This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International broadcasts  

for August 23, 2003 .  

You have heard the news, and now, the analysis…  

Remember that we have consistently maintained that the so-called leaders and leadership of the evil place known by Nigeria are visionless. This includes the current leadership, starting all the way from General Obasanjo, through the past military coupists (which also includes General Obasanjo), and their accomplices—all those who wrecked and ruined the lives of the peoples living in Nigeria, socially, politically, spiritually, psychically, morally and culturally.  Along with their minions, godfathers, and a cadre of civilian hang-ons and sycophants whose job is to act like parasites attached to “AGIP”—“any government in power”—these so called leaders and their regimes and administrations have demonstrated a total lack of vision.  

Now, listen to this: it was reported in one of the local newspapers just this past week that General Olusegun Obasanjo said that “lack of vision” is factor that has “militated against the growth and development of Nigeria since independence.”  Wow! What a revelation! We have said in the past that those who pretend to be blind to the true ills of the evil place called Nigeria shall one day be compelled to see. Those who feign deafness to the curdling screams and rumbling groans of the hapless peoples forced to live in Nigeria and crushed by her malevolence, shall be made to hear.  

General Obasanjo has finally realized that Nigeria is vision-less! Wonders never cease! The weight of his own lies and cover-ups by his spin-doctors, and by his party, PDP, and by the bought-and-paid-for sycophants—including the media—has finally knocked the scales off his eyes. Who knows, it could have been his conscience—which thus far has proven a questionable possession—that finally got through to him to admit what has been obvious to everyone: that Nigeria is in shambles, a fate that befits Nigeria given her evil character and the character of those who have planted themselves in the corridors of power in the evil empire.  

And, get this. General Obasanjo made this statement while he was in church.  Do you recall what the Bible says about vision?  

“…Without vision, the people perish...”  

Any wonder why Nigeria is destined to perish, and the peoples with her, if they do not abandon the sinking evil ship known as Nigeria ? Now that General Obasanjo has been duly informed about “vision” to the extent that he realizes that Nigeria lacks it, we want to make sure that he actually understands the implications of lack of vision for a people or for nations of peoples. “Without vision, the people perish.” No vision, no country. No vision, no nation. No vision, no people! Nigeria has no vision. Nigeria is finished. Nigeria has no vision; Nigeria has perished. Nigeria has no vision; the peoples living in Nigeria are finished—headed for oblivion.  

Fellow Biafrans: do you now understand why we have to move on to Biafra right now? Do you now see why we must abandon Nigeria now and actualize Biafra ? It really does not matter whether you love Nigeria (much like an abused slave might love his cruel and monstrous master) or not. It does not matter what kind of false hopes you may still harbor as to how you can turn Nigeria around—first, that will never happen; second, all that has already been tried in the past, and third, there are those who are still trying that now, even as we speak—to no avail, though. We really do not have a choice: This evil house called Nigeria is a vision-less place: it is perished. You can perish with her, or you can abandon her, and live.  

And, it does not really matter what you think of Biafra or even what you think not at all about Biafra . There is really no choice: you can either remain in Nigeria , or like the fly that has no counsel, follow the corpse into the grave there to be buried, alive. Or, you can do the only other thing there is to do: turn your face, and set your course to Biafra actualization. While we can tell you with certainty that all this is truly about Biafra and Biafra actualization, we can also state with equal certainty the flip side of this coin: all this is also truly about the death of Nigeria , a fate predetermined for entities that lack vision.  There is only one way out— Biafra actualization—if you want to live; the other way leads in—into hellish death and expiration—moribund Nigeria .  

Vision. Vision. Vision.  Some times, people talk about leadership and good leadership or lack thereof. Great, if you can get good leaders! Too bad, the experience for Nigeria has been poor and poorer, bad and “badder” leadership. At the end of the debate and all the refined arguments, there will be no getting away from the fact: it is not leadership—good or bad—that will cause a people to perish. No, folks! It is lack of vision that will condemn a people to annihilation:  

“Without vision, the people perish.”  

You see, where there is vision, even bad leadership will be completely transmuted, and leadership errors turned into instruments to effectuate the certain vision. Vision breeds good leadership. But, in a system where vision is lacking, even good leadership is dashed to pieces in the darkness, frustrated and consumed by blindness and evil, where bad leadership has found a home and thrives naturally.  

Just in case you are thinking, “…well, now that General Obasanjo himself has gotten the picture, he will act in such a way as to reverse the conditions and the situation in Nigeria so to turn things around and salvage Nigeria …” If you are thinking this, you once again deceive yourself. First, while Obasanjo has “mouthed” (never mind “articulated”) the right thing, with respect to the lack of vision in Nigeria , there is no evidence that he knows the full implications for Nigeria . He does not understand the profundity of the simple statement, “Without vision, the people perish…” There is nothing General Obasanjo can do to bring vision to Nigeria , never mind a vision that will be shared by all the peoples living in Nigeria . Second, Nigeria is already finished, and he, General Obasanjo does not want to admit that yet. He believes or has falsely convinced himself that he can change things. But, why share in General Obasanjo’s delusions? Especially when you consider how he is going to do this—and we continue to quote from the aforementioned newspaper article.  

General Obasanjo’s reaction to finally getting the message that Nigeria lacks vision—that he, his administration, his party, PDP, his leadership, all lack vision—is to compare 1979 when he handed power back to a civilian government in Nigeria, with 1999 when he was god-fathered back into office and power by the Northern Nigeria Elders.  Amazing! The General recounts how good things were in 1979 when he left power as compared to 1999 when he came back.  Presumably, it took 20 years for his military brothers and colleagues to totally run Nigeria aground and to completely destroy the infrastructure. He states it in such a way as to indicate that as a military dictator, he, General Obasanjo, had built up this wonderful infrastructure running up to his departure in 1979. These things only fell apart when he was no longer on the scene. This is how the General sees things; and this will be the springboard from which he will save Nigeria in 2003. Now, is this the type of attitude or understanding that could re-float a sinking ship called Nigeria , with the Captain, General Obasanjo at the helm? Are you willing to stay on this ship, with this Captain?  

Please, can somebody draw a picture for General Obasanjo? Can somebody tell him that maybe it took 20 years for his military friends to wreck Nigeria back in 1979, but how much wreckage has he, General Obasanjo, done to Nigeria from 1999 to 2003, a mere fraction of the previous duration? Can someone remind General Obasanjo that in the 4 years since 1999, he has done more damage to the sinking evil ship called Nigeria than in the 20 years when his military colleagues where piloting the ship to flounder?  

Was it not the same General Obasanjo, who, not quite 2 months ago, admitted publicly that since he came to power in 1999, that Nigeria has actually marched backwards in ALL sectors of life and living? He was telling the truth then, because those are the facts, and they are corroborated by the peoples’ experiences. In so doing, wasn’t the General in fact also admitting that whatever damage was done to and in Nigeria by his military peers between 1979 and 1999, he and his administration have done much worse in just 4 years since 1999? How then is he going to perform this miracle and turn Nigeria around? His current administration has performed worse in 4 years than in the 20 years of the worst performance in Nigeria . Can you see how it is that there is really no hope for Nigeria ?  

Let us amplify the picture that the General painted of how Nigeria has worked thus far,  using the same quoted newspaper report of General Obasanjo’s statements:  

“…lack of vision and waste were factors that have militated against the growth and development of Nigeria since independence…”  

 “…likened Nigeria 's situation to ‘an incoherent movement of an individual who takes one step forward and three steps backward…’"  

“…the problem with Nigeria was that since independence when the nation moved a step forward, we moved sideways for another step and then moved backward three steps. As a result, we move further backwards than we move forward…"  

"..That is the sort of thing that has been happening to Nigeria . Our problem is like a water tap that has a closet. While some people are turning the tap for water to run, others are busy leaving the base of the closet open, thus making the filling of the closet an impossible task…"  

We thank you, General Obasanjo, for making the case for us. We could not have put it any better.  Because you and your PDP party and godfathers engineered the rigging of the 2003 elections in Nigeria in your own favor, and have usurped power and have foisted an unconstitutional and illegal government over a weakened and acquiescing but hapless populace, you have proved that that dizzying and drunken dance-step which you have described as above, is the response to the evil rhythm of the evil drums that you are beating in Nigeria. You have no vision; neither do your administration, PDP, godfathers, government and minions.  

Fellow Biafrans: we must look now to Biafra . We have not a choice.  

God has ordained and blessed Biafra . For that reason...  

Biafra lives! And, so must we!


God bless and keep Biafra ; and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra international broadcast continues. (; follow Voice of Biafra link)