This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For February 19th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


What is it but hypocrisy at best, when General Obasanjo says, of his [National] conference, something like: “…do not discuss in fear and do not fear to discuss…” issues about Nigeria, when he has already declared “no go” areas and is planning on using his self-assigned quota of 50 delegates (yes, self-assigned: imagine that!) to make sure that no delegate to the meeting will discuss those issues which General Obasanjo must really personally fear to discuss? This is the height of dishonesty.  Or it is the height of arrogance that General Obasanjo should arrogate to himself what issues about Nigeria can and cannot be discussed by the millions of peoples residing, suffering and dying in Nigeria. When the Press refuses to point out such glaring and heinous inconsistencies, the picture of the evil structure called Nigeria is sharpened more, because it is only such a structure that can support and nurture dictators while the Press acquiesces.  It is for this reason that we must actualize Biafra and remove ourselves from such an evil structure that thrives on all things immoral and a-moral.


What is it but sheer hypocrisy, when General Obasanjo shouts about Debt Forgiveness for Nigeria and other African countries, going as far as using the eminent world-class economist, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, to do his shameless harping and shedding of crocodile tears in public, when corrupt Nigerian leaders are known to have $170 billion worth of loot, stolen from the national coffers, in offshore banks? Obasanjo has been given a list of the offenders, but has he gone after them or even the money? He is most likely one of them, anyway. The point is that Nigeria owes $33 billion for which the masses suffering in Nigeria are being flogged everyday by “anti-people” policies of General Obasanjo, designed to stave off the lenders. Simple math shows that Nigeria’s debt can be erased in a flash using the $170 billion stashed loot, and there will still be enough left over to pay the debts of nearly, if not, all the other African countries. General Obasanjo could extract the loot from his crony-looters, but he doesn’t. Instead, he penalizes the people and shouts everyday about debt forgiveness. This is not just hypocrisy: it is sheer dishonesty. The General is making a fool of already down-trodden masses barely eking out a living in Nigeria. If that’s not bad enough, the structure of Nigeria allows him to get away with this immorality, and then to come back and sermonize to the peoples. Any wonder, then, that Biafra is committed to getting out of the evil structure called Nigeria?


What is it but simple hypocrisy, when General Obasanjo is making noise about Togo, saying that the Togolese authorities are not following their constitution, when Obasanjo himself has not followed the Nigerian constitution, on several occasions, often deliberately, too? If the Nigerian National Assembly had any discipline and any sense of its responsibility at all, it should have completed the original impeachment of General Obasanjo; even now, it could still work on on-going impeachable offenses committed by General Obasanjo, from routine mishandling of budget appropriations to even his so-called National Conference? Yet, General Obasanjo has the audacity to call the Togolese on constitutional infractions? And get away with it? Only because of the structure of Nigeria can he get away with it, as he is now also getting away with personally ordering the abuse and denial of constitutionally guaranteed civil rights of MASSOB members and their fundamental rights. Biafra is our answer to that structure and to those thus-enabled operatives who have proven that they have no morals, operatives such as only that evil structure could nurture.


And what can it be called when General Obasanjo is already planning to build an Obasanjo “presidential” library, on par with that of US presidents—we are told—after he leaves office? He claims that such a heady and grandiose project will be funded “privately.” Yea, right! Since when did private financiers do anything for free? Of course, the masses will be saddled by the burden of any “private” largesse, and this time, to the tune of scores of millions of dollars, all for the benefit of the General’s inflated ego. While the peoples subsist on practically nothing, in squalor and abject poverty, General Obasanjo is budgeting for his pompous presidential library, in the style and substance of American Presidents.  Keep in mind that the fund-starved universities in Nigeria, all together, could not afford a library one-hundredth the projected cost of Obasanjo’s personal “presidential” library.  Shame! And to think that the structure of Nigeria permits him to get away with this--unchallenged? That’s why Biafra never looked so good as an answer and alternative.


Which is why Dr. Paul Unongo, a respected and prominent Northern Nigerian leader, today asks Nigeria rhetorically if Nigeria has addressed the issues that Biafra raised in 1967 (and since 1967). He also even reminds Nigeria of Ojukwu’s gallant and noble role and effort at Aburi, and of the substance of Aburi, pointing out how Nigeria reneged on her part of the agreements reached there. We raise our hat for Dr. Paul Unongo.


We trust that this is part of a new awareness and readiness on the part of the North to understand that Biafra actualization and Biafra mean no threat nor harm to them, but instead, is a justified and commendable paradigm to the never-ending disaster called Nigeria, an example that any reasonable race or nation is bound to follow for self-preservation and to save itself from senseless bedraggling by evil and immoral forces and structures, and the unscrupulous agents which they spawn. That’s what Dr. Paul Unongo implies in his rhetorical question about Nigeria addressing the issues raised by Biafra: he understands that such issues still exist, and the solution and reaction to them remains the same today as back then: Biafra. It is on record that, of the three major groups residing in Nigeria, Biafra is still the only one that has never, at any time, initiated a group-attack on other groups. Biafra went to war to defend herself and her citizens in the Biafra-Nigeria war of 1967-1970; Dr. Paul Unongo has just reminded us that had Nigeria implemented the Aburi agreements, war would have been averted; and Nigeria saved.


Contrast this with the lying efforts of Sunday Awoniyi who, as the Chairman of moribund Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), only last week was telling the Northerners that Igbos killed Northern leaders in the January 1966 coup, implying that the collective Igbo planned and executed these killings. This, of course, is a terrible lie, maliciously designed and planted by an enemy of Truth to prevent the dawning realization by the North that their leaders were killed in a Nigerian Military coup, carried out by Nigerian military officers, whose intent, in the coupists’ mind and by their own admission, was resolving the quagmire-status of the Nigerian government and its rotten, paralyzing politics, at the time in question. The January 1966 coup was not planned by the Igbos; it was not carried out by the Igbos, and it was not intended to benefit the Igbos. To use that January 1966 coup and its bloody aftermath as an excuse to pursue a program of genocide and pogrom against the Igbo, and to continue to justify the hatred of Igbo-Biafrans in and by Nigeria today, is morally wrong. Mr. Sunday Awoniyi has failed, as, once again the words of Dr. Paul Unongo ring out a truthful reminder for all of us. It is up to Northern Nigeria to choose between Sunday Awoniyi’s gratuitous inciting lies and Dr. Paul Unongo’s refreshing, honorable insight based on facts.


Either way, the nation of Biafra, in its struggle to actualize Biafra today, bears no ill will to any other group, but owes it to itself to pursue its liberation and actualization with a single-mindedness that will not permit anything—anything at all—to stand in its way. It’s a matter of life and living for us, because there is no other option to life.

God chose Biafra for us by Himself. We have seen nothing to make us believe that He made a mistake in doing so. For that reason, for as long as God lives, Biafra lives, and we live as Biafrans.


Biafra alive!


That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues ( with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, ekele e!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Ihe na e me na ala ojo o ahu a na a kpo Nigeria na a gwa anyi na General Obasanjo wu onye ihu-abuo, onye ihiere a naghi e me. Na nzuko a na a kpo National Conference nke ya onwe ya kporo, Obasanjo na a gwa ndi o dunyere na ebe ahu na ujo a tula ha maka ikpa ihe o wula soro ha; na ha nwere ike tulee ihe o wula gbasara Nigeria na nzuko a. Mana otu Obasanjo ya kwa a na a gwa ndi ya na ha a kpatughi kwala ufodi uka gbasara Nigeria aka. Chieyi!  O wu kwa nu onye ugha ka Obasanjo wu, mana o nweghi ihe ndi mmadu nwere ike i me gbasara ya. O wu maka one-Nigeria ka o jiri nwe e ike i na e me ihe di otua. O wu maka udi ihe di otua ka anyi jiri na a cho inweta obodo nke aka anyi, Obodo Biafra, ebe udi ihe a e nweghi ike i na e me.


O wu kwa otu onye ihu-abuo a ka General Obasanjo wu mbge o na a gwa ndi Obodo Bekee nke ndi Nigeria ji ugwo, na a rio ha, na Nigeria e nweghi ego o ga e ji a kwuachi ha ugwo, mgbe Obasanjo ma ama na ego Nigeria nke ndi enyi ya na ndi otu ya zuru na oshi, wepu na Nigeria ga tinye na Obodo ndi Bekee, na ego ahu kariri ugwo Nigeria ji—ugboro ise! Kama Obasanjo ga a ga nata ndi oshi ndi enyi ya ego a ha zuru, ya a ga a na e megbu ndi mmadu ndi bi na ime Nigeria emegbu, di zie ka o na a cho i kuta mmiri na nkume. Obasanjo a wughi onye mmadu ga a tukwasi-obi. Mana o wu otu Nigeria siri diri ka onye di ka Obasanjo ga e nwe ike i na e me ihe ojo o di otua, na o nweghi onye ga a ga tuo ya aka na ihu, si ya na ihe o na e me a dighi mma. O wu na ihi nke a ka anyi ji na a ga na Obodo anyi wu Biafra, ebe ihe di otua e nweghi ike i na e me.


Anyi ma nu na o wu Obasanjo gwara ndi polici na ndi SSS Nigeria ka ha ga na e nye ndi MASSOB mmekpa-ahu, owughiladi na ndi Court a gwa la Obasanjo na ndi otu ya na ha na e mebi iwu ikwu a na a kpo Constitution nke Nigeria, na ihe ha na e me ndi MASSOB.  Ma Obasanjo ka chiri nti na e me ihe a, na a da iwu. Mana otu Obasanjo a na a tu ndi Togo aka na a bha mbha na ndi Togo dara iwu constitution ndi Togo. Onye ihu-abuo ya a na a kpo Obasanjo, ihiere a naghi e me ya; Nigeria na e me ka isi na e bu ya. Anyi wu ndi Biafra a choghi i wu nde obodo ebe udi ihe di otua na e me; o wu ihe anyi jiri ga wara onwe anyi na Obodo anyi a na a kpo Biafra.


O nwere otu ezigbo mmadu onye Ugwu Awusa a na a kpo Dr. Paul Unongo, ghotara ihe gbasara Biafra, ji na a ju ndi Nigeria ihe ha mere gbasara ihe mere ka Biafra jiri bia di. O na a ju kwa ha ma ha ghotara ihe mere na Aburi—otu Ojukwu siri meghee anya ha na Aburi, na otu Gowon na Nigeria siri ju i me ihe ha kwekoritala na Aburi; otu omume aru ya jiri butere ndi Nigeria oke nsogbu nke Nigeria nwere ta. Anyi jimaka na ndi Ugwu Awusa na ha a ghotala na o nweghi mmebgu ma o wu nsogbu ndi Igbo ma o wu ndi Biafra bu na obi i ji mmegbuo ndi Ugwu Awusa ma o wu ndi mba ndi ozo. O nweghi onye anyi choro ogbugbu ma o wu mmegbu.


Mana nwoke a na a kpo Sunday Awoniyi, onye isi ndi Arewa Consultative Forum, jiri ugha na a cho ka o mebie obi ndi Ugwu Awusa, na a gwa ha na o wu ndi Igbo gburu ndi isi ndi Awusa na coup ndi Army Nigeria mere na January 1966. Onye o wula na e kwu ezi-okwu a mara la na o wughi ndi Igbo mere coup ya, ma o wu dunye ndi mere coup; na o wughi ndi Igbo gburu ndi isi ndi Awusa; mana o wu ndi officer ndi Army Nigeria wu ndi mere coup; na echiche ha, ha na a cho i dozi Nigeria ebe ihe mebichara, na afo 1966; na o wughi maka Ndigbo ma o wu na ihi ihe gbasara Ndigbo ka ha ji me e coup ha, ebe ha jiri gbuo ndi isi ndi Awusa.


Anyi na a gwa ndi Ugwu Awusa ka ha ghoro otu na ime ihe Dr. Paul Unongo na e kwu, nke wu ezi-okwu, ma o wu kwa nu ihe Sunday Awoniyi, onye ugha, na e kwu. Mana aka na obi ndi Biafra di ucha: o nweghi onye anyi na a ba ogu, ma o wu onye anyi ga e megbu; na otu aka a kwa, anyi e nweghi ike i kwe ka ihe owula nochie ra anyi uzo na nweta Biafra.


Maka i nweta Biafra wuru la anyi oso-ndu. Chineke na Onwe Ya mere anyi ndi Biafra:  Biafra na ndi Biafra ga a di ndu o wuru na Chineke di ndu.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke nonyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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