This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts


For January 29th, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


We are disappointed that Ikemba is planning to attend Obasanjo’s Conference where Obasanjo’s agenda is not even going to be discussed or debated, but is only going to be simply rubberstamped. The people of Biafra have rejected Obasanjo’s conference and his agenda; therefore, the Ikemba of Nnewi will not be representing the masses of Ndigbo and other Biafrans if he chooses to go ahead with attendance.


The people of the nation of Biafra will state once again that the only conference we will attend is a Sovereign National Conference where the words, “Sovereign” and “National” describe the status of each of the various ethnic groups attending the conference. It is to  such a conference that we shall send representatives, and can thus be represented.


Here are the reasons why we advise Ikemba to shun this conference; and why Ikemba will not and cannot be representing the interests, the wishes and aspirations of the tormented and persecuted people of Biafra if he still chooses to attend:


  1. Obasanjo has already fixed the agenda and outcome of this conference. A direct evidence is the so-called “terms of reference” issued to the committee he appointed by himself to come up with parameters for the conference. Another piece of evidence is the short time given the committee to come up with their report, a suggestion that the committee had already been doing their “assignment” for much longer, and had already wrapped it up prior to Obasanjo’s public announcement. Of course, all this was confirmed by the Committee Chair.


  1. One outcome pre-fixed by Obasanjo is that Nigeria will remain one, at all costs. This is a bullet aimed at the heart of Biafra especially, and other ethnic nations working towards self-determination. The courageous groups opposed to the conference have rightly pointed out that a proper conference would have NO “no-go areas”—that is, everything, including the sick corporate existence of Nigeria,  will be on the table for discussion and negotiations. But, Obasanjo’s conference is obviously not interested in openly arrived-at solutions—just his own fixed, failed or failing ideas.


  1. The Obasanjo conference will yield everything Obasanjo planned for, because attendants will be bribed (“settled”), rewarded or promised rewards such as lucrative contracts, intimidated, coerced, blackmailed, threatened or even killed. The Obasanjo regime, continuing in the tradition of previous military dictators, is known to use all these techniques and methodologies to get Obasanjo’s way.


  1. In the extremely unlikely scenario where a different outcome than what he planned is reached, Obasanjo will pocket the recommendations and refuse to publish them or refuse to implement them, employing all the tricks of his trade to back up his action / inaction, including “creative” legal support, which we have witnessed already.


  1. In summary, Obasanjo’s conference will achieve Obasanjo’s personal desires; attendees will be used to rubberstamp Obasanjo’s personal agenda and then, to legitimize Obasanjo’s scheme. Top on this agenda is anti-Biafra plan.


We understand that Ikemba is going to speak his mind and will not be swayed by money or power or intimidation. Against 399 other Obasanjo sycophants, Ikemba may speak his mind, but stands not a chance of persuading anyone. Yet, it is not this that really bothers us.


What bothers us the most is that Ikemba would consider attending a conference with a pre-declared anti-Biafran agenda and outcome, in the year 2005, a year which has witnessed the continuing deliberate humiliation of Biafran people by Obasanjo and his regime. As we speak, MASSOB members and other Biafrans are in hiding and or being held in jails all over Nigeria, and even in our own homeland, Biafraland, too, charged with “Treason” because we dared  exercise  our divine moral imperative of freedom and survival; and the UN Charter guaranteed right of self-determination. Obasanjo and Nigeria continue to violate our human and civil rights with impunity, even after an occasional court ruling issues orders to release our brothers and sisters, rulings based on Nigeria’s own constitution; orders which have thus far been flagrantly disobeyed by Obasanjo and his government.


Was it not just yesterday, practically, that Obasanjo, through his agents, thoroughly humiliated Ikemba himself, and hence, all of Biafra, when an SSS boy, totally unfit to be Ikemba’s houseboy, arrested and detained Ikemba at the airport, preventing Ikemba from flying out for a medical checkup? And, what was Ikemba’s offense? Recall, to our horror, that Ikemba had to ask friends to call and beg “Almighty Obasanjo” to intervene. Perhaps, Ikemba has personally forgiven and forgotten, but the collateral insult to Biafra was too deep and is still too fresh for the nation of Biafra to bear. We were all the more shocked and overcome with nausea when Ikemba subsequently referred to Obasanjo as “my good friend...”


Has Obasanjo, typifying and representing Nigeria, professed any other principle than the annihilation and crushing of Biafra and the destruction of Biafran icons and symbols, of which Ikemba is the quintessence? Consider Anambra. Obasanjo’s vicious and malicious machinations and Anambra policy are all aimed at defeating Ikemba in his own home-State, and at showing Biafrans that he, Obasanjo, still has us and our Symbol, Ikemba, under his heel, to tread on as he likes. So determined is Obasanjo to carry out his humiliation of a Biafran icon and the nation of Biafra that he conspicuously failed to “invite” Ikemba to help resolve the crises which he, Obasanjo, ignited and has been stoking there ever since. But now, in search of dupes to carry out his agenda, Obasanjo would deign to call on Ikemba to deliver his people’s support of an agenda aimed at stifling the goal of his same people’s life-aspirations?


Since when have Nigeria and her leaders kept their own side of any bargain that they perceive could benefit Biafra? Since when have Nigeria and her leaders listened to Ikemba, rather than mocked and loathed him?  Remember that the Nigeria Police (an arm of the Federal government under the direct and personal tight control of Obasanjo himself) it was, in cahoots with the State authorities, who went to one of Ikemba’s Presidential campaign rallies in 2003, in one of the Northern Nigerian States, teargas-bombed the entire stadium, and broke up the rally, for no reason at all? Which other presidential candidate got the same treatment?


We do not know what it is that Ikemba is going to say at Obasanjo’s conference which he didn’t say in Aburi. If Gowon had carried out the Aburi agreements, Nigeria would not be in this bad a shape today. We do not know what Ikemba is going to say in Obasanjo’s conference which he didn’t say to Nigerian military officers in 1966:”Never take orders from a junior officer.” If they had listened to him, there would have been no more successful coups, and Nigeria would have been spared the trauma and rape, and now, imminent schism. (And by the way, Ikemba demonstrated this same principle, which resulted in the foiling of the so-called Nzeogwu coup of 1966.) Nor do we know what Ikemba is going to say at Obasanjo’s conference which he did not touch on in the Ahiara declaration. Finally, after the declaration of Biafra in 1967, what else can Ikemba really say at the Obasanjo anti-Biafran conference, even notwithstanding that Biafra lost the war, and now seeing the resurgence of the irrepressible, eternal Spirit of Biafra?


Ikemba need not seek relevance in Nigeria using the platform of Obasanjo’s conference; Biafra is Ikemba’s relevance, and such Biafra-coupling is more established than with moribund Nigeria. We suggest to Ikemba to take a stand of principle for Biafra; we recommend that he boycott Obasanjo’s anti-Biafran conference.


Whatever Ikemba decides, Biafra is on the move again. We shall not attend Obasanjo’s conference. We shall not authorize nor delegate nor designate anyone to represent Biafra in such anti-Biafran convocation.


Biafra lives—just like God made it and makes it. Biafrans will live, because God makes it so.


That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues ( with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Anyi na eri onuma na uju maka Ikemba kwu ru na ya ga a ga nzuko (ojoo) nke Obasanjo kporo; mana anyi ka na e kwu na ndi Biafra a gaghi a ga nzuko a ma o wu kwado ya. Na ihi nke a, Ikemba a naghi a nochita anya ndi Biafra o wu ru ma ya ga a na ebe ahu—o wu so o so onwe ya ka o ga a gara. Naani nzuko ndi Biafra ga a ga ma o wu kwado wu nzuko ebe ndi obodo na ile bi na ime ihe a na a kpo Nigeria taa, obodo anyi na akpo “ethnic nations,” ga e kwekorita na ha ga a noro onwe ha; na chia kwa onwe ha: na “one-Nigeria” e nweghi kwa isi.


Anyi na a gwa Ikemba ka ya a gaghi kwa la nzuko Obasanjo maka o nweghi ntuari okwu a ga eme na mgbako a. Obasanjo e dee cha la ihe na ile a ga e kwu ma o wu ihe a ga e kwekorita na mgbako a, mgbe e jeghi be nzuko eje. Obasanjo a gwa la ha a gwa na nzuko a e nweghi ike i kpa uka gbasara one-Nigeria—na Nigeria ga a wuriri otu, na o nweghi ka a ga esi a kpatu okwu ahu aka na nzuko a. Nke a na a gwa anyi ihe anyi di mbu mara: na Obasanjo ga e me ihe o wula ga e kwe ime ka o hu na Biafra a nwusiala.  Ma Biafra a gaghi e kwe; Chineke Biafra a gaghi ekwe ya.


Anyi a mara la na ndi na e je nzuko a, Obasanjo ga e nye ha ego, ha e rie “bribe”; o ga e kwe ha nkwa “contract” ma o wu okwa; ma o wu su nye ha isi na anwuru oku ka ha we e kwekorita na ihe dum Obasanjo choro na nzuko a.


Anyi ma na o wughi ihe di otua  ga e me ka Ikemba ga nzuko Obasanjo. Ma anyi a hughi otu Ikemba ga esi a ga nzuko nke choro onwu Biafra. Anyi a maghi ihe Ikemba choro i gwa ha na nzuko Obasanjo nke o gwabeghi ha na Aburi ma o wu na akwuko o dere a na akpo “Ahiara Declaration.” Anyi a maghi ihe Ikemba choro i kwu na nzuko Obasanjo nke o kwughi mbge Biafra malitere na afo 1967.


Ma na ihe anyi ma wu na Nigeria na ndi na edu Nigeria, ndi na a chi ya, na ndi bi na ya, na o wu so o so mkpari na nsogbu ka ha na e nye Ikemba na ndi Biafra na oge na ile. Ha na a cho anyi wu ndi Biafra ogbugbu. Obasanjo ka o ka cha njo.


Le e unu otu ndi SSS si na a chuari ndi MASSOB na ndi Biafra ndi ozo na ime ala Biafra, na a tu ha npkoro. Le e unu otu nwatakari a pughi i wu boi-boi Ikemba jiri ga jide Ikemba na “Airport” mgbe Ikemba na a cho i ga obodo America ga hu dokita ya; Ikemba kporo ndi mmadu ka ha rio Obasanjo ka ha hapu ya ka ya ga wa ebe o na a ga. O wughi so o so Ikemba ka ihe di otua wutere: maka o wu ndi Biafra na ile ka udi mkpari a na a kpari. Le e unu aka oru Obasanjo na Anambra, nke o ji were na akpari Ikemba na ndi Biafra, ebe Obasanjo ma na Ojukwu wu onye Nnewi.


Anyi na a gwa Ikemba na o nweghi ihe o ga e nweta na ime Nigeria nke Biafra e nyebeghi ya. Ma o wu ugbua, ma o wu mgbe gara aga, ma o wu mbge na a bia na ihu, Biafra e mee la Ikemba onye-a-ma-ama na ime uwa na ile. O wughi Nigeria mere Ikemba otua; o nweghi kwa nu ka Nigeria ga e si e me Ikemba onye-a-ma-ama. Na ihi nke a, Ikemba tu le ozo ihe o choro i me gbasara i ga nzuko Obasanjo: o wughi ihe di mma ka Ikemba ga a nzuko Obasanjo a.


Ikemba ga e me ihe soro Ikemba; ma ndi Biafra e nweghi ihe ha na nzuko Obasanjo ji. Anyi a gaghi aga nzuko Obasanjo, ma taa, ma echi. Ihe soro ha, ha mee na nzuko Obasanjo; o nweghi ihe o puru ime i ji i kwusi ndi Biafra i nweta Biafra. Anyi naha a ga na ihu maka nweta Biafra; anyi ga ha e nweta Biafra. Maka o wu akara-aka anyi si na Chi anyi—onyi-nye nke Chineke nyere anyi.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke no nyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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