This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts

For June 19th, 2004

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria .” So says the Lord.

Fellow Biafrans: Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but the Word of God abides fulfilling its edict to the last iota.

Today, we present to you the injustice of General Obasanjo, his ingratitude, and his loss of moral compass. We now learn how two African Heads of State came to Abuja in those days to plead for Obasanjo’s life at the footstool of the other Nigerian arch-dictator and evil-personified, Abacha. After these other men successfully begged for Obasanjo’s life, how is Obasanjo showing gratitude to humanity today? Well, General Obasanjo has given orders to his Military machine to sack towns, murder innocent men and women and children, raze their towns and then, turn around to brag about it. This happened in Odi and 2 other towns. That was not enough. Obasanjo is paying back a good turn with the meanest anti-people iron-fisted, dictatorial, autocratic policies in his usurped rule of Nigeria, always telling the people that they have not suffered enough and do not pray enough. His life was spared, only so that he can pay back with the taking of the collective life of the peoples living and forced to suffer without hope in Nigeria? Such a shame! Such a travesty!

The day Obasanjo declared that he will live and die for PDP, on that day, Obasanjo showed how ungrateful he is for his life being spared. Who can say one good thing that PDP has done for the hapless common person living and suffering in Nigeria? Is this not the same PDP that has committed immoral acts against the peoples, from brazen election-rigging, to murders—in broad daylight—not to mention the fact of lousy, ignorant and malignant governance that severely exploits and then victimizes the peoples? It is bad enough that the same Obasanjo takes pride in always announcing that he will die for one-Nigeria, as if he does not realize that it is the effort to force and enforce one-Nigeria on nations that cannot naturally be forced into one, that is killing the peoples living and suffering in one-Nigeria. Isn’t  "one-Nigerianism" the cause of the people’s despondency, poverty, suffering, apathy, humiliation, and death? Thus, Obasanjo’s life was spared so that he would rather die now than allow life for the peoples residing and suffering, being forced into one-Nigeria. Such gratitude!

Today, Obasanjo shows how ungrateful he can be to God and Man, in that while his own life was spared, he now gives orders for the lives of MASSOB and other Biafrans to be wasted—either by outright murder, or torture before murder, or unlawful detention before murder, or unjust jailing with or without murder, and always with torment and persecution.  There is in fact no justification anywhere in the entire world—both civilized and not—for Obasanjo and his regime to mistreat and harm MASSOB and other Biafrans. Even if anyone would be immoral enough to do that, Obasanjo would be the least expected, considering what he owes to God and Man. Today, Obasanjo’s actions have judged him; we remand him to Divine justice. Nevertheless, Obasanjo should know that though God is infinitely merciful, Man, on the other hand, is not; he still is accountable to the peoples for all his nefarious actions; and he shall answer to these one of these days in the International Court of Justice for his crimes.

For all those Igbo and other Biafran collaborators of Obasanjo and his regime, including all so-called elected officials, know that you can never escape justice at the hands of the people of Biafra and peoples of the World. Those of you who have blood on your hands—the blood of MASSOB members and or of other Biafrans, directly or indirectly—be assured that there is no immunity for you. Those of you that are involved in the tormenting, persecution, harassment and torture of MASSOB members and other Biafrans today, know for certain that you will be held accountable for your crimes. For, no matter how you look at it, it is a crime against the people for “elected” officials to not only fail to protect the people from unmerited anguish and persecution, but actually for these officials to directly participate, using the instruments of government, to inflict pain, injury and suffering on the people.

Fellow Biafrans: don’t let these efulefu’s get away with any excuses. The fact remains that MASSOB is the best thing that has happened to our people of Biafra—and to everyone else: all those living and suffering in Nigeria today, for that matter. MASSOB has encouraged us to be our selves, to be what God created us to be. Shouldn’t every knowing human being understand that? If all the nations being forced into one-Nigeria copied the initiative and non-violence style of MASSOB,  there would be no hell called Nigeria today, and the suffering and throttling of the peoples would be over for good. We can see how, if one-Nigeria was working out and not marching backwards in all measures of progress and welfare, one would defend it. But given the fact that the forced social experiment of "one-Nigerianism" has failed woefully, why would anyone in their right mind find fault with the natural act of self-survival and search for happiness and fulfillment on a collective level, like MASSOB is doing? Hypocrisy and or psychological denial is bad enough, but when a hypocrite or someone in denial starts persecuting those facing and acting on reality, especially when the reality-group is the overwhelming majority, the people must do all they have to do to stick with reality and  compel the hypocrites to see the light or to leave the people alone, else be held legally responsible for their offenses, at the proper time.

We want to thank all members of MASSOB and the leadership of MASSOB, and Ralph Uwazurike for all that they are doing on behalf of Biafra. We pray for ongoing Divine guidance, protection, renewal of strength and resolve, and maintenance of unity and focus. And, since we are in fact all MASSOBians, this applies to all of us. Especially fellow-MASSOBians in the Rivers and Delta areas who are succeeding against all odds in reminding all our people that we are one people and one Nation of Biafra, hence to stop any further internecine fighting and killing. Our own blood, our brothers and sisters of the Nation of Biafra, are not the enemy. The enemy is Nigeria—one-Nigeria, the likes of Obasanjo and PDP and all those who are using one-Nigeria to exploit the peoples in order to enrich themselves and get drunk on power, even if all the peoples perish. Our God will not allow that, and we recognize and acknowledge your efforts acting in line with the Divine plan to liberate Biafra once and for all from the leprous clutches of Nigeria.

We are proud to be Biafrans. We are happy to be Biafrans. We are a nation endowed with distinctive characteristics and traits, and we shall no longer make apologies for what God has given us. We have stopped hiding what we really are and what we can do—like we used to do in the past in order to please and appease one-Nigeria and be accepted in Nigeria: those days are over now. We can manage our own affairs as a Nation. And we will do precisely that. We respect the right of every other Nation to be on her own and to take charge of their own affairs independent of Nigeria.

Hail Biafra!

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.

God bless and keep Biafra , and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues ( with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.

Ndi Biafra anyi ekele unu.

Nke a bu akuko nke anyi na akpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International radio di na Washington DC na ala Amerika na abiara unu na abali a.

Na mbido, anyi na ewetara unu okwu si na onu Chineke anyi na asi na Ya agaghi ekwe ka okike Ya, nke unu dum bu, la na iyi site na ihi ihe ojo o ahu ana akpo Nigeria. Chineke nekwu si na Nigeria ga anwu, ma na okike nke Chineke, nke bu unu dum, ga adi ndu, ma na eri kwa ndu, bie kwa ogologo ndu. Nde Biafra: Uwa nka na ala eze ga aga fe, ma na Okwu Chineke ga adi, oga eme riri ihe okwuru  

Anyi anu la akuko ndi isi obodo abuo ozo no na Afrika nke na ako si na ha gara rio Abacha aririo ka ya ghara idogbu Obasanjo mbge Obasanjo no na nga. Ihe anyi na aju wu: owuru na azoputara ndu Obasanjo otua, kedi ihe na eme ka Obasanjo ji egbu ndi mmadu nde Odi na nde ala ozo mgbe ya gwara ndi ami na soja ya ka ha ga gbagbue ndi mmadu na ile ndi ya, na suo kwa obodo ha oku?

Kedu ihe mere ka Obasanjo, onye azoputara ndu nke ya, ji aga emegbu na na egbu ndi mmadu na ile bi na Nigeria nde na ata akwa ahuhu na Nigeria ta, na eme bi si ndu ndi obula no na ebe ojo o ahu ana akpo Nigeria? Obasanjo si na ya ga enye one-Nigeria na PDP isi ya na ndu nke ya, ma cheta kwa unu na o wu PDP na one-Nigeria (na Obasanjo na onwe ya) wu ndi mebi siri ihe na ile na ala Nigeria, ndi oshi na ndi ama, ndi na egbu ndi mmadu oge na ile, nde zuuru vote mgbe emere election na afo 2003, ndi na emegbu ndi mmadu bi na ala Nigeria ta, na eme ha ka ha na ata ahuhu di ukwu. Unu ahu na nu na azoputa chala ndu Obasanjo, ma ya e were ndu ahu ga na akwado ihe na ile nke na eme ndu ndi mmadu ndi ozo la na iyi, di kwa mkpirikpi. Chukwu anyi le wa kwa ya wu Obasanjo.

Azoputa ra ndu Obasanjo ma ya e were ndu ahu na egbu ndi MASSOB na ndi Biafra ndi ozo, na enye kwa ha mpkepka ahu di ukwu site na aka ndi police na ndi uwe ojii ya. Biko unu, ole onye azoputara ndu ya ga na eme ibe ya otua?  Mara kwa unu na Chineke anyi na ele Obasanjo anya; Obasanjo ga aza aziza na ihu Chineke. Ndi ozo, ndi na enyere Obasanjo aka, bu ndi na achi ochichi na ala Biafra ta; ha na ile ga aza aziza na ihu Chineke. Ma owughi soso na aka Chineke ka ha ga enweta oru aka ha—mba! Ofu ubochi, ha ga aza aziza na ihu Oha Biafra, na na ihu ulo iwu iwku “Oha Ukwu” ana akpo International ma obu World Court of Justice.

Umu Biafra. juo kwa nu onwe unu ihe wu ihe ojo MASSOB me re? Onweghi kwa nu ihe oma ga eme re anyi ndi Biafra ta ma obu nde Nigeria ta ga akari MASSOB. MASSOB enyere la anyi aka ka anyi ghota ndi anyi wu, ghota kwa ihe Chineke anyi me re anyi na ihe Onyere anyi bu ndi Biafra. Okwukwe anyi esiela ike na ihi MASSOB. Ka anyi jiri otu a kele e ndi MASSOB na ndi isi ha na ile, na Ralph Uwazurike maka ihe ha na eme; na agwa ka ha na Chineke anyi no nyere la ha oge na ile na ihe nile ha na eme. Anyi na ekele kwa ndi Biafra ibe anyi ndi bi na Rivers na Delta otu ha jiri we re aha na oru MASSOB we e nwe ta udo na etiti umu nne anyi na ebe ahu. Cheta kwa na onye iro anyi wu one-Nigeria, na Obasanjo na ndi otu ya; owughi umu nna na umu nne anyi.

Anyi wu ndi Biafra. Obi di anyi uto, diri kwa anyi nma ma ka ihe anyi wu, ihe Chineke na Onwe Ya me re anyi—ndi Biafra—na ihe O nyere anyi—Biafra! Anyi ga enwe re onwe anyi, na achi kwa onwe anyi, na obodo onwe anyi, Biafra. Anyi na akwado kwa ndi mba ndi ozo i nwere onwe ha.

Biafra ga adi! Biafra ga di riri. Biafra adi go! Maka otu a ka Chineke anyi siri cho ya.

Ndewo nu!

Chukwu dube na gozie Biafra, na gi kwa. 

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