This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts 

For March 20th 2004

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria.” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria.” So says the Lord.

Fellow Biafrans: The Word of God is Law, is Life. Heed it, or ignore it at your own peril.

We start today with an example of failure to heed God’s Word, an example of a system and structure that has ignored the Word of God—that system being Nigeria, the structure being the evil forced contraption called one-Nigeria and all the subsystems that support it. In the recent news as reported by one of the local news media, we quote:

“The PDP national chairman also called on Nigerians to pray for divine intervention over the current spate of killings. He said: "The nation is being invaded by a bunch of evil men. Whoever they are, nobody knows, but I believe that God will bring them to justice.""

Hello-oo, Ogbeh! (national chairman of PDP). Hello--oo, PDP! Hello-oo, Nigeria! Hello--oo, one-Nigeria! You are too late in your calling for Divine intervention. Did you really think that God would wait for you to first come to your senses and then, to remember to ask for Divine intervention, before He, God, would act? Did you really assume that God would count on you to find the courage to ask for Divine intervention before He, God, acts acts? Did you really, really think that God would trust you to get over your brazen hypocrisy in time enough to even begin to articulate a request for Divine intervention, before He, God, would intervene? Well, you are mistaken. Divine patience is exhausted. Divine intervention has already started, and this is it! This is only a small fraction of the sum total of ongoing Divine intervention in this evil state of sorry existence called Nigeria.

Fellow Biafrans: remember the Word of God which we have been quoting, as above, with each broadcast. That is the basis for Divine intervention. That is the Divine intervention. Because, God has promised that the peoples must be saved from the evil called one-Nigeria and those who support it; and that for all the trouble it has caused the creation of God , Nigeria will be eliminated. It is happening nowright now Too bad: Ogbeh, PDP, Obasanjo, one-Nigeria and their minions have failed to hear the Word of God, failed to heed the Word of God, and chosen to ignore the Word of God. For this reason, they fail to see that Divine intervention has already started. Now that sobriety has begun to take hold of the cabal, some semblance of sense is returning, and the Word of God can no longer be ignored. Yes, Ogbeh: Divine intervention is needed—you finally got that right. Yes, unbeknownst to you, the peoples suffering in Nigeria have already been praying for Divine intervention. And, you really have to wake up now so that you, too, can see that everything that is happening now is Divine intervention already in action. Otherwise, you will miss it, or it will miss you and your party.

Was it not PDP-Obasanjo-one-Nigeria that frustrated the Divine intervention plan that decisively removed Abacha from his own very private prostitute, otherwise known as one-Nigeria, in 1998? Before then, Abacha was heady, arrogant, and brazen in his sense of invincibility—one man successfully throttling and abusing more than 100 million people, at the same time inflicting evil on these hapless peoples suffering in Nigeria, and himself personifying that same evil? He was so certain that he was untouchable by the peoples—and  he was quite right there—except he had forgotten about the possibility of Divine intervention.

So, what happened after Abacha was neutralized in the Divine equation? The peoples clamored for a Sovereign National Conference in order that they might have a say and determine what and how they can (co)exist. This was to have led to Sovereignties for the individual Nations currently suffering in Nigeria. But, Obasanjo-PDP-Northerners ruled otherwise, and not only went a different direction from what the peoples wanted, but, also traveled the same path as Abacha, thereby enforcing the same mindlessly lethal, ineffective, evil centralist agenda that has been propelling Nigeria into the abyss since 1966. In one stroke, they neutralized Divine intervention—so they thought, and so it seemed..Well, welcome to 2004!

Today, everybody knows that Obasanjo-PDP is worse than Abacha. Who would have imagined that anybody / any regime could be worse than Abacha, especially in a so-called “democratic” dispensation? Who would have believed it possible if told then—six years ago? If it took Divine intervention to rescue the peoples from Abacha who is now considered less evil than Obasanjo-PDP, then, the more so it should take Divine intervention to save God’s creation from the more evil Obasanjo-PDP and their minions. And, that Divine intervention has already started. Ogbeh is too late in his prayers, and too dense to understand that Divine intervention is already on.

This time around, nobody is going to stop that Divine process from going to completion—which is the complete liberation of the peoples from the forced one-Nigeria structure, the actualization of the Sovereignties of each Nation and her people currently suffering in Nigeria, so that such Independent Nations can sit down and negotiate terms of neighborly, inter-National co-existence. We failed to do this at the last Divine intervention—see where it got us six short years later: the inconceivable but now true condition of our being in worse shape today than under the brutal, brutish Abacha?  The powers-that-be then—Obasanjo-PDP-Northerners—called the shots and got us in this mess. How can we allow this to happen this time around? Never again!

Now, allow us to speak to the peoples suffering in Nigeria, through Ogbeh and his statement as quoted earlier. He said that Nigeria is “being invaded by a bunch of evil men” and that “nobody knows who they are…” Well, Mr. Ogbeh, as the national chairman of PDP, go take a look in the mirror and repeat that statement to yourself. Everyone knows that those evil men are of PDP; they know that PDP is evil, that PDP is the evil. How could you not know this? Is there anything in the track record of PDP that shows PDP as anything other than evil?

And, what do you mean by “Nigeria is being invaded by …evil…”? Have you also failed to see that Nigeria is already evil? Nigeria cannot be “invaded” by evil men when Nigeria is already evil. The only thing Nigeria can do (which it did so well in the past, is certainly doing quite well now, and will continue to do very well, if allowed a future) is to infest everyone and everything with evil, thereby giving birth to, raising and nurturing evil men and evil systems, and corrupting anybody or anything with which or with whom it comes in contact. How do you think PDP became so evil, anyway, or have you forgotten the lofty ideals that informed the original agenda of the PDP party? How long did it take before evil Nigeria started corrupting PDP (hint: when was Obasanjo co-opted by PDP?) and how long before Nigeria started enlisting PDP in pursuing the most sinister manifestation of its evil—the mistreatment of Ndigbo / Biafrans, the marginalization, denial, cheating, ridiculing, mocking and even killing, of Ndigbo / Biafrans in Nigeria, an agenda carried over to, and subsequently carried on by, PDP? Never mind that those original high ideals of PDP were formulated by, and personified in, those same Igbo / Biafrans whom PDP so viciously, maliciously, hypocritically and methodically attacks.

So, when Mr. Ogbeh says: “I believe God will bring them to justice…” this is not prophetic; it is merely ignorance. God is bringing (not Ogbeh's unknown "them", but) PDP-Obasanjo-one-Nigeria and Nigeria, to justice. We couldn’t agree more that it is about time this happened. So, it is happening.

We talk to late-awakening Ogbeh, we talk of deservedly evil Nigeria, and we mention the current personification of the evil that is one-Nigeria, Obasanjo himself; but we also talk to every single Igbo / Biafran who thinks or believes that he or she can continue to belong to PDP and still be spiritually, psychically, morally or even physically clean. PDP is evil: even Ogbeh is now feeling some of that. Do not think that God’s justice, which Ogbeh has so aptly (unwittingly at best, more likely hypocritically), invoked on this evil setup, will pass you by: if you belong to evil PDP, you are fair game. Otherwise, one day, you will wake up and find out that you, Igbo / Biafran one-Nigerianists, have been abandoned and left to bear the burnt-out evil carcass called PDP-Nigeria, even as you were specifically excluded from sharing whatever glories and spoils of PDP-Nigeria’s heydays.

We reserve the tersest statements for the peoples suffering in Nigeria today, and you can be sure it is intended to be even sterner for Igbo / Biafrans. Divine intervention is here; and you cannot make the same mistake as in 1999, like in 1966, and so on. This time around, it must be: “…to your tents…;” This time around, that mold and evil structure, one-Nigeria, must be shattered so that every Nation shall have its Sovereignty and independence. You do not need to be reminded of what happened when you failed to get there the last time. God will not allow that this time around. The peoples' suffering has been too unbearable; the Light of God will not now be allowed to be snuffed out again by the ignorance and wickedness of man.

By God’s pleasure Biafra was established. By Divine intervention, Biafrans are being liberated. Thus:

Biafra lives!

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


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