This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For April 2nd 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:

Nigeria—one Nigeria—is the problem with Nigeria, and the problem that is Nigeria. This is not a statement of a mere curse: it is a self-evident fact. Nigeria corrupts everything and everybody identified with it. This, once again, is not a curse—it is a self-evident fact. Such corruption is only one manifestation of the problem—one-Nigeria—of Nigeria. There are only two classes of people living in Nigeria today: those that are already corrupt / corrupted; and those that are soon-to-be-corrupted—it’s only a matter of time, which is usually short; and opportunity, which is always plentiful, in Nigeria. The class of the already corrupt / corrupted can be subdivided into two groups: those that accept it and revel in it (Wabara, Arthur Nzeribe); and those that not only pretend that they are not corrupt, but go about acting holier-than-thou and preaching down to the rest of the people, of which the prime example is General Obasanjo himself. Remove one-Nigeria, and we will not have to contend with the problem. Biafra is the answer.


Take General Obasanjo for example. There is what is called “separation of powers” in the so-called Nigerian Constitution, among the Executive (presidency), the Judiciary, and the National Assembly (Senate and House). President General Obasanjo oversteps the bounds of the presidency in this separation of powers scheme and contravenes the stipulation of the constitution by insisting on personally selecting the Senate President. He has done so since 1999: no one has ever challenged him on that—not the Press, not the Senate, not the peoples, but least of all, not the South-east who are “entitled” to that post by prevailing political arrangements. Obasanjo picks and fires the Senate President, at will. When he can’t blackmail, intimidate or bully his way through it, he offers bribe to members of the Senate in order to get his way.


Today, as Wabara is on his way out as the Senate President, at President Obasanjo’s insistence, Nigerian newspapers are only too happy to announce that the same President Obasanjo is shopping around for a replacement. None of them has asked the obvious question: why is the Executive branch selecting Senate leadership? Is this really democracy? Then, there are Igbos beggarly and blindly jostling for the vacated post; obviously, they all will have to beg Obasanjo, and one of them will get Obasanjo’s anointment. This all just proves one thing: Igbos never learn! It is indeed nauseating to see a people so out of it that they do not understand their own rights.


We hear reports that Wabara is now also begging Obasanjo. Earlier, on the floor of Obasanjo’s so-called National Conference, one Azike, one of the selected delegates from Igbo, is reported to have gone on his knees to beg other attendants to the conference to allow an Igbo be the next President of Nigeria. The conference, we are told, laughed!  The Igbos are now doing what they do best in one-Nigeria—beg! And, those whom they beg are amused and laugh with derision at the Igbo.  Compare this with what the North did: they went up and demanded that Obasanjo alter the list of delegates and appointments, at the threat of… Obasanjo succumbed and immediately met their demands. Earlier, the North commandeered the PDP zoning of the next president of Nigeria, and whether anybody else likes it or not, it is now theirs! Yes, that’s how the North do it, while the Igbos beg, and beg some more. All this, because the Igbo refuse to accept the obvious: one-Nigeria has no place for them, except as slaves. Yet, of all the Obasanjo’s conference attendees, no group of delegates defends one-Nigeria with more tenacity than the same Igbos.  But, here is the irony: these guys do not know that the more vigorously they support one-Nigeria, the stronger the Spirit of Biafra grows among the Igbo and other Biafrans.


While the Igbo beg Obasanjo, it is reported that Obasanjo was looking to take away the Senate Presidency from the Igbo and give it to another zone. The North declined the offer, because they figure it would complicate their claim and assumed right, coupled with usurped PDP zoning, to produce the next Nigerian President. The South-south declined the offer, not because they were not interested, but because they did not understand why the North didn’t want it in the first place, and grew suspicious. Notice that no one declined out of sensitivity or concern or respect for the Igbo’s right: it was always for other considerations.  And, notice that you don’t hear a peep out of so-called Igbo one-Nigerian leaders, nor out of those high-sounding organizations that parade themselves as representing the Igbo and Igbo interests, organizations sold on one-Nigeria—to their own shame, we must add. It is one thing for these persons and organizations to deny Biafra, the real choice of Igbo and Biafran masses; but to sit down there and say nothing and do nothing when the very same system they support is cheating and humiliating Ndi Igbo in broad daylight, is simply asinine. These persons and organizations are being given more reasons every single day with every single event to turn around; turn their backs on one-Nigeria, and embrace Biafra.


Especially now when it is also obvious that PDP is going to rubberstamp their committee recommendation to crown the Nigerian president, General Obasanjo, as head of the PDP party also. Now, think for a moment... Nigeria is essentially a one-Party—PDP—system. The president of Nigeria is already running a dictatorship for a government. Now, make him the head of the one and only party that selects—not elects—all the peoples’ representatives, and Obasanjo therefore controls every single membership and hence, activity of the Senate and House. Add to that Obasanjo’s well-known practice of controlling or intimidating the judiciary, or outrightly refusing to obey the orders of the courts when it suits him. One doesn’t have to imagine the picture: it is already there to be unveiled in short order! Bad enough that this is happening, but worst of all is that nobody can do anything about it, because this is one-Nigeria. Yet, there are “intelligent” Igbos still clinging to one-Nigeria, when we can have, and will have Biafra?


None of the above situations would be possible without the corrupting influence of one-Nigeria and the way one-Nigeria beats down the peoples so that they cannot challenge the dictators and their cronies. The Igbo get it worse, because without one-Nigeria mesmerizing the Igbo into incredulous, paradoxical and slavish support of one-Nigeria, there would be no Nigeria now.


Imagine that Obasanjo is so busy harping on the N55M bribe and making disparaging personal remarks especially against the accused, especially Osuji (predictably) that no one is mentioning that Obasanjo’s own son is sitting on a bank account of $22M in US bank(s). That’s worth 125 x 22 million Naira, or N2750M or almost 3 billion Naira; compare this with Osuji’s mere 55 Million Naira (which never even went into Osuji’s pocket). Obasanjo’s defense for his son is that his son is “a good businessman.”  No one is saying a thing. This is bad, especially considering that, like Abacha’s son whom Obasanjo is prosecuting with everything Obasanjo has, Obasanjo’s son must also be fronting for his own father, and using multiple banks in many countries under different names to hide the ill-gotten money trail. And the shame of it all is that Obasanjo still has the guts to preach morality to the peoples suffering in Nigeria and flash an anti-corruption badge of honor to the entire world today!


Has anyone asked Obasanjo how it is that his Otah farm cycles $30M every month? That’s over 4 Billion Naira every single month! What did the farm make in 1997 or 1998? What is the farm producing to bring in this much money traffic? Instead of challenging Obasanjo’s anti-corruption and morality credentials, why is it that the Press and everyone prefer to keep harping on mere (by comparison) 55 million Naira? Why is this population sitting down there and allowing Obasanjo preach down to them on morality and anti-corruption? That, is, one-Nigeria for you.


We won’t bring this analysis to an end until we mention another form of corruption. Obasanjo now wants to build pipelines to carry away Biafran Oil and Gas from Biafraland to Ogun State, where arrangements have been concluded to construct an Oil and Gas company, because that is Obasanjo’s home-state. We are not even going to mention other things which Obasanjo has located in Yorubaland, including sundry things like a Dialysis Center in Otah (Ota, where?) and a major International highway through Ogun State; we should not be surprised when he commissions and builds an International Airport in Ogun State—all with money 99% of which came from Biafran Oil. As for the pipeline, all the business agreements have already been signed. To reveal the level of insensitivity and or spite, Ogun State advertised for the Igbo to come to Ogun State to populate an area specifically carved out by Ogun State in Ogun State, to be called something like “Igbotown,” ostensibly for the Igbo to be used for cheap labor and basic services for this project. Now, think about it: Obasanjo steals our resources and pipes them to his home, and then, turns around to build a “squatters’ town” where we are lured to, for the sole purpose of providing cheap labor for the refinement of the resources originally taken away from our own land? Is this not the best of colonialism at work? Is this not slavery at work? And, it is being done against our own people, all in the name of one-Nigeria. Nigerians say nothing. Igbo so-called leaders say nothing, but would continue to insist on one-Nigeria? Shame! 


Fellow Biafrans: there is only one consolation: the longer one-Nigeria continues, the more our appetite for Biafra grows. The more a few so-called Igbo leaders and organizations claim one-Nigeria while at the same time being silent on, and caring less about, the onerous burden of one-Nigeria on our people, the more assured we are that we are on the right tract, Biafra actualization; and the greater our motivation and determination. Nevertheless, one-Nigeria is not going to last forever, because sooner or later—more “sooner” than “later”—the collapse of Nigeria will be complete, and Biafra shall arise and march on.


In only a matter of time, Biafra shall be actualized. God will not be mocked. Be ready: do your part.


Biafra alive!


That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


O wu one-Nigeria wu obi-nsogbu na ile di na ime Nigeria, nsogbu a na a kpo “Nigeria.” Nkea a wughi maka onu a vuru avu: o wu ihe mere eme—ezi-okwu.  Ihe o wula Nigeria kpaturu aka ga e mebiri, ma o wu mmadu, ma o wu ihe ozo na a wughi mmadu. Nkea a wughi i vu-onu; o wu otua ka o di gbasara Nigeria. Onye nogide na ime Nigeria, Nigeria ga e mebi onye ahu, me onye ahu aru, me kwa onye ahu onye aru. Maka nkea ka anyi ga a puriri na ime Nigeria gawara Biafra.


Uwa ojoo na mmuo ojoo Nigeria a baala Obasanjo. Obasanjo na e mezi ihe soro ya mbge o soro ya, na ala Nigeria na na ochichi Nigeria; ma o nweghi onye nwere ike i kwusi ya i me otua ahu. O na e tinye aka ya na ebe o kwesighi i tinye anya ya, jiri otua na a da iwu ikwu obodo a na a kpo Constitution, nke kwuru na ike onye o wula nwere okwa na ochichi ga a ha otua ma o wu otua.  O wu otua ka Obasanjo jiziri aka ya na a ghoputa onye isi ndi Senate, okwa e nyere ndi Igbo di na Senate, nke nde Senate ibe ha wu nde kwesiri i ghoputa onye ahu. Obasanjo a hafula ochichi Nigeria gaa na a ru oru nde Senate, were otua na kwa e mesi ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra ike, na oge na ile. Nkea a wughi nke mbu Obasanjo na e me ihe di otua.


Anyi ahu kwa la na na otu oge ahu Obasanjo na a ba mba na e kwu na ndi riri ego na Senate na ndi nyere ha ego “bribe” ahu mere oke njo, daa kwa i wu, akuko na eru anyi nti si na nwa nwoke Obasanjo bi na America nwere otutu ego na ulo-ego na ala America. Ma ego ahu buru oke ibu; o nweghi otu nwata nwoke ya ga e si a pkata ego ha otu ahu na aka ya, na e nweghi enyem-aka papa ya. Ma, kembge anyi nuru akuko ya, ujo Obasanjo e kweghi ndi mmadu ka ha juo Obasanjo ihe gbasara nwa ya na ego ha otua. Ma anyi na ile mara ka nwa Abacha siri zoo ego papa ya na Obodo ndi oyibo di ichie-ichie, na o wu otua ka nwa Obasanjo ga kwa e si zoo ego papa ya ka ndi Nigeria hapu i mata ebe o zoro ya. Ihe wu oke aru wu otu Obasanjo si na a chuari ndi o si na ha riri ego ma o wu nyere “bribe,” ma ya onwe ya na nwa ya a goo agugo, chefuo na ha a gwaghi bee anyi otu ha siri kpata ego ha. O wu one-Nigeria na a zo ya na nwa ya; ha ma na ma o wughi one-Nigeria, m ma ndi mmadu a juputa ha ihe gara nga ahu. Otua ka one-Nigeria giri na e mebi ndi bi na ime ya; maka nkea ka anyi ga e ji nweta Biafra.


Ihe ozo anyi huru wu na Obasanjo na e wu “opi mmanu” i ji wee miricha mmanu na gasi si na ala Biafra were miga ya na Ogun State, na ala ya na nde umunna ya. O nweghi mgbe Obasanjo juru ndi Biafra ndi nwe mmanu na gasi ya otu ha choro ka e ji me ihe gbasara ya. Kama, Obasanjo e were ya na a ka ike ga nye ndi ebe ha.  Mara kwa unu na o wu oke ego ka a na e kwu okwu ya, na i chota oru ebe umu okorobia na umu agboobia ga a ga ruo oru, na kpata ezigbo ego, i ji bie ndu, zuo kwa ezi-na-ulo ha. Obasanjo e were la ihe ndia na ile kwesiri i di na ala anyi ga nye ndi Ogun State na ndi Yoruba umunna ya. Mara kwa unu na o wu naani maka one-Nigeria ka onye dika Obasanjo ga e ji a bia na ala Chi anyi nyere anyi, zuru ihe Chi anyi nyere anyi, wega ya na ala nke Obasanjo, jiri otua zuru oru na ego na odimma nke Chi anyi di mbu nye anyi.  Jiri kwa unu nkea mara na onye o wula na a cho ka anyi biri na one-Nigeria, o wu njo ka onye ahu na e me anyi—o wu onwu ka o choro anyi wu ndi Biafra. Na ihi nkea, anyi ga e nwetariri Biafra ka ihe wu ihe anyi dirila anyi; ka ndi di ka Obasanjo na ndi otu ha e nweghikwala ike i zuru ihe Chineke anyi nyere anyi, ma o wu i ji ike vuru ihe Chi anyi nyere anyi. O wu so o so i nweta Biafra ga e mezi ihe na ile, mezuo kwa ihe na ile na nkwa na ile nke Chineke anyi kwere anyi.


Jikere kwa unu maka nweta Biafra na a bia na oge na e teghi anya.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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