This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts


For July 10th, 2004


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria.” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.


“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria.” So says the Lord.


Fellow Biafrans: Remember: what God has writ is writ; what God has spoken is done!


Today, we would like to ask every single Biafra to learn to speak with one voice in matters concerning Biafra and us. Having learned that, we want every Biafran to, in fact, speak with one voice. We do want every Biafran to speak one voice. And, we are talking about just one but crucial area of life. Nobody would dare ask a Nation of strongly individualistic people by genetic trait reinforced by cultural nurture, to speak with one voice on anything, as a general rule. No Biafran would honor such a request, anyway. And, that is in fact not what we are asking of you, great people of Biafra, today. We limit our request to just one area: Biafra actualization, Biafra Sovereignty.


Are we out of line with our request? Of course, No! When our culture flourished, we all know that there were times when it became necessary that the entire village, clan or town or even the entire region of Biafrans had to agree to speak with one voice about something, and had to stick with it. It does not mean that there would be no dissentions or arguments or even reservations. We—they—just had to, and they agreed to stick with one view of things, and they did. As a matter of fact, it was usually the dissenters during the discussion stage, who, after agreement, were the strongest adherents of that one voice once it got to action phase. It would not be new information to you, fellow Biafrans, for us to state that that kind of time is upon us now: the time for all of us together to say one thing and mean that thing and stick with that thing.


This, then, is our one voice: Biafra must be actualized. The Sovereignty of Biafra must be restored—now. We are Biafrans: always were; still are, now; and forever will be Biafrans. That simple! That’s our agenda, that’s our plan, that’s our passion, that’s our commitment. That’s our…Life! Biafra. That’s Who we are. That’s What we are. That is How we are. And, God made us so, in the first place.


Fellow Biafrans: that is the one voice that we ask you to adopt—to be, literally. Do, digest and understand what we are asking you. First, we are asking you to go “against your individual nature”: to all agree—all of us—on one concept. Second, we present the content of the matter to be agreed upon. While we can safely say that collective agreement is not unknown among our people as briefly explained above, we can with greater conviction and full certainty state that what we are asking you to agree on is all factual. We have not made up anything. We have not introduced foreign or alien concepts, nor propaganda. We are not asking you to be what you are not.


You are Biafran—you have Biafran blood flowing in you or are married to a Biafran. That makes you Biafran. While it might be considered an extreme demand for us to ask some of you to show pride in your Biafran heritage (and luckily for us, pride of Biafran belonging comes naturally for a great majority), it should not be considered a huge sacrifice to accept what you already are: Biafrans. The next logical step is to have that one voice: we are Biafran; nothing else; nothing less.


We make this emphasis in this broadcast because some among us have been uttering various things about what we are and what we are seeking. Some do so tongue-in-cheek-like, to confound our enemies and tormentors of Biafra. These are decoy-statements meant to throw off the enemy. Nevertheless, the ones making such statements need not overdo it to the extent of implying the opposite of the decoy-effect.


For sure, any Biafran stating that we are for one-Nigeria is not serious. Any Biafran stating that there is no Biafra, or that MASSOB/BLF is not effective, is not serious, and nobody will take him or her seriously—not even our enemies will be deceived about this. If anything, our enemies will get more suspicious and confirm their fears that we are in fact pursuing our Biafran actualization agenda very seriously. It for this reason that we ask all those using such tactics to stop it right away, because it is not doing anything positive for us any more. There is a chance that this will instead confuse our own Biafran young and youth who may take everything said quite literally.


There is no longer any justification for any Biafran to make statements like: “...we are working for one country [meaning one Nigeria]...” Do not even use it as a decoy-statement; instead, if you must, then, say nothing at all. There is no reason to continue to demonstrate or prove allegiance to one-Nigeria in all your utterances. It is one of those continuing perplexities that while anybody from any other part of Nigeria can do or say whatever they like, including replacing Nigerian constitution with Sharia, only our Biafran people feel compelled to always add an obligatory qualifying statement of allegiance to one-Nigeria in every sentence or every phase of an act. Who is requiring it of you? Have you stopped to consider that it is only your own fear and cowardice that compels this obligatory inclusion in all your activities, while you assume that Nigeria requires it of you?


The Nigerians are not stupid, you know, regardless of the inanity of their leaders. Nigeria understands that Biafrans will always want and prefer Biafra over Nigeria, and that Biafra will eventually leave Nigeria for good. Obasanjo’s entire life dream is to be the one that keeps Biafra from Sovereignty during his lifetime; that’s the best he can hope for, and he is fighting tooth and nail to accomplish that. (Dream on, Obasanjo!) Even he realizes that Biafra shall be. The Northerners understand that, too, and have even started planting agents like Orji Uzor Kalu to slow the move of our people towards Biafra sovereignty.  As recently as one or two years ago, you would never find Biafra mentioned in any Nigerian newspaper; but today, there is no single week that Biafra is not mentioned in those papers. The point that we are trying to make is that there is no reason or point in any Biafran thinking that Nigeria does not understand and or does not expect that Biafra will become its own sovereignty. Hence, for any Biafran to continue to state anything to the contrary, does not make sense, because, even if such a Biafran is dense enough to believe in such a statement, Nigeria knows better and will regard such a Biafran as a liar.


Fellow Biafrans: it is time for us to speak with one voice, speak one voice, and be that one voice: Biafra! Biafra for us Independent, Sovereign Biafra!  We therefore ask you all that we do so starting from now.


Thank God that we should not be found other than proud of what He, God, made us: Biafrans, in Biafraland; thank God that we speak with one voice on the matter, with the Voice of God: Biafra!


Biafra lives, because we live! That’s the way God wants it.


That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues ( with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language


Ndi Biafra anyi ekele unu.

Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na akpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na abiara unu na abali a.


Na mbido, anyi na ewetara unu okwu si na onu Chineke anyi na asi na Ya agaghi ekwe ka okike Ya, nke unu dum bu, la na iyi site na ihi ihe ojo o ahu a na akpo Nigeria. Chineke nekwu si na Nigeria ga anwu, ma na okike nke Chineke, nke bu unu dum, ga adi ndu, ma na eri kwa ndu, bie kwa ogologo ndu. Nde Biafra: echefu kwa la na ihe Chineke de re, ede cha a la ya. Ihe Chineke kwu ru, ekwu cha a la ihe ahu.


Oge eru e la mbge anyi na ile ga ewe re otu obi na otu olu na ekwu okwu gbasara ihe anyi wu, na ebe anyi na aga na ihe owula gbasara anyi na Biafra. Anyi a mara la na o na ara ahu i nweta ndi Biafra ka ha kwekorita na otu ihe mgbe obula. Owu “aka ra aka” anyi, “ihe si na chi” anyi na anyi na eme ihe so o ro anyi, na ekwu kwa ihe so o ro anyi, otu o si ri so o anyi, mgbe oso o ro anyi, oge na ile.


Ma na oge gbo o, oru o mgbe ihe siri ike, ndi Biafra na enwe nzuko ebe ha ga aga kori sia okwu; ha me cha a ha ekwe ta na otu olu na otu obi ihe ha ga ekwu na ihe ha ga eme. Mgbe ha kwekoritara otu a, ndi Biafra na eji otu olu ahu na otu obi ahu me e ihe ha ga eme.  Nke a atughi anyi anya ma ka anyi ma na ndi Biafra wu ndi nwere ezigbo ako na ogugu isi, ndi maara mgbe ihe siri ike, ma obu mgbe ndi mmadu ndi nwere echiche kwesiri ime ihe di ichie. Ma ka nka, anyi nwere okwukwe na unu ndi Biafra ga ege anyi nti na ihe anyi na ario unu ta a.


Onweghi onye ga agwa unu agwa na anyi wu ndi Biafra. Onweghi kwa nu onye ga aka ra unu aka ra na owu Chineke na Onwe Ya kere Biafra; na owu kwa Chineke ahu kere anyi ndi Biafra, me kwa anyi, na ala Biafra, otu ha di ta. Owuru na anyi si unu ka anyi we re otu obi na otu olu mgbe na ile na asi na anyi wu ndi Biafra, mara kwa unu na owu ezi okwu ka anyi na ekwu, ma ka na ezi a, na ezi a, anyi wu ndi Biafra. Onweghi iwu anyi da ra ma anyi gwa unu ma obu duo unu odu ma obu rio unu ka anyi na ile, oge na ile, na ekwu na na asi na anyi bu ndi Biafra. Anyi na ile kwesiri i na akpa agwa ka ndi Biafra oge na ile.


Onye obula na ekwu ihe ozo, ihe di ka na "anyi choro ibi na Nigeria," ma obu na "anyi kwadoro one-Nigeria," onye ahu na asi asi. O nwere ike onye ahu na ekwu otu a ma ka na ujo na atu ya; ma obu ochere na ya kwu o otu a, na ndi Nigeria agaghi ama na ihe di ya na obi wu so o so Biafra. Ma na anyi na agwa onye ahu ka ya so ro anyi were otu olu na otu obi na ekwu na anyi bu ndi Biafra, na anyi achoghi ihe obula gbasa ra Nigeria ma obu ibi na Nigeria. Owuru na ujo na atu ya, ya ekwu kwa la ihe obula ncha ncha; ma na ya ga kwu o ihe obula, ya emegheghi kwa la onu ya si na anyi kwadoro one-Nigeria ma obu na anyi choro idozi Nigeria ka anyi biri na ya. Anyi bu ndi Biafra; Biafra bu ala anyi—o nweghi ebe ozo anyi cho ro i bi ma obu i ga. Nka wu otu olu na otu obi anyi ga e nwe site ugbu a ga wa na ihu.


Biafra ga adi! Biafra ga adi riri. Biafra adigo! Ma ka otu a ka Chineke anyi siri cho ya.

Ndewo nu!


Chukwu dube na gozie Biafra, na gi kwa. 



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