This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts

For October 23rd , 2004


Wednesday night addition to Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Broadcasts
starting November 10, 2004.


VOBI is happy to announce to you that we have concluded arrangements to add a second night of VOBI broadcasts, on Wednesdays, at the same time: 10.00 pm, and at the same frequency and Meterband: 7380 Khz in the 41 Meterband. The first Wednesday broadcast will be on November 10, 2004.

(Of course, our regular Saturday night broadcast schedule continues unchanged.)

Repeat: starting on Wednesday, November 10, we will be adding a second hour of broadcast, at this same frequency and at the same time.

Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts, on behalf of the people of the nation of Biafra, thank all those who have made this possible. It is always people—the people—who make things like this possible. We salute you, Biafrans.


Nke a wu ekwe na ogene na olu otimpku Biafra: gee unu nti...

VOBI ji obi aňuri na a gwa unu na anyi ga e bido i we tara unu VOBI radio na abali Wednesday kwa, na oge nke a (10pm—elekere iri na abali) na na ebe nke a. (41 Meterband ma obu 7380 Khz) na i tuunu radio gi.. Na Novemeber 10, nke wu na onwa iri-na-otu na ubochi nke iri, ka anyi ga e bido ya. Radio anyi nke ubochi Saturday ka no kwa otu o di mbu.

Na nkwuari-okwu: anyi e tinye la Wednesday na ubochi nke anyi ga na e wetara unu VOBI radio, bido na November 10, na onwa iri-na-otu na ubochi iri; na nga a, na oge a.

VOBI ji aha Oha Biafra na e kele nde mere ka ihe oma nke a nwe isi. O wu nde mmadu na eme ka ihe di otu a nwe e isi. Ekele kwa unu o o!

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

"My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria." So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.

"The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not, and will not, be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria." So says the Lord.

Fellow Biafrans: Heaven and Earth shall pass away but the word of God remains forever!

Let us visit this week this terrible menace called the Nigeria SSS. There is little doubt why this murderous and secretive, inscrutable unit takes a name akin to the nasty NAZI SS of Hitler’s era. No organization or unit or department, least of all, an arm of the government, would set out to copy such a name (and one-up on it with an extra letter), unless it wants to do to its own people what the SS did in NAZI Germany: torture, terrorize and brutalize the population and do it with arrogance, with savor and and relish, and with great enjoyment.

Today, we are witnessing the evil SSS really getting out of hand and out of control. Their boss and leaders have become too arrogant, too cocky. The field agents have inherited the same infection from their higher-ups, acting as if they were God or in fact, as if God Himself reports to them. Of course, the only reason they can do this is because there is someone at the top giving them orders and pushing them and promising them protection and immunity. So, all that pretense that they are doing all this evil stuff out of patriotism or out of fanaticism for one-Nigeria is a cover. These guys are just doing the bidding of their master, General Obasanjo, which should not surprise anybody, because organizations like this are susceptible to manipulation, exploitation and usurpation by the power-structures and usually end up working for, and carrying out, the personal agenda of whoever is running the show.

The SSS are doing precisely what Obasanjo has ordered them to be doing to MASSOB and by extension, to Biafra. It is so silly to watch and read how the SSS leadership try to exonerate OPC and other violent autonomy / Nationalistic groups by rationalizing away and playing down the actions of these groups, then, only to turn around and selectively target MASSOB, a non-violent organization, for persecution and terrorization, charging MASSOB with Treason for the same agenda which the other groups have, except for the fact that MASSOB does not use violence as a means or method while the others do. Yes, it would be really silly and laughable, but for the fact that the SSS are killing and maiming our people in this rampage and destroying their property, for no justifiable reason at all, save that it is their way to deal with Igbo / Biafrans, on Obasanjo‘s orders.

And to hear SSS and some other unscrupulous liars use the excuse that "nobody is above the law" to attempt to justify this targeted and unnecessary harassment and murder of our people is so infuriating. Who but SSS acts like it is above the law? Or, who does not know that the worst offender when it comes to acting "above the law" is Obasanjo himself who was almost impeached last year for anti-constitutional acts, if the Yoruba, personified by the same OPC, had not threatened the National Assembly to desist from doing its job of bringing Obasanjo to book. It is the same people who are today talking about "…nobody is above the law…" And, who here would fail to recall that it was Obasanjo as the leader of PDP who usurped the judiciary’s function by insisting that criminal and other unconstitutional acts committed against the people by highly placed PDP officials were a "PDP family affair," and as such, the courts had no jurisdiction, and PDP would handle the matter internally? And, didn’t he and PDP and the criminals get away with it? Did anyone challenge them and say, "…wait a minute…No one is above the law; we cannot allow an unlawful act, even if it is coming from Obasanjo himself or the almighty PDP"? When is double standard double standard?

But we also have to ask: where are Ndigbo / Biafrans when this type of thing is happening to our people? Should not Ohaneze have spoken up and challenged SSS actions and charges against MASSOB / Biafrans, and we mean, really spoken up, standing its ground? Can anybody find a higher moral ground than the stand when fighting against double standard and deliberate malicious targeting of an ethnic group or nation? Naturally, Ohaneze should have challenged SSS action and defended MASSOB rights, but didn’t. Why? It is because of the fact that Ohaneze is being controlled by the likes of Joe Irukwu and Iwuanyanwu who in turn are controlled by Obasanjo and anyone else who is a high bidder. Else, members of Ohaneze are too timid and too petrified becoming too paralyzed to say anything, choosing to do nothing instead.

And what about the governors, the state assemblies, the senators, the house representatives, and LGAs? Why do they not utter a world of protest or challenge? Rather, you hear them talking about inconsequential matters that have no bearing on reality, matters which are chosen carefully so as not to offend Obasanjo’s personal sensitivities or the sensitivities of other Igbo / Biafran tormentors. Isn’t it a shame that while some persons from Western Nigeria and even a couple from Northern Nigeria have spoken up in defense of Ndigbo / Biafrans / MASSOB in these matters, these Igbo/ Biafran functionaries whose primary duty is to defend the rights and the welfare of the people, sit idle, doing nothing, or instead, do the stupid thing of either falsely praising Obasanjo, the perpetrator (like with Nnamani’s recent foolish action); or blame the victim, MASSOB / Biafrans?

We use this opportunity to tell the SSS that today, we have their names and their faces, and we vow to bring them to justice at the appropriate time because nothing, nobody, is going to protect them and their assets and dependants forever from the judgment of a properly constituted court of law. The same goes for Nigeria police and their leaders; the same goes for all tormentors and persecutors of MASSOB / Ndigbo / Biafrans, Obasanjo himself included.

To the Igbo / Biafran-collaborators of Obasanjo and one-Nigeria tormentors of Igbo / Biafrans / MASSOB, there are no words to describe your chosen actions, and we cannot even imagine what the appropriate consequence is for such deliberately harmful misdeeds. One thing, though: our Chi is watching; Oha is watching and there is no way you are going to get away scot-free with your behavior, whether it is an act, deed, action, or even silence and acquiescence. Judgment day awaits you!

And, to our people—the people of the nation of Biafra / MASSOB—all of you: we ask you to bear and endure, for it will not be too much longer. No one can tell you the exact time, but bear in mind that there is a price to pay for freedom and liberty, whether in defending it or in reclaiming it (morel). As high as the price of freedom and liberty may be, the price you pay for slavery is so dear that life is no longer worth living––you all know that by now. We have witnessed this pattern of increased persecution in the affairs of those just about to get their independence and freedom. We saw it in Mandela’s South Africa; in East Timor; in Yugoslavia, in East Germany. Just as Pharaoh’s heart was hardened just prior to the victory of the Israelites in Egypt thousands of years ago, so we expect Obasanjo and his agents of oppression to intensify their efforts and act like mad dogs and wild animals, in the vain effort to intimidate or stop Biafrans, as if anything can stop what God Himself is doing. Rest assured that we feel your pain and angst, but do not forget: so does God Who abides with you night and day and does not forsake you. It is squarely in His hands that we leave you, while we do those things which we can do as human––and, believe us, we are in fact busy doing exactly just that––at the same time, leaving the rest up to Him.

The only way out and forward for Biafrans is the sovereignty of Biafra: both God and Man know it; even our tormentors and detractors know it, too, and can feel it coming, unstoppable.

Biafra alive! Even as God has ordained it!

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.

God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues ( with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.

Nke a wu ekwe na ogene na olu otimpku Biafra: gee unu nti...

VOBI ji obi aňuri na a gwa unu na anyi ga e bido i we tara unu VOBI radio na abali Wednesday kwa, na oge nke a (10pm—elekere iri na abali) na na ebe nke a. (41 Meterband ma obu 7380 Khz) na i tuunu radio gi.. Na Novemeber 10, nke wu na onwa iri-na-otu na ubochi nke iri, ka anyi ga e bido ya. Radio anyi nke ubochi Saturday ka no kwa otu o di mbu.

Na nkwuari-okwu: anyi e tinye la Wednesday na ubochi nke anyi ga na e wetara unu VOBI radio, bido na November 10, na onwa iri-na-otu na ubochi iri; na nga a, na oge a.

VOBI ji aha Oha Biafra na e kele nde mere ka ihe oma nke a nwe isi. O wu nde mmadu na eme ka ihe di otu a nwe e isi. Ekele kwa unu o o!


Ndi Biafra, anyi e kelee unu.

Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na a bia ra unu na abali a.

Na mbido, anyi na e wetara unu okwu si na onu Chineke anyi na a si na Ya a gaghi e kwe ka okike Ya, nke unu dum bu, la na iyi site na ihi ihe ojo o ahu a na a kpo Nigeria. Chineke na e kwu si na Nigeria ga a nwu, ma na okike nke Chineke, nke bu unu dum, ga a di ndu, ma na e ri kwa ndu, bi e kwa ogologo ndu. Nde Biafra: Okwu Chineke ga a di o wurugodu ma ala na elu-igwe ga a da.

Anyi a hu la ihe ndi SSS ndi Nigeria na eme ndi MASSOB na Ndigbo na nde Biafra ugbu a. Ha na a cho kwa nu nde Biafra okwu rie nne, ma o nweghi kwanu ihe ndi MASSOB, ndi Biafra, mere ha. Ndi SSS e kwere la na o nwere otu ndi ozo ndi mba ndi ozo na ala Nigeria ndi na a cho ihe MASSOB na a cho. Ma ndi SSS jiri onu ha kwu e na ndi otu ndi ozo a a daghi iwu, na o wu so o so MASSOB wu ndi dara iwu. Ndi SSS ma kwa na MASSOB na eji uzo nke udo na a chu ihe ha na a cho; ma na ndi otu ozo ndi ya na e ji egbe na mma ma bombu na eme ihe ha na eme, na kwa a lusi Nigeria ogu; na e gbu kwa nde mmadu na ndi polici na ndi ami-soja. Anyi e jiri la otu a ghota ihe ndi SSS na eme: ha na e megbu na na e gbu ndi MASSOB na ndi Igbo ndi Biafra maka ha kporo anyi ugwo. Ha ji asi na aghugho na obi ojo o na e megbu anyi.

Anyi ma na o wu Obasanjo na ndi otu ya nyere order ka ndi SSS na eme otu ha si e megbu ndi Biafra ta—ndi SSS na eme ka nkita ara, ka anu ohia ara na a cha. Ihe anyi na a ju wu ihe mere Ohaneze a kwusibeghi ihe di otu a? O wu maka ndi na achi Ohaneze, ndi di ka Joseph Irukwu na Iwuanyanwu, wu umu boy-boy Obasanjo? Kedu kwanu maka ndi ochichi nde governor na ndi ozo no na govumenti—kedi ihe ha na eme gbasara ihe mmegbu na ogbugbu ndi SSS na eme umu nne na umu nna ha, na ime ala Igbo, na ime ala Biafra, ma o bu kwa na ime ala Nigeria?

Anyi na agwa ndi SSS na anyi a hu wa la ha mma; mgbe oge ya bia ra, anyi ga a kpuru ha gaa cotu ka ha nweta ugwo oru ha—ma ha ma ndi polisi nde Nigeria, ndi ozo nde Nigeria nde aka ha no na ime ihe ojo o a na ile a na eme ndi Biafra ta, Obasanjo wu otu onye na ime ha.

Anyi na agwa ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra ndi na e nyere nde Nigeria aka na imegbu na na e gbu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra ta a, na ubochi nguko na ubochi ikpe na a biara ha na oge no na ihu: ha jikwara kwa i gwa Chi anyi na Oha Biafra ihe mere ha ji me e aru di otu a.

Ma na anyi na akpoko ndi Biafra, na agwa ha na obi di anyi mwute maka ihe ndi a na ile na eme; anyi na a gbasi ha ume ike ka ha nwe ndidi maka odi ka anyi e ru ta la na ogwugwu njem anyi, maka o wu mgbe ahu ka ihe na esi ike nke ukwu, ka osiri si e ugbu a. O wu otu a ka o siri me e na oge Pharaoh na ndi umu Israel; na oge Mandela na South Africa; na oge ndi ozo nde nwetara onwe ha na ochichi onwe ha. O dighi nfe inweta na i chi onwe gi; ma na i di na ohu wu ihe ojo na ihe aru: o nweghi otu o siri di ri nwa ohu nfe i bu ohu. Unu e chefughi kwa la na Chineke anyi na a hu, mara kwa, ihe na eme anyi, na ndi na eme anyi ihe ndi a. Ka okwukwe na ntukwasi obi unu si e ike na Chi anyi, maka o wu site na ike Ya ka anyi ji ri nweta Biafra.

Anyi ga e nweta riri Biafra, ji ri nke a merie ndi iro anyi; otu a ka Chineke anyi siri cho o ya!

Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!! Ma ka Chineke no nyere la gi!

Ndewo unu!

Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues
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