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For April 3rd 2004  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria.” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.  

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria.” So says the Lord.  

Fellow Biafrans: The Word of God is alive, dwelling among us. Have no doubt  but that it is fulfilled.  

We start this week by re-visiting the ongoing humiliation of Igbo-Biafrans by Obasanjo and his PDP Nigerian government in the Biafra area of Anambra. Obasanjo seeks to impose his rule directly on our people, as has every Nigerian head of State since Gowon in 1966. He and his PDP government sketched what they assumed was a profile of Ndigbo-Biafrans, and figured that if he controls Anambra, then he also controls the entire Igbo-Biafra nation, calculating (falsely) that Anambra is the center of gravity of Igbo-Biafra. Well for his information, for their information, Igbo-Biafra has no particular center of gravity: we are a people and nation of non-centric structure. Yes, Obasanjo wants so badly to rule Ndigbo-Biafrans!

And, if not for the Igbo-Biafra efulefu’s, Obasanjo would never dream of this, not to speak of actually trying to carry it out. These efulefu’s include Igbo-Biafrans who have sold their souls and loyalty to PDP, in spite of the evil PDP has rained on our people, and in spite of realizing that Obasanjo has taken over PDP for his own personal egotistic pursuits; and in spite of the fact that the Northerners use PDP and Obasanjo to suppress Ndigbo-Biafrans. Other efulefu’s serve Obasanjo hand-and-foot, hoping to pick up some crumbs falling off Obasanjo’s table where the banquet is financed with revenues from Biafran Oil. A few efulefu's went around Biafraland buying and coercing votes for Obasanjo in 2003, even after Obasanjo came to our land and insulted our own people before the elections. Then, there are those of Igbo-Biafran origin who are staunch one-Nigerianists, who, while doing everything to discourage the indomitable Spirit of Biafra, do nothing at all to at least protest the ongoing, worsening treatment which Nigeria dishes out to our people on a daily basis. These persons see the obvious evil which Nigeria perpetrates on Igbo-Biafrans daily; they refuse to take Nigeria to task to change this behavior, but they turn around and insist that we, Igbo-Biafrans, the victims, should not and cannot get away from these horrible conditions. Have you ever seen anything like that in your life before? 

We stand by Anambra, our people. We stand by their choice of APGA at the elections of 2003 as their representatives. We insist on that—we must insist on APGA. We do not stand with Chris Ngige, because Ngige is PDP, and is just as rotten as the rest of PDP membership. Witness: as soon as our people won a little reprieve in Anambra because of our vehement opposition to Obasanjo’s plan, Ngige immediately does three things: 

1) he declares for PDP (forgetting, so soon, that all his problems—and Anambra’s problems; in fact, Biafra's problems) originate from PDP), declaring that APGA does not exist in Anambra; 

2) he misuses the people’s funds to finance his own personal security and purchase armored cars. 

3) then, he uses the people’s funds to purchase scores of vehicles for his supporters. 

Now, is that not the same thing that PDP and previous PDP so-called governors have been doing in Anambra since Obasanjo and PDP came into power in 1999? We cannot be so blind as to miss the fact that as long as Obasanjo-PDP have been in power, Anambra has always been in turmoil. The only way to restore peace to Anambra is to dismiss PDP and have APGA, the rightfully chosen representatives of the people, take back the government for now; the ultimate solution is, of course, Biafra actualization. We are getting there, because it is our divine destiny.  

Today, everybody sees the open hypocrisy and blatant arrogance of Obasanjo and his PDP government in their current actions in Anambra, going to court, to argue what? You know, Obasanjo and his PDP government do not have the courage to try this nonsense in the North; they couldn’t even try to pull it off in the West. Because we Biafrans are an occupied people whose members choose to work for and with our oppressors, Obasanjo and his government have been able to continue doing this to us, with impunity. Think of Anambra since 1999. Think of Biafra since 1970.  

The so-called Attorney General of Nigeria has now found voice and courage and jurisprudence to go to court and try to legitimize the unlawful and unconstitutional acts of Obasanjo and his government in Anambra? What a shame! Where was the Attorney General when late AIG, Ige, performed a coup in the same Anambra last year? Did the Attorney General speak up? Where was the Attorney General when the IG himself denied any knowledge of the crime his deputy had committed in this instance, although it was public knowledge that he must have known what was going on? Where has that obviously dense Attorney General been all this time while Obasanjo has protected the central players like Uba, even when it is clear to ordinary people that a crime has definitely been committed? The so-called Attorney General of Nigeria obviously has no shame and has no pride, but what about professionalism? Forget professionalism, which we doubt he has heard about; what about personal integrity and honesty? Does he ever look directly in the mirror? It is because of persons like him that Nigeria s certainly tumbling into the abyss, and nothing can save it now.  

If the Attorney General of Nigeria does not have anything else to do except be the mouthpiece and the crooked legal stick of his master the dictator, General Obasanjo, we have some suggestions for him.  

Even non-lawyers recognize something really stinky and fishy when a whole President of Nigeria, in response to recent high profile murders and attacks on politicians, immediately goes public to declare that this is the work of armed robbers—without investigations, without waiting for the results of inquests. Days later, did not the Police chief himself acknowledge that these murders were politically motivated and politicians were behind them—NOT ARMED ROBBERS? Even Ogbeh himself, the National Chairman of PDP, did admit that the murderers were involved with PDP. So, Mr. Attorney General of Nigeria, why haven’t you used your legal training and authority to haul the President in to find out what he really knows about this? Or, at least, speak out against the President’s illegal and even criminal behavior?  

On March 5 2004, a Senator accused the President of Nigeria of continually breaking the laws and going against the constitution of Nigeria. Here are some of his points, published in a local Nigerian paper:  

• interference in the local government elections through the purported reform that negated constitutional processes and procedures, thereby leading to the appointment of caretaker committees that are undemocratic;


• hosting of the COJA and CHOGM where no money was appropriated and yet billions of naira were spent, thus violating the constitution. Section 83 (1) & (2); non disclosure of the revenue that accrues to the Federation Account from the petroleum sector ; violation of  the Federal Character principles in the appointment of some chief executives into key federal parastatals and agencies, such as the NNPC, PPPRA, Customs and Excise, NIPS, NPA, CBN, Accountant General of the Federation, Auditor-General of the Federation, NDIC, thus violating Section 14 (3) of the 1999 constitution;


• demolition of  toll gates, without repealing the Highway Act that established it and incurring expenditure for the demolition without National Assembly appropriation;


• arbitrary  increases in the prices of petroleum products without the approval of the National Assembly; and


• failure to comply with Section 8 (14) of the constitution in the 2003 Supplementary Budget.


These are all impeachable and illegal actions by the President of Nigeria, and they were pointed out by a Nigerian Senator. There are more, of course. Why has the Attorney General of Nigeria not said anything or acted? Instead, he now wants to defend Obasanjo-PDP-government in their pursuit of the case of Anambra regarding which everybody suffering in Nigeria knows that Obasanjo is clearly wrong, if not guilty of a crime or crimes?


Fellow Biafrans: there is no hope for Nigeria Worse still, there is no hope for Ndigbo-Biafrans if we continue to be stuck in Nigeria. Just think: this nonsense is happening today, and Obasanjo-PDP are getting away with it; nobody can stop them, nobody can challenge them; all the people want to do is to escape to the future and plan for 2007? Have you seen who are on for 2007? It is not a question of if things can get better in 2007 given the line-up; that’s impossible. It’s more a question of, can we survive until 2007, and if we do, how much worse will things get? Would it not be a cruel curse to survive in continuing hardship only to be even worse off in 2007? Keep in mind that when it has seemed that things could not get any worse for the peoples suffering in Nigeria, things actually have gotten worse! Recall how bad things were under Abacha; are peoples continuing to suffer in Nigeria today not now citing those Abacha days as the “good ol’ days” in Nigeria?  


God has heard your prayers, our prayers. Biafra shall be actualized; it is God’s good pleasure so to do, because He created Biafra and made you Biafran. And He turned around and after studying His handiwork, declared it GOOD! So it is, for ever!


As such, Biafra lives! Live, too oh Biafrans!


Biafra lives!  


That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.  


God bless and keep Biafra , and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (  

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