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For August 2nd, 2003  

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…  

Fellow Biafrans:  

Let us remember that even as Mr. Ige faces the wrath of accountability for his role in the recent crisis in Anambra, he has not yet accounted for missing MASSOB members who were taken and abducted by the police force under his command from Biafraland at various times including the recent past. We use the term, “accountability” loosely, because there is no accountability in the evil entity known as Nigeria . We could never use the term, “justice” in place of accountability because "justice in Nigeria" is an oxymoron. Good and evil cannot occupy the same space at the same time.  

By the same token, Mr. Ige’s boss, Mr. Balogun, the Head of the Nigerian Police Force, is facing the revelation of his corrupt ways, corruption so bad as to make Mr. Uba look like a saint in comparison, and Dr. Ngige look strong compared to Balogun’s other victims. Balogun allegedly stole from his own Department, blackmailed his own rank and file, blackmailed all the governors and other politicians throughout all the regions of the evil place known by Nigeria, forced his armed police to rob the civilians at gun point (at the real risk of death for the civilians) and then use the stolen money to pay higher-ups including Balogun. Balogun was specially chosen and hand-picked for this position by no other than yours truly, General Obasanjo himself.  

Balogun and Ige, as well as other highly-placed Nigerian Police Officers undermine the morality, the ethics, the principles and the security of the collective otherwise known as peoples living in Nigeria , by their actions and by their public and official statements. Since they could not do all that without the knowledge, the blessing and support of PDP and General Obasanjo for whom they work, we can only conclude that all these parties belong to the same evil entity that has ensured that the tottering paper-tiger called Nigeria shall fall and shall come to her demise quickly.  

Fellow Biafrans, this, then, is the most wicked and the most heart-wrenching hypocrisy: that Obasanjo sent Ige and Balogun and their men in the uniform of the Nigerian police to humiliate, harass, harangue, maim, kill and mutilate MASSOB members because, according to him and his messengers, MASSOB was destabilizing Nigeria or was engaged in treason against Nigeria. Imagine that! Who else other than Obasanjo is destabilizing Nigeria ? Who else other that Balogun and Ige are the agents of destabilization for the already unstable Nigeria ? Who else but PDP is destabilizing Nigeria and bringing about more quickly Nigeria's imminent demise? Yes, they do all these things, and get away with it; but then, they turn around and pounce on MASSOB, a nonviolent organization who has operated with transparency and made it clear that the actualization of Biafra is their only non-negotiable goal.  

Consider who breaks the provisions of the so-called constitution of Nigeria , with regularity: isn’t it General Obasanjo? Is that not treason? Is that not an impeachable offence? Consider who engineered the massive rigging of the April elections; isn’t it General Obasanjo and his PDP party? Is that not a crime whose ultimate result is the breakup of Nigeria ? Do you know how they accomplished it? They used the Nigerian Police (and to some extent, the Nigerian military) to accomplish this. With Balogun appointed by General Obasanjo as the head of the Police, and with willing lieutenants like Ige, they, along with PDP and its machinery, set out to commit the most horrendous crime in the history of the civilized world of suffrage. Before and during the April elections, they intimidated the people; they injured the people, they bribed the people, they blackmailed the people, they detained and jailed the people, and killed some outrightly. Then, they intimidated INEC and supervised the rigged fudging and writing of false results of elections in the favor of Obasanjo and PDP by INEC. They did this in broad daylight; all the while, the stunned peoples living in Nigeria watched in shock and in awe, from which they are yet to recover, as Obasanjo and PDP installed themselves as the rulers over Nigeria, with the Police brutally suppressing any challenge or opposition; and making sure that both the judiciary and the legislative branch are either paid off (“settled” ), undermined, or blackmailed into acquiescence.  

While Balogun and Ige and company were misusing the power and authority of the Police to cow the public with General Obasanjo’s blessing, the well-heeled PDP godfathers and financiers were busy pouring in the money, and picking, installing and dismissing candidates of their own choice for all levels of political office in the entire Nigeria . That was their reward for helping PDP rig the elections and buying the silence of the peoples. And what a reward—the godfathers (the likes of Uba) selected and chose all government officials with the exception of the Presidency and Vice Presidency (maybe)—every single one of them. As for the Police—Balogun and Ige et al—their reward is the fact that they can do anything they want in Nigeria , and nobody would hold them to account. And they cashed it in quite well, with Balogun holding every state governor and other notable politicians hostage, blackmailing them, and collecting ransom from them with regularity and with ease; going as far as overthrowing Dr. Ngige in Anambra, using the services of Ige and his men, all with the full knowledge that General Obasanjo and PDP would protect them. Thus, no crime committed by the Police—well witnessed and well known to the public—has ever been fully investigated and dealt with by Obasanjo’s government. These, then, are the people accusing MASSOB of treason or destabilizing Nigeria?  

Now that it is clear that Bola Ige (not to be confused with the coupist-Police AIG Ige mentioned above), Obasanjo’s late Minister of Justice who was mysteriously and brutally murdered, had before his untimely death, written to General Obasanjo to express his (Ige’s) knowledge of PDP plans—even back then—to massively sweep the West by “fair and foul” means at the polls,  we can begin to piece things together little by little. In the same letter, the late Bola Ige tendered his resignation effective on a later date, because he planned to go back and defend AD in the West, and beef it up against PDP’s onslaught which he knew was going to be fraudulent and foul. Was Bola Ige murdered to prevent him from stopping PDP the West? In the aftermath of his death, what have the investigations yielded thus far? What did you expect—don’t you know that the Police work for Obasanjo and PDP? Did you forget that the chief suspect was "elected" on PDP ticket to the Senate, and then, given a Senate Committee Chairmanship? Wonders never cease!  

Hence we begin to see the emerging picture. PDP and General Obasanjo are so desperate to win the elections that they go to all extent, mostly foul and fraudulent and often criminal, using every deceitful and ugly weapon they can get or can buy to accomplish this. And, they started the plan early. They neutralized the opposition at any cost (Bola Ige’s fate). They have the Police working for them (Obasanjo made Balogun head of the Police and told him what he, Obasanjo, expected of him for the elections). They managed to sideline the military and to use the military in limited roles when it suits them (to intimidate the voters, for example). The judiciary is in their pocket, too, as Obasanjo, PDP and the Police can always manage to obtain crucial rulings in their own favor. Then, they captured INEC while still making INEC pretend to be an independent electoral body.  (Only this week, finally,  did the head of INEC officially acknowledge that the elections were flawed, after having mis-characterized it in the past as a success). There is no effective and independent legislative branch, because all their members owe their positions to Obasanjo, and the PDP godfathers who picked them and hence, call the shots (remember Uba, Babangida, Balogun and their "victims"?).

When the elections came, the results were a foregone conclusion because Obasanjo and PDP had scripted their coup carefully and given the expected and predictable acquiescence of the peoples, their plan was successful. It was so successful that General Obasanjo was amazed that given their previous four-year history of retardation—not just stagnation—in all aspects of governance and living, they (Obasanjo and PDP) could still (were allowed to) “return to power.”  

But, as we shall continue to witness, “the evils that men do live…” with them as long as the men are alive, and then, especially after them. These people and their organizations are the ones that have destroyed Nigeria . If there is treason, they committed the treason. If there is instability, they are responsible—they are causing the destabilization of Nigeria.  

As Police AIG Mr. Ige tries shamelessly to lie his way through his role in the failed Anambra coup, as he humiliates himself and falls prey to the same trap which he designed himself; as Balogun feels the heat from his corruption and faces the scrutiny of the people for his complicity in all this, we ask them, and we ask Nigeria: where are these brothers and sister of ours, members of MASSOB who were abducted by the Nigerian Police? We warn Balogun, Ige and Nigeria that the whole world now realizes that they have no credibility; and the entire world has the facts to support this. If they do not produce our MASSOB people or cannot account for them, we shall take every single one of them to the relevant International court of justice for accountability and prosecution.  

Fellow Biafrans: where are: the following MASSOB members who were arrested and detained by the Nigeria Police on various and different occasions and were neither released nor charged to court?  

1. Corlinus Igbokwe, (m), Editor MASSOB newsletter, Police raid on vendors, May 2000.
2. Okoro Aha Egwu, (m), MASSOB sign-writer, Okigwe, Police raid, December 2000.
3. John I. Nkuma, (m), MASSOB printer, Okigwe Police raid, December 2000.
4. Nathaniel Onu Imo, (m), MASSOB bus driver, Okigwe Police raid, December 2000.
5. Oluoma Chichi Chukwumere, (f), MASSOB artist, Okigwe Police raid, December 2000.
6. Joanne If. Oteka, (f), MASSOB uniform/flag tailor, Okigwe Police raid, December 2000.
7. Adaobi Uwalaka, (f), MASSOB typist Okigwe Police raid, February 2001.
8. Cy Ozoemena Onwuchekwa, (m), MASSOB Bus driver, Okigwe Police raid, February 2001.
9. Levinus Ngah, (m), MASSOB legal adviser,  Picked up by the Police, July 2002.
10. Lebechi Mary Ude, (f), Onitsha Police raid, November 2002.

Where are they? We ask Nigeria. We ask Ige. We ask Baolgun. 

On this sad note, we conclude this week’s news analysis. Regardless of what the UN and International community can do, we, as the Nation of Biafra, must resolve to never allow ourselves be victimized any more by unscrupulous forces and their Igbo-Biafran misguided puppets. We must resolve to obtain full accountability for all our people, the detained, the jailed, the injured, the missing, and the murdered.  And we must do everything in our power to help all our affected brothers and sisters of the MASSOB and their families.

All this is possible when we remain united and in solidarity under one banner—that of APGA and Ojukwu.

Biafra lives. God help the people of Biafra .  


God bless and keep Biafra; and you, until our next Broadcast.

Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues. ( Thank you