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For February 26th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Lord Luggard and his girlfriend must have sat up in their graves and laughed so hard, having now been promoted to “God” by General Obasanjo, when the General claimed in his inaugural speech at his “National Conference,” that:


“…“God brought Nigeria into being and those of us that He put in this geographical territory will be going against what God has ordained if we do anything to diminish or erode what God has put together. The task of every Nigerian is to sustain what God has created by ensuring justice, equity, equal opportunity, participation and inclusion,’’ he concluded”…”— Daily Triumph, TUESDAY[S], FEBRUARY 22, 2005


Why does General Obasanjo insist on insulting the intelligence of the peoples (who, by the way, as a result of the General’s own anti-people policies, are suffering and dying in Nigeria), by confusing his own warped personal religious beliefs with fact and truth? And why does the General insist on supporting his own hypocrisy, ignorance and or lies by invoking the name of God to the peoples?


Self-evident / Fact: Indeed, God created all of us within the natural socio-biologically bound units known as “ethnicities.” We must agree with the General that “…The task of every [person] is to sustain what God has created…” which means, sustaining our ethnicities. Most importantly, however, we must be proud of what and how God created us as, and in, our ethnicities.


Historical fact: Lord Luggard and his girlfriend, agents of British colonialism, created and named “Nigeria,” by drawing a line around original God-created geography and God-created territory, inhabited by God-created indigenous peoples of God-created ethnicities. God never created Nigeria; God never put Nigeria together; God never ordained Nigeria. But Lord Luggard and his girlfriend did, and with the colonial British government which they were serving, “ordained” Nigeria!


Historical fact: even before the name, “Nigeria” was coined by the aforementioned British couple, there used to be the so-called “Southern Protectorate” and “Northern Protectorate.”


Thus, General Obasanjo’s National Conference is based on the same lies which he cannot even deceive himself with, yet wants to deceive the peoples wallowing in Nigeria with. Worst of all, the General is shamelessly trying to buttress these lies by invoking the name of God. How can anyone really confuse or equate Lord Luggard with the Lord God? Thusly, Obasanjo’s Conference has already failed, even before it takes off, because, “once you build on a lie—you sow a lie—you reap a lie!”


Only an idiot could swallow such arrant nonsense from the General. Consider that devout Muslims in Northern Nigeria, now ruling by Sharia and ruled by Sharia, regard all non-Muslim Nigerians as infidels with no rights at all. As such, General Obasanjo’s “god,” through its “ordained” (according to the General)  contraption called Nigeria, has in fact “ordained” that at least 50 percent of the Nigerian population (the approximate proportion known to be non-Muslims) live in their own country condemned as inferior and less than second-class citizens, according to General Obasanjo’s pronouncements, preachments and personal “beliefs”?


The invocation of God’s name to sprinkle divine dust on invented and blatant lies, so to force the unpalatable lies down the throat of the peoples, is the last refuge of a desperate despot and dictator.


We have said it before, and we will say it again. The problem with Nigeria is Nigeria—one Nigeria. Every effort to make Nigeria one, to force Nigeria into one, not only fails, but is the reason for the root-problems of Nigeria. History, if not experience, even when either or both are denied or suppressed, bears us out. When General Obasanjo claimed that selected delegates at his Conference are free to discuss all issues—that is, all issues except for the forced unity and the forced, troubled, rent corporate entity called Nigeria—not only was he practicing his usual hypocrisy, but he was also banging his conference against the doors of futility.


Most glaringly, when General Obasanjo is quoted in the same publication thus:

“…Outlining the purpose of the conference, the president stated that it is set to discuss and reach consensus on any aspect of governance arrangement for reinforcing the unity, cohesion, stability, security, progress, development and performance of the Nigerian federation…”,

all heads must be shaking in utter disbelief at the wishful thinking (at best) or the state of denial, of the General and his cronies.  None of those parameters mentioned by the General can be reinforced—except in the sense of reinforcing the exact opposite, this latter being the reality in Nigeria today. Unity in Nigeria? No way! Cohesion? Where? Stability—what a joke! Security? What a cruel joke! Progress? Yea, like the 5-step backward dance-analogy used by the General himself in a rare honest moment to describe Nigeria’s consistent backward march? Development? Where exactly? And performance? Give us a break! Yes, we know that these antitheses to his own pronouncements are going to be the outcome of Obasanjo’s conference: in effect, the reinforcement of the ongoing nightmare called Nigeria.

Let us re-state it this way: Nigeria—one Nigeria—can NEVER make the peoples: it is for the peoples to make Nigeria. Forcing one-Nigeria on the ethnic peoples will never change the ethnic identity, ethnic orientation and ethnic loyalty of the peoples. (By the way, such ethnic loyalties manifesting as brazen nepotism and unabashed favoritism are also rather obvious in the flagrant actions and decisions of even General Obasanjo himself—that self-appointed apostle of one-Nigeria.) The ethnic peoples and their nations, however, can form a Nigeria that reflects the peoples—if they so choose. We, the different ethnic peoples, have chosen NOT to form Nigeria, but to be each our own God-created ethnic nation. And, we have chosen rather wisely.

We read that the Northern ethnicities insist on keeping one-Nigeria. But, it is the same North that is also insisting on Sharia with all its implications for other non-Muslim regions and ethnicities. The same Northern ethnicities manipulated and blackmailed the planned 2005 Nigeria Census into dropping Religion and Ethnicity from the data to be collected. Yet, it is the same North that officially protested the composition of selected delegates to Obasanjo’s National conference, on the basis of Religion-disparity. And, the moribund Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), representing the North, also formally protested its allocation of the same number of delegates as comparative organizations from other regions, on the grounds of Ethnicity—yes: ACF claims that because it represents more ethnic groups than these other organizations, it should have been allotted more delegates.  Oh yes: the North will play the ethnicity and religion cards to suit their own interests—that’s all the time, too; but insist on denying such a right to others.  When can we act honestly by admitting that one-Nigeria has not worked out, and will really never work out, so to stop pretending that one-Nigeria is even an option if our intent is to actually solve the constant problem that is Nigeria?


Fellow Biafrans: Biafra cannot wait for the answer to that question from other ethnic nations. We have already answered the question to our satisfaction: we want out of Nigeria—we are out of Nigeria. Let them stay in Nigeria who want Nigeria. We are Biafrans: our lot is solely in Biafra. And as for the census, Biafrans will never participate in the Nigerian Census. In the first place, we are not Nigerians—we are Biafrans. Second, we can already confirm our prediction and suspicion that like all previous census exercises, the 2005 Nigerian Census figures will be rigged and manipulated to favor a particular and usual region. Today, we have already seen the hand of the EU representative, played in favor of the manipulators; we are thus reminded that it is the same nefarious role that the British government has played in all Nigerian censuses.


It’s Biafra for us. There is nothing else. We did not make ourselves Igbo or Efik or Ibibio or Ijaw or other ethnicity—neither did Lord Luggard nor did General Obasanjo. God, in fact, made us that. We should be proud of that which God made us. We should defend and sustain that which God made us. That’s who we really are.


Biafra alive!


That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Nwoke onye oke ugha ahu a na a kpo General Obasanjo e kwue la ihe e jiri mara ya, nke wu nnukwu ugha—ozo kwa!  Obasanjo si na Chineke kere Nigeria! Mba, Obasanjo, mba: o wu onye British a na a kpo Lord Luggard na enyi ya nwanyi guru Nigeria aha; o wughi Chineke nyere Nigeria aha ahu. General Obasanjo chere na ya ga e ji ibha-mbha bha nyere ndi mmadu ujo ma ya jiri aha Chineke na ihe efu—jiri aha Chineke gha a ugha. Obasanjo mere aru ya na ubochi mbido nzuko nke ya onwe ya wu Obasanjo kporo na Abuja, nzuko a na a kpo National Conference.


Anyi a gwa la unu na mbu na nzuko Obasanjo nke a—o nweghi ihe di mma ga e si na ya puta na ihi na o wu naani ihe Obasanjo choro, na ihe Obasanjo chere, ka a ga a kpa na nzuko a. O wu kwa so o so na ihe Obasanjo choro ka ndi gara nzuko a ga e kwekorita. Anyi a mara la na Obasanjo choro one-Nigeria, ka o were nke a megbue ndi Biafra, were nke a nochiere anyi uzo anyi si a ga nweta Biafra. Maka nke a, anyi e kwue la na o nweghi otu onye o wula gara nzuko Obasanjo a ga e si kwue na ya nochitara anya ndi Igbo ma o wu ndi Biafra. O nweghi otu onye di otua ga e si kwue na ndi Igbo ma o wu ndi Biafra dunyere ya. Ndi Biafra a gaghi a ga nzuko ebe ihe a na a kpa wu otu a ga e si a kwusi anyi inweta Biafra.


Kedu kwa nu nnweko anyi na onye na e ji aha Chineke na a tu asi nwekoro? Kedu kwa nu ihe anyi na Nigeria jikoro, mgba Nigeria wu ebe ndi na a chi ya a naghi a sopuru nso aha Chineke; ndi wu ndi ihu abuo; ndi na e me oke njo na ime obi ha na otu oge ahu ha na e kwu mma na onu naani? Anyi wu Biafra—anyi wu ndi Biafra. O nweghi ihe nnwekorita anyi na Obasanjo na Nigeria nwekorita ra.


Ka anyi gwa kwa unu na ile ozo: ihe mebiri Nigeria wu Nigeria—one-Nigeria. Oria na a ria Nigeria wu na a na a cho i ji ike me ka ndi mba nde di iche-iche wuru otu na ime one-Nigeria: nke a e nweghi ike i me.  O nweghi ike ka aja, na mmiri, na mmanu, na ufere wuru otu—me e elu, me e ala. Ga kwa unu tule e ihe mere Nigeria kemgbe ndi British bidoro i ji ike me e ka Nigeria wuru otu. O wu so o so nsogbu ka ime Nigeria wuru otu na e bute re onye o wula. O wu i gbu-oge ka onye o wula, ma o wu ihe o wula, na a cho ka Nigeria wuru otu na e gbu. Nigeria i wu otu e nweghi isi na oge gara a ga; Nigeria e nweghi isi ta a; o gaghi e nwe isi echi na a bia abia, ma o wu na oge owula na a bia na ihu.


Ma asi, ma aghugho, o wu ihe juru na Nigeria. O wu aka di otua ka ndi Nigeria ji na e kwe anyi wu ndi Biafra aka. Ndi Awusa jiri aghugho ga wepu ihe gbasara ebe ndi madu si na ogugu-onu-isi a na a kpo Census nke a ga e me mgbe na a bia abia na afo ya. Ele e kwanu otu a ga e si a gu ndi mmadu onu hafu i kwu ebe ha si? Mmadu, o wu nnama? O ga a wu kwa nu na ezi-okwu na a tu ndi Awusa ujo, maka a guo ndi mmadu na ebe ha si, anyi ga a hu na ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra ka ndi Awusa na ogugu-onu. O wu kwa otua ka ndi Awusa jiri aghugho wepu ihe gbasara uka ndi mmadu na a ga—ma o wu Jesu Kristi (Christian) ma o wu Alokoba (Muslim), na ogugu-onu a. Ujo na a tu ha na anyi ga a mata na ndi Christian ka ndi Muslim na ogugu-onu. Na ighi ihe ndi a, nde Awusa a ga a kabgue ihe abuo ndi ya na census a. Ma anyi na a gwa ha wu ndi Awusa na o wurugodu na anyi ga e so me e ihe census a, anyi e nweghi ike kwe e ka e me census na a gughi ndi mmadu tinye kwa ebe ha si, na tinye kwa udi uka ha na a ga. Ma anyi e kwue la ya na mbu na anyi wu ndi Biafra: anyi a gaghi e kwe ka a guinye anyi onu na ime Nigeria. Mgbe Biafra ga e me census nke ndi Biafra, mgbe ahu, anyi a gu o nu onwe anyi.


Anyi a gaghi e che ka Obasanjo na ndi Awusa na ndi Nigeria kwusi aghugho na ugha ha tutu anyi e me e ihe anyi kwesiri i me, nke wu i hapu Nigeria, gawara uwa anyi, ga wara na ala Biafra anyi. Anyi wu ndi Biafra: Chineke na onwe Ya kere anyi ndi Igbo, Efik, Ijaw, Ibibio, na ndi mba ndi ozo bi na Biafra; o wu otu Chineke kere anyi ka anyi ga a di—ka anyi di.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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