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For January 10th, 2004  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.  

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria .” So says the Lord.  

Fellow Biafrans:  Who can change the Word of God? Nobody ! The Word of God stands and becomes alive in our times and at all times.  

This week, we focus on the predictable and inevitable ongoing crisis in the Biafran enclave of Anambra. While it might be viewed as an Anambra misfortune, the reality of it all is that this is a Biafra problem. All Biafra ’s problems come from Nigeria —one Nigeria .  Our problems originate from this rotten and rotting structure of Nigeria-one-Nigeria that supports thieves and fraudsters, hypocrites and leeching opportunists, the unscrupulous and the immoral such as Obasanjo, Ngige, Uba, Wabara, PDP—persons and systems foisted on the peoples, with the sole intent of subjugating, torturing and tormenting Igbo-Biafrans. The only viable solution is Biafra actualization. In our own sovereign and independent nation of Biafra , the Obasanjo-Ngige-Uba-PDP-one-Nigeria curse and nightmare will have no place at all.  

As our people say, if you cannot tell when the rain started beating on you, you will not recognize when the downpour is over. So, let us remind you of when this current worsening season of rain started. It is true that we as a nation of Biafra had accepted our fate in Nigeria for over 30 years following the Biafran War—a war of survival for Biafra but a war of genocide for Nigeria against the people of Biafra. During this time, Nigeria socked it to Biafrans, treating us with open disdain and derision, with mockery and collective insults, raping us physically and psychologically, confiscating our wealth as war booty, all as a matter of the Nigerian government policy and Nigerian societal attitude; this, after the so-called “No victors, no vanquished” speech by the airhead, Gowon. We endured all that until our recent formal awakening, thanks to MASSOB which stoked the unquenchable glowing embers called Biafranism, and rekindled the fire of the Spirit of Biafra in 1999. Following the pseudo-transition to a civilian government in Nigeria in 1999, Obasanjo and PDP and the rest of Nigeria continued the one-Nigeria business-as-usual mistreatment, humiliation and insulting of Biafra . Efulefu’s among us failed to understand what was going on, or simply refused to acknowledge this shameful anomaly, while some would even proceed to profit directly from such oppression and humiliation of their own people.  

We struggled to rub the sleep out of our eyes from 1999 to 2003, and just before 2003, we seemed to have awoken from our daze and slumber and drugged state of existence. Responding to our call for the expression of our unity and solidarity as Biafrans, you, the people went out en masse and voted for APGA, during the 2003 elections in Nigeria, and handed APGA an electoral mandate to represent our people in the rotten politics of Nigeria, on the platform of restructuring of Nigeria (which we know must lead to Biafra actualization) and resource control (which we also know will restore a fair share of our own wealth to us right now while we work out our liberation). Those are the facts of April 2003 elections. As you all know, it turned out that Obasanjo and PDP massively rigged the elections and unilaterally reversed the mandate and fortunes of the peoples all over Nigeria , but nowhere more consistently, more thoroughly, more brazenly and nowhere more openly than in Biafraland. Everyone, every institution, and every constituency knew the elections were rigged; this includes the International election observers, INEC herself, INEC Chairman, Obasanjo himself (who explained to the world that Nigeria is different when it comes to electoral honesty and transparency: Nigeria cannot be held to universal standards); and all the contestants. Then, a “funny" thing happened: the peoples living in Nigeria did not protest this fraud, and acquiescing, allowed Obasanjo and his PDP machinery to usurp power and foist themselves on all the peoples living in Nigeria ; and then the peoples accommodated the fraudsters and cheats,  and actually got comfortable with this illegal, immoral regime.  

Do you still need to ask when you started getting drenched by the rain? On that day that the peoples living in Nigeria failed to challenge the fraud of Obasanjo and PDP, on that day, that rain started beating on you. On the day when the people living in Biafraland failed to demand their rightful electoral  mandate, on that day, the bad wet season and deluge had started. From that day onwards, the wet, acid-rainy season was on and the corrosive downpour was on you. Anambra was predictable from then on. So, why do we act surprised at what is going on now?  

You see, fellow Biafrans, when you allow yourself to accept a great evil, then more evil will visit you and that evil will expect to be accommodated by you too. When you accommodate fraud and lies, and live with them as if everything is okay, or as in this case, actually think everything is fine, then, evil and fraud will multiply around you, and you will become helpless to make any corrections and make any positive changes. When we allowed the fraudsters, Obasanjo and PDP to completely negate our electoral choice, and then proceeded to work with them, on that day, we made it possible for Anambra situation to exist, and we also made it extremely difficult to reverse the situation and heal the damage. If you accommodate evil and fraud without protest and without challenge, how and when will you subsequently find the conscience and moral suasion to ask for what is right and what is true? This is precisely what we have been pointing out to you since April 2003.  

Only in finally acknowledging your past mistake, and resolving to turn over a new leaf, and resolving to never again allow evil in any form, can you find the spiritual strength and divine courage to move on and escape the spider-web of evil in which you are entangled. Only when you admit your past unhealthy behavior with evil and fraud, and pledge never to allow this again, can you find the disposition to begin life anew and move on, while keeping your pledge.  

In 2003, we allowed evil and fraud, perhaps because we were afraid to upset the applecart. Ever since then, nothing has worked out. Instead, we have today the Anambra embarrassment. We were wrong then, not to have challenged this evil and fraud. We are suffering the consequences now. We have learned our lesson. So, in 2004, we have recognized our mistake. And, we pledge to renounce evil and fraud, and we pledge to never accept and or accommodate evil and fraud any more. We shall not knowingly allow ourselves to live with evil and fraud, especially when we are going to be the victims of such evil and fraud. With this pledge, Divine wisdom and strength is restored onto us so that we can challenge, fight against and ward off evil and fraud, no matter what the effort.  

This takes us now back to Anambra today where we shall apply the lessons that we have learned. We apply the lesson one exercise at a time, one event at a time, one idea at a time, one thought at a timeuntil we recapture our entire land, Biafraland, and reclaim it from evil.  

This is what we must do:  

1)      We refuse to abide by the fraudulent election results of 2003. In Anambra, this means the Ngige-Uba-PDP-Obasanjo government of the day has to be rejected, more so now that it has crippled the welfare of the people. We reject any and all forms of PDP government and institutions in Anambra and in the rest of Biafraland..

2)      We shall get out and protest against the current government set-up in Anambra and the current unfolding events. Bear in mind that we are not supporting Ngige: not only is Ngige part and parcel of the Obasanjo-Ngige-Uba-PDP phalanx of evil and fraud, which we had just earlier renounced; but by his own admission, Ngige has no scruples, no dignity, no honor, no backbone, and no self-respect nor respect for the people whom he wants to “rule”—forget serve; and his interests are selfish and personal rather than the people’s. Our protest is a demand for the handing over of the cursed and fraudulent PDP Anambra government to the rightful APGA to whom we gave our electoral mandate in the first place, in 2003; a protest against the arrogant and meddling Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige usurpation and institution.

3)      We demand that the electoral mandate of the people of Anambra be restored to the rightful party, which is APGA. The courts can use INEC’s confession of fraud, Gboudia, the INEC Chairman’s confession of serious electoral irregularities in 2003, International Observers' validation of electoral fraud, Uba’s account and Ngige’s account, if for any reason the courts do not want to listen to the people’s plea..

4)      If the courts work like the Election tribunals which are under the control of Obasanjo-PDP-Uba-Ngige, then there is no point relying on them, seeing what they have done so far (predictably, too) with the challenge mounted by APGA following the massive and brazen, criminal alteration of results which were originally in favor of APGA. The point is that we cannot expect justice from these courts, as even Buhari himself can attest to, now that ANPP has practically given up and are now talking formally about 2007.

5)      We will accept holding new elections, not just in Anambra, but in all parts of Biafraland, assuming that the courts will rule this way; in the meantime, we maintain the protest and the pressure until this becomes a reality.

6)      After we succeed in Anambra, we move on to other parts of Biafraland and accomplish the same. Remember, wherever there is PDP, there is Obasanjo, and there are Uba’s and Ngige’s, too, all working their usual evil and torment against Biafrans.

7)      We shall not settle for any form of PDP rule in our land—not in Anambra, not in Biafraland. To do so will be tantamount to once again, accommodating evil and accepting fraud. Having seen the consequences, we had vowed earlier to fight against that.

8)      We want all our people to get out there and protest against Ngige-Uba-Obasanjo-PDP, and demand the handing over of political power to APGA, the rightful political representatives of the people and the holder of the people’s original mandate.

9)      Do not relent until our legitimate demands are met: away with the Obasanjo-Ngige-Uba-PDP fraudulent and evil government in Anambra (and in the rest of Biafraland). In with APGA!

Bear in mind that this evil and fraudulent government of the day is going to come after you with everything, including the Yoruba-Hausa/Fulani-dominated police and security forces, known tormentors, killers of Biafrans and occupiers of Biafraland. But, stay your ground. When we do it right, and stick with it, then, it is all over!

Do your part, and God will do (has already done) His part. We ask for His sustenance.

Biafra lives because it is God’s will and God’s pleasure: nothing will change that!

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.



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