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For August 9th, 2003  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

We must ask you: do you hear us? Are you listening to what we are saying? Are you reading what we write? If not, how loud do we have to shout? How hoarse should we become? If not, how many times shall we repeat our self? How long should we hold the tune? How many tomes do we need to produce? Will you have to read our lips? Will you have to read our mind?  

Biafrans! How many times have we said: the problem with the evil state called Nigeria is STRUCTURE, and the solution is RESTRUCTURING, the only effective restructuring resulting in the sovereignty and independence of all the nations that presently are forced to live in Nigeria ? How many ways can we say it before it sinks in? How many calamities will befall you in Nigeria before you wake up to what we are saying?  

Let’s use what on the surface might appear as a benign idea as an example to bring the lesson home.  After he and PDP in collusion with INEC rigged the April elections, when challenged, Obasanjo basically told his challengers to stop contesting and stop protesting the rigged elections and to “wait their turn”—2007. He went on further to advice them that time goes by very fast, and before they know it, it will be 2007 and they can get their turn.  While this idea and mindset speaks volumes about the shameless fraudster and hypocrite, a non-performing usurper called General Obasanjo, why should otherwise responsible persons take up this refrain in the recent times?  

Indeed, we have read and heard of persons who are presently singing the “2007 song,” the implication being that they have given in and given up and have conceded all, accepting the crime and daylight fraud of the 2003 elections, and have leapfrogged to 2007 where they have already trained their sight! What a pity! For, if 2003 is allowed to stand today, what is going to prevent its recurrence in 2007 or any time in the future for that matter? How is it that these persons reckon that having accepted being cheated in 2003, they will have a chance of not being cheated again in 2007—especially since they never fought back in 2003?  They can either be cowards unwilling to stand up for what is right, or they are dreamers unwilling to deal with evident and obvious reality, or they could be opportunists whose only interest is in the maintenance of the status quo which preserves and protects their nefarious habits and actions.  

Let us show you why nothing good is possible in Nigeria, why Nigeria cannot be saved, and why the only solution is complete restructuring, meaning, complete dissolution of that evil structure called Nigeria, so that out of the ashes, sovereign independent nations can arise, each to pursue her own destiny. Let us show you why, if there is no restructuring, then 2007 will be no different from 2003—no, it will be worse, just like 2003 is worse that 1999, and 1999 was no better than prior to 1999—if anything, proved much worse.  

Before we proceed, we need to make two other points. The first point has to do with all this nonsensical talk of preserving nascent democracy in Nigeria . This is really nonsense because you can’t preserve or nurture what you do not have. The seed of democracy was really never even sown in Nigeria ; you can’t nurture what is not there. Nor would the seed of democracy sprout in the vitriolic soil known as Nigeria . Nevertheless, this nonsensical concept is used to blackmail the peoples living in Nigeria into submission and acquiescence, because otherwise, one would have to face the charge of “truncating democracy Nigeria .”  The most hypocritical aspect of this situation is that it is the self-same persons who are busily destroying what is left of Nigeria by truly anti-democratic acts—with open arrogance—that are using this weapon. What a farce!  

The second point has to do with a similar situation. Peoples living in Nigeria are currently being blackmailed and held to ransom: they have been told by General Obasanjo and PDP that if they challenge the current illegal government in power, the Military will come back and take over power. This frightens the peoples into complete flaccidity and complete paralysis, and turns them into trembling Yes-men and women, spineless wimps eager to accept and do the bidding of criminal and fraudulent masters, quick to fall in line, or tow the line.  

We want to remind the people that the options for the evil condition known as Nigeria are not limited to democracy (which is not possible) or Military governments (which is just as bad), or lack thereof, or even between those. There is the option of effective restructuring—and that will work.  Only restructuring will cure what ails Nigeria and dissipate the toxic miasma surrounding the peoples living in Nigeria . When Obasanjo and PDP and company  try to blackmail you with “truncating democracy" in Nigeria , just ask them: So what? What democracy? And if they threaten you with the return of the Military government, tell them that the antidote is Restructuring. Your challenge and agitation against this government shall lead to restructuring.  

Now let us proceed with why Nigeria ’s problem is deep to the marrow, and is terminal. Recent revelations have brought to the open what we all suspected—the depth of evil and corruption in the entity called Nigeria . The judge in charge of the case against Omisore, one of the prime suspects in Bola Ige’s murder, recently asked to be reassigned because of undue pressure from many quarters, including “unexpected quarters” which would impel him to act in a way that would violate his oath of office and professional ethics. This was all stated in a revealing document written by the judge himself. (We only wish that the judge had the courage to tell the peoples living in Nigeria —those he was sworn to serve and protect—who these persons are who are pressuring him to perjure himself in favor the murder suspect.)  

But, more importantly, what does this tell you? It should not be difficult to conclude that we now have proof that in Nigeria, even the Judiciary is fully compromised, bent and molded into the will and desires of persons of influence from “unexpected quarters.”  So, game-playing is really over; there should be no pretense left at all that Nigeria has a system of justice. There is no justice, because the Judiciary has no independence, having been bought (“settled”) by these agents, and or blackmailed and pressured into legally legitimizing the wishes of these few, over what is right and what is just. So, we ask you: how do you see this changing in 2007 or by 2007? How do you see this changing anytime? As long as Nigeria survives, this corrupt Judiciary remains the only reality.  

Next, we take you to the Police Department in Nigeria . Fresh events and revelations have shown how the Police is out of hand and out of control, how the Police has become executioner and lawmaker all at once, while doing no work worthy of professional Police. The Police has been used by most likely the same cabal from “unexpected quarters” to engage in acts that thoroughly subvert society and politics. We now know why the Police establishes illegal checkpoints on dilapidated roads so that the policemen can forcibly (if necessary) extract a mandatory bribe from the passengers—in broad daylight. These lower ranks have a daily quota of compulsory monetary contribution to make to their higher-ups, all the way up the chain to the IG. This is so seriously taken and so bad that the police have shot citizens to death in broad daylight and without qualms in instances when a brave citizen has refused to pay the bribe.

The Police has abducted innocent citizens at will, imprisoned innocent citizens without charge or trial, and even killed the hapless citizens at will, without accountability.  Now, the Police is engaging in coups (Anambra; where else?) and blackmail—blackmailing politicians and other prominent officials, collecting and keeping tokens and money originally budgeted for the service of the peoples—at the risk of  death for the victims.  The Police is used by General Obasanjo and PDP against voters to rig the elections, and to doctor acquiescing INEC’s election results in favor of General Obasanjo and PDP. Let’s not forget who appointed the police chief, the IG, Mr. Tafa Balogun. It was no other than General Obasanjo himself. So, we now know why the Police is out of hand and has no accountability. Now, we ask you: do you see this changing anytime—anytime, never mind “soon”? How will this be different in 2007? How will you cleanse this fabric of this indelible dye and horrendous stain? The fabric just has to be thrown out: it is impossible to tease out the blotch.  

As go the judiciary and the police, so goes the so called elected officials and so-called law-makers. The first thing to note, of course, is that they are mostly PDP officials, rigged into their present positions as a result of the brazen electoral fraud committed by General Obasanjo and PDP with the collusion of INEC. The Senate President used the pressured and compliant Judiciary to steal his senate seat from the original INEC-declared winner of his ward elections, in total violation of the electoral laws—in broad daylight. He was rewarded by being appointed the Senate President. Omisore, mentioned earlier, is standing trial as an accused in Bola Ige’s murder. He was rigged into “winning” his Senatorial seat by the great Obasanjo-PDP rigging machine, and was then rewarded with a committee chairmanship—a murder suspect? Then, these so-called elected officials now reveal that they are all beholden to various godfathers with whom they signed quid-pro-quo agreements: the godfathers get them “elected” by any means, and then, the godfathers call the shots afterwards. What is more shocking is that these politicians are now telling us that this is totally the norm, and is not just acceptable, but that it is really okay. These are the same people you will run into in 2007. What hope is there now?  

To talk about the so-called executive branch is to state the obvious. Obasanjo is not just a poor leader (correction, he does not even lead at all), but he is an autocrat, a dictator masquerading as an elected official. He has not read the so-called constitution of Nigeria, being too busy breaking every aspect of it and making his own rules and forcing them on the peoples living in Nigeria and getting away with it, too. He has just imposed himself on Nigeria , and thinks he is going to get away with it—not just today, but beyond 2007. He is as such no different from all other persons that have (mis)ruled Nigeria in the past, civilian or soldier. This is the Nigeria that would await you in 2007.  

Compromised judiciary. Rogue, corrupt Police. Politicians holding place for the godfathers who make all the decisionsInept dictator hell-bent on perpetual self-succession. That’s a picture—a reality—which 2007 and time will not be able to correct. Only restructuring shall result in the destruction of this infected and infested canvass and get rid of the picture for ever--this evil called Nigeria.  

“Mene, mene, tekel urphasin…” The Book of Daniel, 5: 25 .  

He who has ears, let him hear.  

Biafra is God’s answer. Let us agree with God.  

Biafra lives!  

That’s the news analysis for the week. Thank you.  


God bless and keep Biafra; and you, until our next Broadcast.

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