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Special Announcement:


Biafra Foundation views with gravity the ongoing harassment, persecution and incarceration of MASSOB members by the government of General Obasanjo and Nigeria, especially given the fact that both General Obasanjo and at least one British colonial government representative have now admitted publicly what is common knowledge, that the British made a grievous mistake by lumping different ethnic groups together as Nigeria, without due consideration of their indelible differences and orientations; furthermore, they have also stated publicly that serious restructuring is required if the ongoing resultant problems of Nigeria and the region are to be effectively resolved. The drive for such restructuring is precisely what MASSOB is doing, and is doing so with conscious, dedicated and deliberate non-violent means. MASSOB must be treated as a partner for honest, serious, effective and viable solutions, rather than the way Nigeria mistreats MASSOB now. Biafra Foundation and all Biafrans are in full support of MASSOB agenda and MASSOB’s non-violent method. We ask General Obasanjo and his government to cease and to desist forthwith; rather, embrace MASSOB in negotiations.


At the same time, Biafra Foundation is alerting the entire world and the United Nations, again, to the ongoing inhumane treatment being meted out to non-violent MASSOB members by the government of Nigeria both within Nigeria and in other neighboring African countries whereby MASSOB members’ human and civil rights are violated with impunity by the Nigerian government, and in some instances, even in arrogant contempt of orders by Nigerian courts.



Gee unu nti, gee unu nti: nkea wu olu otimkpu ndi Biafra:


Otu Biafra Foundation si na o wu oke aru na oke ajoo ihe, ihe General Obasanjo na government ndi Nigeria ya na e me ndi MASSOB, ebe Obasanjo na onwe ya na ndi British e kwere la, ma kwu e kwa ya taa na ogbakoro, na otu ndi British jiri ji ike tinye ndi mba di iche-iche na otu Nigeria, na o dighi mma, maka ihe o butara wu so-o-so nsogbu ojoo dum di na ime Nigeria tata; ebe ha e kwu e kwala na ihe e nweghi ike i di mma na ime Nigeria o wuru ma a gbanweghi otu ndi mba ndia na ile ga e si biri na akuku onwe ha, ihe a na a  kpo “restructuring” na okwu oyibo. Mana o wu kwa “restructuring” a ka MASSOB na a cho, site na uzo nke udo; kama Nigeria ga e kele MASSOB, ya a na e nye MASSOB mmekpa-ahu. Mara kwa unu na Biafra Foundation na ndi Biafra na ile kwu MASSOB na azu na ihe ha na e me. Anyi na a gwa Obasanjo na government ya ka ha kwusi tata mmegbu ha na e megbu MASSOB; kama, ka ha nabata ndi MASSOB, ka anyi kpaa ihe gbasara “restructuring” a akpaa.


Na otu aka ahu kwa, ndi otu Biafra Foundation na a turu ndi uwa na ile na ndi United Nations aka na ebe ihe aru ndi Nigeria na e me ndi MASSOB na oge na ile, na ime Nigeria na na ime mba ndi ozo di na Africa; ka ha e chefughi kwa la na Obasanjo na ndi Nigeria ya, na a da iwu uwa gbasara otu government kwesiri i ji na e me ndi mmadu bi na ala ha.


For April 30th 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


In analyzing the report of Gowon’s inane counsel to Igbo / Biafran people when he visited Biafraland this past week, we have a message directed not just at the visit, but at Igbo-Biafran people in general. To our people, we lament, through the proverb of our sages, thus:


“…Lion has become crippled; and Antelope bears down on him demanding reparations…”


That Gowon can come to Biafraland today and lecture us on anything—anything at all, pontificate blatant lies to our people, and get away with it, is a statement not of Gowon’s effrontery but of our own weakness and cowardice. Think about it.


With regards to the issue of the planned Nigerian elections in 2007, first, we are Biafrans; we are not interested in Nigeria. Hence, we are not interested in the post of the president of Nigeria for the 2007 fraud to-be-called-elections—assuming that 2007 comes to Nigeria, or that Nigeria gets to 2007; and or assuming that typical pre-rigged elections actually will be organized at all. By that time, we shall be in the Sovereign Independent Nation of Biafra. Nevertheless, and second, who is Gowon to come to Biafraland and tell Ndigbo what deficiencies bar them from achieving such a post? Is there anyone who has ruled Nigeria thus far who has better qualifications than even the least Igbo stupid enough to aspire to that post? As for making Igbo presidency of Nigeria contingent upon Igbo unity, why has he not applied the same yardstick to his own people? Are the Northerners united any more? Are the Yoruba united—did they not even oppose Obasanjo’s 1999 candidacy, and today, are they not the worst critiques of Obasanjo? Which region in Nigeria is really united? Based on Gowon’s “unity”-argument, there should be no contestants for the presidency of Nigeria, because no region enjoys united today.


What we see here is the same feeble-minded Gowon who, bereft of any independent and or original ideas, is always mouthing other people’s words and doing other people’s bidding. Surely, Gowon’s handlers have asked him to use the known Igbo dispensation of lack of unity to intimidate the Igbo into not even entering the contest for that post. Fool that he is, Gowon fails to understand that the Igbo will pull together whenever the occasion arises. August 26th, 2004—has Gowon forgotten so soon? April 2003, when no one gave APGA any chance of making a showing, never mind, winning, during the 2003 elections. Yet, the spectacular performance of APGA, as a result of Igbo and other Biafrans closing ranks at the critical moment, and giving APGA almost a unanimous collective Igbo-Biafran vote, was to send shock waves into Nigeria, forcing Obasanjo and PDP’s hand to become reckless and sloppy in their rigging of that election, allowing the entire world to witness and report on their fraud.


Only a shallow or non-thinker at all, like Gowon, would forget how quickly the Igbo can decide to come together in spite of the Igbo trait and tendency of individualism. How soon Gowon forgets the Biafran War—of course, he is entitled to forget, because it was the British, the Russians, the Czechs, the Arabs, the Muslims and the Egyptians who, in 1967, combined their might and resources to defeat Biafra after 3 years of hard fighting, as he, Gowon, was to sit in Lagos, a puppet of Northern Nigerian Military Officers, and British teleguidance, to claim leadership and victory.  Gowon forgets how quickly and how easily the Igbo-Biafrans will come together and act in unison.


And, speaking of the war, Gowon brings on himself such scorn and disrepute when he makes really ignorant statements about the war’s antecedents and cause.  Gowon says that the pogrom visited on the Igbo and other Biafrans in Northern Nigeria and other parts of Nigeria (at least, he admits that there was a pogrom at all) in 1966 and 1967 was because the Igbo wanted to secede. We can give credit to Gowon for his sheer ignorance, validating our conclusions that he is a shallow thinker—if at all; or we can be categorical, and call Gowon a big fat liar. Gowon can be forgiven if he does not know or understand that pogrom against the Igbo in the North started in the 1940’s and 1950’s and continued to a climax in 1966 / 67, well before the war, and had nothing to do with so-called Igbo secession.  And then, well after the war, starting in the 80’s, and culminating in 2002 and 2004, in Kano, in Kaduna, in Jos and in other Northern cities, the Igbo were selectively killed by Northerners in a never really broken cycle of pogrom and genocide, for no other reason than their being Igbo: it was not a question or matter of Igbo secession. Only an idiot or a hypocritical liar can ignore these facts.


But, in 1966, the Northern Military counter-coup which foisted Gowon himself as the leader, was in fact, a pogrom against Igbo Nigerian Military Officers, which resulted notably in the murder of Major General Aguiyi Ironsi, and of course, the majority of Igbo military officers serving in Nigeria then. Is Gowon now telling us that this dastardly, bloody crime was done to prevent Igbo secession, especially given that Ironsi was making the rounds preaching a unitary Nigeria, and, as a matter of fact, the only talk of secession was by the North? When the civilian version of this “uniformed” pogrom was carried out in three successive waves in 1966, during which hundreds of thousands of Igbo especially, and other Biafrans, living in Northern Nigeria, were senselessly slaughtered and maimed and dispossessed by the Northerners, did not Gowon’s regime provide the enabling and supporting atmosphere for the heinous crime? What was Gowon’s reason then—that the Igbo were plotting secession while still living trustingly in the North? What was the reason given by the Northern murderers themselves—did they say that they were killing the Igbo living among them as erstwhile good and peaceful neighbors, in order to stop Igbo secession? For a person like Gowon to make these claims today is really appalling; but, there again, we really do not expect much from him: he is at best a nincompoop.


Otherwise, how else would you characterize such a person when he, Gowon, states that he is the author of the “no victors no vanquished” postwar statement, in order to buttress his lies today? Isn’t it only the fool or the blind, deaf and dumb who does not understand that such a statement was mere hot air, and of less worth than animal dung? Gowon should know, but he pretends not to know. Pity!


All we have is contempt and ridicule for Gowon because it is the same Gowon whose first official statement when he and his group forced their way into power after this bloody so-called “revenge coup” in Nigeria in 1966 was “…the basis for unity [of Nigeria] no longer there…” Imagine the same person now coming to lecture Igbo people today with the statement that Igbo people were killed in the pogroms in order to prevent Igbo secession! We say, Shame on you Gowon! If you are ignorant, then shut up; if you are deliberately lying, may nemesis catch up with you!


However, we reserve our greatest scorn for any Igbo organization which invites the likes of Gowon to come to Biafraland to lecture us with insults and with lies. We are tired of the recurrent Igbo behavior which goes to find and pick Northerners for patronage of Igbo-Biafran activities—especially considering that whoever is picked is naturally of inferior intellect and great ignorance, always gratuitously dishing out insult and disrespect to our people. Ndigbo—Biafrans: when are we going to learn? A Christian group is reported to have invited Gowon to Biafraland on this occasion, but this group made no efforts to challenge Gowon’s lies. Is this group now telling us that God condones such lying, or that God condones those who condone lying? The Christian group should know better.


Fellow Biafrans: we must all wake up now and become more vigilant and stay committed to completing our journey into Biafraland. Look how the Northerners have—in desperation—bribed, intimidated, threatened and divided the so-called Igbo-delegates selected by Igbo efulefu to Obasanjo’s fraudulent conference; doing so in order to secure Northern interests. Look how Joe Irukwu, the efulefu-leader of the delegates himself has, on the other hand, already sworn to ignore Igbo interests and push only Nigeria’s interests. Look how Obasanjo and his government have already concluded plans to remove Igbo as an official language in Nigeria; and take off ethnicity and religion from the planned Nigeria census data. As if that’s not enough, look how the Yorubaman at the head of the Christian Churches in Nigeria was busy in Zamfara State declaring that Sharia is now peaceful and no longer poses any danger for Christians—at the same time that the news media were reporting the ongoing burning of three Christian churches there (guess who own those churches?)  Then, on top of that, you invite Gowon to Biafraland to continue the psychological warfare using lies and hypocrisy against the Igbo—in the name of Christianity?! Chieii!!!  Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!!



Biafra alive! Because God Who created Biafra and Biafrans Is a Living God.


That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Ndi Igbo na a tu ilulu si na “…Ukwu e jie la Agu, Mgbada a bia ya ugwo...” Mgbe onye di ka Yakubu Gowon ga a bia na ala Biafra bia na a kpari ndi Igbo ka o siri mee na izu ya gara aga, mgbe ahu, ndi Igbo na e kwu na o nweghi kwa nu ike foro ha.


I nwere ike i chee na onye dika Gowon ga a gwa ndi Igbo taa, na ihe mere ndi Awusa na ndi Nigeria ndi ozo jiri gbusia ndi Igbo bi na Uwgu Awusa na afo 1966 wu maka Nigeria choro i kwusi ndi Igbo i puta na Nigeria? Nkea wu kwa nu ezigbo okwu ugha; ogwula ma Gowon na e me ihe nzuzu ya, nke anyi ma ama gbasara ya wu Gowon, na o wu onye nzuzu. Onye o wula ma na mgbe ndi Awusa bidoro i gbu ndi Igbo na a la Awusa, na afo 1966, o nweghi bee onye na e kwu okwu i kewa ma o wu i pu na Nigeria; ma o wughila ndi Awusa na onwe ha. O wu kwa Gowon jiri onu nke ya onwe ya kwue mgbe ahu na Nigeria i wu otu e nweghi isi. Ma onye ugha a wu Gowon ga a bia taa na e kwu na ha gburu ndi Igbo ka ha dobe Nigeria otu. Ihere a naghi eme onye ugha Gowon mgbe o na a tu asi.


Mana iwe na e wesi anyi ike maka o wu ndi Igbo gara kpoo Gowon ka ya bia na ala Igbo-ala Biafra, were zie jiri ugha ya na a pkari ndi Igbo mkpari.  Anyi na a gwa ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra na ile na oge a gaala mgbe otu o wula no na ala anyi ga a ga kpota ndi Awusa ka ha wuru onye isi oche nkea ma o wu nke ozo; ka ha wu ndi Awusa ji na a kpari anyi, na na a gha ugha ojoo e nweghi isi. Ma o wulaghi di otu nde Church; anyi a hu na o wu otu ndi Church gara weta Gowon ka o bia me ihe aru di otua na ala Biafra. Ndi Church e kwesighi ka ha noro nga ahu na e meghi ihe owula mgbe onye ha wetara ka o kwuo okwu na aha Church na a tu asi, na na a kpari nde mmadu ndi kpotara ya.


Efulefu Yakubu Gowon a si kwa na ndi Igbo a chokwalaghi okwa president Nigeria na afo 2007, o wuru na ha wu ndi Igbo a dighi na otu. Gowon na e chefu na o nweghi ebe ndi mmadu nwere otu obi na ime Nigeria taa; ma owurugodi na ala nde umunna ya ndi Awusa. Gowon na e chefu na mgbe o wula ihe siri ike, ndi Igbo ga a gbakota, were otu obi mee ihe—cheta kwa ihe mere na ubochi August 26 2004? Cheta kwa otu anyi siri bulie APGA elu na April 2003 elections? Cheta kwa otu ndi Igbo jiri were otu obi lu o ogu Biafra—a si na o wughi ndi British na ndi Russia na ndi Arab na ndi Alokaba uwa na ile, na ndi Egypt, o nweghi otu Gowon na ndi Nigeria gara e ji e meri na ogu ya. Chineke mere la Gowon ebere na ndi Biafra a naghi a cho ihe o wula wu Nigeria; anyi a naghi a cho okwa o wula na Nigeria. O wu naani Biafra ka anyi na a cho; ka anyi ga e nweta. Ma  o wughi otua, mgbe oge ruru, anyi wu ndi Igbo-ndi Biafra ga e ji otu obi na otu olu nweta ihe o wula o wu nke anyi choro i nweta.


Ndi Biafra: Gbaa unu ume ka anyi wee rute na ala Biafra, ala anyi.  Unu a hula otu Obasanjo na ndi otu ya ji na a kpari anyi, were kagbue asusu Igbo na ime asusu nde a ga na a su na emume ihe ndi Nigeria. Unu a hukwala otu ndi Ugwu Awusa ji ri were “bribe” na anya ike gbaruo obi na anya ndi efulefu ndi Igbo gara Nzuko National Conference Obasanjo, ka ndi Igbo a mebe zie ihe ha wu ndi Awusa choro. Unu a hukwa la otu efulefu Joe Irukwu jiri na a gwa ndi efulefu ndi Igbo a, ka ha ghafu ihe ga a diri ndi Igbo mma, kama, ka ha mee so-o-so ihe ga a diri Nigeria mma, na nzuko ojoo Obasanjo a. Nde Census Nigeria—Obasanjo na ndi otu ya—si na a gaghi a guinye ebe ndi mmadu si, na uka ndi mmadu na e kpe, mgbe a ga a gu onu-isi ya, ka ha were otua megbuo ndi Igbo. Bia zie tinyere ihe ndia na ile, ihe ojoo ihe efulefu Yakubu Gowon ya. Oge e rue la mbge ndi Igbo ndi Biafra ga kwa nu a muta ihe, muta kwa nu ako, na mmeko nke anyi na ndi Nigeria—Obasanjo na Gowon ha, na ndi otu ha; na kwa nu e me ihe ka ndi nwere echiche na ako; ndi a naghi echefu ihe mere ha na oge gara aga. Nde Igbo, ndi Biafra: mee unu ka ndi Biafra, ndi Chineke na Onwe Ya goziri a gozi!



Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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