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For September 13, 2003  

You have heard the news; now the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

This time around, we shall deal with those who like to rewrite history—not ancient history, but relatively recent history. Those who attempt to rewrite history either have something to hide, are ignorant, are hypocrites, are looking after their own selfish interests, are just plain liars, are cowards, or plain dumb and ignorant; often, they are stupid.  

We shall place Mr Orji Uzor Kalu in this category based on a recent newspaper report captioned: “Kalu urges Nigerians to forgive the Igbo people over civil war” where it was reported that essentially, Kalu apologized on behalf of Ndigbo for the Biafran War, and begged Nigeria to forgive Ndigbo for the Biafran war.  Kalu reportedly stated “that it was a mistake on the part of the Igbo, and that they should not be continuously punished for the mistakes of the past.”  

First of all, the only reason why somebody like Orji Uzor Kalu would even find himself in a position where he would think that he is speaking for Ndigbo is because an abomination exists in Igboland-Biafraland. That abomination is the fact that in the year 2003, Igbo-Biafraland is still occupied by Nigeria , and Igbo-Biafrans are enslaved in and by Nigeria . The slave masters have therefore picked and empowered a slave from among us enslaved people to use in carrying out their unconscionable program against our people. Orji Uzor Kalu is a little boy-slave who worships his master, Obasanjo, and who is most comfortable basking in his multiple property among the Northern Nigerian tormentors, enslavers and murderers of Igbo-Biafrans.  

Second, we would have ignored Orji Uzor Kalu because the statements attributed to him prove that he has lost contact with reality; after all, why bother with the utterances of  a madman? Why take the babbling of a baby seriously? But, this ignoramus made his statements to his masters, and we are going to make certain that his masters realize that this slave, Kalu, who has lost a marble or two upstairs, does not speak for Ndigbo. We want to make sure that Nigeria realizes that this demented one does not speak for Ndigbo.  

History has recorded accurately that Ndigbo were forcibly flushed out of every other part of Nigeria and chased home in a lethal, well-coordinated genocidal pogrom and program between 1966 and 1967, setting the stage for all Eastern Nigerians then, especially the Igbo, to return to their enclave. While biased pundits have pointed to what they call an Igbo-led coup that toppled a totally paralyzed and inept civilian government, the facts remain that the coupists’ plan was to install Awolowo, a Westerner, as the head of the government. Moreover, it was Igbo officers such as Odumegwu Ojukwu who foiled the coup by resisting the coupists. The biased pundits fail to mention or appreciate these facts.  

Prior to the sociopolitical turmoil which led to the deterioration of the situation in Nigeria in 1965-1966, the Muslims / Northerners had engaged in systematic and cyclic genocidal actions against the Igbo living in the North on many occasions.  This is on record; just in case anybody was to try to attribute the Northern murderous rampage against the Igbo in 1966 and 1967 solely to the so-called “Igbo-led” coup of 1966.  

Against the bloody backdrop of Easterners limping back to Igbo-Biafraland, displaced, bloodied, maimed, injured and killed by Northerners (and even the West joined some in the blood fest), our people made another attempt at reconciliation by allowing themselves to be talked into believing that this initial wave of genocide was a fluke; as such, they were talked into returning to other parts of Nigeria. Then, the second wave of genocidal killings and murder against our people who had just been talked into going back occurred, late in 1966. In the meantime, Northern Nigeria soldiers under the command of Northern officers in the Nigerian military murdered Igbo and other Eastern military Officers in cold blood, in a well planned program.  

In spite of all this, the Easterners sought a peaceful resolution by agreeing to attend a conference in Aburi , Ghana , where it was decided that the best structure for Nigeria was regionalization with regional autonomy. After the Aburi summit, the nincompoop and airhead, Gowon, reneged on the agreement. Instead, he tried to split the East by creating States. Left with no other choice, the East seceded as Biafra . Following that, Gowon threatened and used force against Biafra —once again, reneging on another Aburi agreement which stipulated that force should not be used in resolving these issues.  

We repeat the above for the benefit of the younger generation of especially Biafrans, those who do not know what really happened. We have no interest in educating and informing the likes of Mr. Dense—Orji Uzor Kalu—who has other reasons in addition to sheer ignorance, for making the sacrilegious statement that Ndigbo made a mistake by  defending themselves against the Nigerian vandals.  

It is on record that Kalu has since abandoned the people of Abia and as a matter of fact, abandoned Ndigbo-Biafrans too, preferring to follow his newly found ideological leaning—which, in his own words, is to serve his PDP party, to show absolute loyalty to his PDP party. Now, who can deny the injury that PDP has caused Ndigbo-Biafrans? Who can deny the assault that PDP has mounted on Ndigbo Biafrans? Who among us can deny the humiliation that PDP caused Ndigbo during their so-called primaries? It is this same party that Orji Uzor Kalu has openly and formally declared his full support for and allegiance to, knowing fully well that there is no greater political machinery crushing Ndigbo today other than PDP.  

How bad is PDP for Ndigbo? Just look at who is the head of that party. Obasanjo, instead of campaigning for the 2003 elections in Biafraland came there to threaten Ndigbo assuring them that if they thought 1999-2002 was hell for Ndigbo, 2003 and beyond will be “helele” for Ndigbo under him.  Then, Obasanjo proceeded to the former Rivers area and after he made the elders and leaders there kneel and kiss his feet, he went on to insult them for asking for equitable distribution of the oil revenues that comes from their own land. This was before the elections. Then, he and his party, PDP, with INEC’s collusion (born out of intimidation and threats), rigged the elections and declared themselves winners. The worst of it came when they declared themselves winners in even places in Igboland where no elections took place. No other region was more cheated by the fraudulent actions of Obasanjo and PDP than Igboland-Biafraland. Yet, today, Orji Uzor Kalu is urging Ndigbo to support Obasanjo’s administration! Imagine that!  

Orji Uzor Kalu, by his own admission (in trying to deny reports that he was cozying up to the Northerners while angling for a Vice-Presidential slot for the 2007 elections in Nigeria), owns residential homes in Northern Nigeria, where he likes to spend time. He is happy and content there, where the roads are well-paved, the telephones work, and power supply is more assured. In the meantime, Abia State, where he was installed the Governor by the Obasanjo-PDP election rigging machinery following the fraudulent 2003 electoral process, has the worst roads, has the worst record on electrical power supply, and the worst telephone service—this is the same condition that applies to other Igbo-Biafra areas. So, while the people of Abia and other Igbo and Biafrans suffer in Igbo-Biafraland, the Governor of Abia escapes to the North, to enjoy the amenities which he has no courage to ask for, for his own people! Instead, Kalu blames Ndigbo for the Biafran War, claims that Ndigbo made a mistake by defending themselves in that war, appoints himself to apologise to Nigeria on behalf of Ndigbo, and begs Nigeria to forgive Ndigbo! Imagine that!  

All of this so that Orji Uzor Kalu can enjoy his mansions in Northern Nigeria, without further molestation as an infidel Igbo-Biafran? All of this, so that Kalu can be assured that his property in the North will be safe, since he has begged his masters for forgiveness? All of this so that Orji Uzor Kalu can be appointed a figurehead Vice Presidential running mate for another visionless PDP high official?  Perhaps, unbeknownst to us, Orji Uzor Kalu is being actively blackmailed and or threatened and or intimidated by Obasanjo and PDP, leading to his cowardly behavior?  

We do not know what Orji Uzor Kalu intended with his foolish and totally un-informed and stupid statements.  What we know is that he has finally succeeded in upsetting Ndigbo by his open lie about the Biafran war. He has succeeded in making otherwise sleeping Igbo-Biafrans recall the truth about the Biafran war, and by implication, become sensitized to the present plight and predicament of Igbo-Biafrans in Nigeria . If Kalu thought that he is pleasing Nigeria by his statements, there again, he has just proven his stupidity. Nigeria hates the Igbo-ness of Ndigbo and the Biafra-ness of Biafrans. Kalu can beg Nigeria about the Biafran War, but he has no way to beg away our Igbo-ness, our Biafra-ness. Like the Tiger, we can never lose our spots or change them. We wouldn’t want to, anyway; we shall never apologise for being Igbo, for being Biafran. In any case, Kalu cannot change history. Too bad, Kalu is too immature to realize this.  

Orji Uzor Kalu owes Igbo-Biafra a huge apology and atonement. We will once again see if his ignorance, foolishness and stupidity will mark him and follow him.  

Fellow Biafrans: it is our Igbo-ness and our Biafra-ness that threatens and frightens Nigeria , and that’s what they hate us, envy us, kill us, loathe us, oppress us, and repress us for. We cannot change our Igbo-ness; we cannot change our Biafra-ness. We cannot be forced to continue to live as one country with those who are this uncomfortable with who and what we are. We should not continue to allow ourselves to be in this situation and structure called one Nigeria where we are disliked intensely for what and who we are. We must separate from Nigeria . No apologies for what and who we are. No apologies for what we must do.  

Biafra lives! because God makes it so. Biafrans are because God makes it so. We should be proud of what and who we are. We are proud to be Biafrans from Biafra .  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra ; and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International broadcast continues. (; follow “Voice of Biafra” link).