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For January 17th, 2004  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.

 “The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria .” So says the Lord.  

Fellow Biafrans: Do not be surprised at these, because Man was not made for corrupt, punishing evil nationhood. You have heard this before. Nothing shall be allowed to deprive you of your God-originated rights.  

Today, we shall continue with the Anambra situation. We want to reiterate that we shall not allow the Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige phalanx of evil to control our land any more. They have messed and meddled with us since 1999. We allowed and accommodated them all that time, but now, they have caused enough trouble for us, and they have shown no inclination to stop causing serious trouble, frequently deadly trouble, for us. We say, No more! and, Never again! That’s the stand we have taken, and we shall stick with it. No Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige evil government in Anambra. And, not anywhere in Biafraland either.  

Yes, we say and we mean, No Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige in our land, Biafraland. It is not just because Obasanjo-PDP have been oppressing and humiliating Ndigbo-Biafrans collectively since 1999 (and for Obasanjo, since 1970). It is not just because Obasanjo-PDP figured to conquer and control Anambra as a way to fully and finally subjugate and control Ndigbo in these modern times. It is not just because Obasanjo-PDP have been stealing and looting State treasuries in Biafraland since 1999, and are intent on continuing this thievery which steals the coffers dry, leaving no money to provide services to the people. We are going to take our land back from Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige precisely because during the April 2003 elections, our people voted overwhelmingly for APGA in all our land, Biafraland. Then, in broad daylight, with callous and arrogant brazenness, Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige altered the results of the elections.  

Yes, fellow Biafrans, we voted for APGA in April 2003, but Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige stole the APGA mandate and then, forced themselves on us. But, that was not all. What followed was shameful: we allowed Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige to usurp power, and we didn’t protest. We saw their fraud, we saw their cheating, and we did not protest. Instead, we chose to accept them; we chose to accommodate them, and we went back to them to grovel and to beg for crumbs and favors. We went to bed with them—with those who had just mocked us and called us fools and weaklings by changing the results of our votes right there in our presence.

Now that we have seen the result of our appeasement, our silence and our inaction in the face of evil and fraud, in the form of the ongoing Anambra humiliation, we have learned our lesson. That is why we shall say, No to Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige, first in Anambra today, then in the rest of Biafraland.

Let us examine some of what we have read, learned and experienced regarding this Anambra humiliation.  We have read that Obasanjo is determined to see Ngige out of the governorship of Anambra—“at all costs.”  This is typical of Obasanjo, who harps about democracy—which for him really means that he only shall make the rules, and he will break all rules; the rest of us have to obey those rules, otherwise we are labeled "enemies of democracy." Either he is ignorant of the meaning of democracy or he is a hypocrite.  In any case, while he is deciding which, we shall make him pay the cost. He says "at all costs"—he has thus determined the price, and he shall pay for it. We shall take back Anambra from Obasanjo-PDP. We shall TAKE BACK Biafraland from Obasanjo-PDP.  

This also shows who is truly fuelling the trouble in Anambra, even going all the way back to 1999. It is Obasanjo himself! This is illegal and unconstitutional—even by the standards of the so-called Nigerian constitution. Yet, the elite, the Press, and the intelligentsia have not fingered Obasanjo enough as the instigator of all these problems. The National Assembly members have not impeached him for his unconstitutional meddlesomeness in the affairs of Anambra (and in other areas of governance for that matter). As for the so-called Senate President, Wabara—forget him: he is just another one of Obasanjo’s errand boys, another fraudster of the same mold as Obasanjo-PDP. A Senate President who understands that job and who is honest and courageous would have called Obasanjo to account.  

Ogbeh, the PDP second-in-command, says he is happy to give Igbos the opportunity to solve the Anambra humiliation.  As our people say, “wowo rom!” He has thus moved from his initial partisan stance that this crisis is a “PDP family affair” (and we ask you: which Nigerian family have Igbos been allowed to fit into or even to participate meaningfully in?) but he fails to acknowledge that Obasanjo is the broker of all the trouble. So, “allow” the Igbo solve a problem which Obasanjo is actively stoking the embers of, without Obasanjo first being sanctioned and reined in? Such dishonesty! And  which Igbos are supposed to solve this problem in Ogbeh’s new plan? Isn’t it the PDP-Igbos—those same Igbos who sold us out, even after watching and witnessing  the humiliation of fellow Igbo in and by PDP not quite one year ago? Yea, right! 

Fellow Biafrans: do not be deceived again: we have experience and facts now. For as long as PDP has been governing in Anambra, Obasanjo-PDP have been able to meddle and stir up trouble there, much to the detriment of our people—frequently lethal detriment, at that. Obasanjo-PDP have no interest in the welfare of Anambra people or Ndigbo-Biafrans for that matter. Therefore, all PDP-Obasanjo plans for restoring peace and sanity to Anambra are at best insincere. We know that they never worked before, and will never work. Only one thing will work: Restore Anambra to APGA, to the party who in fact got the people’s electoral mandate in 2003, but were rigged out by Obasanjo-PDP fraud-machine.

We have read and heard those “important people” of Nigeria , some with the title, “SAN” (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) and they have pilloried the Nigerian Judiciary for making bad, conflicting and even stupid legal decisions. The Press has joined in, and it is now the Judiciary’s fault for the events in Anambra, to hear the SAN's and the Press say it. Left to the SAN's and the Press, the Nigerian Judiciary should be sacked. We would shed no tears at all for the Judiciary if this was to become their fate. We have always known that they are in bed with Obasanjo-PDP and are incapable of producing a just or even independent ruling on any matter; all the Judiciary do is serve as a mouthpiece for Obasanjo. It is for this well known reason—that Obasanjo controls the Judiciary—and the fact that the SAN’s are well aware of this, that we have little respect for the opinions of this group. Why?  Because they are not willing to place blame squarely on Obasanjo—a man who swore to defend the constitution as his job in the first place—for the unconstitutional, unconscionable, immoral, and criminal tampering with the men and women who sit on the courts of law. If this SAN's group had any dignity and was not cowardly, it would have called on Obasanjo to resign else face impeachment for this dastardly, criminal and unconstitutional act. If Obasanjo-PDP are not constantly and brazenly intimidating, bribing, enticing, harassing, blackmailing, and credibly threatening the members of the Judiciary, do you think that the Judiciary would be this bad? Blame the Judiciary—they deserve it; but no one is more deserving of blame than Obasanjo, and no institution more than PDP. All credibility is lost when Obasanjo is conveniently left out of the blame-loop; and PDP is not even mentioned. And, when the SAN's fail to mention the consequences of Obasanjo’s behavior—behavior which should call for drastic sanctions such as impeachment or forced resignation of Obasanjo, we can only conclude that the SAN’s are a major part of the problem.  

On the part of the people of Anambra and the people of the rest of Biafraland, we were elated to read that the crisis has led to increasing defiance of the evil machinery of Obasanjo and PDP, who are known tormentors of Biafrans. We are especially pleased to learn that the Biafran Flag has appeared once again, in huge numbers, flying in the homes of Biafrans and cities of Biafraland. We knew that sooner or later, Obasanjo-PDP-one-Nigeria would go too far in their unjustifiable mistreatment, torment, humiliation, mockery and even killing of Igbo-Biafrans. Well, that day is here; Obasanjo has gone too far, and it is now our turn, having woken up, to take back the destiny of our own nation, the Nation of Biafra, into our own very hands.  

Fellow Biafrans, we say: Continue to fly the Biafran flag: never to stop now, continue until the biggest flag of them all is flying in our Capital City in the-not-too-distant future, and flying proudly among the flags of free Nations of the World, in the United Nations.  

We have a word of advice or two for all the efulefu’s working with Obasanjo and PDP in Biafraland:  

Uba and co: you need to confess to Biafrans and to the world how Obasanjo and PDP rigged the 2003 elections in Biafraland. You need to confess how Obasanjo has been controlling Anambra through the PDP governors and machinery.  

Ngige: same for you; and, hand over to APGA officials.  

Igbo-PDP officials: you have to “cross the carpet” now to APGA and hand over power to APGA. Cross the carpet now--to APGA.  

If Obasanjo declares a state of emergency in Anambra, these recommendations will have to be followed right away. If you need a legal mechanism in order to effect these changes, then, call for new elections in Anambra.  

Biafra lives! You fly the Biafran Flag, because God has already established Biafra .

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


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