This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts  

For January 15th, 2005 

You have heard the news; now, the analysis… 

An ill wind is blowing with greater and destructive intensity in Nigeria, causing no one good. Nigeria brought this upon herself. We are not surprised. The structure of one-Nigeria has always made it possible for persons like Obasanjo to become dictators, whether they are in military uniform or agbada. The structure of one-Nigeria has always empowered such miscreants to get away with criminal and immoral, a-moral actions; yet they pretend to preach the fear of God, morality and democracy to the suffering peoples residing in Nigeria. The structure of one-Nigeria renders the peoples of Nigeria helpless and hopeless to react effectively to intolerable and insufferable dictatorship and to tormenting anti-people policies foisted on them by the dictators and their sycophantic supporters. That is why Nigeria must go, and Biafra is the answer. 

So, we are asking you to redouble your efforts for Biafra and Biafra actualization. We have been right all along: Nigeria is going nowhere. Biafra remains our only salvation. Could you imagine that while all the incredible illegal, criminal, unconstitutional, evil, immoral and hypocritical activities are going on around us and in Nigeria today, all the political parties in Nigeria are fighting, each within itself, for the selfish interests and gains of individuals as they knock one another out for—get this—2007 elections? Fools that they are: the wholesale rigging of 2003 elections are finally causing sociopolitical temblors presently, a seismic process from which Nigeria will finally disintegrate, but these parties do not seem concerned. Instead, they are “getting ready for 2007.” If 2007 ever comes to Nigeria, can you imagine how those elections will turn out any different, since none of these parties and joker-politicians are interested in learning anything from the current debacle? Only a sick structure such as one-Nigeria can make this folly and idiocy possible. 

Even APGA! We want to remind APGA that we rallied our people of Biafra to cast a unity-solidarity vote for APGA in order to demonstrate the power of Biafra in 2003 elections. At the time, APGA had no money and no organization to speak of, and no one gave it a chance. But the people of Biafra delivered the Biafra solidarity-unity dividend, and placed APGA on the electoral map, which surprised, then forced, Obasanjo-PDP into desperation, resulting in their reckless acts of rigging the election results in broad daylight. In the broad daylight of the present time, the results of such brazen fraudulent acts are here to haunt Obasanjo-PDP and the rest of Nigeria who failed to challenge the fraud. Rather than APGA respect the action, and reflect the principles, of Biafra and Biafrans by being a different kind of party, even if within Nigeria, we now see that APGA is in fact no different from the rest of them. We are not surprised, because we have always known that one-Nigeria must always succeed in corrupting anything that is part of, or operates within, or is associated with, it. We knew that all along; and for that reason, we were not even going to participate in the Nigeria elections of 2003. In a way, we did not participate: we only wanted to demonstrate what Biafra is capable of when we are united—and we succeeded.  

Fellow Biafrans: it is unthinkable and UNLIKELY that one-Nigeria will survive until 2007, talk less of holding another fraudulent election with the same predictable rigged results, that year. It is our desire and goal that we shall have Biafra before then. Nevertheless, should it come to that, let this be our promise to our selves, our pledge to our people, our vow to our Maker, and a notice to Nigeria and the rest of the world, that  


Biafra and Biafrans want to state it clearly and categorically that we are not interested in any more elections in Nigeria, and shall not participate in such. We shall not allow our dignity to be corroded any more, and our lives debased by arrogant and evil mere mortals who have foisted themselves over us by force. We shall not allow immoral persons mock our culture, tradition and morality with brazen hypocrisy. We have suffered enough. We are Biafrans, and we “return” to Biafra so to act and live as such—beginning now. 

Yes, the so-called “Igbo leaders”—truly efulefu—will go to war against us in order that they may continue the futility of one-Nigeria. Let us hear what some of them are saying recently. Ekwueme says he is going back to reform PDP. We laugh. Ekwueme did not have the guts to stand up when things were going wrong; instead, he stood there, immobile, as Obasanjo and the Northerners walked all over him during the PDP primaries which he was entitled to clinch by merit. As a final insult, they “settled” him, and he took money and said nothing—not even in his own defense—to challenge the fraud. Now, Ekwueme wants to reform PDP so that the same “magical trick” will be performed and he can continue to be the butt of the joke? That’s why we laugh at him. 

Then, there are the PDP governors foisted on, and occupying, Biafraland who planned to leave PDP for other parties if Ogbeh was forced to resign as the Chair of PDP. According to them, they would go to ANPP or to AD or to any party—that is, any party other than APGA—imagine that!  Well, Ogbeh has in fact been forced to resign. Let’s see if they have the guts to at least cross the carpet in a falling house and disintegrating platform. We already know that they are dumb because they insist on jumping out of the frying pan into the fire: let’s see if they have the mettle to actually do it. Especially since they are doing this in order to avoid facing the truth and fact of one-Nigeria being unworkable, whether or not a military administration is in power or PDP is in power. 

And, who will forget the activities of all the other efulefu groups clamoring for so-called “Nigerian president of Igbo descent”? They have refused to do a root-cause analysis of why nothing succeeds in Nigeria; thus, they fail to see that such a president—even if Nigerians forget their hatred and phobia of Ndigbo and allow it to come to pass—is bound to fail because the structure called one-Nigeria will grind him into failure, just as it has been doing since 1964. 

Everyday, they talk about protecting “democracy” in Nigeria, and it is the same people who have already snuffed it out; they do not want the peoples—the masses—suffering in Nigeria to wake up and change the system for the better because they know that that will be the end of the opportunities for their selfish and personal exploitation of these hapless peoples. What they are pretending to protect—democracy in Nigeria, an oxymoron—is a corpse, long dead and gone, but they don’t want the peoples to realize that and to react accordingly! But, this evil game, for Biafrans, is over. We see the game and understand it, and we are not playing any more; Biafra will no longer participate in this game. 

Fellow Biafrans: we embrace Biafra and nothing else. Let us make sure that those who are not with us, those unwilling to end our torment by Nigeria in order that they may continue their ill-gotten gains, are challenged constantly, and are made aware of our irrevocable stand. On Biafra we stand—before, now and forever. 

God created Biafra and created us Biafrans. That cannot change. We must live what we are. We must live our part. Even if we die in so doing, we have lived—well.  

Biafra alive! Because God makes it so. 

That’s the news analysis for the week.  Thank you.


 God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues ( with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language. 

Ndi Biafra, anyi e kelee unu. 

Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a. 

Anyi na a si na o na a di mma ka ikuku fee ka a hu ike okuko. Ikuku ojoo na ha e fe la na ala Nigeria taa; anyi naha a hu la otu Nigeria ji ri joo chaa oke njo. Anyi a hu la aka oru Obasanjo na nde PDP. Nke a na a kwado ihe anyi ma ama gbasara Nigeria: na o wu one-Nigeria ga e mebi si ihe na ile no na ime ya; na one-Nigeria na e dufu si ha uzo wu ndi na ile no na ochichi na ime ya; gbanwe e ha ka ha wu ri zie ndi ojoo, ndi oghi na ndi ama, ndi so o so ihe ha na a cho wu ihe ga a ga na akpa nke so o so ha, chefue ndi oha mmadu nde ha kwesiri i na a nochita anya ha. O wu one-Nigeria na e me ka ndi igwe mmadu bi na ime ya na a ta oke ahuhu, na e nweghi nchekube. 

O wu maka ya ka anyi ji na a cho Biafra. Anyi ga na a cho si Biafra ike, na ihi na Nigeria e nweghi kwanu isi. One-Nigeria wu onwu na egbu Nigeria; anyi a gaghi e so Nigeria nwu o di ka “ijiji nke e nweghi onye na a du ya ndumodu: o na e soro ozu la a na ala ili.” 

A ka na e kwu na election 2003 na e zuru ya na oghi, nke mere ka mkpotu ukwu gbasaara ya na a kpotu tata, ma ndi otu party na ile no na ime Nigeria na a lusiri onwe ha ogu na njike maka election afo 2007. O wu ihe aru, na ihe nzuzu, na ndi otu party a e nweghi echiche ka ha ghota ihe mere ka ejiri zu o election 2003 na oghi, we re ihe ha mutara na ya ji gbanwee na dozie ihe, ka election 2007 we e ga nke oma. Kama, ha na a zogbu onwe ha ta maka election 2007. Ndi APGA e soro la ha na e zuzu nzuzu a. 

Ma anyi na a gwa onye o wula nwere nti i nu ihe, na ndi Biafra na Obodo Biafra a gaghi a tu votu na 2007 o wuru ma Nigeria ka no ndu rue na afo 2007. O wu so o so Biafra ka anyi choro; anyi na e che na anyi ga e nweta Biafra tupu afo 2007. O nweghi mmeko anyi wu ndi Biafra na Nigeria mekoro. Votu anyi turu na afo 2003 wu ka anyi ji zi nde Nigeria na ndi uwa ihe anyi nwere ike ime mgbe obi anyi wu otu. O wu otua ka anyi siri we e nye APGA votu anyi na ile, nye ha mmeri ukwu, ma Obasanjo na ndi PDP e zuri votu ahu na ile na oghi—nke butara la ya na ndi PDP nsogbu ukwu anyi na a hu tata. 

Ka anyi kwue kwa ya ozo: o wuru ma Nigeria ka di ndu na afo 2007, ndi Biafra a gaghi a tu votu na election ndi Nigeria na afo ahu. Ihe ndi Biafra choro wu Biafra; o wu so o so Biafra ka anyi ma. Ndi efulefu ndi ka na a cho one-Nigeria, nde di ka Ekwueme, na ndi ochichi governor, na ndi na a cho ka e chie onye Igbo okwa presidenti Nigeria na afo 2007—ndi ya, ha na a ghogbu onwe ha na aghuho. Anyi wu ndi Biafra ga e me ka ndi ya  ghota na o wu so o so Biafra ka anyi choro; na o wuru na ha a choghi Biafra, ha ga a fu na ala Biafra ga wa na ala Nigeria. 

Mgbe Chineke kere Biafra, ke e kwa anyi umu Ya ndi Biafra, O nyere anyi ike i wu ndi Biafra, me e anyi umu Ya ndi Biafra. Anyi kwesiri i bi ndu otu Chineke anyi siri ke e anyi—ka ndi Biafra! 

Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke no nyere la gi! 

Ndewo unu!


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