafra elu, afo isii gara aga; na nkwuputa Biafra, ogu-afo-na-iri-na-asato gara aga.


Ndewo unu.




For May 14th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

The spirit of MASSOB is precisely the solution to Nigeria’s problems. That spirit seeks to release the forced bonds of entanglement deliberately used to cobble Nigeria together for the benefit of the British, benefits now inherited by an opportunist-class bent on maintaining the sick system. It is the spirit that says that sovereignty should, and will, be restored to each of the original, once proud, independent ethnic nations now enslaved together as one-Nigeria, an arrangement that has made parasites and bullies of some ethnic nations; bred oppression and exploitation of other ethnic nations; and institutionalized ethnic racism and marginalization. In seeking the recognition and ratification of Biafra’s sovereignty and independence, the spirit of MASSOB is the Spirit of liberation, of justice, of truth and of equity—not just for Biafra, but for all the other ethnic nations.

The agenda of MASSOB is the most enlightened way to act out and manifest this benevolent spirit. The agenda calls for non-violence, dialogue and truthfulness, while adhering to the moral authority and moral imperative of non-cooperation with evil laws and racist policies; and refusing to sit still and idle in dehumanizing slavery and horrendous bondage in Nigeria. This method notwithstanding, the enemy, Nigeria, has engaged in killing, maiming, injuring, destruction and dispossession of MASSOB and its members, and other Biafrans alike, who are pursuing the aforementioned agenda. In the year 2005, it would be utter failure and regression for collective humanity if principled non-violence and dialogue is not the primary mode of settling issues. That is why the MASSOB agenda is enlightened and respectful of the peaceful culture, tradition, and dignity of humanity.

It should therefore be a mark on the conscience of humanity today that we are all witnesses of the daily carnage resulting from Obasanjo sending in armed units of Nigerian agents against MASSOB members all over Nigeria—in towns and cities and villages of Biafraland, and in nearby and faraway places in Nigeria—to kill and harass MASSOB members; to arrest and detain them, to bring trumped up charges against them, and deny them bail. It should be a mark on the conscience of the world because the world “say nothing” and pretend to “see nothing.” Almost forty years ago today, the world reacted the same way, accommodating the wholesale massacre of Igbo and other Biafrans in well orchestrated pogroms especially in Northern Nigeria and also in Western Nigeria. In self-defense, Biafrans took up arms to stop the murderous marauding vandals who pursued the Igbo and other Biafrans into the latters’ own enclave. During the ensuing war, the world watched once again in total denial and acquiescence as the most atrocious genocide since the holocaust was committed against the Igbo and other Biafrans.

As for Nigeria and Obasanjo, let us remind them that just the previous week, Obasanjo himself told the world and Nigerians that the forced amalgamation of the then Northern Protectorate and Southern Protectorate by the British colonial government remains the root cause of all the problems of Nigeria today. More so, since both victims have nothing in common;  this was done strictly for British selfish interest; and also, with spite for the indigenous peoples (the consent of the different ethnic nations was not even sought). Let us remind Obasanjo and Nigeria that also speaking from the other side of the globe at about the same time, the British, in agreement, regretted their having forced different ethnic nations into one Nigeria, lamenting the serious and intractable problems such an arrangement has caused, the lives it has cost these nations and it will continue to cost them as long as the same arrangement remains. Having the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia now as reference, the British have recommended serious restructuring for Nigeria.

As such, we ask Obasanjo and Nigeria: what has MASSOB done so wrong, seeing that the spirit of MASSOB is, in fact, restructuring resulting in the restoration of the original and natural sovereignties and independence of these ethnic nations? We ask Obasanjo and Nigeria (and the British): did we not all agree—finally—that the original problem is the forcing of ethnic nations having nothing in common into one-Nigeria, and the stripping off of each ethnic nation’s sovereignty and independence? So, where has MASSOB really gone wrong?

We ask Obasanjo and Nigeria: how is MASSOB wrong in pursuing an agenda of non-violence and dialogue in accomplishing this restructuring? Has any of your armed agents ever come to harm as a result of MASSOB action in all of MASSOB’s five years of existence? By comparison, in that period of time, how many policemen have been killed by the OPC and the Arewa groups and other nationalistic groups in Nigeria? How many soldiers have died at their hands? How many civilians, even? Facts, evidence and truth notwithstanding, you and your agents shamelessly persecute and torture MASSOB members, detain them, kill them while in your custody, refuse them bail and scare away their visitor-friends and family, and bring laughable and trumped up charges against them in your kangaroo courts. And, threaten them with the death penalty for Treason.

We want to make some things clear to all who would listen. The structure of Nigeria is rotten—we all know that. We also all know that nothing will change for the better as long as that structure remains. One-Nigeria has ruined our lives to the extent that we have no other choice but do something—the correct thing—about it. That is why MASSOB.  That is why there will always be MASSOB from this time on until correction is effected. That is why MASSOB will succeed. You can arrest, detain, jail, torture, injure and kill 95% of us, but rest assured that the remaining 5% will regenerate and multiply back to 100% MASSOB. Just like we rebounded following the Biafran war.

We have seen non-violence work, even as recently as these past few months when citizens got fed up with governments not even a fraction as bad as the governments of Nigeria; took to the streets, and forced the incompetent, corrupt and offensive administrations out, without a shot being fired by the people. We adhere to MASSOB’s non-violence agenda, and know it will get us through. Nevertheless, lest the un-informed, bloodthirsty and sadistic administration of Nigeria start licking their chops in anticipation of a one-sided battle and an easy kill, we ask them to remember South Africa’s apartheid experience. MASSOB forges on, on a determined agenda of non-violence; but, do not count on that with other groups who will be spawned out of your own continuing wickedness. And, we want to tell Obasanjo and his administration: think of Pinochet and Milosevic. As long as you live, there is a place reserved for you as defendants in the International Court of Justice in trial for your crimes against humanity in the case of MASSOB members. You might have gotten away with Biafra war atrocities on technicality; but today, all those loopholes have been closed.

Fellow MASSOBians: you have every right to insist on, and pursue, the restructuring of Nigeria to restore the sovereignty and independence of Biafra, which should also lead to the liberation of the other ethnic nations. That is the only real, moral, honest and truthful solution to Nigeria’s problems—our problems today. And, you are not wrong to adopt the non-violence non-cooperation method. We know that you have suffered—suffered untold hardship, humiliation, injury, detention, rape and death at the hands of Obasanjo and his armed Nigeria agents.  We know how these vicious hard-hearted animals have harassed you and forced you into hiding for days and weeks on end. We say “we know,” but, who can really, truly, know the anguish of another in instances and conditions such as these? What we know without gradation or shades is that YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING, THE ONLY GODLY THING TO DO! for your own soul, for your family and friends and kin, and for the current and future generations of Biafrans.

Fellow Biafrans, we are all MASSOBians. We call on all of you to come out and say, “No more!” to the injustices of Nigeria, to the dehumanization and humiliation meted on us by Nigeria. No more hiding. No more hushed speak and murmuring. No more silence. Come out in masses. Conduct your MASSOB and Biafran meetings in the open, in small and in large groups. Let Obasanjo and Nigeria arrest all of us.  Let them shoot all of us. When we die, we die as Biafrans, rather than live as Nigerians in slavery. When they force us into jail, we suffer there as Biafrans, instead of sulking, humiliated, jobless and useless at home as Nigerians. Because we are doing the right thing—the only moral thing to do—by taking our own destiny in our own hands and extricating ourselves from a rotting, rotten, fallen, evil place known as Nigeria. We are Biafran—always have been; we have never been Nigerian and shall never be.

Look no more to Man for approval or encouragement; rather, take your cue from your Spirit, your umbilical cord to God your Maker, whose only plan, intent and pleasure is for you to live free and enjoy Him. From Him will come your strength and succor through the ordeal, until victory—Biafra.

Biafra alive!

That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Mmuo na e du MASSOB na ihe MASSOB na e me taa wu mmuo oma na ezi-okwu, mmuo Chineke, nke na e du na uzo i ji i gbabie udo-igwe e jiri khee ndi mba di ichie-ichie, were otua jiri ike me ka ha noro na otu Nigeria. Mmuo ya choro ka ndi mba ndia na ile noro zie onwe ha, na a chi onwe ha, otu ha siri diri na mbu. O wu ihe anyi jiri mara na ihe MASSOB na a cho, nke wu ka obodo Biafra diri onwe ya, chia kwa onwe ya, wu ihe ziri ezi, ihe ga e me eme.


Uzo ndi MASSOB si na a cho ka ndi mba ndia na ile nwere onwe ha, wu uzo ziri ezi, uzo nke Chineke, uzo udo, uzo e si a kpa ihe akpa, na o nweghi onye anyi ga e tigbu ma o wu jiri mma ma o wu egbe gbuo. Uzo nka wu kwa uzo e kweghi-ekwe, ebe anyi a gaghi a no nga ahu gbachi nkiti mgbe Obansanjo na Nigeria na e me anyi aru na na e megbu anyi emegbu.


Otua ka anyi jiri hu na mmuo na uzo MASSOB na eso i ji mee ihe e kwesiri i me, wu ihe ziri ezi, ihe ezi-okwu, nke aka nke Chineke na Onwe Ya di na i me. Ma na Obasanjo na ndi Nigeria na ndi uwe ojii ya na ha e nye la ndi MASSOB na ndi Biafra ndi ozo oke nsogbu, na a jide nde MASSOB na na e tinye ha na nkporo; mbge ufodi, na e meru ha ahu, ma na ime ala Biafra ma o wu na ala ndi ozo na ime Nigeria.


Cheta kwa unu na o wu Obasanjo na onwe ya, kwuru na nsogbu na ile di na ime Nigeria taa, na o wu maka ndi British jiri ike tinye ndi mba ndia di ichie-ichie na otu Nigeria; na o wu njo ka ndi British mere na ihea. O me bee izu abuo ka o kwuru ihea. Ndi British na kwa e kwu otu ihe ahu, na o wu ihe ojoo ka ha wu ndi British mere, otu ha siri jiri ike me ka ndi mba na ile noro na otu Nigeria; na o wu ihea butere oke i ta ahuhu, na onwu ndi mmadu di na Nigeria taa. Ha na e kwu na o wu so-o-so i gbanwe ihe ndia na ile wu ihe ga a zo Nigeria na ndi bi na ime ya.


Ma kezi kwanu otu Obasanjo na ndi British ga e kwu cha ihe di otua, ma ya wu Obasanjo a gaa zie na enye ndi MASSOB oke mmekpa-ahu, ebe ihe MASSOB na e me wu ihe Obasanjo na ndi British kwerela ekwere na o wu ihe gaa a zo ndi bi na Nigeria, mezie kwa ihe ndi British mebiri na mbu? Otua ka anyi ji na a tu ogu, si ndi uwa lee kwa o; si Chineke anyi na Chineke Obasanjo na ndi Nigeria—Otu Chineke a—lee kwa o.


Ndi MASSOB, anyi ma ihe na ile Obasanjo na ndi uwe ojii ya mere unu na izu nkea na izu nde gara a ga. Anyi kwere na ihe unu na e me—anyi kwu unu na a zu na oge na ile. Anyi na a rio Chineke ka ogbaa unu ume, nye kwa unu obi-sie-ike, maka ihe unu na e me wu ihe ziri ezi. Anyi na a gwa Obasanjo na ndi otu ya na otu ubochi, anyi ga e wega ha na ulo ikpe ndi uwa dum a na a kpo International Court of Justice ka ha ga zaa aziza na ihe gbasara ihe odida iwu ha mere ndi MASSOB.


Ndi Biafra: mara kwa unu na anyi na ile wu MASSOB. Maka ihe MASSOB na a cho, otu mmuo si na e du ha, na otu ha si na a e me ihe nweta Biafra, o wu otu ahu ka Chineke siri choo ya. Anyi a mara la na o wuru na o nweghi ihe anyi mere gbasara onodu anyi na ime Nigeria taa, anyi ga a nwusi a nwu—onwu nde ohu na onwu ndi e chefuru echefu—tufiakwa! Maka nkea, ihe anyi na e me na nweta Biafra—ihe MASSOB na e me—wu ihe ziri ezi. Anyi ga na e me si ya ike, o wughi kwanu na nzuzo; anyi ga na e me ihe anyi na e eme na ighie, ka ndi o wula hu ihe anyi na e me, na otu anyi ji na e me ya. Onye na e me ihe ziri ezi, o naghi e me ya na nzuzo. MASSOB—anyi—na e me ihe ziri ezi. A na kwa a kugbu anyi akugbu, ma o wu na e tinye anyi na nga, ma o wu na onwu ma o wu na ndu, anyi ga na e me ihe anyi na e me rue mgbe anyi ga e nweta Biafra. Ihe na ile dakwasiri anyi na oru anyi na a ru na nweta Biafra, o wu na aha Biafra ka anyi ji e dhi ndhidhi ya; o wuru la anyi ngozi ka ihe ndia mee anyi na aha Biafra, kama anyi ga e biri na ala Nigeria ka odi-ndu-onye-nwuru-anwu ka nma.


Chineke kere anyi jiri obi uto nye anyi ndu, umu Biafra na ala Biafra. Anyi ga e me ihe na ile e kwesiri ime nweta Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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