This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts

 For November 29th, 2003  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.  

“The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not and will not be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria .” So says the Lord.  

Fellow Biafrans: Trust in God. Count on His Word, Listen to Him, and do your part.  

While you have been forced by the conditions to which Nigeria has subjected you, to think of nothing else but how to survive and how to feed and clothe your families on a day-by-day basis, a lot has been happening in the rest of the world. It is too bad that life in Nigeria has become so terrible and so cruel that in order to survive, you have had to give up living, making you ask the question, "what. then, is the point of life?" Nevertheless, you should know about these developments in the world outside, because they carry a message for you.  

In the former Soviet-block country of Georgia, the government and its leader were not performing well at all, causing the people a lot of suffering and miring them in poverty. After many years, the people could not stand it any more. Then, the people acted. Within the last several weeks, they got together, and with one voice, they demanded the stepping down of their leader. When the leader refused to resign, the people did not stop or give up, but instead, with one mind, they marched to the government house to insist on their case. In the end, because of the unity of the people and because of their persistence, their inept leader resigned, and his government was sacked. Now, that country is undergoing a much needed change.  

How does this apply to you? Well, it is no secret that Obasanjo and his government are now so bad and so anti-people that the same peoples—that is, all the peoples living in Nigeria then—who groaned under Abacha’s oppression and corruption and thought they were in a place worse than hell—you all—now think that Abacha and his regime were like heaven when compared to Obasanjo and his government today!  And, do not think that it is just Biafrans that are complaining, though we are the ones suffering the most because of Nigeria’s deliberate anti-Igbo anti-Biafran policies. Every single part of Nigeria is reeling from harm done to the people because of Obasanjo and his government and his inept policies, his dictatorial style and sheer ignorance and incompetence. Like the people of the country, Georgia , you have come to question why you are continuing to suffer, while Obasanjo and his government continue to demand that you suffer more, doing so with arrogance, with impunity and with insensitivity. Mind you, the condition of the people of Georgia is nothing compared to what you have suffered thus far, and for as long as you have. The Georgians finally braved the intimidation and threats of the use of brutal force by their erstwhile leader, rose with one mind, and did what had to be done—with the force of sheer will, with no guns or sticks or knives—only collective will-force, and drove out the cause of their misery.  

The time has come to refuse to be made to suffer any more and any longer by Obasanjo and his government. The time has come for the peoples to finally say, No more! and say it with one voice and with one mind, and say it with collective action, and say it with courage and with determination until he is forced to resign. The time has come to use the only force that you have: people-power: no guns, no knives, no sticks, no wrestling or wrangling, just sheer human people-will. It is not only in Georgia that this has worked or works.  

Lest you forget, the United Nations is not going to come to the aid of the suffering peoples of Nigeria . Some of you have inquired what the UN is doing for Biafra actualization. The UN will not do for you what you ought to be doing for yourself and by yourself. Nor will the US come to the aid of the peoples of Nigeria in their suffering caused by the direct result of Obasanjo’s rule. In fact, no other country is going to do anything for you. What they are all saying is this: You, as a people, are responsible for your leaders and the government over you. If you as a people don’t like them, it is your business to do something about it by yourself; it is your own responsibility to show courage.  

Lest you forget, waiting for time will not solve your problem that is Nigeria ; rather, even though no one can imagine how things could possibly ever get worse in Nigeria , things in fact  do and have gotten worse with time. When you, as a people, wake up from such delusion and nightmare that time will make things better in Nigeria , you will immediately find yourself in a place worse than hell—in Nigeria . Those of you already falling into self-induced coma to reduce your current pains by forgetting the present and fixating on 2007, you are truly pitiable and pathetic. 2003 brought you horrors at the hands of the same principal characters slated and planning to play in 2007.  

Mind you, the last time, Providence, took care of Abacha—or maybe, it was a random event. If you as a people want to count on that this time, that’s your heartache and your disappointment. Because of collective cowardice, you the peoples living in Nigeria could not bring yourself to force the resignation of Abacha then. Today, that cowardice is even deeper as you have permitted yourself to do the unthinkable, which is to compare Abacha’s evil government favorably in the context of the current horrible Obasanjo government, rather than face the task of getting Obasanjo to resign. If it was Providence rescuing you from your own cowardice then, seeing that you have learnt nothing since then, why should Providence come to your rescue again this time?

Keep in mind that the Military will not come to your rescue this time around. It used to be that you as the peoples living in Nigeria would endure the most egregious violations of your collective person by the government and their leaders fully convinced that the Military would come in for the umpteenth time to save the day, even though such a rescue-regime would soon become the perpetrator of more oppression on you the constant victim. Well, even this, is not going to happen this time around.  

Do not even think of the National Assembly to extricate you from the jaws and the grip of Obasanjo and his government. The National Assembly members have been ordered not to criticize Obasanjo’s inept policies, and they have fallen in line, acting like lambs; having no will of their own, having no function of their own, except to do Obasanjo’s bidding.  

Who is left? You, the aggrieved peoples living in Nigeria . What is left? You, as a collective which could form and wield people-power. Nobody else! Nothing else! Only the people can get Obasanjo to resign and sack his government. That is who. That is what; and that is how.

Fellow Biafrans, in the next several weeks to months, there will be opportunities to engage in mass people- actions as discussed above. When this starts, join en masse; participate fully and tenaciously; act with relentlessness, and stay with it until the job is done. No guns. No sticks. No knives. Just sheer people-force, people-will, people-power. Obasanjo and his government will threaten you and will follow through with lethal force, and many may lose their lives at the hands of his bloodthirsty armed operatives. But, you must persevere until it is done; then, you shall be free for ever, and they and their ilk shall never return to rule and ruin your lives and impose their ignorance and insensitivity over you.  

What did we just say? We said: Once you get rid of them, it’s done forever! Why? Because after they are gone, the peoples will not be allowed to make the same mistakes they have been making before, which is to place old wine in an old bottle, or even to place "relatively new" wine in an old bottle--no! Because, this time around, the old bottle shall be broken--there will be no old bottle; and the peoples shall start afresh.

What are we saying? We are saying that when this people-power revolution succeeds, nobody is going to talk of something like a "Unity government" in Nigeria, or "transitional central government of Nigeria," or "successor- government" in Nigeria—no way! When we get rid of this government, every region will return to its nation(s) to take care of its own nation, to heal its own nation; and only send delegates to a sovereign national conference to ratify mutual recognition of the independence and sovereignty of each nation and determine the basis of cooperation and sharing of old obligations.  

Fellow Biafrans: did you hear us? We said that when it is all over for Nigeria, let nobody even as much as suggest any form of one-Nigeria: that was our problem then, that is our problem now. But, when the opportunity has presented to abandon that concept, we MUST MAKE SURE THAT IT WILL BE A TOTAL ABANDONMENT of any and all manner of one-Nigeria relationship. The only thing that is going to work permanently is sovereign independent nations. Perhaps, other nations may not like or want that—then, they can do whatever they please, but our destiny is well known: it is Biafra —a Sovereign and Independent Nation of Biafra.  

We say this now because on that day, there will be those who choose to forget how we got to that point, and who may suggest forms of loose confederation or autonomy or whatever. They may call themselves altruistic or “de-tribalized” (which is incidentally how even Obasanjo styles himself—tufiakwa!) and they shall hallucinate some kind of bright future for Nigeria if given another chance. But, you must be steadfast; you must be resolute, you must remain focused and disciplined: it shall be Biafra —nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. It is Biafra , now and Biafra in the future!  

When the time comes, you must do your part—starting right now—in various ways. Only you can do for yourself what needs to be done for yourself, by yourself, for your own sake!  

Biafra lives by God’s pleasure; Biafrans are by  God’s will. Nothing can change that. Do your part!

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


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