This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts.


For August 21st, 2004


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria.” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.


“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria.” So says the Lord.


Fellow Biafrans: Every iota of the Word of God is fulfilled. Have no doubt of that.


We have witnessed just last week the foolishness of some Igbo persons who officiated at the so-called Babangida book-launch in Owerri. These persons have brought unspeakable shame to our people, and we shall get to them later in this broadcast.


But, now, we want to remind you of August 26 stay-at-home exercise organized for all Biafrans. We expect you to do your part. A word is enough for the wise.


And, we want to warn Chris Ngige to lay off MASSOB. We want all those groups who have been paid to join Ngige in persecuting MASSOB members in Anambra to understand that they are making a huge error and committing a heinous crime; we have their names, and we shall pursue them to the ends of the earth, and to the end of time, if necessary, to bring them to book to account for their misdeeds in this matter, when the time is ripe. A little wisdom and honesty should have revealed to them that while Chris Ngige and his PDP-Uba-Obasanjo machinery have given them a little money today to buy their loyalty and exploit them, this is not going to last. Nor will it compensate for past, current and future malfeasance of that machinery, a sick system that steals their due pay. What is it that MASSOB has done wrong to these folks, any way? Ogu still works in our culture, you know.


Next we want to deal with all those, especially Igbo, who attended Babangida’s whatever party in Owerri last week. We want to ask them: what were they thinking? How short is their memory?


We ask them: how many Igbos were killed in Northern Nigeria just this past year, and where was Babangida? Did you see him speak up and tell his people that this is wrong? Did he accompany any of the corpses of killed Igbo people to Owerri—to attend their burial or console their relatives? Did we see him weep for those Igbos who were mass-buried in the North because Igbo so-called Governors were afraid that if the bodies were brought back home, our people’s grief  would be uncontrollable? And yet, there they were, Igbo people trooping to cheer and pick up the crumbs from Babangida’s party! We ask you, is this the height of madness or is this sheer stupidity on the part of those Igbo?


Who can forget the Oputa Commission hearings? Here at last, there was a miniscule opportunity for the Igbo to point out some of the crimes committed against us since 1967, including during Babangida and his regime. Do you recall who refused to answer to this committee? Babangida was one of them. Do you know who stopped the report from being published? It was Babangida. Having done all that, the same Babangida now appears with a book about himself and his acts, and proceeds straight to the heartland of Igbo, to launch and sell such a book, to the same  people whom he denied the restitution that might have come out of the Oputa Commission Reports had he not blocked the publication!  And Igbo people went to cheer him, to party with him, and to read his book! So, we ask you: does stupidity and foolishness get any worse?


It is reported that Babangida arrived in Sam Mbakwe Airport. People of Owerri: do you forget that Babangida and his regime were part of the government that built International airports in other parts of Nigeria,  but refused to build any in the East? Did not Owerri people pay out of their pocket to build their own airport? And, who could forget that Babangida is part of that same system that up till today, has refused to allow an International Airport in Alaigbo? Mind you, we did not ask the Federal government to build one for us: we want to pay for it by ourselves, yet, we are turned down. And now, our people are welcoming Babangida, and not making the connection? How stupid!

Commissioner for Information and Culture, Mr. Chris Okewulonu, we ask you:  have you never heard that the North has maintained and grown its Muslim culture, by implementing and insisting on Sharia for all living there? Is Babangida not one of those who made this possible? Why are you toasting him, when you have allowed him to destroy our own culture while he built up and strengthened his, at our expense?

Dr. Gloria Chukukere from Education Ministry: we ask you: how many of our people have been denied educational opportunities by Babangida’s anti-Igbo policies? Who contributed more to the decline of literacy in Igboland than Babangida and Nigeria’s anti-education for Igbos policy?

Chief Noel Chukwukadibia  of Public Utilities, we ask you: do you not understand that it is because of the deliberate decision by Nigeria to cripple industry in Igboland that Nigeria purposely maintains a calculated  epileptic electric power supply to our land? Is Babangida not part of that government and that policy?

Obinna Okwuaka, Emmanuel Njemanze of Owerri, Godwin Okwuaka of Asa Ubirielem,  P.N. Okpanku of Abia State, what were you doing there? Chika Okpala alias Zebrudaya, Sonny Okosuns, Omenimo Cultural troupe, what were you doing celebrating the life of one who was and is still part of institutional and governmental denial of life to Ndigbo individually and collectively?

Deputy Governor Chief Udeagu, shame on you, attending the party of Babangida whose regime raped your own people.

Professor Chidi Akujo, one time Vice Chancellor of Imo State University, how do you feel lending your professionalism to a book on the same man whose policies have seen to it that Imo State University is functionally and educationally stunted today? Not just Imo State University, but all institutions of learning in Igboland. At the same time, Babangida diverted all resources to improving Northern Universities, while limiting the admission of Igbos there.

Evans Odenge, we hope that you are not Igbo. By offering N5 million for Babangida’s book, you have also paid your own money for your own stupidity. Now, we hope that you are happy with yourself.

Mr. Babangida: you are not welcome in Igboland. Because you have worked to destroy our people and our culture and to defile and desecrate our land. After all, Igbos cannot reside in safety or with peace of mind in your own Niger State, where they are regarded as infidels, and Sharia is imposed on them. You never said a word when Igbos were slaughtered and driven away from your State and your region. Your visit, words and actions reveal arrogance and ignorance, a gross insensitivity to the feelings of Ndigbo. This time, you were met and cheered by unthinking Igbo persons, sycophants, efulefu’s and paid noisemakers. You paid them—from what source: how did you acquire your wealth? You promised them posts in 2007: they believed you, forgetting that you are the same one who ruined Nigeria and who registered Nigeria as a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). The Igbos whom you have bought share in your evil. We know your record, not from your book which we won’t waste our time reading. And, next time, it will be the Sovereign Nation of Biafra that you will  be dealing with; and you will need a Visa to get in, if we allow it.

Fellow Biafrans: let us all help one another. Let this be the last of this type of foolishness. Talk to all our people. Remind them to think twice before stooping so low and acting with foolishness. The pursuit of money and power and social recognition can drive people to do stupid and foolish things. Let us stop this public disgrace.

Biafra will solve this problem

Biafra lives, for this and other reasons. God created Biafra what He is.

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues ( with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language


Ndi Biafra anyi e kele unu.


Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na akpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na abia ra unu na abali a.


Na mbido, anyi na ewetara unu okwu si na onu Chineke anyi na asi na Ya agaghi ekwe ka okike Ya, nke unu dum bu, la na iyi site na ihi ihe ojo o ahu a na akpo Nigeria. Chineke na ekwu si na Nigeria ga anwu, ma na okike nke Chineke, nke bu unu dum, ga a di ndu, ma na eri kwa ndu, bie kwa ogologo ndu. Nde Biafra: ihe owula si Chinekwe na onu ga eme riri.


Tupu anyi ekwu e ihe gba sa ra aru me re na Owerri na izu uka gara aga mgbe ndi Igbo ga ra i kporo Babangida isi na ala, ka anyi leba ra anya na ihe ndi ozo.


Nke mbu: Cheta kwa nu August 26, nke bu Thursday nke na abia. Onye obula onye Biafra no ro na ulo ya, site na ututu rue na mgbede. Onye aga kwa la ebe obula—ma obu oru ma obu ihe ozo—na oge ahu. Anyi ga eji nke a gwa ndi uwa na ile na anyi wu mmadu; na mgbegbu nke ndi Nigeria na emegbu anyi ga akwusi ugbu a. Unu echefu kwa la.


Nke abu o: anyi na a do Chris Ngige aka na nti na agwa ya na ya na ndi otu ya emetu kwa la ndi MASSOB ma obu ndi Biafra ndi ozo no na Anambra aka. Anyi ji aha ndi na ile ndi otu Ngige nde na eso ya na akpari nde MASSOB. O wuru ma ndi a so ro Ngige me ruo ndi MASSOB ahu, anyi ga akporo ha ga Kootu mgbe oge ruru.


Anyi si ka ighere ukwuu me ndi Igbo na ile nde ga ra ogbakoro emere na Owerri na Friday gara aga, ma ka onye ekwensu ahu ana akpo Ibrahim Babangida. E wepu Obasanjo, onwe kwa ra onye Nigeria ozo megburu ndi Igbo ka ria Babangida? Na Niger State, ala Babangida, ihu kwa ra otu ndi Awusa si ri na egbu Ndigbo oge na ile? Onwe re mgbe unu nu ru na Babangida meghe re onu si na ihe di otu a di njo? Onwere onye Owerri ma obu onye Igbo ma obu onye Biafra bi na Niger State onye ujo anaghi atu ma ka ndu ya?


Ego Babangida ji ri kwu o ndi Igbo ndi a na ile ga ra ogbakoro ahu, ke du ebe o siri kpata ya? Nde mmadu na ile amara la na owu ego ozutara na ochi si na Mmanu ala (Oil)  nde Biafra.


Nde Biafra, ju o unu nde akpiri ego nde a ihe ha ji ri re e ndi Igbo resi ha onye Awusa a na akpo Babangida? Ju o unu ha ihe ha ji ri me e ihe aru na ihe iberibe di otu a?:

Chris Okewulonu, Gloria Chukukere, Noel Chukwukadibia, Obinna Okwuaka, Emmanuel Njemanze, Godwin Okwuaka, P.N. Okpanku, Chika Okpala alias Zebrudaya, Sonny Okosuns, Chief Udeagu, Professor Chidi Akujo, na Omenimo Cultural troupe,. .

Anyi na agwa Babangida na onwe ya, na anyi achoghi ya na alaIgbo ozo maka ihe ojo na ihe aru na ile o mere na ala Igbo a karia la. Onyeghi anyi onu okwu. Babangida: mara kwa na oge ozo na abi a na ihu, o wu ala Biafra ka a ga na ekwu okwu ya.

So so Biafra ga agbaputa ndi Igbo na ohu ndi Awusa na ndi Nigeria gbara anyi. O wu na ani Biafra ga e weta nkwusi aru na iberibe ndi ufodu Ndigbo na eme na ihi Nigeria.

Biafra ga adi! Biafra ga adi riri. Biafra adigo! Ma ka otu a ka Chineke anyi siri cho ya.

Ndewo unu!


Chukwu dube na gozie Biafra, na gi kwa. 



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