This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts

For July 19th, 2003

You have heard the news, now, the analysis…

Fellow Biafrans:

The only correct and effective response to the Anambra event / situation is for APGA and Ojukwu, with the full backing of the people, to take over the governance of not just Anambra, but the entire Igboland and Eastern Region, otherwise known as Biafraland. We shall state our case quickly below, because this is not an emotional or irrational call, but a call based on sound judgment and reason. Nevertheless, we must as a people and as the nation of Biafra pursue this line of action with passion, with vigor and with determination, because to act otherwise will amount to abdication of our responsibility and our prerogative in the eyes of both man and God Almighty, our Chi. We are not going to allow another opportunity for our liberation pass us by.  Assuming that the other parties, groups and individuals of conscience and goodwill, those entities who have acknowledged that Obasanjo and PDP’s usurpation of power in Nigeria following a rigged election—assuming that they are still serious about mounting an effective challenge against this illegitimate regime, these groups should have no problems understanding the line of approach stated here; and should have no issues with acting as recommended.  What we have recommended for the East should apply all over Nigeria , because the underlying principles and issues are the same.

Fellow Biafrans: recall that we stated here previously, in so many words, that while Obasanjo and PDP, with the brazenness of armed robbers attacking unarmed and innocent people, could get away with the open rigging of the last elections and foist themselves on the unwilling peoples living in Nigeria with little or no resistance from such hapless people, the end-result will be the following

  1. The end of constitutionality
  2. The end of legitimacy
  3. The end of legality
  4. The end of “morality”

all with respect to governance, politics, and even social interactions in what is still called Nigeria . Now, the events in Anambra have highlighted the predicament of Obasanjo and PDP’s illegal regime, and we can now apply these arguments to the situation.

Obasanjo’s illegal regime does not have a constitutional argument or basis to approach what is going on in Anambra because based on the constitution—whichever one they use—his government is illegitimate. The current government, at all levels ( including State and Local), which is based on the fraudulent outcome of the last elections, is all unconstitutional.  The constitution calls for duly elected officials—duly elected by the people—in a free and fair election.  There is no one living inside or even outside Nigeria today who does not know that the elections were rigged; anything but free and fair. And, thanks to the events unfolding in Anambra, we now know how it was accomplished. We do actually have Anambra to thank for revealing to us, to the entire world, how this was accomplished locally, regionally, and in the entire area known as Nigeria .

Fellow Biafrans: just because someone was sworn in does not mean that such a person has been conferred the power, authority, or backing of the constitution, especially given that the process that led to the swearing-in completely negated the constitution. Yes, Obasanjo, PDP and all their governors and political machinery trampled on the constitution of Nigeria , pissed on that constitution, and swore-in themselves into power in spite of the constitution. How can they now resort to the constitution for (to prove their) legitimacy? How can they now reference the constitution which they themselves trivialized and mocked?

Of course, the savvy PDP and Obasanjo are not the ones trying to apply constitutionality to the situation in Anambra. Leave that to other governors who are in the same situation as Ngige, beholden to, and controlled by, the same so-called Kingmakers, as puppets who like to mouth the words “democracy,” “elected,” and “constitution”  while at the same time doing the bidding of their masters, or rather, while signing their names to the decisions of their masters. Oh, how they make us want to vomit, to see them in their great hypocrisy, shameless persons parading in their flowing robes, devoid of substance just like their agbada, bought and paid for by their masters, calling themselves governors or representatives of the peoples—all of them, including Obasanjo as the head puppet and fraudster!  (If you think Obasanjo’s strings are not being pulled by the same Kingmakers you should look at the original ministers’ list that he submitted to the Senate, and look at his other decisions. Don’t forget so soon that Obasanjo and PDP were in command of over N200 billion re-election contribution made by entities and stakeholders. Ask yourself: who, and stakeholders to what? How do they exercise their holdings? Remember Chief Uba?)

Oh yes, Obasanjo understands the lack of legitimacy and unconstitutionality of his regime. For this reason, PDP highest officials call the Anambra event a “PDP family affair” rather than a constitutional infraction.  We feel sorry for anyone calling on the constitution to apply to, and resolve, the Anambra situation if such a person does not understand that no constitutionally recognized elections took place in Anambra to bring the current officials into power, as such, what constitution are they speaking of?  It is time to understand that going by the constitution, Anambra (as well as the other States in Nigeria), is still a political, legal and governance void.  When Obasanjo and PDP usurped power after rigging the elections, they in fact put an end to the constitution and constitutionality and an end to political legality, an end to regime legitimacy, and an end to morality in governance. Poor peoples living in Nigeria —they do not even understand this!

Fellow Biafrans: a “PDP family affair”?  An event in core Igbo-Biafraland billed as a "PDP family affair"? And here we are, talking about the constitution, talking about hanging Uba and reinstalling Ngige. If Obasanjo and PDP will not learn from history, does that preclude Ndigbo from learning also? Remember the last time Obasanjo and his fellow Yoruba and his Northern handlers came to the same area of Igboland to settle an Igbo conflict? How well did they succeed? If they failed woefully then and still refuse to learn, does that mean that the humiliation meted to, and visited on, Ndigbo by that first action should have been forgotten so soon by Ndigbo as to be repeated now? When an Anambra problem is categorized as a “PDP family affair” and Ndigbo show no indignation about it, we have to wonder, what family do Ndigbo really belong to today?

We might say that, in a very twisted way, the Anambra event proves that anything Nigeria can do, the Igbo-Biafran can do better and bigger.  If Obasanjo and PDP can brazenly steal an election, then an Igboman or woman can certainly one-up on that, while still exploiting the same PDP machinery.  And, is that not why we Igbo-Biafrans are so envied, so hated, and so feared by the rest of Nigeria ? But, what a prize to pay, for a proud, capable, able, gifted, talented, hard-working and entrepreneurial nation and people of Igbo Biafra to be in the structure called one Nigeria, which (structure) while bringing out the worst in all the peoples and nations living therein across the board, only brings out the “superlative worst”  in Igbo-Biafrans? That is the tragedy we must begin to remedy now. While Nigeria has proved that she has nothing to lose and will even self-destruct if only to stop Ndigbo-Biafrans, we Igbo-Biafrans have a whole lot to lose—our very nature, our psyche, our God-given quality is at stake here.

Fellow Biafrans: a call to action, right now! 

First, Ngige and the entire PDP machinery in the East have to go right now. There is no constitutional, legal, legitimate a moral authority to support their role in our land; Anambra has revealed why and how, only confirming what we already knew.

Second, Ojukwu and APGA need to show courage and boldness, step up and into the situation, and take over the governance of the entire East, starting with Anambra. Was it not the PDP who called this a “PDP family affair”?  Is it not high time we showed them what “family” really means, and what family we Igbo-Biafrans actually belong with?

And we must ask the rest of Nigeria —for whatever it is worth: remember when Abacha used to treat Nigeria as his own property, as a mere concubine and ashawo whose existence was for the sole purpose of his personal amusement? Now, how is Obasanjo any different than Abacha? How is PDP any different from Abacha? You, Nigeria , have now also let Obasanjo and PDP convert what should be a country and a country’s issue into their own personal and private matter. Obasanjo and PDP are not afraid to declare it so; Obasanjo and PDP are not afraid to make it so; they are not afraid to act as if they own Nigeria , and as if Nigeria is a mere slave-harlot for their private entertainment. And you thought Abacha was evil!?

Third, we Igbo-Biafrans must for once get our act together. We must empower APGA and Ojukwu and stand behind and even in front of them in this so that we can finally redeem ourselves and cleanse ourselves of our shame together. This is not about Anambra being the so-called “intellectual capital” of the Igbo: that is arrant nonsense, mere propaganda rubbish fed to you to chew on like sheep while being led to slaughter. This is about a huge un-passable opportunity to turn the tables on our tormentors and get our nation of Biafra back. We have fleshed out the arguments.  Act, now!

Oh God our Chi, if we don’t have the common sense and courage to use the opportunity which You have provided to us for our liberation, it is not really we who have lost; it is Your own divine loss because You can do better, but chose to leave it up to us irredeemables and weaklings. The madman is beyond embarrassment, our people say; it is the burden of his family to bear the shame. Oh God our God, we know you don't need us to explain this saying to You.

Biafra lives!

That’s the news analysis for this week. Thank you.


 God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts continues ( . Thank you.