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For October 25th, 2003  

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.

The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not, and will not, be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria . So says the Lord.  

Fellow Biafrans: rest assured that God has not forgotten your suffering and for that matter, the suffering of all others, for they, too, are the children of our Lord Most High—your collective and individual suffering at the hands of Nigeria, at the hands of the evil and visionless rulers of Nigeria, from General Obasanjo representing himself and also, previous military rulers of Nigeria, to your so-called state governors—power and money-hungry egotists bent on stopping at nothing to maintain their selfish and  opportunistic vain pursuits.  

So, let us repeat here so that you should never forget it: God is not going to allow His own loved and cherished creation—you—to be destroyed by the same structure that nurtures the evil mentioned above, the evil well-known to you and to all,  that evil structure called Nigeria—one Nigeria. God will not allow this malignant structure, which breeds and protects oppressors of the people, to continue to survive, lest it squeezes the last breath out of God’s own people. Neither will the oppressors themselves be allowed to continue their wanton, senseless and arrogant destruction of God’s people. Have this faith always with you: that God will rescue you the people from evil—God will never allow the evil called Nigeria to crush you.  

Fellow Biafrans, it is this Divine assurance coupled with Divine guidance that informed and led the recently concluded first post-war International Conference on Biafra held in Greenbelt , in the State of Maryland , USA , on October 18th 2003 . There, the Spirit of God ministered unto us through the participants—those present and those keeping vigil for the occasion—and through the occasion itself, renewed our strength and our resolve, and instilled in us the message that Biafra actualization is God’s plan and God’s agenda, and it must come to pass. For “…My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.  

What is our part in this? What part are we to play? Simple: we listen to the Spirit, and we follow what the Spirit of God within us is telling us now. You are Igbo-Biafran, nothing is going to change that. That’s what God made you, that’s how God made you. Now then, act like an Igbo-Biafran! Be the Igbo-Biafran that you are! Be what God made you. And, do it with pride and pleasure—proud to be God’s work; finding pleasure in what God has created as you. Your Spirit—God’s Spirit in you—will inform and direct your efforts.  

The road from here on may not be easy, but rest assured that God is on your side—God is on our side.  We know that the evil Nigerian state governors in Igboland are ready to sell you out so that they can be considered for the position of the vice-presidency of Nigeria come 2007. Such fools they are! if they were not fools, how could they forget so soon that Abacha had also planned carefully for 1999, thinking that for sure he will occupy the evil throne of evil Nigeria . Oh yes, “the fool sayeth in his heart, ‘there is no God.’”  

Such is their arrogance and confidence that they—these evil state governors in Igbo-Biafraland—and Nigeria will be around come 2007, that they are willing to repress Ndigbo-Biafrans today in order that they might be favored by their masters—the likes of Obasanjo, Babangida and the rest. These efulefu’s have been advised to eliminate MASSOB organization, kill MASSOB members and kill their leader, Ralph Uwazurike, if they, the efulefu’s, ever hope to be considered for the position of vice president in a future election. They have been instructed to eliminate any Igbo-Biafrans that speak up against the injustice that Ndigbo-Biafrans have been receiving at their hands and at the hands of Nigeria . We know that these spineless but ruthless opportunists have sworn to accomplish this—to sell out and kill their own oppressed people—for the possibility of a political position. We have knowledge of their track record—we know that not only are they capable of this abomination, but they have already committed it against their own people starting after 1999.  

Fellow Biafrans: say, No! to this. In any and every way that you possibly can, you have to (find the courage) to tell these murderous criminals that you will not fall victim any more to their nefarious acts. You have to show them—show them, we urge you—that they cannot cut you down and draw your blood with impunity any more. Tell them loud and clear that you will not permit them to finish the genocidal work against Igbo-Biafrans that the Northerners and the rest of Nigeria —their evil masters—started and intensified since 1966. You have a moral obligation, a Divinely mandated right to refuse to be used as fodder for the useless political ambitions of unscrupulous, egotistic, vain, murderous little minds called state governors in Igbo-Biafraland. If the rest of Nigeria can find the courage to boo General Obasanjo, certainly, you can find the mettle to stop the useless state governors in Igbo-Biafraland from sacrificing you on the altar of their political ambitions and at the footstools of their masters.  

Let us remind you all of one thing. MASSOB, a non-violent organization for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, operates in every single region in Nigeria . But do you know what? It is only in Igbo-Biafraland that same MASSOB members are detained and imprisoned, injured and killed, and their property destroyed. Nobody has been held accountable. If anything, the Nigerian Police and Security Agents boast about their participation in these crimes. Why? It is because the evil state governors in Igbo-Biafraland are the ones organizing and facilitating these crimes, carrying out the evil orders and wishes of their Nigerian slave-masters, and satisfying their own bloodthirsty wickedness. 

What are we going to do about this? We are cataloguing their crimes; and one day, they will be brought to justice in the International Court for crimes against humanity. Yes, folks: this really works. We have now warned all these efulefu’s formally through the communiqué which has been issued following the recently concluded International conference on Biafra . Be certain that we shall deliver on this—no matter how long it takes; we shall bring them to justice. What can you do? Well, many of you are already doing what we are going to suggest. Join MASSOB! To the surprise of Nigeria and the chagrin of the efulefu governors, the more they hurt and kill and dispossess MASSOB members the more Igbo-Biafrans rush to join MASSOB. Now, we want every single Igbo-Biafran to declare himself/herself a MASSOBian, and register himself/herself as such. Other parallel organizations such as BLM and the Eastern Motorcycle Transport Union (EMTU) which have been helping our people, are urged to work closely to support MASSOB, and to cross-register their members with MASSOB. When MASSOB or any MASSOBian is threatened, we want everybody to feel the threat and to respond to the threat in such a way as to diffuse or nullify the threat. We want everyone to speak up against the Judas-like plans of the efulefu governors to deliver our people into the jaws of our oppressors and tormentors for political and personal gain. We want everyone to swear that he or she will do everything in his or her power, individually and collectively, to deny these efulefu’s the facility to hurt our people any more.  

Fellow Biafrans, we said that the road will not be easy, and we mean it.  We also know that we cannot wait any longer, because things are getting worse for us daily, even though things are also getting bad for the rest of Nigeria .  Otherwise, nothing will change for the better, so what are we waiting for? In the past week alone, another prominent Nigerian has publicly declared General Obasanjo a dictator—and that is coming from a fellow-Yoruba man. General Obasanjo has had over 20 years to change, but we know that a tiger cannot change its stripes. Nevertheless, the General pretends that he is an advocate of democracy in Nigeria , and that his government is democratic. If he has not faced up to what he really is today, why would he change tomorrow? Which really means, how will Nigeria be any different tomorrow in a positive way? It will never happen. There is no longer anything to wait for. If you are still not convinced, then consider that Babangida has started the presidential race for 2007. Think of Nigeria in 2007 under Babangida—tufiakwa! Wouldn’t that be like going from frying pan to fire? The point is that persons who had no ideas in the first place ran Nigeria, ruled Nigeria and ruined Nigeria, and they are returning, just like the current General, to rig themselves into ruling again--having run out of ideas in the first instance. We pray that God forbid the prolongation of our agony, Nigeria ; and that by 2007, nation-building of the sovereign state of Biafra will be going strong!  

Thought the road may be rough, remember: we go with God. God is our travel companion as well as our travel guide. Hence, we conclude, for emphasis, with:  

“My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria .” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.  

The peoples and their nations must live and thrive, though the name and concept of Nigeria die. The peoples and their nations must not, and will not, be allowed to perish just to save a dying Nigeria . So says the Lord.  

Biafra lives, as such!  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


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