This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts  

For March 27th 2004  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria.” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria.” So says the Lord.

Fellow Biafrans: the Word of God is Spirit, taking on Flesh and Form,  being the Law of existence in this and other worlds. Pay attention to it and, live.

This week, we want to remind you of your untapped potential, our collective force as a Nation of Biafra, in spite of finding ourselves presently in the disadvantaged position of being occupied, murderously oppressed and brutally repressed by Nigeria. Our people wisely state that, "No condition is permanent"; and we are just about to prove them correct, as usual.

Before we get there, we point out again to Nigeria—one-Nigeria—that our response to the PDP National Chairman, Mr. Ogbeh, is right on the mark. As you recall, Mr. Ogbeh was calling for the peoples to pray for Divine intervention in Nigeria. We corrected him—Divine intervention is already here, and has been operating in Nigeria for a while. While Mr. Ogbeh claimed that evil persons had come into PDP from the outside to commit murders and cause insecurity for Nigeria, we pointed out to him that these evil persons are within PDP, are of PDP, and are with PDP. We also pointed out that PDP is in fact evil, and PDP is the evil, being part and parcel of the current dispensation of evil one-Nigeria. When Mr. Ogbeh called for God’s justice, we agreed, but we pointed out to him that that justice is being visited on PDP and on one-Nigeria, even as we speak, for their evil. All you have to do is look around you. Note that in speaking to Mr. Ogbeh, we are actually speaking to all the peoples suffering under one-Nigeria. One thing we emphasized is that the last direct Divine intervention in Nigeria that led to the demise of Abacha was mishandled, resulting in the peoples continuing their suffering in Nigeria, and now finding themselves saying that Abacha’s regime was a blessing compared to the present Obasanjo regime. Imagine that—as evil as Abacha was, he is now considered better than Obasanjo! When Abacha was taken out of the picture, the peoples suffering in Nigeria had a chance to assert their freedom and adopt their national sovereignties as independent Nations, thereby allowing one-Nigeria to be destroyed along with Abacha and his cronies. Instead, in ignorance or cowardice or for other motives—not the least of which is the continued support for any and all structures that contributes to the exploitation and destruction of Igbo / Biafra—the peoples living in Nigeria allowed another cabal to take over and to continue to enforce the original cause of our misery—the structure of one-Nigeria, the evil engine of our suffering. Today, we are paying dearly for that mistake. So we are here to remind the peoples suffering in Nigeria, and to make sure that at the climax of the current Divine intervention agenda in Nigeria, we must all choose the right path: the path to our collective and individual freedom, the path of separation from one-Nigeria, the path leading to immediate sovereignties and independence of these Nations and their peoples.

You can all sense, how "...whom the gods want to destroy they first make mad..." You see how rather than address the root problem of insecurity in Nigeria today, first, Obasanjo blames it on armed robbers compelling the peoples suffering in Nigeria to laugh at his dishonesty, and compelling his Police Chief and even PDP party officials to contradict him in public. Then, the Police Chief himself thinks that the Nigerian Police is doing a great job, and would not want to decentralize the police force—a move that certainly will result in more effective police work—because, according to him, that might weaken the unity of Nigeria. What unity? one might ask.  Next, there is now the frantic purchasing of armored cars by government officials, especially the governors. Now, where are they getting the money from—who is paying for this? And, how is a car going to protect them from murderous evil within their own ranks? How is increasing the security detail around these officials, a solution decided upon and being implemented by Obasanjo-PDP-one-Nigeria, going to change anything? These policies and solutions are blinded and foolish because not only do they not address the main problem, they are also for the most part ineffectual. These policies are another pipe designed to siphon away scant financial resources that might trickle down to the common person.  

How mad have the gods made them? Well, listen: they are already beating the drums of 2007 politics when 2003 is unresolved, although given up on; and, when 2004 is not even a quarter spent, and yet, all hope is already gone. Nobody has learned anything from the past, none from the present. The same pathetic political behavior that has always resulted in the now sadly familiar and predictable outcome known to all the peoples suffering in Nigeria is being practiced and projected into 2007 as we are forced to abandon 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 under the conditions of one-Nigeria! Nobody is solving any problems today; instead, everybody is clamoring for a political position in 2007—with a failing system, in a failing system, with no new ideas, only a self-serving desire to grab the so-called national cake, which may not be there (as a matter of fact, will not be there for sure) in 2007. And, by living in this 2007-future, who are they abandoning the current system to? Well, to no other than Obasanjo and his cronies! Once the crazed crowd starts focusing on 2007 as they now are, Obasanjo and his friends will then finish off the peoples living in Nigeria, what with no interest in the present, and no one left to oversee or comment on Obasanjo's anti-people regime and policies. What a tragedy! But, that’s exactly what it is going to take to destroy one-Nigeria, the root cause of all our problems. One-Nigeria is the structure that spawns, nurtures, encourages, and sustains all this evil that we have become accustomed to; one-Nigeria sucks everything into its vortex of evil, from whose pull none can escape, try as they may. That structure must be broken—now!

So, when Divine intervention comes to a head, we must do the right thing. We must declare our Sovereignty as the independent Nation of Biafra, and we must stick with it no matter what. It does not matter whether this Divine intervention is dramatic or not: the important thing is that we begin to recognize the Divine agenda operative right now, and to trust its effects, and to trust the result—the Sovereign Nation of Biafra—and hence, to act when we are led to do so. Let us hear no more talk of Igbo / Biafrans trying to work out something in one-Nigeria, in total denial and disregard of facts which  constantly slap us, and stare us, in the face every minute of our life suffered under one-Nigeria. Let us stop trying to work against the Divine order, a fiat which has established Biafra and Biafrans, designed to liberate us from our untold misery and suffering under one-Nigeria.

Fellow Biafrans, you are not entirely bereft of potential, even as bad as things are today. Do not forget that you are still the economic engine of Nigeria, and we are not talking of our Oil which Nigeria is stealing and using the funds to enrich themselves and develop their regions while leaving our Biafraland ecologically raped and developmentally neglected. If even 50% our businessmen and women, including Traders, conducted their business right here in Biafraland today instead of in the North and in the West, do you know how many jobs that would provide for our Biafran Youth and other able-bodied men and women?  Do you realize how much that would improve our own cities and our own land? Those ultramodern markets and shops which Igbo / Biafrans build in the West and in the North, think what would happen if you build them in Biafraland instead? Oh, not to worry: when you do, your Western and Northern customers, along with the rest of Africa, will come seeking your products and merchandise right here in Biafraland. There again, your shops and property will not be subjected to the wanton, unprovoked and unjustified destruction—direct and indirect—visited on you in both the West and the North. And, we are speaking of just 50%.of our Igbo / Biafran-owned businesses. Imagine what could happen if we got 90% to relocate to Biafraland? Stop imagining: we must put a plan into action now to achieve the relocation of Igbo / Biafran-owned businesses and shops from foreign  West and North, back to Biafraland.

And finally, allow us to hint at another potential. We are a people known for individualism as a genetic trait. Anyone who pursues individualism to the extent that our nature and culture drive us to, certainly understands that in the final analysis, it is collectivism that ultimately protects and makes possible individualism. In other words, what individualism accomplishes, collectivism protects. Collectivism procures and opens up a large field allowing  individualism to cut paths through. Our culture of strong extended family ties is proof of this bond between individualism and collectivism. We have the potential to exercise collectivism in spite of our strong individualism—in fact, it is an unavoidable natural balance. We accomplish this when, together, from time to time, we speak with one voice, act with one mind, and focus on the same problem while applying an agreed-upon solution. There is no greater force on earth than this union of individualism and collectivism. The last time we came close to exercising this union, we only had just a small fraction of our people acting with one mind during a brief period of time. And what a success it was! That was when we decided to demonstrate the power of unity and solidarity by all casting unanimous vote for APGA in Biafraland in April 2003.  Our success was so huge that it forced PDP's hand to do very stupid and foolishly brazen things in order to rig the election results. Our resolve and action made PDP so desperate that it threw caution to the wind. PDP was forced to engage in open intimidation, coercion and murders in order to alter the massive success of APGA in Biafraland. PDP was exposed when it shamelessly dismissed, usurped and controlled even INEC’s electoral apparatus, and the whole world recorded and reported this. To bribe people and buy enforcers and murders, PDP engaged the services of so-called godfathers to finance their activities. In the end, those godfathers had to be paid back in cash and by allowing them to run shadow governments and control all appointments, eventually bringing disgrace to PDP and taking Nigeria further into the abyss. Even right now, PDP is collecting money from States through the PDP so-called governors, and from the so-called Federal government through officials like Anenih (where do you think most of the N300B given to his ministry went to?) And today, the repercussions are right there for all to see! If anybody is still doubting that that small show of unity that we put on leading to April 2003 could have forced PDP’s hand so, ask yourself: if we had not massively voted for APGA—if there was no APGA—in 2003, what challenge would PDP have faced in Biafraland? How would any of the fraud PDP committed have been brought to light and made so obvious?  This, fellow Biafrans, is the nature of the potential of the power you already possess, of which nobody can take away from you. A few Biafrans accomplished this; if more came together and remained of one mind for even a month or so longer after April 2003, we would be flying the Biafran flag at the UN headquarters by now.  Do you understand what we are saying? We have the power to get Biafra today, if only we, as a collective nation of Biafra, made up of strongly individual Biafrans, can agree to act with one mind and one resolve to actualize Biafra today.

Do not doubt what God has endowed you with. Even if you do, God has no doubts about Biafra: He created Biafra and Biafrans, with Divine pleasure. As such:  

Biafra lives!  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.  


God bless and keep Biafra , and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (  

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