This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts  

For February 14th, 2004  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.  

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria .” So says the Lord.  

Fellow Biafrans: what is writ is writ. The Word of God shall come to pass—in our lifetime.  

We want to remind you today of our marching principles in our struggle for our freedom from the murderous, tormenting Nigerian, as we  tread the divine path of Biafra actualization, our sight set unwaveringly on the Sovereign Nation of Biafra. Those principles are:

1. we shall no longer compromise with evil; 
2. we can no longer accommodate the conditions and the operatives who are determined to finish us off as a people and as a Nation of Biafra. 

That evil is Nigeria—one-Nigeria; the  condition is our forced slavery under one-Nigeria, our continued acceptance of whatever torment and punishment Nigeria dishes out to us, and our continued willingness to cooperate with operatives deliberately and arrogantly rubbing pepper in our eyes and laughing at us.  We must now adopt and practice these principles so as to challenge evil and its agents.  

Fellow Biafrans, do we have to remind you of these principles? Not really. But the following events will. The events we shall mention below will tell you once again about the consequences of not following these principles.  

Ngige laughed at all of us—Ndigbo-Biafrans--when he declared that APGA does not exist in Anambra any more; that there is only one party in Anambra; that PDP is that party. Recall how we spoke to you in the past and we reminded everybody that Ngige = Uba = PDP = Obasanjo. Remember how we explained to you that as long as PDP remained in charge in Anambra—whether as Uba or as Ngige, that Obasanjo was still in charge of Anambra and that Anambra’s troubles will continue?  Yes, we encouraged everyone to protest and challenge the events in Anambra, but only with the stance that the only acceptable solution is for APGA to take over Anambra and fulfill the mandate given to it originally by the people of Anambra, and that as such, no Ngige, no Uba, no PDP, no Obasanjo in Anambra, and the rest of Biafraland for that matter?  

Well, Ngige has just proved our point. And, those who were willing to accommodate Ngige with or without rejecting Uba and Obasanjo, those who were willing to accept Ngige even though we pointed out that he is PDP and part of the evil, those who focused on retaining Ngige but were not willing to consider that he is still PDP, and even those who thought they could accommodate Ngige in spite of the fact that he is PDP, you have helped all of us learn the lesson once again: once you compromise your principles and accept any part of evil, you condemn yourself to live under such evil, and you sap your own self of the strength to withstand further evil.  

By his now showing his full PDP colors after our people went out to oppose Obasanjo and protect Anambra from PDP-Obasanjo-Ngige meddling, Ngige has once again proved his personal characterologic deficits for which we opposed him in the first place. But he has also slapped all of us in the face. He has betrayed us, handing back to Obasanjo that which we were protesting against, and that which we had won. Not only that, he has also started looting the Anambra State treasury by promising to buy Peugeot cars for his supporters.  

So, how shall we respond? Well, fellow Biafrans, you now have seen it again: No compromise with evil and its agents! No compromise with PDP! No compromise with Ngige!  We want everyone to insist on APGA in Anambra. We want all Biafrans all over Biafraland to continue to fly the Biafran flag as a reminder to Ngige and PDP and Obasanjo that we shall never be defeated, that we are going to be here for the duration, and that we shall be victorious, working and waiting for their imminent downfall, fully knowing that Biafra liberation and actualization is ours.  

While Ngige is handing us back to PDP-Obasanjo, Orji Uzor Kalu is physically bringing in Sharia into Biafra heartland. Here, once again, because we have allowed ourselves to tolerate the likes of Kalu, we are going to suffer the consequences. But now-- now that we are no longer going to abandon our principles and are willing to stand by them, we are going to protest Orji Uzor Kalu’s construction of a mosque in the heartland of Biafraland. Keep in mind: it is not the Muslims from the North who are doing this one to us. It is the turncoat and immature rascal, Orji Uzor Kalu, now doing this to us. In a place where there are no roads, steady electrical power supply is non-existent, potable water is scarce, schools are not functioning and the buildings, where they exist at all, are dilapidated due to lack of funds, Orji Uzor Kalu could find nothing else to build but a mosque?  

Fellow Biafrans: are we now so dead and so unresponsive and non-reactive that Orji Uzor Kalu is imposing his personal preferences on us with acts that have potentially far-reaching consequences for each and everyone of us, and for our collective nation of Biafra—and doing so with such impunity and arrogance? Are we that dead? Whose priority is it to build a mosque in Biafraland?—is it your priority or is it Kalu’s? And the shame and pity of it all is that there are already a few Igbo-Biafran sycophants praising Kalu's act! Oh how the lioness has become crippled and the antelope comes to demand ransom from her! Next thing we know, Kalu will sell all of Abia to his Northern friends and pledge all of us to serve them officially!  

No more compromises! Biafrans, no more compromises! It has not done us any good; it will not serve us well because it did not serve us well in the past, and will not now, because we can see the result even today. Do you see what is happening? It is our own people who are selling us out. It is our own people who are betraying us. It is our own people who are insisting that we stay in Nigeria , and who are doing everything possible to keep us there.  

We have heard religious arguments about how we need to stay in Nigeria and keep working for peace. Well, God, for Whom everything is possible, did not force or instruct the Israelites in Pharaoh’s Egypt to stay there and try to live in peace with Egypt . The suffering of Ndigbo-Biafrans and their enslavement and mistreatment in Nigeria today cannot be less than that of the Israelites in Egypt then . God wanted Israelites out of Egypt , to form their own Nation. He did not want them to stay there and engage in futile attempts to be accepted by an intractable enemy. So, anybody that is today saying that God wants Biafrans to stay in Nigeria and try to live in peace with Nigeria—anybody that is preaching that—does not understand what God wants for Biafra and Biafrans.. Such a person or persons needs to go back and (re)read the Biblical story of the Israelites in Egypt .  

For the rest of us, we want to remind you that we have a moral obligation to form our own Nation. We have a divine duty to accept our destiny—that we must leave Nigeria to form and reside in our own nation of Biafra . In our own nation of Biafra , we shall live in peace with our international neighbors, having no need, no reason, and no inclination to wage war or stay in enmity with our neighbors. That is how true peace is achieved.  Peace can never be achieved by one side always trying to be accepted, always accommodating, always compromising in order to be accepted, and in spite of all that, the other party not only rejects the peace overtures, but actually has an active, deliberate and life-long policy of waging war against and killing the former.  

Fellow Biafrans, the persons that are selling us out may think that they are doing the “peaceful coexistence” thing. But, as you can see, they are totally wrong. You can’t make peace with somebody determined to annihilate you. Do we need to remind you that it is your Biafra-ness, your Igbo-ness that Nigeria hates and that she envies and loathes at the same time? Nigeria can’t stand your Igbo-ness, your Biafra-ness. Can you see that since nothing that you can do will remove your Igbo-ness / Biafra-ness, then, no overtures, no amount of appeasement, no length of goodwill will succeed in buying you any peace or fairness in Nigeria ?  If we continue with compromise and appeasement and trying to live in peace in Nigeria , we shall surely perish.  

The time for folly is over. We must today start standing on principles. No more compromise with evil. No more acceptance of that which is wrong. No more support for those agents of evil and agents of wrong— Nigeria and those one-Nigerianists among us.  All efforts on Biafra actualization!  

Just as God willed and removed the Israelites from Egypt and placed them in their own Nation, so God has willed that Biafrans get out of Nigeria and live in their own Nation of Biafra. This is the basis of our principles of no more compromise and no more appeasement of the evil called Nigeria .  

Biafra lives! Wake up to Biafra , Biafrans!

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


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