STOP PRESS:  Anambra Crisis


We stop the press to let you know that we are aware of the ongoing trouble in Anambra, and will respond more fully in future broadcasts.


Nevertheless, we can tell you all with full confidence that the root problem of Anambra is Obasanjo-PDP-one-Nigeria hatred of Ndigbo and their desire to continue to dominate Ndigbo-Biafrans and treat them as a defeated nation of slaves.


We can also tell you that the problem is made worse by the support by Igbo-Biafrans for either Ngige or Uba, because these two still belong to / with PDP, which is run by the same Obasanjo, the same system that is tormenting, destroying and humiliating Ndigbo-Biafrans.


The problem is also made worse by those willing to accommodate either Ngige or Uba, especially those who have accepted as legitimate Ngige’s PDP government, thus conveniently forgetting what is obvious: that APGA won the 2003 elections in Anambra and in all Biafran areas, for that matter—not PDP. We warned then that if our people accept this fraud without challenge, that we will lack the moral strength to challenge further / future fraud and evil. We were—are—right in this.


Finally, there are those who compound the problem further by continuing to insist that staying in / with one Nigeria will work out for Ndigbo, in spite of ongoing evidence to the contrary.


As such, the only complete and lasting solution to Anambra and the rest of Igbo-Biafra is the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra. Nothing else will work; nothing less will suffice. Can we learn this lesson now? What are we waiting for?




Ka anyi ji ri oghere nke a na a gwa unu na anyi a nula  ihe na e me na Anambra. Anyi ga a zaghachi okwu na mgbe na abia na ihu.


Ma unu mara kwa na ihe butara nsogbu na ile a wu na Obasanjo na PDP na Nigeria kporo ndi Igbo-Biafra ugwu nke ukwu u, na acho i gba anyi ohu.


O nweghi aka o nyere la anyi na ndi Igbo ndi ufodu na a kwado Ngige ma obu Uba, chefue na ha abuo wu ndi PDP, nde otu Obasanjo, nde na a cho Ndigbo onwu.


Ndi Igbo ndi ozo ndi na a nabata Ngige ma o wu nabata Uba na ochichi na Anambra na e me ka ha chefuru na o wu nde APGA ka ndi Igbo-Biafra tunyere vote na 2003 elections, ma o wu na Anambra ma o wu na ebe ndi ozo na ala Biafra na ile. Ndi PDP ji ri oshi na aghugho zu ru okwa na ochichi na ala Biafra na ile. Anyi gwa kwara unu na oge ahu na o wuru ma o nweghi ihe anyi mere gbasara oshi a na mgbe ahu, na o ga a ra anyi ahu i nwe ike nke mmuo i ji guzoro oto na mgbe na abia na ihu i lusi ihe ojo o ogu. Ihe anyi gwara unu mgbe ahu na ha e me ugbu a.


O nwe kwa ra ndi Igbo ndi efulefu ka na a cho ka ndi Igbo-Biafra ka noro na ime one-Nigeria—na echefu na nke a na e me ka nsogbu anyi nwere na  ime Nigeria ta a na a muba.


O wu so o so Biafra—inweta Biafra—ga a gwo ihe na a ria anyi, anyi wu Ndigbo-Biafra; ma dozie kwa nsogbu ndi a na ile. O nweghi ihe ozo puru i mezi ihe na ile nde a. Anyi a  muta la ako ugbu a? Gini ka anyi na e che zi?




This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts


For November 13th, 2004


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria.” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.


“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not, and will not, be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria.” So says the Lord.


Fellow Biafrans: Allow the Word of God to replenish and sustain you at all times.


This week, before we address the impending NLC strike action, let us bring to your notice a few other things.


The so-called governors and legislators serving the Nigerian dictatorship in occupied Biafraland run around making noise and singing the praises of their lord and slave-master, General Obasanjo, while on the ground, our people continue to receive the worst kind of treatment from Obasanjo and Nigeria (and from these functionaries too). Can you imagine anywhere else in the world where people can be arrested while participating in a football tournament and then charged with Treason, for the mere reason that they are there to either play or cheer for their team vying for a cherished Cup-prize? Can you imagine if those arrested included pregnant women and the elderly? Can you imagine putting them in jail for many days before they were arraigned in court for charges? Can you imagine over 6 weeks in jail before bail-hearing, and then, waiting another 3 weeks in jail for the decision on bail?


Presently, that is what is happening to 53 Biafrans—mostly Igbo; this travesty of justice is happening in Lagos state in the year, 2004. The so-called Igbo leaders and those functionaries referred to above whose duty is to protect the people and the people’s rights, have remained silent, either in cowardly acquiescence, or in total ignorance of the full implications of this gross abuse of human rights and abuse of civil rights of their own people. What does it matter that the contested and coveted Cup is named after Uwazurike? Or that some participants had Biafran flags on their person? If one cannot attend a ball game without being harassed and arrested and jailed just because one is either Igbo or Biafran or even a member of MASSOB, and the  political representatives of the people see all this and still remain neutral and passive, what has the world of Ndigbo-Biafrans come to?


Yet, everyday, these functionaries make pompous but empty speeches where they mouth and use words such as “democracy,” or “preservation of Nigeria.” When it comes to challenging the rotten system which constantly crushes the civil rights and human rights of their own people, performed with consistency, with arrogance and with impunity, these men and women say nothing!—nothing at all! Obasanjo has his sins in this matter alright, but the transgressions of these Igbo–Biafran puppets are even more profound nature, in comparison.


For the third time in a very short period, Nigerians have killed our own people in our own land. The perpetrators have been civilian, police and military, respectively. In each case there was no provocation by our people. In each case the Nigerian attacked and killed an Igbo-Biafran. The Nigerian response is typical: they rush in armed police and soldiers to protect the perpetrators by herding our people into a guarded corral, as it were. Recently they send in a functionary to fake remorse and promise justice. But, how many of the Nigerians who kill Igbo people even in our own land—even in Enugu—ever go to trial, never mind get a conviction and a sentence? And after each episode, all we get is an increase in the armed occupation of our land, as Nigeria sends in more armed police and security personnel to surround us and limit our movement and reaction, while the criminals are free to go on and then, brag to their comrades about how they killed another Igbo-Biafran? As Igbo–Biafran people stand helpless, the so-called governors and the so-called elected officials and their social groups do nothing and say nothing, while their parochial elite Igbo–Biafran counterparts in Diaspora promote one-Nigeria. If the excuse for the 53 above is that MASSOB-Biafra was mentioned, then, what is the excuse for these other murderous incidents victimizing Igbo-Biafrans, sometimes, even in our own homes and backyard, all over Biafraland? What is their excuse? How do these functionaries—and the Diaspora elite, especially—sleep at night and live with themselves, and still do the illogical and unthinkable: still preach one-Nigeria; still praise Obasanjo and his cabal, and still try to block the path of someone or some organization who is at least working to challenge the system and liberate our people for good at the same time? The horror of horrors: make one of those persons the Igbo president of Nigeria? Horror!


These persons and the masters they serve have no conscience. They have already judged themselves—by themselves. Let’s forget them, move around them, and move on to Biafra actualization where such patent evil will have no place.


We note with satisfaction that MASSOB will participate fully in the NLC strike action scheduled for next week, if it holds. We note with satisfaction that NLC has already borrowed some of MASSOB tactics. But, we must point out that we can predict that Obasanjo will make MASSOB the scapegoat of this strike action: while we are used to it, we must still insist that NLC must be brave enough to speak up and speak out, and act accordingly, should our prediction come true and Obasanjo come after MASSOB with renewed vigor and nefarious zeal.


Our prediction notwithstanding, we are really confident that if the NLC digs in this time around, and does not budge, this anti-people government will be defeated by the same peoples who bore the brunt of Obasanjo and previous regimes’ arrogance, ineptitude, incompetence, malfeasance, dictatorship, insensitivity and frank rape.


Consider that instead of Obasanjo asking his friends and fellow thieves to return the money they looted from the Nigerian national treasury and use it to settle IMF debts, he is more willing to tax the people and raise the price of fuel. Keep in mind that Obasanjo has the list of the thieves and their loot—on record. But, he finds it better to preach, then, unilaterally impose, more suffering—more suffering on the peoples, than to go after his friends to collect what they stole.


Consider that Obasanjo and Atiku are each personally involved in the ownership and management of private universities, but they have made it impossible for public secondary schools, colleges and universities to exist or to operate; and have watched and allowed previously hallowed academic grounds to wither into oblivion. To add salt to injury, those who manage to graduate have only letters to their names, but lack requisite supporting education; and then, there is no opportunity for employment, neither in the area of their studies nor in any other area, period.


Consider that instead of first establishing adequate local production of needed items and supporting such industry, Obasanjo and his administration would ban the procurement of these necessary commodities, without any other plan or vision for initiating local sourcing.  But, they do not themselves depend on local production—they still obtain the imports for themselves and for their families and friends, while forcing the poor hapless peoples suffering in Nigeria to manage without.


Consider that the same Obasanjo would ignore local refineries and allow them to languish while doing everything he can to subject the peoples to importation of oil, a commodity originally and amply produced locally, and in so doing, subject the peoples to unscrupulous and manipulative will of profiteers; and expose the poverty-stricken, vulnerable and hapless peoples living in Nigeria to the harshness and vagaries of foreign-controlled and manipulated international market forces. Yes, that’s Obasanjo for you!


Consider how overzealous Obasanjo and the armed security agencies and the functionaries under his command have persecuted MASSOB for the purported charge of treason; while no one has deliberately circumvented and contravened the stipulations of the Nigerian constitution more than Obasanjo himself; and no other agency or group of agencies has operated above the law and above the constitution more than the Obasanjo-commanded Police, SSS and other unspecified units.


Just as MASSOB is the last (and only) line of defense of the people of Biafra against Nigeria and her “annihilate-Igbo-Biafra-at-all-cost” policies, so is the NLC the last line of defense of the peoples trapped and suffering in Nigeria, against Nigeria’s well-honed people-crushing machinery which is usually operated through the edicts and acts of these men who make it their business to (mis)rule and rape Nigeria. Consider that the so-called elected officials in Biafraland have never even advocated for the people, never mind provide security for them or defend their civil and human rights, in any meaningful way; it is so bad that MASSOB was born to fill in the gap and save our people. In the same manner, NLC has had to come to fight for the peoples when the National Assembly, the Judiciary, the Police and the Army all abandoned the peoples and became instruments in the hands of an oppressive government specializing in mauling her own peoples.


All we can do now is to advise NLC to carry this one to completion because if they stop halfway, there is nothing standing between Obasanjo and his goal of trampling the peoples to death, and NLC will never get another chance or opportunity. We, Biafra, shall not allow that to happen to us. We also want NLC to look ahead to a time when it can provide stability in the labor sector and hence the workers’ lives, during the period of transition, the period needed for overhaul of rotten Nigeria; and the period of peoples’ own restructuring of erstwhile Nigeria, after Obasanjo’s regime will have been sacked by the peoples. But, first, let’s show Obasanjo how frustrated and angry the peoples really are.


Fellow Biafrans, there is no time to relent now. We march on to the tune of our agenda of Biafra actualization. Those that will not work with us, let us ignore them and move around them and move on. Everyone else, do your part and do it to the best of your ability. We are cooperating with the Divine Plan for Biafra liberation.


Biafra alive! Because that’s how God intends it.


That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues ( with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.



Ndi Biafra: anyi e kele e unu.


Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Na mbido, anyi na e wetara unu okwu si na onu Chineke anyi na a si na Ya a gaghi e kwe ka okike Ya, nke unu dum bu, la na iyi site na ighi ihe ojo o ahu a na a kpo Nigeria. Chineke na e kwu si na Nigeria ga a nwu, ma na okike nke Chineke, nke bu unu dum, ga a di ndu, ma na e ri kwa ndu, bie kwa ogologo ndu. Nde Biafra: Ka Okwu Chineke gbaa unu ume na oge na ile.


Tupu anyi e kwuo okwu gbasara nkwusi-oru nke ndi okwu Bekee na a kpo “labor strike,” ka anyi tulee anya na ihe ndi ozo nke mere na a oge a. Unu ma kwa na o nwere  umu nne anyi na umu nna anyi nde gara i le nde na a gba futuboolu na ebe Lagos, ma ndi police Nigeria a ga a ebe a na a gba boolu ahu ga jide sia ndi mmadu na ile—ma ndi na a gba boolu ma ndi nlere-nlere—ga tinye ha na mkporo. Ndi police si na umu nne na nna anyi nde a na ile dara iwu a na a kpo “Treason” nke a na e ji a dogbu onye a mara ikpe ya. Iwe ndi police nde Nigeria wu na ihe nzota na futuboolu ahu a na agba wu “Uwazurike Cup.” Ndi police si na ebe ha nuru aha Uwazurike, ha ga a ma nde a na ile iwu. O di ogu mmadu abuo na iri na ato; ufodu wu umu nwayi di ime; ufodu wu ndi okenye. Ma o wu kwa nu ihe aru na mmadu ga a ga ihe futuboolu ma ndi police a ga nwuru ya si na o dara iwu; wuru kwa ajo o aru na ndi Igbo-Biafra ga e kwe ka udi ihe a na e me ta, ma ha e kwughi ihe owula. Ke ta a ke echi, ndi ochichi governor na ndi ozo nde enyi ha na asu ogologo garama, ma ike a dighi ha i kwu na ihe di otua e kwesighi i na e me ndi Igbo-Biafra ozo na oge nke a. Ha a mara la na o wu nna-ha-ukwu, Obasanjo, nyere ndi police oda ka ha me e ihe ojo o di otua; ma ha ka na eto Obasanjo na a ja ya ike. Ha a hu cha a la ihe ojo o a nke ndi Nigeria na Obasanjo na eme ndi Igbo-Biafra na oge na ile, ma ha ka na e kwu ka anyi noro na ime one-Nigeria. Tufia kwa!


O wu kwa otua ka e jiri gbuo umu Igbo-Biafra ato na Enugu, na e nweghi ihe ha mere onye police, ma o wu onye ami, ma o wu onye Awusa gburu ha wu umu Igbo-Biafra. O nwere onye nuru olu ndi no na ochichi gbasara onwu umu nne anyi nde a? O nwe e la mgbe i nuru na ndi Nigeria bia ra kpuru onye gburu onye Igbo-Biafra, ga a cootu, ma o wu tuo ya nkporo, ma o wu dogbuo ya maka o gburu mmadu?


Mara kwa unu na o nweghi ihe ndi di na ochichi na ala Biafra ta a na e mere anyi. So o so MASSOB na ndi otu ndi ozo ndi kwetara na nweta Biafra wu nde nzota nde Igbo-Biafra; ha ka anyi ga e so.


O wu ihe di mma na MASSOB ga e soro ndi NLC me e nkwusi-oru na izu na a bia abia. Maka ihe MASSOB na e mere ndi Biafra di ka ihe NLC na kwa e mere ndi bi na Nigeria. Maka otu onye iro ndi Biafra wu kwa onye iro ndi mmadu ndi na a ta ahuhu na ime Nigeria ta a. Otu o siri wuru na o nweghi onye ozo na a gbatara nde Biafra na na a zota ha na aka ojo o aka obara Nigeria ma o bughi MASSOB, otu ahu ka o wu na o nweghi onye ozo ga a gbali na izoputa ndi bi na ime Nigeria na aka ojo o ndi na achi Nigeria ma o bughi otu NLC ta a.


Ya mere ka anyi na ile ga e jikota aka ugbu a ka anyi we e chupu Obasanjo na ndi otu ya, ka anyi we e ga wa ra onwe anyi, ga wa Biafra, ala Chineke anyi kwadoro la anyi.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke no nyere la gi!


Ndewo unu!



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