This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts


For January 22nd, 2005


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


The Reuters News Alert has reported to the entire world with the title of: “Nigeria muzzles resurgent separatist press” the recent actions and activities of SSS and the Mobile Police in Biafraland. What Amaechina of the Nigerian SSS is doing to MASSOB—our people of Biafra—is unconscionable, and we pity him a lot. First, Amaechina thinks that he will get away with being Obasanjo and nde Awusa’s Igbo agent to destroy Ndigbo-Biafrans. He won’t. In his ignorance, he fails to grasp the history of Ndigbo and Biafra as it applies to Biafra. In his ignorance, he fails to understand Obasanjo-Hausa-Fulani-Nigeria as it affects Ndigbo-Biafrans. Amaechina does not even know the disposition of Ike Nwachukwu and the likes of him who stayed on the Nigerian side and fought against and killed their own Biafran brethren during the Biafra War.


Second, Amaechina thinks that he is going to get away with persecuting and tormenting Biafrans and MASSOB members. He won’t. He thinks that what and how he personally feels about Nigeria coincides with how millions of people, even non-Biafrans, feel about Nigeria. He is so wrong. He thinks that he can justify the persecution of his own people, acting as an agent of Igbo-Biafran haters and tormentors, based on his “patriotism” for Nigeria. He fails to recognize that even Hell has patriots: that does not justify the defense of Hell.


Third, for each MASSOB member or Biafran that Amaechina and his SSS and the Nigeria police arrest, detain and or kill, there are, not just hundreds, not just thousands, but MILLIONS more MASSOBians and Biafrans willing and eager, and actually taking their places. He can turn the whole of Nigeria into a jail (which it already is) and a mass graveyard (which it also is), for MASSOBians and Biafrans: we shall fill his jail and his graveyard, and at the end of the day, Biafra is still standing, and MASSOB agenda has been carried out. The Biafran flag which he is busy plucking down today will reappear tomorrow: everywhere in Biafraland, and ultimately, at the United Nation Headquarters, waving among the proud flags of fellow sovereign, independent Nations of the world.


Poor Amaechina: he says that he is going around Biafran cities lecturing the people on the constitution of Nigeria. How stupid, how silly! He really has no clue, does he? First, the people of Biafra know more about rights and constitutions than the myopic Amaechina. Before the contraption strung together by the British colonialists known as Nigeria—put together strictly for Britain’s interests—came into existence, Biafrans had devised, lived by, and practiced a superior, constitution. The people of Biafra know about, and adhere to, the most important constitution of all—the constitution of God, made for Man, given to Man, to be free: the divine moral imperative given to Man to resist Slavery, Oppression, Repression, Suppression and Evil, and to do so with all his strength and with every fiber of his being until he breaks loose and free from such shackles of slavery, tyranny and dictatorship. Subordinate to the Divine constitution, and in agreement with it, is the UN Charter which finally—but not too late—articulated the Right of Self-determination for every nation: ethnic nations and other racial groups included; a charter which most Nations in the world, including Nigeria, have signed. The Biafran people also live by this constitution.


The constitution of Nigeria which Amaechina is citing now and claiming to be defending so fanatically, and lecturing the Biafran people on, what is its remote and recent history? Has Amaechina and his SSS not served and defended, with the same fanaticism, regimes in the past which have suspended this constitution at will? Has the SSS not served and defended individuals and their governments who constantly violate the constitution of Nigeria? General Obasanjo and his government are busy violating the Nigerian constitution (flawed as it is) almost every single day now: what has the SSS done about it, except serve and praise Obasanjo the more? General Obasanjo is busy tinkering with the constitution, introducing personal “amendments” which favor his personal whims, and pushing these through, using his rubberstamp organizations such as the Nigerian Senate and National Assembly, and the so-called Council of State whose most prominent members are those who in the past have suspended and abused the same constitution: what has the SSS done about this?


Amaechina and the SSS are blind and dumb enough not to understand that it is ongoing bad governance, without hope of change for the better, which has irrevocably torn Nigeria apart into its constituent ethnic-nation-parts. Amaechina and the SSS pretend that they, themselves, have no role in such bad governance, and as such, have contributed to the demise of Nigeria, when they work for every dictator in power in Nigeria, and every fraudulent and failing government in power, pretending not to see that such governments and dictators violate and rape the same constitution which he lectures about.


Consider the irony: recently, Mazi Onyeagocha, in a public debating forum on the subject which SSS was pushing, countered SSS allegations and arguments, by stating that it is bad governance that spawns and sustains movements such as MASSOB. What do you suppose the SSS did in response? The SSS “invited” and then detained Mazi Onyeagocha for withering interrogation. Don’t forget that Onyeagocha is a duly elected (truly elected by the people—one of the few) official representing his people, our people. So, this is how the Nigerian constitution, which the SSS claims to be defending, really works? And this is how Nigeria is going to be prevented from splitting? Amaechina and SSS: “Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin” (Book of Daniel 5:25)


And now, consider the situation with the Mobile Police who joined and was used by Amaechina and the SSS in this current war action (they were singing war songs!) against MASSOB and Biafra, in Biafraland. Today, where is Tafa Balogun, who until a few short days ago was the Inspector-General of Nigeria Police? The IG of Police has been caught red-handed, with the charge of money-laundering. Is it not the same IG who has been harassing and jailing and killing MASSOB members and Biafrans—unarmed civilians—hapless people whose only “crime” is trying to get out of a corrupt and unholy union where even the head of Police is busy committing high-crimes, and still has the guts to lecture the people about being law-abiding? Did not the entire Police, including the Mobile Police, engage in making money illegally, including by selling their weapons, by offering their services for pay for murders and other armed crimes, by extorting money from the populace (especially in Biafraland, on the roads with illegal tollbooths)—with instructions to shoot to death any persons refusing to pay up or challenging the illegal actions? Is not General Obasanjo, the president of Nigeria himself involved—since he personally chose Balogun, in spite of his crimes revealed by the Press earlier; since he, Obasanjo, shielded Balogun from prior exposure; since, rather than sack Balogun, he, Obasanjo, offered him early retirement; and since, rather than have the Attorney General of Nigeria arrest and begin prosecution plans, he, Obasanjo, allowed Balogun immediate vacation pending the start of retirement at a later date? Are there no serious constitutional violations here?


But this is not the end of the story. Members of the National Assembly are falling over themselves, foaming at the mouth, praising General Obasanjo for retiring Balogun. None of them has the depth to ask:


How long has the president of Nigeria known that his appointee was amassing unimaginable and unexplainable wealth?


How long has the president of Nigeria been shielding the Inspector General of Police with the full knowledge of his financial crimes—and oh, are there other unrevealed crimes?


How come the president of Nigeria only “retired” Balogun, instead of seeking additional legal process once facts supporting criminal impropriety were presented to him, and the accused offered no explanation?


Why did the president of Nigeria, only weeks ago, award the highest Nigerian national honors to Balogun, even though he must have (if he didn’t, should have) known of questionable Balogun’s conduct all this time?


No: no member of the National Assembly was asking any of these questions; it was more important for them to be seen singing the praises of the president. And, this is the caliber of officials who are supposed to represent the hapless peoples living and suffering in Nigeria? This is the type of so-called country that you want to remain forced in?


So we ask Amaechina, SSS, and the Mobile Police: what kind of a country is this? Why should not people want to get out of a so-called country where evil and fraud and crime are so compounded as such? Why would anyone want to preserve this country and structure where such horrendous evil and crime are taking place, except the one who is benefiting from the fraud—such as obviously the SSS is (unlimited, autocratic power to torment the people, without judicial or civic accountability or oversight); such as the Mobile Police [and Police in general] is (beneficiaries of extortion and other illegal financial deals), such as the National Assembly is (getting paid “at the source” without doing the peoples’ work), and such as the president / presidency is (unchallenged, unbridled dictatorship)? Anyone living under these enduring conditions in Nigeria and still not making plans to leave Nigeria and or destroy the structure of Nigeria is either one of the crooks or is a coward.


Finally, we challenge Amaechina, as an Igboman (?) to go and try to reside anywhere he likes in Northern Nigeria. Let him try to bring down his “palmie” and drink it or share it with others there. If he has family (we feel sorry for them), let the female members of his family try to go without veils in many quarters there, or even dress decently but any how they like. Or, let them all practice Christianity openly there, assuming that they have not all already been converted to Islam, like Orji Uzor Kalu. What they find out will drive home the lesson of one-Nigeria to him and to them. But, Amaechina already knows.


It is practically in the same vein that we warn Mr. Chekwas Okorie against continuing to push for our people to attend Obasanjo’s National Conference. Mr. Okorie is using the same insane argument that efulefu Igbo-Biafrans have used in the past. Mr. Okorie is arguing for us to go to a flawed conference—for the mere fact that the president of Nigeria, General Obasanjo, has called for one—and in Okorie’s flawed argument, a “fraudulent, pre-fixed conference is better than none at all…” Here, once again, we hear the arguments of an unprincipled efulefu—the same type that has placed our people in the enslaving servitude of all fraudulent governments in power in Nigeria, much to our perpetual harm and hurt. Everyone knows that Obasanjo does not mean well for Nigeria as a whole; worse still, Obasanjo has never meant well for Ndigbo-Biafrans. Obasanjo’s only interest, besides wiping out all vestiges of Biafra, is to use all the usurped instruments of government to fulfill his own personal warped greedy ambitions and agenda. Everyone knows that this is the agenda of Obasanjo’s conference. Even Mr. Okorie does not dispute that. Yet, he is willing to drag us into a meeting with a fixed agenda and foregone outcome, which we all understand will only benefit the person of Obasanjo (and his sycophants), and definitely be to the continuing detriment of Igbo-Biafra. Has Chekwas Okorie joined the ranks of those seeking to curry favor from Obasanjo? Mr. Okorie is further tarnishing the image of APGA and further diminishing any lingering hopes that we could yet turn APGA into a political party to represent Biafra’s real interest in the interim dispensation. Recall that it is we who placed APGA on the map: we, the people of Biafra, who cast a Biafra unity-solidarity vote for APGA, to demonstrate the power of unity of purpose and unity of mind, at a time when APGA had nothing and was not given a beggar’s chance.  We understood well the risks we were taking of trying to “build, or build up” anything in Nigeria, knowing that sooner than later, Nigeria corrupts everything. We are seeing this play out now with APGA and Chekwas Okorie.  We are saddened but not surprised and not discouraged; how can we be discouraged when our convictions have only been validated? Is there anyone who still believes that we should continue to stay in one-Nigeria? Is there anyone who still wants to work within the framework of Nigeria? We have been vindicated, and we rest our case.


Let us now concentrate without further distraction on Biafra and Biafra actualization. There is no other way—we have tried them all; no other destiny—we’ve been to all of them; and no other workable choice—we tried them all. We have MASSOB/BLF and the MASSOB agenda. We have Biafra Foundation, Biafra Actualization Forum, Ekwe Nche, and we have many other pro-Biafran organizations both in Biafraland and in Nigeria and all over the world working on Biafra actualization. We have to reinforce and complement one another, now. No mountain is too high to climb when your options are defined—and they are; and when your choice is clear—and it is: Biafra. No disappointment is too great to overcome, with positive results, when the vision is clear and the goal is already in sight. Biafra is, in fact, in sight. Do your part. We shall do our part; we are doing our part.


We are nothing if not Biafrans, because that’s how and what God created us—Biafra alive!


That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues ( with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra, anyi e kelee unu.


Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Ndi uwa na ile a nu la akuko ihe Amaechina na SSS na ndi Mobile Police Nigeria mere na ala Biafra—otu ha siri na e megbu ndi MASSOB na ndi Biafra; otu ha si na a cho i kpusi anyi onu na anya. Anyi na a gwa Amaechina na ya wu onye iberibe na onye efulefu o wuru na o na e che na o wu ihe oma ka ya na e me ebe ya jiri na a chu, na na e megbu, na na e gbu nde MASSOB na ndi Biafra nde umuibe ya, were otua na a ru ru Obasanjo na nde Awusa choro Biafra ogbugbu oru. O nweghi mgbahara ga a diri Amaechina na ihe o na e me.


Nigeria nke Amaechina si na ya na a zota, o wu kwa ebe ahu ka onye isi nde Police a na a kpo Inspector-General (IG), Tafa Balogun, ka e jidere na oghi ego—otu IG-ya kwa, onye gburu na megbue nde MASSOB na ndi Biafra? O wu kwa na ime Nigeria ka onye isi ha, president Obasanjo, marachara ihe gbasara ihe ojoo na ile na a ga ebe ahu, kama mechie onu ya, mechie anya ya, maka nde na e me ihe ojoo ndiya wu ndi enyi ya na ndi otu ya, na ya onwe ya bu Obasanjo? Le e kwa unu ndi National Assembly, kama ha ga a ju Obasanjo ihe o mara gbasara ajoo omume di otua, ha ka na e to Obasanjo, na a ja ya ike?  O nwere onye isi ka di mma, onye ka nwere ogugu-isi, ga e kwe ka ya ka no ro na obodo Nigeria ebe ihe ojoo, ihe aru, di otua na e eme na oge na ile?


O wu udi ihe di otua wu ihe gbakasiri Nigeria, ma Amaechina e nweghi ike ighota ya. Ezigbo otu nwoke onye Biafra, Mazi Onyeagocha, sa ra ndi SSS okwu na a gwa ha ezi okwu na e kwu na o wu ihe ojoo ndi na a chi achi, na ochichi ha, na e me, na a kpata ka otu di ka MASSOB were malite na obodo ojoo. Kama Amaechina na ndi SSS ga e gere Mazi Onyeagocha nti, tule kwa nu eziokwu o kwuru, ha a ga jide ya, tinye ya na nkporo nde SSS. O wu unu otua ka mmadu ga a si na Nigeria, ebe ihe ojoo di otua na e me, a maka; ka anyi no ro zie na ime ya? Mba a!!! Nigeria a joka! Amaechina na ndi SSS na ndi Mobile Police so na nde na e me Nigeria ka o joo oke njo, wu ru kwa ebe aru na e me mgbe owula. Amaechina ga a kwuri ri ugwo oru aru o na e me ndi Biafra na ndi MASSOB.


Anyi na kwa a gwa Amaechina na otu o si na Nigeria wu otu, na na ya siri ike, ya na ndi-ulo ya ga a biri na Ugwu Awusa na ime ala Sharia. Ha ga a ebe ahu, ka o muru ako.


Anyi ji otu aka ya na a gwa Mazi Chekwas Okorie na o na e me ka onye efulefu, ebe o na a gwa anyi ka anyi ga a kwado nzuko nke Obasanjo kporo, ebe ya onwe ya wu Okorie a mara la udi mmadu Obasanjo wu, mara kwa otu Obasanjo si e me ihe ya, na mara kwa udi ihe Obasanjo na e me ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra. Ndi o wula nwere ako, ma o wula nde Yoruba ndi umunna Obasanjo na onwe ha, a ju la nzuko Obasanjo; ma na Mazi Okorie ka na a cho i kpokota ndi Biafra ka ha ga nzuko ojoo ya—tufiakwa! O wuru otua ka APGA ga di ugbu a, o na zi e wuta anyi, ma otughi anyi anya, maka anyi ma na ihe dum anyi wuru na ime Nigeria, Nigeria ga e mebisi ya, o ga a la na iyi—ma o wula di otu APGA, nke nde Biafra weliri elu ka anyi ji zi ihe Biafra nwere ike i me ma anyi nwe e otu obi. Ma ihe di otua na a gba anyi akaibe na ihe owula anyi mere na ala Nigeria ma o wu na ime Nigeria a gaghi e nwe isi—Nigeria ga e mebiriri ya; nke na e me ka anyi ghota na o wu so o so Biafra wu e be ihe ga a diri anyi mma, ebe ihe ga a gara anyi na ihu.


Biafra—so o so Biafra ka anyi choro; Biafra ka anyi na a ga. Oso kwa ndi SSS na Obasanjo na Nigeria, ha tuo anyi dum nkporo ma o wu ha gbue anyi na ile egbuo: Biafra ka ga a di ndu; anyi ka ga a wu nde Biafra, anyi ka ga na a cho kwa Biafra; anyi ga e nweta riri Biafra. Maka otua ka Chineke ke re anyi; otua ka o ga a di, otua ka o di.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Maka Chineke no nyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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