This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts

For Dec 27th, 2003  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.  

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria.” So says the Lord.  

Fellow Biafrans:  The word of God is alive and must be fulfilled. You can count on that.

It is Christmas, and it must be the season for joy, for peace and for goodwill, a time of hope, right? Well, as you can tell, it is not so for us in Biafra . It is really not so for Biafrans.  

For, there are those—forces, principalities and persons—who are determined that the promise of Christmas does not apply to Biafrans and to Biafraland; those who mouth the word, "peace." but are resolved that Biafra must be excluded from peace; those who hope and plan for their own children and their own families but have sworn to deny Biafrans of any hope of hope? How do we stay in an existence where our destiny is allowed to be in the hands of those whose idea of joy is to revel at denying Biafrans any means or any opportunity of joy?  

Fellow Biafrans, if you were expecting a traditional Christmas message, let us disappoint you. For, it is not in the tradition of Biafra to allow others to condemn us to misery and death in our own land. If you were expecting a customary Christmas message,  permit us to remind you that it is not our custom as Biafrans to allow strangers to control our lives, to determine in what manner and for how long we, Biafrans, should eke out an existence. And, if you were expecting the usual Christmas message, we are not ashamed to ask you: what is usual about Biafrans having to be suppressed, repressed, subjugated and occupied by a known and determined enemy?  

As such, in our message of the season, we must tell you today: there is no need pretending, just because it is Christmas, that there is goodwill. Even if you personally are that blessed to still harbor a vestige of goodwill within your own self, you have to admit that our enemies have only mockery rather than goodwill for us. You have to admit that we Biafrans are bitter. We are embittered. We are seething with frustration, convinced that we cannot do anything about our situation. Because our enemies appear to have all the power and to have all the cards. Because our enemies have even bought some of us with money to carry out their evil plans on their own people; and it is money that is coming right from our own property.  

There is no denying the fact of our turmoil just because Christmas is a time of joy. We have no joy. How can we have joy when we look around and see the sorry plight of our relatives around us mirroring our own sordid situation? How can we have joy when we face our children and our youth and look them straight in their blank eyes and experience their  bewildered and downcast looks? Do we want to play hypocrites? Do we want to play games? Do we want to lie to our own selves and lie to them—lie to our people: our children and our relatives? Go ahead, if you can stand your own conscience.  

How can hopelessness be defined or described better or worse than by studying the status of our people today? Granted: it is Christmas season, but does not the promise of the season make us feel even more hopeless, realizing that what is taken for granted by the rest of the world—hope—is nowhere to be found here in Biafraland? To realize that neither the world nor the season itself cares much that hope has been taken away from us Biafrans by our enemies, completes the profound definition of hopelessness for scholars and all.  

Fellow Biafrans: the problem is not with Christmas. The problem is not with the season. We can still realize the promise of the season; we can still bring to fruition the potential of Christmas within the vineyard that we call our existence as Biafrans in Biafraland and elsewhere. This, then is our Christmas message: 

The ideals of this Christmas are not a description of what we have today or what applies in this season, in this epoch, in the year 2003, in Biafraland: we understand that. We must also acknowledge the fact of the statement. But this Christmas is a strong message of what we can make of our own lives, both as individual Biafrans and as a collective of a nation, the nation of Biafra—now and in the future. The message of this Christmas to us Biafrans is that we can have joy, we can have peace, and we can have goodwill—as real as the world would have it. But, it is up to us.  

Fellow Biafrans: it is up to us to rearrange our circumstances so that we can claim the promise of Christmas. It is up to us to wrest control of our destiny from the hands of evil forces and evil people who are tormenting us, forces and principalities conspired to deny us Biafrans of anything good. It is up to us to get ourselves out of this unconscionable situation. This is what we must do, without further ado:

1) We must, each one of us, transform our anger and frustration into positive action.

2) The first step in positive action is changing the mindset and frame of mind: we must understand that we are truly Biafrans—not Nigerians. Resolve—swear, whatever—that from today and for the rest of eternity, you are Biafran. Because, God really created you that way, and God placed you in Biafraland.

3) Understand that your homeland is Biafraland—not Nigeria . Resolve that whether asleep or awake, in a dream or in real experience, that you are a citizen of Biafra , and nothing can change that, nothing can take that away from you—not even death. It is not by accident that you were created Biafran and geographically placed in Biafra . This is the next step in positive action.

Having thus reset your mind and re-oriented your thinking—keep in mind that we have not told you anything but the basic truth of your own existence; we have not asked you to do anything unnatural: we have merely stated what God Himself made you, what God already established—we are ready to assert our selves as who we truly are: Biafrans, of the nation of Biafra, homeland, Biafraland.  

The next steps are:  

a) Find a Biafra Nationalistic group and join it.
We have recently heard of fake pro-Biafran groups going around and confusing our people. You will know what is a true Biafran organization: such an organization will have as its main goal the actualization of the Sovereign, Independent Nation of Biafra. Any organization or group that purports to keep or place Biafra and Biafrans as part of Nigeria or in Nigeria does not represent Biafra and does not represent Biafrans. We must ignore or shun such groups.

Some of the examples of true Biafra nationalistic groups are: MASSOB, Biafra Foundation (BF), Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF), Ekwe Nche, Biafra Liberation Movement (BLM). There are also others, and we have shown you how to determine true from fake pro-Biafran organizations.

b) Whenever possible, FORM a peer / professional group whose goal is Biafra actualization. Examples are: Teachers, Traders, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers and Judges, Students, Youths; Age-groups, Businessmen and businesswomen, Citizen Groups, Village and Town groups.
Then, enroll the entire group with larger Biafran Organizations. Remember: it is all based on Biafra and Biafra actualization—nothing else.

c) Discuss Biafra with everybody.
If we all are talking about Biafra all the time—talking about Biafra as our home, as our heritage, as our God-given right and God-created fact and our true reality—then even the deaf will hear, and our enemies will understand that they can no longer frighten us; that they can no longer ban the name or concept of Biafra. Of course, they know that they could not erase what God has created; the only thing they could do is to intimidate us into forgetting who we really are, and torment us into not acknowledging who we really are—as Biafrans.

d) Greet one another as Biafrans. Acknowledge Biafra everywhere in Biafraland; acknowledge Biafrans everywhere and anywhere as Biafrans. Address one another as fellow Biafrans.

e) In your homes, teach the family about Biafra . Make sure that everybody knows that as surely as you have Biafran blood in you, you are truly Biafran.

f) At school, make sure that all pupils and students understand the geography of Biafra ; point out where the name, “Bight of Biafra” has been erased by Nigeria .

f) At work, comport yourself with Biafra in mind. Conduct your affairs with the dignity of a Biafran, and be proud of your work as a Biafran.

g) Those of us who are coming in from the outside, do, carry the above message back to the places and countries and communities where you reside when you return from this Christmas vacation.

In short, we want all Biafrans to "live" Biafra, breathe Biafra, have Biafra in their thoughts, Biafra on their minds, Biafra on our lips; sing Biafra and talk Biafra, from waking until retiring, and then, Biafran even in our dreams.

If you do these things, and stick with them, and do them well, "the rest shall be added unto you"; then, Biafra will actualize sooner than you would have imagined, and the next Christmas for us will be what Christmas truly represents indeed. Don’t forget: the road is rocky and winding; it will be long, and it could be dangerous—to the point of loss of life and limb—the specialty of our murderous enemies and their agents living among us. Remember that when 40 million of us are traveling down this road together, we have safety in numbers and we have the power of numbers behind us and even principalities shall shudder and shall retreat and shall shy away from attacking us any more.  This is a necessary road along which we must travel to the promise of Christmas for our own people. Then, at last, we can proclaim:  

Hail Biafra ! Joy to us and to the world, peace among us and on earth, hope for us and for the entire human race, and goodwill to all, starting with us, for every being in the world.  

That’s the news analysis for the week; thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (

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