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For March 13th 2004  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria.” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.  

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria.” So says the Lord.  

Fellow Biafrans: the Word of God is Power.  Be certain of that!  

We don’t have to remind you of what is going on in the evil place known as Nigeria today. While we focus on the current events, it is still likely that more serious things will befall Nigeria by the time you hear this broadcast. It used to be said that “the evil that men do lives after them.” Forget that, or rather, modify that: the evil that men do lives in their midst, and then, with them afterwards.

The evil that Nigeria has done lives with Nigeria today. This evil will always haunt Nigeria, in this present dispensation, and for the future. If Nigeria expects to escape scot-free after the way it has treated Ndigbo / Biafrans since 1966, it has no idea what is coming its way. If Nigeria thinks that it will go unscathed after the murderous mistreatment it has visited on Biafrans, especially in the recent past and present, then, it has no sense left to understand what is happening to it now.

Why would violence not be visited on Nigeria, especially on those high officials and their cronies and relations who treat the peoples living in Nigeria like General Obasanjo described Nigeria recently? In that description, General Obasanjo considers Nigeria his “wife,” whom he captured by his efforts—not even by love and romance, but as a prize which goes to the most brutal and most aggressive suitor in a non-consenting grab. He treats Nigeria and the peoples suffering in Nigeria with the same violence that a master dishes out to a captive slave female. It is a moot point which is worse when compared to the way that Abacha treated Nigeria and the peoples suffering in Nigeria like his own prostitutes, deserving of scorn, spite and gratuitous violence. Look back down the aisle of history and see how this has been the pattern since 1966.

With no one to check them, with the peoples suffering in Nigeria totally beaten down, Obasanjo and the likes of him, coupled with the organizations and institutions of the day such as PDP, set about to flog Nigeria and the peoples suffering in Nigeria with every kind of whip available. With the military whip, whole towns and villages were sacked on the orders of General Obasanjo in well planned and well-executed military operations. Revenues confiscated from Biafraland resources were stolen by Obasanjo and the likes of him. Being the only source filling the coffers of the so-called country, such revenues were spirited for personal use and for the use of cronies; the rest went (in this dispensation) to PDP, to run its evil machinery, rig elections, repay godfathers and run assassination squads, and prepare to perpetuate itself by hook and by crook. Such was the beating with this financial whip that Teachers, the Police, Pensioners, Civil Service personnel, sometimes, even the Military, were not paid their salaries for months on end. To draw more blood and cut deeper into the flesh of hapless Nigeria and the peoples suffering in Nigeria, General Obasanjo increased the price of fuel and added tax on top of that.

Since he and his friends and the high officials of Nigeria and PDP are immune to these hardships because of the loot they are getting from the Treasury, General Obasanjo pranced and trotted around making foreign trips, with plans and the budget for a Presidential jet to replace a fleet of 12 aircraft, acting like, for all intents and purposes, all was well with Nigeria and the peoples suffering in Nigeria. The high officials did their part, purchased highly priced houses and other property overseas, and stashed loots in foreign banks and businesses. All the time, the peoples suffered, and each stroke of the whip drew more blood and tore more flesh.

The common peoples lived—or rather, suffered—in constant fear, insecurity and uncertainty for their lives and for such subsistence property as they still clung on to, on account of the brazen activities of both marauding armed robbers and marauding Police, Security officers and even marauding soldiers. Contrast that with the high officials who traveled in pompous and ostentatious convoys and security details that resembled a small country’s army formation. They thought they were safe. Until now…

The evil that General Obasanjo-Nigeria-PDP have done is now living with them. All the violence that they meted out to the peoples suffering in Nigeria have now been unleashed on them: the evil that they have practiced on the peoples have now returned to victimize and pursue them. For poetic justice and cosmic symmetry, it is the same agents of Obasanjo-Nigeria-PDP that are now out killing their own hierarchy and terrorizing other high officials.

Fellow Biafrans: cosmic retribution is taking its course; it will run its course, too. Insecurity and violence are not the only things very wrong with Nigeria. They are only symptoms. We must not fail to trace these symptoms back to their origin. The origin of these symptoms is Nigeria —one-Nigeria, that is. It is the structure of one-Nigeria that makes it possible that every person or group of persons that usurp power or rig their way into the management of the evil one-Nigeria enterprise, is sucked into the evil vortex, with disastrous consequences. It is the structure of one-Nigeria that insures that the peoples of different nations suffering and forced together by one-Nigeria become drugged and paralyzed enough that they cannot think to rise up to free themselves or even try to challenge and break the evil structure and curse.

Do you know what the engine is that powers the evil of one-Nigeria? It is Nigeria’s hatred for Ndigbo / Biafrans; it is the envy and jealousy of our Igbo-ness / Biafra-ness by Nigeria. It is Nigeria’s fear and sense of threat by our Igbo-ness / Biafra-ness—that's the engine. So strong it is that one-Nigeria on the one hand will never accept Ndigbo / Biafrans in Nigeria, nor ever allow Ndigbo / Biafrans to fulfill their potential in Nigeria, but on the other hand, it is not willing to allow Ndigbo / Biafrans to leave Nigeria. It is this profound conflict that forms the core of the cauldron of what we call the structure of one-Nigeria that is the origin of all Nigeria’s problems today, and will continue until we actualize Biafra and leave Nigeria for sure. And, this, we must. Biafra shall be!  

It is in the light of this that we feel sorry for the so-called "leaders" of Ndigbo / Biafrans who have embraced one-Nigeria and PDP. You see, these persons know fully well that we, Ndigbo / Biafrans, have tried the most, suffered the most and contributed the most to Nigeria. They also know that we receive more of the flogging than any other nations suffering in Nigeria , and that this is by well-intentioned and deliberate policy of Nigeria. In spite of this knowledge, these so-called "leaders" stick with one-Nigeria and PDP.

The pity of it all is this: while these persons show loyalty to PDP and to one-Nigeria, PDP and Nigeria still treats them like they have treated the rest of Igbo / Biafrans all along: with loathe, with disdain, with spite, with envy, with jealousy, with suspicion, and with malice. And yet, these so-called "leaders" of Ndigbo / Biafrans persist in their loyalty to such an evil structure dedicated solely to their own destruction and the annihilation of their own people.

Otherwise, why is it that a typical PDP-Nigeria  operation is designed to eliminate Orji Uzor Kalu, just like other high officials have been eliminated recently, and when Kalu blows the whistle and alerts the whole world, PDP immediately comes out against Kalu—without investigation, without even thinking about it for a moment? And this is Kalu who has clearly sold his psyche and loyalty fully to PDP-one-Nigeria? And yet, Kalu continues to worship Obasanjo and to reiterate his support for PDP? And Wabara calls Obasanjo the “Solomon” of our times?

Fellow Biafrans; those Igbo / Biafrans in high places in Nigeria : when are you going to admit what is now irrefutably clear? Nigeria will never accept you—no matter what you do. Nigeria-Obasanjo-PDP will turn against you, neutralize you, humiliate you and even kill you, when they are done with you. Usually, that’s right after they have used you to carry out Nigeria’s hate-policy on your own people—our own people—Igbo / Biafrans. Yes, Nigeria will deal with you—sooner or later—after using you. Because you have Igbo-ness / Biafra-ness in you. Period. It does not matter who heads Nigeria and what scam-regime they are running.  Igbo-ness / Biafra-ness is anathema to Nigeria. Do you understand now?

There can be only one answer: Biafra actualization. Biafra! Return to Biafra. Make your peace with Biafra. Make your own atonement (nobody is perfect) to our Biafran people for your mistakes with personal, private or public style; quietly—and quickly. Do it QUICKLY! There is no time to spare.

Nigeria is running helter-skelter with the same old ideas—more police (they have not even paid those already working), more security (what good has what is in already in place done?) and perhaps, next, a national state of emergency declaration. Nigeria refuses to face one fact: the centralized structure of one-Nigeria, powered and sustained by Igbo-phobia / Biafra-phobia, is the root cause of all these problems, and security is but just one of the problems. More trouble is afoot, until Nigeria learns.

We are not waiting for Nigeria to come to its senses. By then, it will be too late for everybody—too late for Nigeria and too late for us. That is why Biafra actualization is necessary now.

Biafra lives, at God’s pleasure. In such pleasure, we are created Biafrans, in the land of Biafra, by God.

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra , and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (

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