This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For March 12th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


We see now how some Igbo have continued in the hopeless, useless and prostrate exercise of (the Igbo) trying to be more one-Nigerian than Nigerians. At the Obasanjo’s conference, we have learned of how those efulefu selected by their efulefu-governors, and the efulefu selected as Obasanjo’s stooges, are lining up and falling over themselves pledging the “indivisibility” of Nigeria. They seem to not understand that what is already divided could not be forcibly bound together nor hypocritically “pledged” into “indivisibility.” What is called Nigeria has always been divided, and will always be. That much is self-evident. For these efulefu to be making this stupid pledge is quite pathetic. While it is clear that they do not represent us in any way—we had already established that even before Obasanjo’s conference started—and that their acts are foolish and inconsequential to the reality on the ground, these persons must still know that their sycophancy, hypocrisy and prostration place our people in a bad light, and they bear the responsibility.


This, being also an indication of the lack of seriousness of the selected delegates to face up to obvious fact and truth, validates our stance that Obasanjo’s conference is for Obasanjo—for the rubberstamping of Obasanjo’s anxieties and egotistic desires and inane non-solutions to the problem that is Nigeria. Now that the delegates have been bribed by so-called expense money (the source of which is still unknown), the others intimidated and gagged or rubbished, and all bribed with gifts of cell phones and free accounts, all that remains to be done is to sit back and watch the hypocrisy flow as the end of the day will yield what we have predicted all along: Obasanjo will get every single thing he wanted, and nothing that was not included in his desire or design will make it to the decisions of the meeting. Hurray! for General Obasanjo: he has won—handily; and Nigeria continues along its self-destruct trajectory.


Why do some Igbo want to be more one-Nigerian than Nigerians? We see this with Ohaneze and APGA and other Igbo-centric organizations. We also see it with otherwise gifted and capable individuals. Take the case of Ezekiel Izuogu. Nearly 10 years ago, he became the Henry Ford of Biafra. He designed, built and modeled the first made-in-Biafra car. Because we still find ourselves in Nigeria, he could be known as the Henry Ford of Nigeria, and his car is the first and only made-in-Nigeria car; in fact, the first totally African-made car. And, it is built to be affordable. For those ten or so years, Nigeria failed to capitalize on, or promote, Mr. Izuogu’s invention. Then, recently, South Africa showed strong interest—along with one or two other African countries—in Mr. Izuogu’s car. Rather than pursue this opportunity, Mr. Izuogu turned it down:


“…Izuogu, however, told THISDAY in Lagos that he would want Nigeria, his country, to take control of the project, rather than any other country…”


So, folks, here is a man rejected by Nigeria because he is Igbo-Biafran. Here is a man whose pioneering invention places Africa and Nigeria on the map of inventors. Nigeria rejected both the man and his invention—because the man is Igbo-Biafran. And, it is no ordinary invention: it is an automobile, the thing that literally moved and still moves and transformed both the economy and populations into higher planes in other countries. Nigeria deliberately spited both man and invention, for the simple reason that Mr. Ezekiel Izuogu is Igbo-Biafran. For ten years, Nigeria ignored the man and his invention. Then, other countries who know how to appreciate a good thing offered to produce the car. Mr. Izuogu said, No. He would rather wait for Nigeria—a country that has ignored and spurned him thus far—for almost ten years—to pick up the invention.  Can anybody understand this? Can anybody believe this? It is one thing for Nigeria to continue to discriminate against Igbo-Biafrans and spite, deride, reject, ignore and sideline them, to the extent of spurning even their spectacular inventions and contributions. Then, it is another thing—an unbelievable and pathetic thing—to watch the rejected Igbo-Biafran try everything to please, appease and be recognized and admitted into Nigerian citizenry! What a…! Well, what a…what?! This one defies categorization.


Fellow Biafrans: this is a huge sickness: for the rejected to still be begging for admission, especially when he has talent and ability and resources. This is the typical story of the Igbo-Biafran in Nigeria today. THIS MUST STOP. We must reject Nigeria. We must return to Biafra. We have to actualize Biafra now.


Parenthetically, the scientific and engineering prowess of Biafrans is not a fairy tale. For the 3 years that Biafra stood, we did for ourselves, by ourselves, of which we are extremely proud today. It was not just in one particular area of life—it was in everything and all things. Many of you may not know it, but the Uli Airport in Biafra at that time was the busiest airport in the whole of Africa, handling more traffic than any other African airport—even combined; and most of the time, at night, too, under air raid precautions. And, it was run by Biafrans. At the end of the war, by strict policy, Nigeria destroyed every vestige of Biafran inventions and refused to use Biafra knowledge and know-how. Obviously, as Mr. Izuogu and his car have demonstrated, that Nigerian postwar anti-Igbo-Biafran policy has continued: the war has not ended, because Nigeria has not given up on destroying us and destroying our ingenuity.  It is in this light that we have to call Mr. Izuogu and his action really foolish; and by the same token, we also consider the Igbo delegates paraded in Obasanjo’s conference pledging one-Nigeria stupid and idiotic.


If you were never sure about the fact that we must have Biafra, let this convince you. Those of you who already know the score, let your disbelief regarding Mr. Izuogu’s action, and the action at Obasanjo’s conference, spur you on to redouble your efforts. There is no way that there can ever be an accommodation between Biafra and Nigeria. We tried it before and have kept trying: it will never work, just like it never worked before. It is now tantamount to self-disrespect, self-degradation and self-humiliation to continue to do “the Izuogu.”


Let us therefore throw our full support behind Biafra actualization, working in full cooperation with MASSOB and Biafra Foundation (BF) and all other committed pro-Biafran organizations. There is nothing better or nothing else to do than Biafra actualization, of which MASSOB is in the forefront. We must do our part now. We must have the space to demonstrate our God-given talent and to utilize our gifts and make our achievements available to, and for, the rest of the world. Only in Biafra, as Biafran citizens, can this be possible, and each day, Nigeria confirms and proves this to us. We must not let God, the Giver of talents, down. We must have Biafra and showcase these divine talents.


Biafra is all we have. Biafra is all we need. God created us Biafrans and placed us in this land of Biafra. That has to count for something.


Biafra alive!


That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Anyi naha a hula ihe ndi nzuzu ndi Igbo ndi Obasanjo zigara nzuko Obasanjo na e me, ebe ha gara na e kwe nkwa na ha na a kwado Nigeria i wu otu. Ighiere a naghi e me ha, maka ha no na agugo na ihe wu eziokwu gbasara Nigeria, nke wu na o nweghibe e oge Nigeria jiri wuru otu. O wu iberibe na e me ha ka ha na e kwu so na onu na ihe kewasiri ekewa na mbu ga zi a bia wuru otu ugbua, o wurugodu na Nigeria jiri ike na a cho ka o me e ihe kewara otua otu. O wu nro ka ha na a ro. Mana ihe na e wute anyi wu na o wu so-o-so ndi Igbo wu ndi na e me ka one-Nigeria o kariri ha oke mkpa, oge na ile, o bulaghidi na Nigeria na a kpari ndi Igbo akpari na oge dum, na a chupu ndi Igbo na ime Nigeria. Mara kwa unu na ndi Igbo gara nzuko Obasanjo a nochitaghi anya anyi wu ndi Biafra; ma mara kwa unu na ihe ighiere ha na e butere ndi Igbo ga a da kwasi ha na isi.


Otua ka anyi jiri hu na ihe anyi kwuru gbasara nzuko Obasanjo—na o wu so-o-so ihe Obasanjo choro ka ha ga e kwekorita na ya na nzuko a—wu ihe ga e me. Anyi ma na ndi gara nzuko a e riela ego, nara “bribe.” Ihe ha na e che zi wu ka o ruo na mmechi nzuko a ka ha nye Obasanjo ihe Obasanjo na a cho. Tufia kwa! Anyi ka na e kwu na o wu igbu oge ka ha na e me, ebe ha e nweghikwanu ike i kwu eziokwu ma o wu ile eziokwu anya na ihu.


Ihe ozo mere, nke na e wute kwa anyi, ebe onye Igbo mere ka Nigeria o kariri ya oke mkpa, wu ihe gbasara ugbo-ala nke onye Igbo-Biafra ruru, kemgbe ihe dika afo iri. Onye anyi na e kwu okwu ya wu Mazi Ezekiel Izuogu, onye ruru ugbo-ala nke mbu na ala Africa na ile, na a la Biafra. Ebe anyi ka no na ime obodo Nigeria, a na a si na o wu ugbo-ala nke mbu nke a ruru na ime Nigeria. Kemgbe afo iri ya, o nweghi ihe ndi Nigeria jiri ugbo-ala ya me e, maka o wu onye igbo-Biafra ruru ya. Ma ugbua, ndi obodo South Africa na ndi ozo choro ka Mazi Izuogu bia ghue ugbo-ala ya na obodo ha. Kama Mazi Izuogu ga a si, “Ngwa nu!”, ya a si, “Mba,” na ya choro ka Nigeria naani wuru obodo ebe a ga e wu ugbo-ala ya, na e chefu na afo iri a gaa la na o nweghi ihe ndi Nigeria mere gbasara ya. Nke a wu ezigbo nzuzu nke gbara anyi gharii. Ma ihe o kuziri anyi wu na ndi-Igbo-Biafra ka no na e me nzuzu nke na e me ka ha na a gbachi nkiti maka ihe ojoo Nigeria na eme anyi; maka otu Nigeria jiri na e megbu anyi, na e me anyi ka anyi a noghi ndu. Ihe di otua ga a kwusi ugbua. O ga a kwusiriri.


Maka nke a, anyi ga e nwetariri Biafra, maka na o wu na obodo Biafra ka ngozi na ekere-aka nke Chineke nyere anyi, ka anyi na ndi uwa ndi ozo ga a hu uru ya. Anyi ga na e kwesi ike na Biafra, na a kwado MASSOB na Biafra Foundation (BF) na otu ndi ozo ndi kwadoro Biafra, oge na ile, ka anyi nweta Biafra osiiso. O nweghi ike ka anyi ghara Nigeria ka o pinyuo oku nke Chineke anyi munyere anyi. Na ihi nke a, na aha Chineke, na ihi Chineke, anyi ga e nwetariri Biafra.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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