This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts

For March 6th 2004

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria.” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria.” So says the Lord.

Fellow Biafrans: Mock not the Word of God. Those that do only end up making a big mockery of themselves!

Today, we would like to continue the awakening process—to continue the raising of the collective awareness of our people to the reality of Biafra. We continue to poke those who are still dazed; to shock those who are still in denial; to nudge those who hesitate on this journey; to engage those who are already willing, ready and able. And, we continue to prick the conscience of those within and without intent on doing us harm. The reality of Biafra is here, is evident; it is our birthright. Biafra is not going away because we are not going away. God made us Biafrans and placed us in the land of Biafra. No earthly powers or principalities or institutions or persons can undo what God has already ordained.

Many of us today ask: How long to Biafra actualization? When is Biafra actualization? It is beyond human judgment to determine the exact date or time—that much we gladly admit with humbleness, in full and confident deference to God. But we can confidently advise you: ask no more, because the fact that you have asked in the first place should give you a hint of how close we are. The fact that you yearn so much for Biafra now speaks of how close Biafra actualization is. The fact that your desire has never been stronger for Biafra should tell you that we are close—really close.

Fellow Biafrans, we therefore ask you today to have your strength renewed and your stamina replenished for the rest of the journey, because we shall all need that. Let not the enemy in the form of impatience get you down and get you discouraged. No—we shall not let that happen. Do not allow longing to turn into premature disappointment, because there is truly only one way that this is going to end—in Biafra actualization; and only the determined and the persistent will get to see it. So, let us pray that the time to Biafra actualization be shortened; but, let us also resolve and pledge that we are in this struggle no matter how long it lasts, and we are in it to win, because that is the only outcome—Biafran actualization.

We must not remain idle and or mope around downcast, in the meantime. We must begin to think about all the things that make us Biafrans. Then, we must begin to do all the things that make us—not just Biafrans, but—good Biafrans. We must tend to our Biafran brothers and sisters, our Biafran mothers and fathers, our Biafran grand’s, and the rest of the Biafran family. We must also tend to our own selves not in selfishness, but so that we can remain strong and vibrant to be ready and able to discharge our responsibilities. Let us infuse all our people with enthusiasm for Biafra and with the anticipation of Biafra actualization. Let us restore hope to every single one of our people with the assurance of the thing which shall surely come to pass: Biafra actualization: Biafra!

We may argue and quarrel, fight and fall out with one another, but let us always remember that we are Biafrans—one Nation bound by one Divine destiny. Thus, let us not allow normal human predilections tear us apart, in order that we may not be deprived of the fullest joy accruing from Biafra actualization. For, as much as our concern is focused on Biafra actualization, we are not unaware of the fact that unity of purpose and action is a major problem for our people. We predict with certainty that getting to Biafra actualization is an easier journey when compared to winning the unity of our people. Remember: Biafra actualization is a given: it shall come to pass. But, how rough and how long the road of Nation building is, and what path it cuts through, will depend on our willingness to come together for our common good, for the good of the Nation of Biafra. We have been assured of this fruit, Biafra actualization—Biafra: we shall have it; it’s a done deal. But, what this fruit will taste like depends on how we have cultivated our own taste buds: with the bitterness of gall, the fire of red pepper, the acrid sourness of vinegar or with the sweetness of honey. It is not too early to begin to work these things out today.

There may be skeptics still out there. After we have talked to them thusly, and if they are still unwilling to correct their attitude, we leave them to their own doubts to wallow in the hopelessness called one-Nigeria. We shall revisit them at the actualization of Biafra. For now, we want them to look around them and notice who is taking Biafra actualization very seriously. We want them to open their eyes and relax their senses so that they, too, can see and sense what is coming— Biafra actualization—what has already been felt by the fraudulent and murderous government of Nigeria .

Yes, we are well aware of the consternation felt by the government of Nigeria with respect to the re-awakening of Biafra, and the re-Biafranization of Biafrans. Nigeria has now sent not only the murderous, ruthless security agents into Biafraland in droves, but also, the military. Enugu, the first Biafran capital city, is practically under siege by the Military. The entire Biafraland is awash with uncouth and unscrupulous Nigerian security apparatus. We are not just an occupied land, but we are a Nation—the Nation of Biafra—under siege by the Nigerian government. The Nigerian government has put into motion plans to destabilize our struggle for Biafra actualization, deploying every resource within its reach both inside and outside Biafraland and Nigeria. The government of Nigeria forgot to ask itself a few simple questions:

What is its justification for trying to stop Biafra from going her separate way?
What is its justification for trying at all costs to force to be one a broken never-at-any-time-one country called
Nigeria ?
Whence is the moral and or political and or legal ground or authority to continue to force different Nations suffering in
Nigeria to continue to suffer, without hope of release, and without hope of relief, by a government which practices open hypocrisy and fraud with brazenness?

Just consider the recent news, and you can see the hypocrisy and evil of this government. While the peoples suffering in Nigeria are getting impoverished and being taxed more, General Obasanjo is going to spend billions to purchase a Presidential jet? Now, the peoples had hoped that the so-called National Assembly would protect them from such vagaries and such insensitivity by the government. After initially making a lot of empty noise about their opposition to such extravagance in the light of the plight of the peoples suffering (not "living") in Nigeria, the National Assembly caved in, bullied into submission by Obasanjo’s insensitive, callous, intimidating and murderous wrecking machine of a government. So, who wants to be a citizen of this so-called country where one single man can punish all the peoples at will, control the so-called elected officials and make them change their mind and bend them to his own ruthless will?  Where is the moral or legal or even sociopolitical standing to protect a system that allows this type of thing to continue to occur?

Consider that Obasanjo also has the judiciary in his pocket, using that system at will either to validate his bad policies or to stop rightful opposition. How many judges perform their job with justice or fairness anymore? How many of them—even in the so-called Federal Courts—have revealed to the peoples living in Nigeria the kinds of pressure and credible, serious threats they have received from the “highest quarters” compelling them to render decision with a particular biased slant, and have we paid heed?

Now, when a government run by a dictator with willing sycophants and spineless, cowering, trembling civil service, joined by so-called elected officials who serve not the interest and mandate of the peoples that supposedly elected them, but instead, serve the whims and wishes of the dictator—when this government—goes as far as controlling thus the Lawmakers, the Judiciary, the Police and Security forces, the Military, and then uses all this to oppress the peoples and promote the selfish ego of the dictator, what moral or legal or political standing allows the dictator and his evil government to stop the aggrieved, deprived and depraved peoples from leaving the structure that supports this hell, such as Nigeria is?

If you think Obasanjo is the only dictator because the peoples are presently feeling the burden of his dictatorship, you miss the point. This whole thing has been going on since 1966. The only constant factor is the structure called one-Nigeria. It is that structure that has made it possible for these dictators to come and stay and then be succeeded by same or other dictators. So, you tell me: where is the moral imperative to defend such a structure? Who would you save this structure for? For these dictators and their sham regimes, so that they can continue to trample on the peoples and feed their persons, egos and psyche, off the blood and the resources of the peoples?

The evil that one-Nigeria is, might have failed to sensitize the Nations and their peoples forced to suffer in one-Nigeria. The hypocrisy of those now trying to keep Nigeria one (the self-same persons who make it their business to keep one-Nigeria un-livable for the rest of the peoples suffering in Nigeria) may have been hidden from the peoples. But, tell us: do you for one moment think that God is also fooled and that God is asleep with regards to this evil machination?

In the actualization of Biafra, God renders His judgment on one-Nigeria and on all those trying to prop up one-Nigeria. In the actualization of Biafra, God finally has comforted the peoples—all of them—and made His Promise come truethat His creation shall not be allowed to perish for the sake of a rotten few trying to keep a rotting, rotten system called one-Nigeria from passing into oblivion, the rightful place for evil.  

Biafra lives. You now see how God sees it. Believe!  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


 God bless and keep Biafra , and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (

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