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For January 24th, 2004  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.  

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria .” So says the Lord.  

Fellow Biafrans: God’s Words are fulfilled—to the last letter and to the last punctuation mark. Count on it!  

This week, we go straight away to the Anambra humiliation—a crisis embodying the double humiliation of Ndigbo-Biafrans, but which we shall, nevertheless, resolve by reclaiming our victory from the thieving jaws of those such as Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige who engineered the crisis and executed the plans. The first part of the humiliation is that Obasanjo-PDP "profiled" Ndigbo-Biafrans and decided that Anambra was to be assumed to be the center of gravity of Igbo-ness / Biafra-ness; they figured that if they gained control of Anambra, they thus would have full control of the Nation of Igbo-Biafra. So, Obasanjo-PDP machinery set out to capture Anambra—at all costs; and they did so with the help of Igbos. The humiliation here is not so much that Obasanjo-PDP would dare profile Ndigbo-Biafrans, as that the Igbo-efulefu’s they used in this plan had no clue what they were being used for; and, even today, most of them who belong in PDP are totally clueless. What an insult to the intelligence of Ndigbo-Biafra collective—the same intelligence which one- Nigeria, personified as Obasanjo-PDP, have come to envy and to fear. The efulefu’s were being used to conquer their own nation's psyche and their own land—the people of Igbo-Biafra and the land of Igbo-Biafra; and they knew it not. All the while, Obasanjo-PDP laughed and toasted and boasted their success.  

The second humiliation presented by the Anambra crisis is that our people—the people of Biafra —went out in April 2003 and voted for APGA in all of Biafraland.  That electoral choice and mandate was given to APGA all over Biafraland, and of course in Anambra. But, we watched and did nothing as Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige and their party, in broad daylight, with unusual brazenness, ignored INEC’s results, and just simply published their own results which predictably were all-PDP.  We tried to challenge them in court following the path of law-abiding people, but the same fraudulent Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige machinery had no qualms about tampering with the Judiciary. This was not so much the humiliation as the fact that we actually accommodated this Obasanjo-PDP fraudulent and evil government and we returned to "business as usual" with them; hence, Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige Anambra fiasco of the present.  

Well, it is time to end the fiasco. We shall return to our original mandate to APGA in Anambra and in the rest of Biafraland. This means that at the end of this long day, there will be no Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige cheating, thieving, evil machinery in Anambra. This also means that we shall have defeated Obasanjo in his own game, there to teach him another feared lesson about Ndigbo-Biafrans, in a war that he is continuing to wage against us. As for the Igbo-efulefu’s he has used thus far to wage this war against us, all we can do is pray for their souls.  

So, fellow Biafrans: dig in; do not budge and do not relent. Protest! Protest!! and Protest!!! until we get rid of Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige system and replace it with the party of our choice, APGA. Let’s redeem ourselves from our humiliation by finally doing the right thing, and standing up for the right thing, and following through with the right thing. No Obasanjo. No PDP. No Uba. No Ngige. Just APGA: all-APGA government.  

As you listen to this broadcast and or read this, we are not able to predict the status of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) strike in Nigeria . Bear in mind that the NLC has become the defender of last resort for the peoples living in Nigeria against the unpopular and punitive government of Obasanjo and his PDP party who are now running a one-man-one-party dictatorship with anti-people policies enforced by force. Bear in mind that it is because the peoples cannot count on the supposedly elected officials in the so-called National Assembly to protect the peoples’ rights, that NLC has stepped in. Come to think of it, the peoples would have to be crazy to expect persons who rigged their way into offices and usurped power following fraudulent elections in April 2003, to pay attention to the peoples’ needs. This is a government that brazenly snatched power, with complete disregard of the wishes, choices and feelings of the peoples.  

We urge every single one of you to get up and join in the strike effort—no matter what shape it takes. At the very worst, you will have gained some experience in how to actively protest against a bad government; at the best, and we expect the best, you will have contributed your own measure—no matter how small—in the sacking and dismantling of an anti-people evil machinery run by Obasanjo and PDP.  

At the same time, we must ask NLC to show staying-power and stamina this time around, so that we don’t have to re-visit this painful activity again. In the past, Obasanjo has quickly outwitted you, getting you to abandon the strike prematurely by making promises and pretending to agree to brokered settlements. As soon as the strike was called off, Obasanjo went ahead anyway and implemented his anti-people, punitive policies in complete disregard of the prior agreement. We hope that NLC has in fact learned its lessons, and with this strike, will not relent until the fuel price is back down to N34 as per the last agreement. We trust that this time around, you will not be deceived by the clear brigandry of Obasanjo who, for example, now claims that he is not adding an extra fuel tax, but is adding a “modulator.” What the heck is a "modulator"? What audacity! Obasanjo believes and thinks that the peoples living in Nigeria are really fools. Since you, the NLC, have undertaken to challenge and resist this, we urge you to do it with determination and with resolve, going all the way to the logical conclusion. If the NLC fails this time, nobody will support you next time, as desperate peoples would rather perish than continue to hang their heads on false hope time and time again.  

Fellow Biafrans and peoples living in Nigeria : if the conditions resulting in this strike persist and the strike goes on as planned and lasts, have no doubt that the outcome can be the ouster of Obasanjo and all of PDP and their evil anti-people machinery. And that should be good riddance, too; a welcome sacking of a cruel and heartless dictatorship.  After all, who could have foreseen how, or that, the “wild, wild, West” events in Yorubaland of 1964-65 could have resulted in the mess that Nigeria is in now, 40 years later, with not a  chance of recovery? Forty years of coma! There is a good chance of ending it finally in this strike season.

Should this happen, and as we stated above, it is quite likely, we want to make sure that the mistakes of the past, the mistakes that have kept Nigeria in coma and her peoples depraved and deprived, the mistakes that have meant a revolving door of worse and “worser” governments and governance—such mistakes shall not be made this time around. When we sack Obasanjo and PDP, we shall immediately convene a Sovereign National Conference to determine what the individual Nations currently living in Nigeria want to do with their own sovereign nations.

For, it is the structure of one-Nigeria that has corrupted everything and everybody, bringing out the very worst even in the best of us; and magnifying any natural small evil tendencies into grotesque monstrosities roaming Nigeria and devouring everything around. It is this structure that nurtures the likes of Obasanjo and PDP. When we get rid of Obasanjo and PDP, we shall not allow that structure to remain, lest it be once again filled in and it return to continue to torture, torment and destroy us all. It is for this reason that we must have a Sovereign National Conference once we beat Obasanjo-PDP anti-people machinery with this strike.  

Let us thus summarize by instructing everyone to participate in the strike, if it holds. As for the NLC, if this strike is started, it must stick with it until victory is won by and for the peoples. And when that happens, the next step will be a Sovereign National Conference. There is a certain Providential sense in which the success of the strike in driving out Obasanjo-PDP is dependent on the understanding of the meaning and importance of a Sovereign National Conference, and the willingness of the peoples to call immediately for a Sovereign National Conference. For, what is the point of getting rid of old, sour wine, if one turns around and fills the rotting wine casket with fresh wine?  

As for Anambra, there is going to be peace only when APGA takes over the government from Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige fraudsters. What works well for Anambra will work well  for the rest of Biafraland. On this we stand.  

Biafra lives because God created Biafra and God sustains Biafra .  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


 God bless and keep Biafra , and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (

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