This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For March 26th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


Our struggle for Biafra actualization has been long and interrupted, starting in 1967 to 1970, restarting in 1999/2000. Even from the year, 1999, it has been bloody and torturous; arduous and tedious, requiring sacrifice—the sacrifice of life and limb and property: sacrifice of the youth and the elderly, women, men and children, the innocent and everyone else touched by the victims of Nigeria in her exercise of her hate-campaign against Igbo-Biafrans and, at once forceful rejection of the Igbo from Nigeria and forced “inclusion” of Igbo-Biafrans in Nigeria—against our wish. As with this type of struggle, victory will come, sometime, as the goal is always accomplished.


As the time for our victory draws near, let us reflect on the kind of Biafra we want: for our sake, for the sake of posterity, and for the sake of the world community in which we—Biafra and Biafrans—will find ourselves. It is very important that we go through this exercise now—in the period of time left before Biafra actualization. We carry so much excess, useless but mostly harmful baggage collected while we were slaves in Nigeria. We allowed Nigeria to desecrate our culture and traditions and destroy our values. We allowed Nigeria to not just split us, but split us off into groups some of whom even accepted Nigeria’s destructive propaganda to renounce their Igbo-Biafra ancestry and heritage. (This is the correct definition of Balkanization.) We allowed Nigeria to strip us of our dignity and humanity, and to sever our moral moorings. We let ourselves be taught by Nigeria that hypocrisy is honorable, that corruption is a right and is right, and that sycophancy is an acceptable skill.


In Nigeria, we picked up the awful habit of preaching God and acting un-Godly. We learned to keep quiet in the face of evil devouring our brothers and sisters, even devouring our own selves, and then, turning around and working with the evil and working for such evil. We built more churches and congregations and prayed harder, yet, still refused to call Evil by what it is, as most of those congregations worshipped Nigeria and Nigeria’s money; and worshipped the corrupt Nigerian officials, along with the Nigerian offices who gave them the money. And, rather than work for the proverbial Exodus of the Children of Israel, these churches and congregations worked to uplift Pharaoh and Egypt.


We congregated around empty barrels just because they had money and or power, the source of which is clear to everyone as questionable or outrightly illegitimate. We courted them and worked at their tables as their servants, fighting for the crumbs among our slave-selves, and eating their leftovers and throw-aways. We never stopped to challenge the source of their wealth and power as, instead, we outdid one another naming things after them and begging them to come occupy our high tables.


We endured rigged elections without even raising a brow. We endured withheld pay for months on end without protest. We watched our propertyboth personal, institutional and organizationalbeing destroyed and we just sat there. We barely raised a voice when our own flesh and blood was carted away by government agents, to be jailed without trial, or to be killed without reason. We endure lack of functional roads as if that was a right; yet, we do not question convoys which dust and muddy us up and chase us into the bushes proper.


Fellow Biafrans: there is no way we can enter Biafra while still being of this Nigeria mindset,” where Good is known but Bad is preferred because no one is willing to speak up; no one is willing to promote Good and stand by it, rather, we compromise, live with Bad, and accept that as alright; and act like everything is now okay. We can’t enter Biafra if we continue to accommodate what is wrong and what is evil, what is immoral and what is really offensive to our better judgment.


Think about it, and then make the necessary corrections and resolutions. In the final analysis, it takes the same effort, or even more, to try to live and sustain a lie all the time, than it does to live by what is right and stick to the truth, right from the beginning. We are asking all Biafrans now to get themselves ready and arm themselves with rightness and correctness, with principle and with courage, as we prepare to enter Biafra.


Here are examples of Nigeria evil and madness, taken from the last few days. Recall we stated earlier that Obasanjo had already fixed the agenda and outcome of his “National Conference. The principled thing to have done is to stay away from the conference. But so-called Igbo leaders all wanted to go—to represent Nigeria—not even to represent the Igbo interests. Now, we learn how Obasanjo is using the conference to get his selfish desire for his third term. We learn, how everyday, the same “galaxy of stars” (so-touted by the press), retire from the conference, and then go as a group to brief Obasanjo to get instructions for the following day.  Yet, even as Obasanjo denies the obvious, everyone sees the obvious handwriting on the wall; but, the Igbo delegates continue to pledge support for a one-Nigerian agenda, refusing to accept reality. In the end, they will all endorse Obasanjo’s original agenda, an agenda that has always been patently anti-Igbo / anti-Biafra.


Next, we see PDP breaking all kinds of laws in Anambra, but turning around and claiming that they are the vanguards of democracy and upholders of the law. As we speak, PDP is pressuring INEC and the judiciary to meet PDP’s unconstitutional and illegal demands.  If only they would choke on their own hypocrisy! And, there are so-called prominent Igbo-Biafrans in that evil PDP fold: they are going along with this obvious two-facedness.


What about the proposed Nigerian census of 2005? See how the North intimidated Nigeria into doing the wrong thing of eliminating Ethnicity and Religion data from the census questionnaire?  See how Nigeria subsequently wanted to force the now crippled and meaningless exercise on everyone, with the threat of jail terms for failing to participate in the census?  If not for the fact that for once, Igbo governors took their eyes away from the Ghana-must-go bags momentarily, this one would have been forced on us. Now that the governors insisted that Ethnicity and Religion data have to be restored, look what the Northern controllers of the census have come up with. The Northern controllers of the census now yield to the inclusion of Ethnicity, but insist on keeping off Religion data, using the unbelievable reason that if Religion data was added, that would lead to the Census figures being inflated (read: rigged). Now, one should ask: “[census data] inflated by whom, and how, and under what authority? For those who do not know it, the North have been in the business of inflating Nigeria census figures in their (and Muslim) favor, ever since the British colonial masters of Nigeria taught them how with the first official Nigeria census. But the hypocrisy becomes really evident when you recall that it is the same Northern leaders who recently challenged the make-up of the useless Obasanjo’s “National Conference based on religion, and actually forced a concession out of Obasanjo. Still not satisfied, they used the argument that Muslims have a numerical advantage over Christians in Nigeria, a claim which they had just deliberately and conveniently refused to put to test with a properly conducted census by their insisting that Religion data will not be collected. And yet, no one calls them on this: not Obasanjo, not any one; but least of all, not Igbos who failed to even notice that something is wrong, in their headlong rush and willingness to accept that to please Nigeria (read, “the North”). We can only hope that the Eastern governors do not relent now, and that they insist on including Religion; otherwise, to follow through with the threatened boycott. In any case, Biafrans will not participate in a Nigerian Census. First, we are Biafrans, not Nigerians. Second, and just as important, we know that nothing will stop the rigging of the census; the Northern official in charge, as noted above, has already indicated so indirectly by the reasons he gave for continuing to exclude Religion data; while the EU representative to the census earlier indicated his willingness to accept, endorse, validate and defend any results from the census, regardless of propriety, accuracy or authenticity. Besides, we all know the sordid history and facts of Nigeria when it comes to numbers and counts.


Now, we see Obasanjo’s hypocrisy with Wabara. While we have no respect for Wabara because of his wangling his way into office in broad daylight (and then turning around to preach about “…losing with grace in politics…”), and because of his spineless acquiescence to everything Obasanjo wants, and while we feel that he and Obasanjo clearly deserve each other, we still have to point out that if Wabara acts corrupt—which he does, and deserves his due—so does Obasanjo. Has Obasanjo explained how his Ottah farm is cycling $30 million every month, by his own admission? Has Obasanjo explained his almost two to three times-a-month foreign travels and the hidden money dealings protected by his “presidential cover”? Corruption is a high crime; but, how about accessory and full participation in election fraud, by Obasanjo’s own admission, or knowledge of political assassinations, which Obasanjo’s own statements easily implicate him in? Who will turn Obasanjo in? Even the so-called Attorney-General of Nigeria acts as though he is the General’s (Obasanjo’s) personal attorney. Yet, Nigerians keep quiet. The churches keep quiet. As if that was not bad enough, we still have many Igbos wanting and willing to stay in Nigeria, and wanting and working to uphold Obasanjo’s completely fraudulent regime.


Babangida raped Nigeria, including Igbo-Biafraland—even worse. Yet, there are many Igbo-Biafrans campaigning for him today, wanting him to come back in 2007. Is this not sheer madness? To call it ignorance is to tarnish the reputation of that word.


We mention these examples to remind you of behavior and mentality—characteristically Nigerian—that we must shed now, before we go into Biafra.


On the other hand, we uphold and uplift the courage of the MASSOB-53 who are currently being shown in court in-between incarceration and dehumanizing treatment in Nigerian prisons where they have been jailed since September 11, 2004, without trial and without completed bail hearing thus far. In spite of this travesty, our brave brethren still declare for Biafra, and still want Biafra. And the case of the Biafran Royal Fathers who are not afraid to proclaim and state that they are working under the umbrella of Biafra. These Biafrans and their causes do us proud!


Fellow Biafrans: prepare yourselves for Biafra: Shun Nigeria and everything Nigerian. Get back in touch with your moral self, your true self, your divine origin, and be ready to be that kind of a Biafran.


Biafra alive!


That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Na mgbe na ile ka anyi na ha a ta ahuhu na ihe gbasara anyi i nweta Biafra, site na afo 1967 rue na1970, bia bido zie kwa ozo na afo 1999/2000, rue ugbu a. Na oge a na ile, o wu mmgbegbu na ogbugbu ka Nigeria na e gbu anyi na na e megbu anyi ndi Igbo ndi Biafra. Ndidi ka anyi jiri noro ndu ta, ka na a cho kwa Biafra. Ma, anyi na a gwa unu na nweta Biafra adighizi kwa oke anya.


Ma na tupu anyi e nweta Biafra, ba-nye na obodo anyi ahu, anyi ga a kwusi i na a kpa agwa ka ndi Nigeria. O di anyi oke n wuta na anyi wu ndi Biafra na zi e je ndi Nigeria ejije, were zie otua na e me ka o wu na anyi a maghi ihe di njo ma o wu ihe ziri-ezi, ebe anyi jiziri hu ihe ojoo, mebe ihe ojoo, ma na a kpozi ya ihe oma. O nweghi ike otu anyi ga e si otua ba a na ala Biafra. Ayi ga a gbanweriri.


Mgbe na ile na ime Nigeria, anyi hu aru, anyi a naghi a kpo ya, aru, vuo ya onu, vuo ya asu, ga wara zie ebe ozo. Kama, o nweghi ihe anyi ga e kwu; o nweghi ihe anyi ga eme gbasara ya. Ma na nke kasi njo wu na anyi na a nabata ihe aru ya, na e mezi ka o wu ihe di mma. Anyi e nweghi ighiere mbge anyi na e me aru ma o wu na i nabata aru. O wu Nigeria kuzirila anyi ihe ojoo di otua. Anyi ga a hapu udi omume na agwa ya na Nigeria: anyi a choghi ha na Biafra.


Anyi a gaghi a kpo isi ala na e nyere ihe efu ma o wu madu efu otu a na eme na ala Nigeria. Anyi a gaghi a kpu Chineke na onu anyi na otu aka ahu anyi ji kwa na e kwu okwu ugha. Na Biafra, anyi ga e kwe na anyi ma ihe ziri-ezi, na ihe e zighi-ezi; mara kwa nu nke anyi ga a ghoro na ime uzo abuo a.  Anyi ga a kpo ihe ojoo, ihe ojoo mgbe anyi huru ya; kpo o ezi-ihe, ezi-ihe,” mgbe anyi huru ya.


Aghugho ndi Nigeria, aghugho Obasanjo na ndi otu ya, na ndi PDP, aghugho ndi Awusa—a si ha na a tu, ihu-abuo ha—o nweghi ihe anyi mutara na ihe ndia na ile nke anyi ga e ji a ga Biafra, karia kwa na anyi ga e kwe onwe anyi na Biafra nkwa na anyi a gaghi e me aru di otua na ime Biafra.


Anyi na ekele ndi na ile ndi gara hu umunne anyi ndi MASSOB ndi eji na nga na Lagos mgbe a kporo ha ga a kootu. Obi di anyi sie ike maka ndi umunne anyi ya a gwa la ndi uwa na ile na ndi Nigeria na o nweghi ihe ga e me ka ha hapu Biafra ozo. Chineke anyi ga e legide ha anya. Anyi na kwa e kele ndi Biafra Royal Fathers otu ha si na a gwa ndi Nigeria na o wu uzo Biafra ka ha na e so, na ujo atughi ha. Udi omume na agwa ya ka anyi na a cho, ka anyi ga e ji banye na ime Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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